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night from a wedding feast, bringing me a drops of the tincture of thuja every three bunch of sweet violets which some lady had hours is a valuable remedy. given to him, saying: “See, I hought of A French medical pessimist predicts that you in all that crowd.” I don't know wheth- it wul be only a short time until it is discorer he did or not, but I think of liim every ered that the bicycle exercises a most fatal time I see or smell sweet violets.

influence in inducing uterine versions, flex(To be Continued.)

ions, prolapsus, cellulitis, metorrhagia and

every possible evil. Phytolacca Decandra for Epithelioma.

An epithelioma may develop in a wart, or The method of using the remedy is to

a scar, or a mole.

The application of the tincture of bloodbruise the green leaves to a pulpy mass; collect the expressed juice in a shallow re

root to surfaces poisoned with ivy will imceptacle, as a plate; allow it to evaporate to

mediately relieve the itching and burning

and will quickly cure. a thick, pasty consistency; spread a portion of this on a piece of silk or other suitable

Apple cider has long been advised as a

remedy for hepatic and renal colic. This incloth, and apply to the morbid growth.

fluence is found to be due to the presence ci The plaster should be removed; the part washed twice daily. The remedy causes

the valerianate of amyl, a substance which

belongs to the ethers and readily dissolves severe pain. It has a selective action for the morbid tissue; follows out all the irreg- cholesterin. This agent is found to be valsularities of the epithelioma; causes, as it

able for this purpose and also as an anowere, its liquefaction and removal; and

dyne and antispasmodic. Two and one

half grains is the dose. From Chicago then acts as a cicatrizant for the open sore.

Medical Times. As soon as all the morbid tissue is destroyed a bed of cicatricial tissue begins to

Formulas. spread from the periphery, and as this occurs the plaster should be cut smaller each

Urethritis and Tinea Sycosis. day, so as to conform to the size and shape

Here is a prescription for subacute ureof the surface to be covered by it.

thritis that has done much for me:

R Ichthyol.... Under this treatment the writer has seen

Zinci sulpho-carbalate. large epitheliomatous masses destroyed in

Aquae rosae...q. a few weeks, and nothing but a faint scar A little glycerine added makes it act a left at the place occupied by the growth. In little better. Fill up urethral canal and reno case was there a recurrence at the orig- tain a few moments. inal site.

Give this internally to make the urine Unlike other remedies, it can be used alkaline and soothing: fearlessly, does not endanger the patient,

R Acid, benzoic.

Acid, boracic. combines within itself a caustic action and

M.-Ft. capsules No. 20. healing property, and requires to be used

Sig.-One five times a day.

During the acute stage of gonorrhea I in the same manner from beginning to end. --Goodman, S. C., Med. Jour.

use one grain of nitrate of silver to eight ounces of rose water, injected four times a

day and retained, and give fifteen drops of Practical Points.

balsam copaiba dropped on lump sugar The monosulphate of sodium is given several times a day. I have never had any with excellent results in lead poisoning, to

cause to change the treatment. The ni hasten the elimination of the lead, and to trate of silver acts as an antiseptic. retard any toxic influence until the elimi

Here is a prescription for tinea sycosis, nation is effected.

or barber's itch, that seems to do the work Senecio is especially indicated in amen- in a few days and kills the parasite. orrhea from cold, acute and accompaniel R Menthol with languor and chilliness. Aconite, with

Oxidi flavae hydrarg.

Acid benzoic. or without, may be indicated by the symp

Pulv. camphorae.

Acid. boracic. toms and in full doses may prove very ser

Albolene (solid). viceable.

M. Sig.-Use freely three or four times

a day. One drop of a one per cent. solution of No internal treatment is necessary. Wash nitro-glycerine, three times daily, has cured the eruption with a ten per cent solution some intractable cases of sciatica.

of carbolic acid before using.–A. 1. Banes, In the treatment of acute cystisis five M. D., St. Joseph, Mo., in Medical Briei.

.30) gr. .21) 2r.

S oz.


1 dr. .2 dr.

1 or


20 gr.
20 gr.


s.....1 OZ.


R Tr. aconiti,

Tr. colchici sem.,
Tr. bellad,

. M. Sig.-Six drops every six hours. Metcalf. Trinitrin, or nitroglycerin, has been recommended as an antineuralgic, especially in cases of inveterate sciatica. It can best be given in a one per cent. alcoholic solution, of which the dose is about three drops per day, or the following formula may be employed:

R Sol. trinitrinae (1 per cent) 75 m.
Tint. capsici...

.14 dr.
Aq. menth. pip.

.14 dr.
M. Sig.-Five to ten drops in
three times a day.-Med. Brief.

Chronic Alcoholism.
R Tint. quebrachonis.

Tint. nucis vomicae. .5% dr.
Tinct. ferri muriatis.

.34. dr.
Resinae podophylii.
Quiniae sulphatis.
Acidi. sulphurici arom. . 2 dr.

.52% dr. M. Sig.-Two tablespoonfuls three times daily, immediately after meals. After the bowels have moved thoroughly, the dose may be lessened, but three doses must be taken daily.—New Albany Med. Herald.



.242 dr.

1 oz.

4 oz.

gr. lxxx

.32 gr

Cum. acac

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for syphilis. The drug is administered twice daily in the following dose:

Mercury ... 0.0128 gme. (gr. 1-5)

Carbolic acid.o.0072 gme. (gr. 1-12) Patients who remained refractory to mercury administered in other forms, reacted to the drug when it was given in this form. The conclusion was that this preparation of mercury is more efficacious than any other form of the drug.-Amer. Med. Surg. Bulletin.

Alop-cia. The following treatment is recommended for alopecia.

Oil of cinnamon.
Sulphuric ether
Paint twice a day.-Med. Arena.

Gilbert's Pills for Syphilis.
R Hydrarg. biniodid

gr. iss
Potass. iodidi

gr vilj
Mellis q. s. ut f. pilul. No. xx.

M. Sig. -Two pills every morning.
Hugo Engel, M. "D., Philadelphia, Pa.,

in Med. Summary.
For vulvar pruritus.
R Sulphophenate of sodium, 5 to 10

Vaseline and lanoline, of each, 45

For blennorrhagic vaginitis.
R Pure Creosote,
Solution of potassium hydrate, of

each, 3 parts;
Camphorated water, 240 parts.
Injection twice daily of a reaspoonful
bf this solution into the vagina.
For genital herpes.
R Lanoline and gray ointment, of

each, 20 parts;

Olive oil, 10 parts.
For moist herpes.
R Starch powder, 100 parts;

Subnitrate of bismuth, 1 part;

Tannic acid, 1 part. -Revue Medico-Chirurgicale des Maladies des Femmes, May 25, 1895.-Therapeutic Gazette.

.1-3 gr.

Hepatic and Nephritic Colic.
R Valerinate of amyl. .3 drops
Sulphuric ether..

.3 drops
M.-For one capsule. Let twenty such
capsules be made. Sig.-Two capsules
every half hour until six have been
taken.-La Medicine Moderne.

R Pilocarp. muriatis


gr. Acid. hydrochlor

.2 drops
Aquae dest.

...8 OZ.
M. Sig.-Teaspoonful every hour to
a child, followed by a tablespoonful of
good port.-Medical Brief.

Tapeworm. Low diet for one day; on morning of second, in three doses at intervals of fifteen minutes: R Honey

Ir. V
Ethereal ext. pomegranate,
Eth. ext. malefern..aa. gr. vijss
Kousso flowers..

.dr. V
M. Sig:-Divide into three parts.
Drouke.-Med. Record.

For elephantoid or chronic glandular swellings. R Soapstone

oz, 1 Opium

sc. 1 Aloes soc

dr. i Spts. vin. rec

dr. i
Make a paste and apply to parts of.
ten.-Dr. E. W. Chambers' Indian Med.

To dry up the breasts during nursing.
R Soapstone

q. S.
Lini Saponis

oz. ii Mix into a paste and apply to breasts. -Dr. E. W. Chambers, Indian Med. Record.

A New Treatment for Syphilis. Le Bulletin Medical (Vol. VIII, p. 955) recommends the use of phenate of mercury

R Tr. pulsatilla

dr. ss
Tr. cimicifugi,

..dr. 3
Tr. belladonna

gtts. xv.

polygonum hydropi-

..dr iij Elixir

q. S., Oz iv Misce, et sig.-Take a teaspoonful every three

or four hours.-Amer. Med. Journal. Dr. T. Griswold Comstock, 3401 Washington avenue, St. Louis, Mo., recommends very highly in pruritus ani the following:

Eucalypti (Sander & Son's),
Olei. cadini..

.aa. dr. ss
Gummi camphorae

dr. Lanolini

oz. 1] M. Sig.-Apply locally

Marasmus. A valuable formula for marasmus and other debilitated and wasting conditions: R Pancreatin (Fairchild's)...

dr. ) Tinct. cardamomi, gr. .dr. Vi Syr. hypophos. comp. (Hostelley's) Syr. ac. hydriodic........aa. oz. ij Aquae M. Sig.-Teaspoonful before meals.

Chroni: Rheu natism.

Cathartics must be avoided. Drink a glass R Tr. guiacum

of water on rising in the morning, and Tr. phytolacca, Tr. cimicifugi..

aa oz. SS

bathe the lower portion of the body with Potassa iodidum

dr. ij.
M. Sig.-Take twenty to thirty drops

strong salt water, rubbing and kneading on sugar or in milk three times a day.- thoroughly. After breakfast solicit an acIbid.

tion of the bowels without straining. Make

this a regular habit. If the bowels fail to Gonorrhea.

act use an injection of cold water. An Upon the theory that gonococcus cannot

aloin pill, 1-40 grain, taken at night will survive in an alkaline pabulum, Dr. Castil

tend to laxing the bowel. A dose of sulian injects a one per cent. solution of bicar- phur and cream of tartar may be used. bonate of sodium three or four times a day Tr. of nux vomica arouses peristaltic acfor seven or eight days.-Ibid.

tion. This may be added to the morning glass of water, one or two drops. If want

of fluid with the feces, give twenty to torty PILES.

grains of phosphate of soda in a glass of (From American Med. Journal.)

water on going to bed. Pile Ointments,

2. Restore tone to the vascular system of R Zinci sulphas

dr. 13

the pelvis and improve nutrition. For this White vaseline.

oz. 113 Rub thoroughly in a mortar.

there is nothing better than hamamelis First cleanse the parts with castile soap suds; then apply the ointment. Re

virginica and hydrastis three or four times peat every day until a cure is effected.

a day. If nutrition is feeble, the bitter tonStramonium Ointment for Hemorrhoids." ics are indicated.

Take lard, a couple of pounds; place it in 3. The change of structure is gotten rid a skillet on the fire. Gather the green stra- of by the use of some of the above local apmonium leaves and drop them into the hot plications. Old standing cases with permalard. When crisped take them out and nent tumors should be treated surgically. drop in others, thus continuing until the lard is thoroughly saturated with the prop- As a local application: erties of the leaves. This, when cool, forms

Diphtheria. a beautiful green ointment. An excellent

gtt. iv application for piles. Morphia, cocaine,

Syr. simp...

aa dr. j hamamelis and such drugs as may be de


oz. ij sirable to be used can be mixed with this.

M. Sig.-Apply every four hours.

Two hours after the topical application The piles should be thoroughly annointed at night and pushed well up above the give, by the mouth, 1 teaspoonful of the sphincter.

following medicament internally:-
R Bromine

gtt. iij
For Bleeding Piles.

Syr. scillae comp

........aa dr. ij Some people are afflicted with much

Syr. prun. virg.

oz. ij hemorrhage, especially during or after the

M. Sig.-Take one teaspoonful every action of the bowels. Some have but little

four hours, alternating with the appli

cation. induration or tumors, but constant annoy- It will be seen that, by alternating the ance with bleedings. The following method topical application with the internal medicis effectual:

ament, one or the other will be brought in R Carbo ligni

dr )

contact with the diphtheritic membrane Ext. hamamelis

every two hours.-Dr. E. B. Robertson, Ext. pinus can.. M. Sig.-Select hollow suppositories of Jackson, Cal., in St. Louis Courier of Medi

No. 2 or 3; All with the above mixture and insert into the rec

cine. tum, especially at night time. Another Application for Piles,

To Administer Salicylate of Sodium. R Solution of persulphate of iron, tr. of bplum, aa.

According to Bouchardt, when the stomApply to the hemorrhoids that pass through the sphincter freely with

ach will not tolerate the salicylate, it may soft brush. Introduce the application to be successfully given in a tablespoonful of those internal by means of a pledget of absorbent cotton or linen cloth.

a mixture composed of Internal Indications in the Cure of Piles.

dr. 13

Tr. gentian 1. Overcome constipation and maintain a


Oss-M. regular and healthy action from the bowels. - Medical Times and Hospital Gazette.

R Bromine

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Gallic acid.

grs. XX grs, XXX grs. XXX

cacao butter.


R Creasote

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Red wine


Painless Tooth Extraction.

CAL COLLEGES. By Thomas H, Hawkins, A.M., The following has been found of value b;

M.D., Denver, Col. many dentists:


dr. ij

By Eugene P. Bernardy, M.D., 221 S. 17th St., PhilaChloroform

dr. j

delphia. Ether. sulph

dr. j Chloralis

dr. ij

Physicians are often consulted as to the causes of the Ol. caryophyllus

dr. iv

lack of natural amativeness on the part of the wives Alcohol

dr. xij
M. Sig.-Apply with cotton pressed on

of their patients. Dr. Bernardy shows a cause of this each side of tooth.-Medical Standard.

absence of passion and the simple treatment that brings

relief. Insomni.. Asafoetida, in pills of - 5 grains, given

THE PROTECTIVE FEATURE OF UNDERCLOTHING. By after supper and before retiring, will often

H. L. Deimel, M. D. Address the author, 409 Pearl

St., New York, N. Y. produce a tranquil and refreshing sleep. In

TREATMENT OF INTERNAL HEMORRHOIDS. By E. P. light delirium, and especially in the period

Miller, M.D., 41 W. 26th St., New York, N. Y. preceding an attack of delirium tremens,

THE IMPORTANCE OF PROTECTING THE STOMACH the rectal injection of 2 ounces of extract

AND INTESTINES FROM PATHOGENIC GERMS. By of asafoetida is often followed by a deep Dr. Boardman Reed, Atlantic City, N. J. slumber and allows us to dispense with nar- APPENDICITIS. By John B. Deaver, M.D., Philadelcotics, the use of which is not free from

phia, Pa. danger.-La Medecine Moderne.-Med. This is a valuable paper, read at the American Medi

cal Association. Bulletin.


By Homer C. Bennett, M.D., Lima, O. Reviews.

In the September Arena Magazine (Copley Square, Boston, Mass.), Prof. Frank Parsons, continues his

most interesting and valuable series of articles on The TRIALS AND TRIUMPHS OF LABOR. By G. B. De Ber- Peoples' Lamps, Electric Lights, etc. In the same

nardi. Price 50 cents. Address the author, Inde- number Hon. John Davis continues his unique and rependence, Mo.

markable sketches of Napoleon Bonaparte. Occasionally a genius arises in human affairs, and

Our Nation': Crisis, Denver, Col., publishes in one when he explains his idea it seems so simple that we involuntarily exclaim, "Why did we not think of that

immense number the entire book, Merrie Englandbefore?" Mr. De Bernardi has written a book which, we

the book that is making such a sensation and having think, will live long after he has passed away, and will

such a profound influence throughout three continents. be a blessing to mankind. It is a book which no one

Price only 5 cents per single copy, or 50 for $1.00.

Send now. who is studying the problem of human society can afford to miss. We hope that all who read this notice will secure a copy of the book, read it, and then use The Tacoma Sun will issue a special number devoted his best endeavors to secure the establishment of a

exclusively to the subjects of Direct Legislation and Labor Exchange in his community. If used early Proportional Representation. These questions are but enough, and extensively enough, it will save us from little understood, and yet they are most important in the perils of gold bondage and bring plenty and pros- the reform curriculum. Post yourselves on these perity to our people without any political action what

issues by ordering this special number. Single 5 ever. It is purely a private and an industrial affair,

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publishers. Address The Sun, Tacoma, Wash. see physicians getting their financial reward for their practice without fail. We think Mr. DeBernardi's work is a great one, and that its influence will grow and ex

Wit and Wisdom. tend in ever-widening circles.

The world with its wealth should belong to those who by intelligent work or scientific research, produce

The Tri-State Medical Society (Alabama, Georgia wealth, and not to schemers and speculators. This

and Tennessee) in Chattanooga, October 8th, 9th and work is in the line of bringing us back to original

10th will be an interesting event. Many interesting justice.


Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I wish to call attention SYSTEM. By W. R. Gowers, M.D., F. R. S., Lon

to an error in my article “A Peculiar Manifestation don. Cloth, 279 pages, $200. P. Blakiston, Son &

of Malaria," in the September number, page 334. The Co., 1012 Walnut St., Philadelphia.

formula should read : The study of diseases of the nervous system is always B Quinia sulphas .

drams vj exceedingly interesting and beneficial to the general Ferri sulphas exsiccatus . . scruples ij practicing physician. Prof. Gowen brings to the work Ft. caps. No. 90. years of rich experience and a mind well trained in Todd's Point, Ky.

J. S. BENNETT. systematic scientific research. The lectures are inter

DEATHS BY WILD ANIMALS IN THE CENTRAL PROV. esting, logical, easy and pleasant in style, and are very useful and instructive.

WHILE fewer human beings were killed by tigers REPRINTS AND PAMPHLETS.

and kindred animals in the Central Provinces in 1894, STATE BOARDS OF MEDICAL EXAMINERS vs. MEDI- the number of deaths from snake bite went up to 1,087



been killed during it possible that the returns are at

as compared with 1,024 in 1893. Cases of fatal inakebite were three times as numerous in Bhandara as in the previous year. On the other hand, only 102 human beings were killed by tigers instead of 119. Leopards and panthers accounted for 25 deaths against 30, but only 12 deaths are ascribed to bears compared with the 26 of the previous year. Six children were carried off by wolves in the Sangor District, whereas fourteen innocents were destroyed in the same way in 1893. The mortality among wild beasts was heavier than before, owing largely to the presence of European sportsmen. 261 tigers were killed compared with 207; 533 leopards instead of 500, and 154 bears compared with 106. An additional number of wolves, hyænas, jackals and spakes were also despatched. The increase among the cattle slain by these creatures is, however, very alarming. 10,000 heads are reported to bave

1894 as against 8,000 heads in the

. fault - Indian Med. Record.

For description of the Auto-Sterilizing Thermometer Case, a prophylactic and labor saving device, indispepsible to every conscientious member of the med. ical profession, address Alfred A. Emith & Co., Mertz Building, corner Eleventh and F streets, Washington, D, C.

Have you ever considered the true scientific principles upon which Mellin's Food is prepared ?

Gold is king in therapeutics. See advertisement of Arsenauro and Mercauro, this issue.

Do you realize that you can have a box of Stewart's Pile Ointment free by asking Fied. W. Stewart, Oswego, N. Y.?

For influenza or la grippe, use the Pil. Phenacetine, camphoræ et atropinæ, made by Schieffelin & Co., New York, N. Y.

HAVE you yet used Keith's Avena sativa for the morphine habit? Address B. Keith & Co., 75 Wil. liam St., New York City.

DOCTOB8 keep pouriog into Mexico from ihe United States at a tremendous rate. Some of them would be glad to go back if they were able to earn money enough to do go. It is peculiar how little common sense these men display. One should think some were not yet out of their childhocd days. Going into a strange country, pot understanding its ways, nor its people, not knowing its language and not even trying to learn the same, they expect to get rich in less than no time, and if they meet with disappointments the country is "no good.”- Cincinnati Med. Joui.

SEND to Imperial Hernia Cure Co., Jacksonville, Fla., for instructions in regard to the permanent cure of hernia.

ADVISE the use of Dr. Julius Febr's Baby Powder for infants.

WE HAVE always been satisfied with the Supporters and other fabric goods obtained from G. W. Flavell & Bro., 1005 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia.

For alkaloidal granules address the Abbott Alkaloidal Co., Station X, Chicago, Ill.

A CASE OF INVETERATE APERMATORRHEA. Patient, young man of 20, when he came under observation, November 25, 1894, had been under treatment for two years, though able to work come all the while. Soon after I commenced treating his case, and when I thought him to be improving satisfactorily, he got exposed to severe cold, frost-biting his hands and

feet and nearly freezing him to death. From this time his spermatorrhea got bad as ever, and was complicated with torpid liver, constipated bowels and gastrointestinal dyspepsia. I had the complications under control when I received the Sexual Tonic Granules from the Phila. Granule Co. I gave as directed and required him to report to me when one third of his medicine had been used. He had greatly improved; the vermicular feel of the scrotum had greatly improved; he had gained self confidence and had had but one nocturnal emission, and that the second night after commencing the use of the Granules. I then directed the next third of the supply to be used on alternate days. He was to, and did, report when this second third was used. I then directed him to use at any time when he felt like relapsing; then he was to use for a day or two. Since he had used the second third I have heard no complaint and had practically lost sight of the case, when I chanced to see him yesterday. I examined him and considered him well and he so considered himself—and that you know is three-fourths of the battle. He told me that he yet had fifteen or twenty of the Granules, and did not suppose he would ever need them.

Woodstock, Ky.

DR. A. N. Scotin, of Russia, noting that an epi. demic of small.pox was approaching the district under his charge, personally examined every child under fourteen years of age before the disease arrived. The total number of children examined was 1564, distri. buted among 665 families and in 30 villages. He found that 1055 had been vaccinated and had visible scars ; 75 children formed a second group of doubtful cases which were said to have been vaccinated, but on which no scars were visible, and 424 bave never been vaccinated.

The small pox arrived and a wide spread, although not very fatal epidemic resulted.

It was found that of the 1055 « vaccinated” chil. dren only 16, or 13%, contracted the disease; of 1 he 75 “doubtful,” 35, or 46.6%, suffered, while of the 434"unvaccinated” children, 244, or 58.6%, caught the disease.

In other words, the unvaccinated suffered to an extent forty-five times as great as the vaccinated.

Further, it was observed that in 189 families all the children were unvaccinated, and in these families if one child sickened with the small-pox, the disease spread, with only seventeen exceptions, to every other child in the house. On the other hand, in houses where some children were vaccinated and some were not, the disease without exception attacked the latter and the former escape d.-Lancet.

MELACHOL is useful in the following, among other diseases : Diarrhea, Constipation, Catarrh of the Bile Ducts, Hepatic Colic, Jaundice. Alta Pharmacal Co., Fourth and Lancaster Ave., St. Louis, Mo. The law of the harvest is to reap more than you

Sow an act and you reap a habit, sow a häoit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.

SAMPLE of Pancreo - Bismuth with Pepsin will be sent on application to George C. Frye, Chemist, Portland, Me.

For free sample of Electrozone address The Electrozone Co., 72 Park Place, New York, N. Y.

For Colden's Liquid Beef Tonic, or for Svapnia, the purified opium, address Charles N. Crittenton Co., 115 Fulton St., New York.

Do you want a battery? Address the McIntosh

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