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mouth on the right side turns down. The bearable. So great is her distress at these patient seems to improve by staying in the times that she has often meditated suicide. house and keeping quiet. Will some one If she can shed tears freely, it affords some recommend a treatment?

relief. W. F. Hanson, M. D., The exception referred to was five or Lewistown, Montana.

six years ago.

She can give no explana

tion, as she was not conscious of any differEditor Medical World: I would like to ent conditions in herself or the act, but orknow a good treatment for autumnal ca- gasm occurred with satisfaction. tarrh (hay fever). Of course, a change of Remaining as perfectly passive as possiclimate is good, but would like some physi

ble during the conjugal act, so as to not cian to write me his treatment. I have become excited, gives her most comfort. used as a tonic arsenic, phosphorus and

I am giving her iron and other tonics, strychnia; also tried syrup hydriodic acid, and shall try electricity, but am not sure gtts 20 every two hours in six cases, and what is the best manner of application. The it did not relieve the conditions. Iodide of fact of the one orgasm would seem to inpotassium with ammonia spts. aromat.

dicate a possibility for improvement. Now, works as well as any preparation. I have brethren, can you suggest a cause and a also used local treatment.

Will some per

remedy? I find very little literature on the son send me Dr. Hayes' (Buffalo, N. Y.) subject. Many report cases of partial or treatment of asthma?

complete sexual apathy, but few like this. F. G. Devereux, M. D. I shall be very grateful for any suggestion Kezar Falls, Me.

as to cause or treatment, either by letter

or through The World. No Orgasm.

“The knowledge that a man can use is the

only real knowledge," and I get more of Editor Medical World:-Can you or any that kind from The World than from any of your readers help me in a case which

other medical journal I read. is different from any other I have ever

J. W. Coller, M. D. seen, and concerning which literature is

Wellsville, N. Y. very meagre?

(Doctor, have you observed whether or Mrs. A. is 38 years of age, as finely

not the clitoris is freed from its prenuce? formed and apparently perfectly developed

A paper on that subject, by Dr. Eugene P. as any woman I ever saw; mother of four

Bernardy, 231 South Seventeenth street, healthy children; health good, except

Philadelphia is of great interest.–Ed.) tendency to neuralgia and the condition which I shall describe.

Editor Medical World: If any of the Two weeks ago I was called to see her for irritable bladder and pain in the back.

numerous readers of The World will diTreatment soon relieved irritation at urina

vulge any new good treatment for epilepsv tion, but not the pain in the back. Vaginal they will confer an inestimable blessing examination revealed perfectly developed upon very many sufferers from the dreaded

disease. organs, so far as I could determine, also in healthful condition (except vesical tender

The Medical World imparts more useful ness) proper position, etc. I applied the

up-to-date knowledge to the general pracfaradic current per vaginam to bladder,

titioner than any other journal in the

United States. and across back and pubic region with relief from pain.

Frank Davis, M. D. While treating this trouble she gave me

Plymouth, Neb. this history:

(Doctor, please see “Dr. Coon's treatment She has never in her life, with one ex

of Epilepsy" in August World.-Ed.) ception, experienced an orgasm. Her sexual passion is excited in a normal manner Editor Medical World:- I have a case, in and accompanied by perfectly normal sen- regard to which, I would be pleased to have sations and desires, vaginal secretion, etc., you and the fraternity advise me as to diagbut coition nor manual friction, no matter nosis and treatment. About the oth of how long continued, does not produce or- February last Mrs. D. was confined, sergasm. Her passion increases the longer enth child, a midwife in attendance. I was the effort is continued, until it becomes un- called to see her on the 16th, and was in


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formed that she had been attacked with a

A Financial Lesson. chill the day before, which lasted several The city of Philadelphia recently desired to borrow hours, followed by a fever, which she was $1,200,000 for local improvements. It was ordered still suffering from when I saw her. Think- that 3 per cent. bonds for this amount be prepared. ing it a malarial attack of remittent fever, I Then “bids” were advertised for, but only a few prescribed accordingly, and left, with di- bids were received. Capital did not seem to regard rections to be called again if she did not the loan with favor. Another attempt through improve. I did not hear of the case again the usual formality of public advertisement for sealed until the 25th, when I was called again, and bids was made, resulting in another failure. Capital on seeing the patient found her with fever, did not come to the rescue. At this juncture it was and the left leg from toes to hip, including

decided to offer the bonds as a “popular” loan, that hip and partly the side, badly swollen, ex- is, the bonds were offered to all comers in small decept just around the knee joint, which was nominations, and without the formality of sealed bids. scarcely swollen any. It had a shiny, spot- The loan was rapidly taken. Thus the people with ted appearance and a doughy feeling. Af- their savings did what “capital” twice refused to do. ter trying several things without any bene- It is also interesting to note that the bonds were payfit, I gave her calcium sulphide in small, able "in lawful money of the United States." This is repeated doses and ordered her to use a so- the way that blanks for mortgages read, and very lution of boric acid in alcohol locally. This properly. Every debt, both public and private, should soon caused the swelling to begin to dis- be payable" in lawful money of the United States." I appear, and in about ten days it was all once went to the Treasury in Washington to examine gone, except from the knee down. About the phraseology of the various National loans. Nothis time, she came to the conclusion that specification of "gold or silver,” or “coin ” of the the calcium sulphide was affecting her standard value on a specified date, appeared until the heart badly (she thinks her heart is dis- refunding operations, beginning about twenty years eased, but I don't think so), and quit using ago. I think the 30 year bonds issued in 1877 were it without consulting me, and began get- the first. All previous bonds were payable in “dolting around; paid several visits to neigh- lars," or "lawful money." bors, when the swelling commenced to in- Now, the point is, why should "capital” be given a crease, and I was called in again. I have

high rate of interest and “coin” or “gold” payment succeeded in reducing the swelling, except

when the people are ready with their savings to accept about the ankle and foot, but this resists all

a lower interest, and are patriotic enough to purchase my efforts to do anything for it. I believe bonds payable "in lawful money of the United the trouble was caused from septic infec- States ?"! A certain prominent statesman has made a tion at the birth of her child. Her general

wide reputation as a "great financier" by giving caphealth is good. Has had no fever for three

ital these advantages. France, after her last disasor four months; goes about and attends to trous war, placed a very large loan in small amounts her housework. I tried to prevent this, but

among her own people. But our statesmen court fordidn't succeed. She said she had to do eign investors. The result is that the interesi now it. The ankle and foot are at present swol- going from us to these foreign investors is a heavy len, hard, and present a sleek, shiny appear

drain. If payable to our own people, our prosperity ance; are not at all painful. Will some of

would not be disturbed ; also“ lawful money of the you tell me, through The Medical World, United States” is good enough for the common people, what is the matter, and what should be while capitalists want something“ gilt-edged;" and the done for it?

J. D. Usher, M. D. man that gives it to them is a great financier." Is Sicily Island, La.

it not time that “capitalists” were allowed to take care of themselves, and our affairs be managed from the

standpoint of the common good? Our bonds are isEditor MEDICAL WORLD:-During eleven years'

sued to syndicates of capitalists at the terms that they

dictate. They should be issued on the Philadelphia experience with your journal, I have found myself out

plan, at the lowest possible interest that will command of pocket one dollar at the renewal time, and one hun- par for the bonds and payable in “ lawful money of the dred dollars in pocket before the year is half over,

United States.” They should not be issued from the owing to the artieles and the sensible advice it con

Treasury and sub-Treasuries only, but every post office tains. A thousand dollar investment by me in other

in the country should have them for sale, so that they

would be in easy reach of every citizen desiring them. directions could bring no such reward as THE WORLD Think of this when the next issue of bonds is made. gives.

L. M. BARNEY. M.D., Think of this in connection with postal savings banks, Elkhart, Ind.

which we so much desire.

Doctors are willing to accept any kind of money pneumonia, but none are yet accepted as that is offered them-sometimes they have to take in any sense standard remedies in the distheir pay in cord-wood and potatoes, but the capitalist ease. The evidence in favor of chloride of must have gold, gold, GOLD. Is it fair? Is it just that calcium is sufficient to demand for it some those who, with hands or brains create wealth, should attention, and we can only trust that furlive as best they can, while “capital " gets all the pud- ther experience will show that the drug is ding? Is it not time we were passing the pudding to undoubtedly useful.-Med. Record. ourselves and others who do the real work of the world?

Calcium Chlorid as a Hemostatic. That our courts have generally been under the in

Since Wright demonstrated the power of fluence or control of capital, needs no proof to an ob- calcium chlorid to increase the coagulaserving man. But here is one ray which we hope be- bility of the blood, this property of the drug tokens the sunrise of justice. Let us welcome it.

has been utilized in many ways in practical The legislature of Ohio granted the sinking fund therapeutics. It has been used in the treattrustees of Cincinnati the right to issue bonds payable

ment of aneurism, in the effort to check the in gold coin. The circuit court decided that no state hemoptysis of pulmonary tuberculosis, the legislature has the right under federal laws, to make hematemesis of gastric ulcer, the effusions bonds payable in anything except the legal tender of purpura and scurvy, the bleeding of money of the Nation. The supreme court of Ohio sus- hemophilia. One important point must not tained this decision. This is very gratifying. It is just.

be forgotten—namely, that while the first If our so-called statesmer were not so anxious to pander effect of the drug is to increase coagulato foreign capital and influence, our National loans

bility, its long continued use diminishes could be placed among our own people, payable in no

coagulability. The best plan, therefore, is specified substance, but in lawful money of the United

to give a large quantity in the beginning, States.

C. F. T.

say from 10 to 30 grains at a time, the

smaller dose repeated as often as every two Current Medical Thought. hours, the larger dose given not oftener

than three times daily, and then to graduChlorid of Calcium in the Treatment of ally diminish the dose, intermitting at the Acute Pneumonia.

end of two or three days. In acute cases

there may be no occasion to resume, but In 1893, Dr. A. Crombie called attention to the supposed value of chloride of

in long continued treatment, such as that calcium in the treatment of pneumonia

of aneurism, it might be well to give the

drug for two or three days in each week. (Indian Medical Gazette, Jan. 18). Dr. D. M. Moir, of the Indian Medical Service, termine this point-Phila. Polyclinic.

Clinic experience will be necessary to deconfirms this opinion of its value in an article in The Practitioner of November, 1894. Dr. Crombie believed that he showed

Ethyl lodid. that in lobar pneumonia (1) chloride of We again desire to impress upon procalcium reduces the temperature and keeps fessional attention the great usefulness of it within safe or normal limits, in spite of this much neglected drug. Its extreme the continuance of physical signs; (2) that volatility renders its inhalation a simple there s a tendency for the morbid process matter. All that is necessary is for the pato be arrested at whatever stage the drug tient to take the unstoppered vial in his is given in efficient doses, and that the hand, hold it to his nose or mouth and incourse of the disease is thus shortened or spire. Inhalation may be continued for rendered milder; (3) that there is a singu- from two to five minutes, according to the lar freedom from all anxiety, distress and effect produced, vertigo being the indication danger, a freedom not usually associated for its cessation. In the treatment of pulwith continuous high temperatures; (4) and monary and laryngeal tuberculosis, in that there is a corresponding reduction in syphilis of the air passages, and in some mortality.

cases of constitutional syphilis, it affords Dr. Moir reports two cases in which the a ready means of local and systemsymptoms were alleviated by the adminis- atic medication with iodin. It is tration of this drug. He gave it in doses of antiseptic of considerable power, and as from sixty to ninety grains daily (ten or such has been utilized in the treatment of fifteen grains every four hours).

acute pneumonia. In the relief of asthma Many drugs have a reputed value in and especially of the asthma associated with


hay fever, it is very often effectual. For the properties common to the volatile oils, in latter purpose it may be combined with addition to its slight local anesthetic and ether or chloroform when necessary. Care stimulant properties. should be taken to get a pure preparation. Whatever may be the explanation of the There is one made in Germany and one virtue of this formula, it certainly is effectmade in Brooklyn, N. Y., that may be de- ive.—Therap. Gazette. pended upon. The drug should be dispensed in amber-colored bottles, with glass Aneurism of the Aorta Cured by MacEwen's stopper. When amber bottles cannot be ob

Method. tained, the vial containing the drug should Bignone (Rif. Med. March 1, 1895) relates be wrapped in black paper. It should be

the case of a man, aged 68, admitted into the kept in a cool place. The development of hospital November 7, 1894, suffering from a brown color, showing the presence of aneurism of the ascending aorta. He had free iodin, indicate that the preparation much pain and sense of oppression behind has become decomposed and is no longer the sterum, dyspnea, stertor, increased on suitable for use by inhalation.-Ibid. swallowing, and a dry, barking cough. In

the third sterno-intercostal space there was Treatment of Painful Dyspepsia.

a rounded, pulsating, expansile tumor, over It has been well stated by a well-known

which a systolic souffle could be heard. The medical writer that the words dyspepsia radial pusses were equal. On November and indigestion are terms which, while pop- 30 two steel needles were inserted into the ular in the past, are not sufficiently definite

aneurismal sac, and allowed to remain for to justify their continuous use to-day by twenty-four hours, then withdrawn; similar the medical profession. On the other hand,

treatment on December 4, 6 and 14. Satisthere are few physicians who do not find factory results followed immediately after that these terms are useful for the expres- the first operation, and finally the tumor sion of certain conditions of the digestive

was reduced to one-third its original size. function which they find it difficult to un- and the pulsation almost disappeared. A derstand and almost equally difficult to

last puncture was made on January 10; the relieve. In many instances it is practically needle seemed then to pass through impossible to do more than ameliorate the

fibrous tumor to reach a small cavity in the symptoms by regulation of the patient's centre. The patient was then able to sit up diet and the administration of remedies all day and walk about without any pain or which will aid digestion directly or indirect- discomfort.—British Medical Journal. ly, or by their action remove the unfavorable sensations produced by the disorder.

Vesicarea in Gonorrhea. One of the most common of these condi

Leo Bennett says: It is due to the drug, tions is the sensation of distention, most

as well as to my brother practitioners, that frequently associated with pain in the prae- I report the unusual success I have had for cordium or thereabout, or, in other words,

several months in the treatment of gonorin the neighborhood of the cardiac end of

rhea by the tincture of vesicarea. To me the stomach. When it occurs in neurotic

the treatment was quite novel, while it has persons, this form of dyspepsia has received the name of "nervous indigestion," and the

been a great comfort to my patients to have

their cases entirely relieved within a week, severity of the pain forces the patient to

and very often in three days. In the cases visit the physician under the impression

in which I employed it, I depended alone that he is suffering from some cardiac affec

upon the vesicarea, and of course made 110 tion. Of the many remedies which may be

error in attributing success to that drug. used under these circumstances, we believe

A half teaspoonful to a teaspoonful of the that a formula such as follows will prove

tincture (Luyties') three times a day will valuable in a large proportion of them.

prove effectual in male or female.-Med.
Scdli hyposulphitis. .dr.i vel. dr. 11

Aquae men. pip.q., f. oz. ili

M. Ŝig. A teaspoonful after ineals.
If this prescription is employed, the

A New Treatment for Epilepsy. chloral acts as an antiseptic and nervous Dr. von Bechterew, Professor of Neusedative, as does also the hyposulphite of rology and Clinical Psychiatry at the Milisodium, and the peppermint water, if fresh- tary Academy of Medicine at St. Petersly prepared, possesses all the antiseptic burg, claims to have discovered a very effi


dr. ss. vel. dr.

cient treatment in the combination of bro- -31 grains; aether. sulph., 15.0 grammes mide of potassium, adonis vernalis and -3 3-4 fluidrachms), and the other with codeine.

ichthyol, the morbid process subsiding The preparation which he employs is as much more quickly under the latter treatfollows:

ment that under Trousseau's solution. He Adonis vernalis, leaves of 2 to 4 prescribed the drug as follows: Ammon. grammes; iníuse in boiling water, 180, then sulpho-ichthol, spir. aether., aa i part; coladd bromide of potassium, 7.5 to 11.25 lodi. elastici, 2 parts.-Univ. Med. Magagrammes; codeine, 12 to 18 centigrams. zine. From four to eight tablespoonfuls daily in water or sweetened milk.

Electricity in Medicine. Professor von Bechterew has never met with a single case of epilepsy which appear

(1) I would suggest as a definition of ed to be refractory to this treatment, or in

electro-therapeutics, in a biological sense, which it did not result in considerable les

that it is the transformation (by the law sening of the number and intensity of the

of conservation of energies) of electric enerattacks. Not infrequently, indeed, the con

gy into the energy peculiar to vital cells. vulsive paroxysms rapidly and completely

(2) Electricity in medicine must be redisappeared.

garded, not as an entity, like a drug, but as The favorable effect of the addition of having a variety of properties,” such as adonis vernalis to the bromide is to be at

electrolysis, cataphoresis, contraction of tributed, according to Prof. von Bechterew, protaplasm, etc., each of which properties to the constrictive action of this medica

may be employed, singly or combined, to ment on the cerebral vessels. The adonis

combat given morbid conditions or dis

eases. vernalis may also be replaced by digitalis, which Prof. von Bechterew has done sev

(3) Of the galvanic current it may be

concluded eral times with success; but this combination is not so convenient and is less satis

(a) That strong currents depress nutrition factory, inasmuch as digitalis cannot be ad

of tissues and produce structural changes ministered continuously on account of its

leading to physiological atrophy (twenty cumulative effect.--Amer. Med.-Surg. Bul.

to a hundred milliamperes).

(b) That mild currents stimulate nutriAdminister lodide of Potassium.

tion and produce physiological hypertroLarge doses of potassium iodide, against phy (one to eight milliamperes).

(c) That mild galvanic currents, pulsating which so many patients rebel, can be readily administered, and are easily borne, if

or alternating, produce similar effects to

mild continuous currents. diluted by soda water instead of unmedi

(d) That the negative pole is specifically cated water. A patient now under Dr. Hansell's treatment for acute iritis of the left chronic inflammation where newly-formed

indicated in that large class of cases termed eye, complicated with acute optic neuritis

fibrous tissue or exudate occurs. of the right eye, complained of disgust and

(e) That upon the writer's theory-alnausea whenever she attempted to take

ready accepted by several prominent physitwenty drops of the saturated solution of

ologists—and observations, that catabolic potassium iodide, even when largely di

or destructive events in tissue uniformly luted. Siphon soda water being substituted

present the sign of negativity that is to as a menstruum the dose was increased to two hundred drops daily, with perfect sembling the zinc of a voltaic cell), the neg

say, are at their origin electro-positive (resatisfaction.- Coll. Clin. Record.

ative pole is indicated to arrest the catabol

ism, the positive to augment it. Ichthyol in Erysipelas.

(f) That the positive pole is rarely indiZelewsky (Iugno-russkava medic. gaz- cated, and, if so at all, upon the basis of an teta, 1895) has found ichthyol efficacious electrotonic effect to produce sedation of in every form of erysipelas, and in his opin- neuralgic pain in superfical nerves. ion it is superior to other remedies. In (4) Of the faradic current it may be consome cases of migratory erysipelas affect- cludeding both sides of the patient's body, he (a) That its main uses are to tetanize painted one side with Trousseau's solution muscle and to cause sedation of pain. (acidi tannici, camphorae, aa 2.0 grammes (b) That the tetanizing current as now

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