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T the Close of our Second Volume we

left Cardinal WOLSEY in Poffeffion A

of four of the highest Stations the Kingdom afforded in his Time; in

this we have further attended him through eight Years Administration thereof

i in the Course of which, not only his surprizing Capacity and great Conduct seem to out-shine every Example in History that went before him ; but alfo, we venture to say it, that almost every Thing that has hitherto, either by Accident or Design, appeared like a Slur on his Character, is very near, if not quite, wiped off. Though, 'tis but too true, “ There is such a Weakness

among Mankind, that they look with Admi“ ration upon Persons remarkable for Mischief, “ and are more pleased to be talking of the Destroyer, than the Founder or Preserver of

" a Kinga Kingdom, its Laws, and Constitutions; which is the Reason, as we conceive, why the Memory of our Minister's Sovereign is the

very Contrast of His.

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Notwithstanding we have endeavoured to clear up Matters as we proceeded, we think it necefsary here to introduce Mr. CAVENDISH's Preface to his Life of the CARDINAL, in order to remove a few inconsistent Imputations he has let slip him, against his best of Masters, that occur chiefly in this and the next Volume, which is very forward in the Press, and we purpose to publish it about Whitsuntide next, thereby to compleat our History.


T seemeth no Wisdom to credit every light Tale,

blazed abroad in the Mouths of the Vulgar, for we daily hear bow with their blafphemous Trump they spread abroad innumerable Lies, without either Shame or Honefty, which prima facie fheweth forth a Visage of Truth, as though it were an absolute Verity, though indeed nothing more than meer Tales, but amongst the better Sort those Babblings are of no Validity.

I have read the Allegations of divers worthy Authors against such falle. Rumours, and Opinions of the common People, who delight in nothing more tban to bear strange Things, and to see new Al


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