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eggs. When he had reached the vicinity of the church of St. Eustache, the little fellow, who could only with difficulty make his way through the crowd, was violently jostled by a stranger who was passing, so that his basket tipped, and fell to the ground with its contents. The poor lad, when he saw his eggs all broken, and his butter all tumbled into the gutter, began to cry bitterly, and wring his hands. A person who happened to be in the crowd that gathered around the little fellow drew a ten sous little piece from his pocket, and, giving it to the boy, asked the rest who stood grouped around him to do the same, to make up the loss occasioned by this accident. Influenced by his example, everyone present eagerly complied; and very speedily the boy's apron contained a respectable collection of coppers and silver. When all had contributed their quota, our little boy, whose distress had vanished in a moment, as though by enchantment, warmly thanked his new benefactors for their kindness, and forthwith proceeded to count the sum he bad received, which amounted to no less than twentytwo francs and thirty-five centimes. But, instead of quietly putting the sum in his pocket, he produced the bill of the articles he had lost, and as its total amounted only to fourteen francs, be appropriated no more than that sum; and then, observing in the group that surrounded him a poor woman in sad rags, the little fellow walked up to her, and placed the remainder in her band. Certainly it would have been impossible for him to have shown himself more deserving a public generosity,

knowledged it in a handsomer manner. oble conduct was greeted with the he crowd, who were delighted to find and propriety in one so young.

GOOD EXAMPLE. ver, my little friends, consider how onduct may affect others? Perhaps i one would think of noticing how a

as an example." But stop: I can lave heard of many instances, in which et by even young children has had a e upon those who are older. Think h the little ones will look to see how how likely it is they will copy you. t like to be the means of leading them Be careful, then, what you say and

Be careful to set them always a I have heard of a little girl who was nd every night, in her room, before she would open her Bible, and read a ometimes part of one. . Now, there irls in the same room, who had not do anything of the sort; and some of ughed at her; but still she persevered knew to be right. And after a time s her joy, when they asked her if she oud to them! Here was the effect of le. Who knows what a blessing might ? There are many ways of showing a



good example. Be always ready to do a kindness when it lies in your power. When you are told to do a thing, do it instantly and willingly, that others may learn from you to obey. And remember that the eye of God is ever upon you, and that He is well pleased with all your little efforts to serve Him.

"I WILL be good, dear mother,"

I heard a sweet child say;
“I will be good! now watch me, -

I will be good all day."
She lifted up her bright young eyes,

With a soft and pleasant smile;
Then a mother's kiss was on her lips,

So pure and free from guile.
And when night came, that little one,

In kneeling down to pray,
Said, in a soft and whispering tone,

“ Have I been good to-day?"

O! many, many bitter tears

'Twould save us, did we say,
Like that dear child, with earnest heart,

“I will be good to-day."


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