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Bøger Bøger 1 - 10 af ca. 22 med relation til Revelation Space.   

Redemption Ark

Alastair Reynolds - 2009 - 656 sider
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Absolution Gap

Alastair Reynolds - 2005 - 768 sider
They are ancient killing machines, designed to locate and destroy any life form reaching a certain level of intelligence. Now, stirred from eons of sleep, the Inhibitors have ...
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Chasm City

Alastair Reynolds - 2003 - 694 sider
Tanner Mirabel ventures through the dark underside of Chasm City, a once utopian city overrun by a vicious virus known as the Melding Plague, in pursuit of a lowlife postmortal ...
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Century Rain

Alastair Reynolds - 2006 - 626 sider
On an Earth of the far future, a planet left uninhabitable by the Nanocaust technological catastrophe, archaeologist Verity Auger is brought in to examine a wormhole leading to ...
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House of Suns

Alastair Reynolds - 2009 - 473 sider
When their clone brethren fail to appear for a scheduled meeting, Campion and Purslane, who have fallen in love in spite of edicts forbidding a clone union, learn that a ...
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Galactic North

Alastair Reynolds - 2008 - 374 sider
Presents a collection of eight short stories and novellas based on the universe of Revelation Space, including three tales original to this collection, that capture a dark and ...
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The Prefect

Alastair Reynolds - 2008 - 410 sider
Prefect Tom Dreyfus investigates a murderous attack on one of the space habitats of the Glitter Band--a crime that has left nine hundred people dead--and uncovers a plot by a ...
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Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days

Alastair Reynolds - 2005 - 296 sider
In Diamond Dogs, Richard Swift heads to the planet Golgotha, home to a mysterious structure, which is responsible for the destruction of a starship, and in Turquoise Days, one ...
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Terminal World

Alastair Reynolds - 2010 - 560 sider
A brand-new novel from "the most exciting space opera writer working today" (Locus). In a far distant future, an enforcement agent named Quillon has been living incognito in ...
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