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All Play and no Work

152 Stop the Leak..


A Mother's Love.........

ubscriptions the Band of Hope

Anniversary Hymn.


A Picture ........

Be kind to the Folks at Home....... 349

Temperance Blossoms & Bible Truths 385

Dear Mother, drink no more 367

Temperance Educational Efforts in

Drinking Song, a..........

Dutiful Jem .............
3000 102 Friends School, at Ackworth ........
The Architecture of the Body


The Band of Hope Tune Book

Fly from Temptation ............. 467 The Children of the Age :


The Children's Portion ...
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ai Hymn for a Little Child ........ 8 The 'Editor's Letter Box .............. 308
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The Fleeing Deer .........

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The Greatness our Work

s of

Neves, Sweet Thoughts, and




dying Souls
348 Great Scottish Preacher

ab Life's Harvest pacar termos agrope****

368 The Influence of Christians in Relation

Lilie Eustace


to our Drinking Customs


to Lost Day, Advertisement of a

182 The Last Morth of the Yeai 488


Price of a


I u Nightfall into uomo *** 20 The Progress of the People ---**** --27

No Place like Home


Right of

Pour Band of Hope Banner medias The Sunday Sehooband Band of Hope 325

of the Reclaimed one's Child

ira 107 203
The Two Villages

9 V Song of the Wellnummec 259 | The White Angel bowladi.....

Temperance Star......
369 The Wine prescribed to Timothy

bi The Adgel at Nuttingdale Ca.... 9:05 The words of a Poet............


The Worship of Bachus....yombo.
Thoughts on Bands of Hope



The Drunater Boy ?

To Correspondents:.............. 456


To the North!.......

.................. 397

of The Home of Early Years.daum.2292



and Onward

92 (ionsansion of Alcohol ............ 427

nward, acconsentimientos

var The Pleasing Contrast i upod 197 Village Sketches.apartame.. 278, 298,1315

Try Again


Village Apprentices, History of the

Rower of a Wordiadindado... 157 Two...cano 365, 395, 443, 494


250, 274, 302, 3134 Visitation of Public Houses, The .... 350

Practical 35, 458, 481.


Ef Hope lieto garš zás

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Water and Wine .........

Progress of the People, the labo:( 27 fr Wesleyan Conference. ........... 120

Public Speaking


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Qualifications of a good conductorsu ... What made the Difference


Red-Readed Anay 20 og Wine and Water repede................. 414


Words for the Young


Religious Services for Working Meni. 490 Words of a Priend ......


Reflections and Maxims

*........... 297


Reviews of 71/94, 16% Workhouse Economy and Reformat



Setaps 00m..............2010. 306 ferents geu toob

Yankee Tale for Children
Starving children in Lancashire "4" , H to be


Yid RU ILO gułyilTIS 1990W modi od 12. SP

1911 ? oi snied) TUO JIC XH 13m 3siune EU

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THE EDITOR'S PRELUDE, Honour to our predecessor! He devoted valuable time to the pages of this Magazine, and did good service to the temperance

Invited to occupy the editorial chair, we consented, in the expectation that we may thus promote the spread of truth and virtue. We contemplate our duties with pleasure. To expound the principles, and to rehearse the progress of Bands of Hope, will be a labour of love. No doubt we shall meet with difficulties. We shall not be able to please everybody, nor will it be in our power to present faultless pages. But we purpose endeavouring to discharge our duties with courtesy, and to make the Record an organ which none of our friends will be ashamed to own as an exponent of their views. We shall aspire to lead our juvenile friends into the beautiful paths of knowledge, goodness, and peace; to aid parents and teachers in their efforts to raise a sober generation ; to vindicate our principles when attacked ; to stimulate fellow-workers to

1 more zealous action; and to furnish the means of temperance culture on a Christian basis. We do not cherish any jealousy of similar periodicals. May they prosper abundantly! From us they will ever receive a kind word. Never will these pages bear the imprint of ungenial language. We recognize the law of love. It came from the Everlasting Father. We owe it our homage. As a Divine Law it shall be our guide. We ask for sympathy. We seek co-operation. Books, essays, poems, accounts of festivals, anecdotes, reports, and sketches of good men who died in honour, may be sent to us, and we will do our best to use them. Young men and women who wish to engage in Bands of Hope may write to us, and we will cheerfully remember them when arranging our monthly numbers. Secretaries may rely on our desire to help them in their arduous duties, and all who are willing to work, and long to know how to begin, are invited to correspond with us. We have said all we have in our hearts. Let us arise, and



serve our generation according to the will of God. We are pledged in a noble cause! Happy the man who does his duty in the name of the Great Master, who "went about doing good.”


",(۰م آر


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2010 od oto!


Among other departments of usefulness is the temperance enterprise. The object is to rescue multitudes ready to

, perish' through strong drink. All England approved, of the effort to save the one hundred and fifty men of the Franklin expedition. It was worth while to expend money, to endure fatigue, to risk danger, in order to rescue even so small a num,

of our brethren. Should not all England approve still more the effort to save 600,000 drundards, 60,000 of whom every year enter a drunkard's grave, a drunkard's eternity? Is it less deserving of sympathy hecause its objects are perishing at our very doors, because it tends to preserye rather than imperil the health and life of those engaged in it, and requires only the giving up of a trifling sensual indulgence, and the courage of non-compliance with prevailing but perilous social customs ? The misery caused by drink, surpasses all the suffering endured by the victims of Arctic discovery. By far the greater half of the pauperism, insanity, and crime which prevail, are traceable to it. It degrades its slaves below the 2000 1970 TOM PO brutes

. This very week I was with a poor woman whose husband had left her, with her children, to starve. Her baby was

, 181609 110 110 only nine days old when

home drunk, and, without any provocation, struck her with a bludgeon, which broke her

han hered her insensible. Then he dragged her out of bed, down stairs, and with only her night-dress on, pushed

out. her into the street, where she was found insensible by the police on a dark winter's

8 night. We talk about drink being There is no

in creation that ever did so vile a thing. Such deeds are constantly oocurring. O, the secret woes of thousands of British homes and hearts through drink'! Who can tell the ravages made by it in the Christian Church ? More

More professors have made shipwreck of faith under its influence than under all others; and ministers of learning and eloquence have fallen on this slippery ground, to the incal

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From a small volume of excellent Sermons under the above title.

culable injury of immortal souls,' Strong drink is the chief incentive to Sabbath breaking and irreligion. The congregations of the London gin-palaces, this day, far out-number all those of our churches and chapels.

What can be done?. By sermons, lectures, tracts, let us warn against drunkenness, But many are sure to become drunkards, and drunkards in almost all cases must continue so, unless they altogether abstain. For them total abstinence is a necessity. Let us then urge it. But will not our persuasion be more influential if backed by our own example? The gene. ral custom of drinking makes abstinence additionally difficult to those who have acquired the habit.' Shall we not lessen the difficulty which thus binders the reformation of the drunkard, by abating the custom? If the tide is carrying away its victims, do we not render escape easier, by checking its force or creating a contrary eddy? Some ask if there is any sin in drinking. I reply, "Is there any sin in abstaining ?" Suppose you could not afford to buy wine, or that it made you ill, or was unpalatable, you would not feel bound to take it. . Are you then not justified in giving it up for the benefit of your fellow-men ?

1,67m??? This is the principle of Temperance Societies. Bands of Hope are designed especially for the young. It is easier to avoid bad habits than to break them. The boys of our Sunday School are tempted to drink on the first day they enter the Workshop. Unless trained to total abstinence, it is almost a


or moral certainty that they are at the very outset overcome. Self-respect gone, they by the stream. To


Lain the teach them to drink but to guard, is in the present age, to place themi 'on a steep icy slope, and bid them not fall .

" down the Is encourage them to keep out of danger's reach?

Children are often instrumental in the rescue of their parents. A little boy in our Band of Hope was told by his father to fetch some beer. “I will go if you say I m

I must, father ; bat, please don't send me."**" Do what I tell you.”

' '

' *Well, father, then I will go ; but I have been saving up this sixpence, and if you won't send me I will give it you.” The father's heart was softened.' “My boy, I will not send you for the beer, and I will go with you to your next meeting." He signed the pledge, and became a regular attendant at church. The blessing of him who was ready to perish fell upon that

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little boy.



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Do not say you have no influence. All have some. A gentleman lecturing in the neighbourhood of London said“Everybody has influence, event that child," pointing to a little girl in her father's arms. “ That's true," cried the


At the clase he said to the fecturer, * I beg your pardon, sir; but I could not help speaking. I was a drunkard; but as I did not like to go to the pubļic-house alone, I used to carry this child. As I approached the public house one night, hearing a great noise inside, she said, Don't go, father. Hold your tongue,


• child. Please, father, don't go. Hold your tongue, I say.' Presently I felt a big tear fall on my cheekay I could not go a step further, sir. I turned round, and went home, and have never been in a public-house since, thank God for it! I am now a happy man, sir-and this little girl's done it all, and when you said that even she had influence, I couldn't help saying “That's true, sir.”

95 suchI TO 1 All have influence. If you do not use it to discourage the drinking customs which lead so many to ruin, are you not using it in their support? "We are pulling at the rope of total abstinence. Do not pull in the opposite direction. Apply to this case the Apostle's words1_m Allt things are lawful to me, but all things are not ex

expedient." 1:6 It is good neither to eat flesh nor to drink wine, nor anything whereby thy brother stumbleth, is offended, or made weak." Give up a paltry indulgence, however innocent in your case, for the sake of others; and thus- co-operate in a work which will cause multitudes“ ready to perish," to bless you, and

, heart to sing for joy.

ovo mai 19'0 49sd me I need not say that partering more than cleanliness, or veracity, or honesty, is godliness. "Teetotalism alone cannot save the soul. No ! 5* There

e is none other name" but that of Jesus whereby we can be saved. But drunkenness keeps thousands from the gospel. b1 And abstinence has been the means of bringing thousands to listen to it and embrace it. The love of Christ prompts us in this enterprise. And

# with confidence we can ask the help of Him who taught us to take up the cross," and who is not willing

that any should perish." God 66

” bless the temperance cause! God help the perishing drunkard!

, a Assist us O Lord, in this, and in all our doings with thy

. most gracious favour, and further us with thy continual help,

una that in all our works, begun, continued, and ended in Thee, we

* may glorify thy holy Name, and finally by thy mercy obtain everlasting life, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

many a widow's


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