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This conscience, dear children, is a very tend thing. It must be treated very kindly, or it wil not do the work for you that God intended should do. If you are not careful to obey its st small voice, it will cease to warn you of the wron: and guide you to the right. Then it will be far wars for you than if you had been born without a exscience. If God had never given you this mouiter. you could not have been blamed for not hearing voice, and obeying its teachings; but if you wrong in spite of them, what will you say, God shall ask you why you thus treated the He has given you ?

Be careful that you always listen to the gen: voice of conscience. It tells you to obey yo parents, to be kind to your brothers and sisters, speak the truth always, to read the Bible, and to be God, who bas given you all your blessings. Do: this, and you will be very happy every day: will, as you grow up, be good men and women; when you have lived well and usefully on earth, will dwell for ever with God in heaven.

No act falls fruitless ; none can tell

How vast its powers may be:
Nor what results enfolded dwell

Within it silently,

[graphic][merged small]

MAY, 1858.


Rom. vi. 13.
PRAISE the Saviour, all ye nations ;

Praise Him, all ye hosts above;
Shout, with joyful acclamations,

His Divine, victorious Jove.

Be His kingdom now promoted ;

Let the earth her Monarch know; Be our all to Him devoted

To the Lord our all we owe.

While the heralds of salvation

His abounding grace proclaim,
Let the friends of every nation

Gladly join to spread His fame.

ROMAN BATH. : bath was most important in the every-day the old Romans. It was used first for health, or pastime and luxury. All about it came to de prodigally magnificent. re are in existence several remains of ancient

Those in private houses, though of course r, appear to have been, in general plan, similar to the public ones. Steps, pavements, &c., were frequently all of white marble.

In the earlier times the use of the cold-watel bath prevailed; and to this persons of simple babit long adbered. The hour for bathing preceded the for dining.


(Concluded from page 105.) It was a touching letter; the alarm, the fig: the bardships, the murder, the temporary escape, only refuge hourly threatened by mad and furiou assailants, the almost certainty of death in som form of horror, and the terrified children sleepin for sorrow and weariness around their widowe parent-all this; and yet, through all, the holy calming influence of peace with God through Jesu Christ, forgiveness and pity for the deluded rebel patient submission to the will of a loving Fathe love warm and true for the friends she might meet again on earth, prayer for the spread of Gosp light over benighted India, and hope full of is mortality and the glory soon to be revealed.

“O, mamma, mamma!” sobbed Harry, “G will not surely let them be killed !"

“We pray that He may not, Harry; but we kne that death in God's sight is not as it is in cus We see its present terror; He sees its futu consequence. Death to a believer is instant glory and one moment with Jesus will dissipate eret painful recollection of previous sorrow. Let us 1 forget that it is to a home of eternal bliss, and

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