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" ... a rib Crooked by nature, bent, as now appears, More to the part sinister, from me drawn ; Well if thrown out, as supernumerary To my just number found. O ! why did God, Creator wise, that peopled highest heaven With spirits masculine, create at last... "
The works of the English poets. With prefaces, biographical and critical, by ... - Side 74
af English poets - 1790
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Male-male Intimacy in Early America: Beyond Romantic Friendships

William Benemann - 2006 - 322 sider
...Peopl'd highest Heav'n With Spirits masculine, create at last This Novelty on Earth, this fair Defect Of Nature? And not fill the World at once With Men, as Angels, without feminine? Or find some other Way to generate Mankind?-454 What Milton's Adam is calling for — and what the young Jefferson...
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The Imperfect Friend: Emotion and Rhetoric in Sidney, Milton, and Their Contexts

Wendy Olmsted - 2008 - 293 sider
...despairing words hint that friendship might have served him better than Eve does. He questions why God did 'not fill the world at once /With men as angels without feminine' (892-3), and expresses the wish for a male friend, who would not create 'disturbances on earth through...
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