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" Whatever is imaged in the wildest tale, if giants, dragons, and enchantment be excepted, would be felt by him, who, wandering in the mountains without a guide, or upon the sea without a pilot, should be carried, amidst his terror and uncertainty, to the... "
The Lord of the Isles: A Poem - Side 315
af Walter Scott - 1815 - 275 sider
Fuld visning - Om denne bog

The Church of England magazine [afterw.] The Church of England ..., Bind 20–21

...says Dr. Johnson, "is imagined in the wildest tales, if giants, dragons, and enchantments be excepted, would be felt by him who, wandering in the mountains...the hospitality and elegance of Raasay or Dunvegan." The castle is thus described by Mr. Wilson, in his "Voyage round Scotland;" from which the view is...
Fuld visning - Om denne bog

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