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" I, however, called as loud as I could, in hopes of assistance ; but they had already secured the officers who were not of their party, by placing sentinels at their doors. There were three men at my cabin door, besides the four within; Christian had only... "
The mutiny of the Bounty [abridged from W.Bligh's Narrative] and other ... - Side 25
af William Bligh - 1885
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The Bounty Mutiny

William Bligh, Edward Christian - 2001 - 254 sider
...within; Christian had only a cutlass in his hand, the others had muskets and bayonets. I was hauled out of bed, and forced on deck in my shirt, suffering...of such violence, but received no other answer than threats of instant death, if I did not hold my tongue. Mr. Elphinston, the master's mate, was kept...
Begrænset visning - Om denne bog

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