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plantains and bananas. He had just burnt a fine brick kiln, which is lined with an excellent bed of clay. The Government farm, with a neat and commodious receptacle, joins this farm, and the families in both these places are supplied with an instructor. Col. Lewis also is a fine man, and is teaching a school in Greenwell. I held a very pleasant interview with the Rev J. W. Priest, the Vice President elect of Liberia; he seems to be a very actire man.

I formed other acquaintances, but all speak of these small numbers and great desire to be replenished from the great American store houses. I sailed up the Sinoe river to ths falls, some 22 miles from its outlet into the ocean. Here is, I think, a noble site for a saw-mill, there being nearly 27 feet fall of water. The high lands above, according to President Benson's estimate, must be nearly 170 feet above the level of the sea. On reaching Buchanan at Grand Bassa, I was again taking sick, and prevented from seeing the town on the St. John's river, which was a very great dissappointment. The reports, however, are very encouraging. Monrovia and the St Paul's river seems to be the centre of attraction to many, and especially to those who do not admire, a country life. Monrovia would be a very pleasant place if the Government would take the pains to keep the streets clear from brush and weeds, which I think permits it from being as healthy as it otherwise would be.

I formed an acquaintance with many most excellent people in Monrovia, and spent my time for the most part very pleasantly. I enjoyed much the kind favor of his excellency the President, and Col. Lewis and many other distinguished citizens; I visited many very fine farms on the St. Paul's River, of which I shall have occasion to speak more fully in my report. I have been much pleased with my visit to Liberia, and the more I see of the country, the better I like it.

Respectfully, &c.,


LIBERIA COLLEGE.-Looking around and about us, at our country and its men--at our progress and our wants, we could not but hail with joy the erection of the Liberia College. We were anxious to see the building completed and tenanted by students and tutors, and the thing in working order. It was opened and commenced working; but the whole was not perfect. A young country and with no literature, any means that promised to furnish it would be a great desiderata. It was with regret that we looked upon the lack of a Teacher of Philosophv-intellectual and physical, as also the destitution of philosophical apparatus; and we wondered at the kind of collegiate education the country should have without philosophy.Liberia Herald, June 17, 1863.

Abraham Hanson, Esq., of Wisconsin, has been appointed by our Government Commissioner and Consul General to Liberia.

ERRATUM.—October number, page 302, 17th line from bottom, for tenth read ninth.



From the 20th of October to the 20th of November, 1863.

NEW HAMPSHIRE. By Rev. F. Butler ($4 00) viz...... By Rev. F. Butler, ($87.) Portland Miscellaneous ... $4 00 Bath-0. C. Hutchins (in

part for Life Member.)... $10 00

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Laconia—Congres'l Church

tute Rev. B. F. Romaine and Society

$3 00

their Pastor, and Elbridge Manchester-Hon. Geo. W.

Van Sickel, Esq., L. M's. Morrison, $6, J. S. Cher

Col. in Pres. Ch., $17, in ry, Mrs. Mace Moulter, ea.

part to const'e their Pas$2. Dr. J. Crosby, James

tor, Rev. Ravana K. RogHersey, P. K. Chandler,

ers, D. D., a L. Member. John P. Newell, cash each,

$9270 $1........

15 00 Merrimack-Robert McGaw 10 00

PENNSYLVANIA. 122 70 Nashua-Dr. E. Spaulding,

By Rev.John Orcutt, ($102:) in $10. J. Spalding, $5. L.

Norristown—Rev.J. G. RalM. Noyes, J. A. Baldwin,

ston, G. R. Fox, ea. $10. ea. $3. Z. Gay, cash $2.ea. 25 00 John Hope, Sam. O'Neil, New Hampton—Col. R. G.

Gen. W. Schall, H. Mc Lewis

5 00 Miller, B. F. Hancock, W. Haverhill.N. B. Felton, Dr.

Magee, ea. $5. Chas. EarP. Spalding, ea. $3. Ex

nest, $2. Cash, $2 50. Gov. John Page, $2. cash

Schrack and Yeath, John $ 1.........

9 00 K. Ralston, ea. $1. Cash
50 cents......

57 00
VERMONT. 87 00 Easton-Dr. Green, $10. J.
By Rev. F. Butler, ($16.)

Roder, J. W. Long, Chas. Wells River-Hon. A. B. W.

Sitgreaves, ea. $3. M. Tenney, E. Hale, each $5.

Burtz, McE. Forman, cash F. Deming, $3. Casb $2.

S. Boelileau, ea. $2. M. Rev. W. S. Palmer, $1... 16 00 H. Jones, $i 50. L. A.

The following donations were made Buchley, J. Drake, W. specific for outfit of Martin H. Freeman, Laubach, D. Hulick, cash, who has been appointed Professor in ea. $1. James Hess, 50 cts. 34 00 Liberia College. In Bradford, $10. W Chester-Jas. Atwood, Newbury, $6. Windsor, $7. Lyndon, P. P. Sharpless, each $5. $12 85. St. Johnsburg, $54 70, Mid- W. S. Kirk, $1..

11 00 dlebury, $41. Rutland, $10 53. Meriden, N. H. $8. Montpelier, Vt., at

102 00
an meeting of Col. Soc., $112. Appro- DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.
priation by Vt. Col. Soc., $100. To- The United States for Colo-
tal, $362 08.

nizing Peter Stafford and
family ....

285 00

164 58
By Rev. J. Orcutt, D.D. (37:)
Southport--W.W. Wakeman 25 00

$449 58 New Haven-James E. Eng

FOR REPOSITORY. lish, $5. Wm. Laban

MAINE-Bath-Dr. Thomas Smith, $2......

7 00 Child, to Nov. 1864....... 1 00 HartfordMrs. M. A. Pitkin 5 00 VERMONT-- Newbury-Da

vid Johnson, to Decem-
ber, 1864

1 60
By Rev.J.Orcutt, D.D.viz.(122 70.)
Lambertville-Col. in 1st

Total Repository.....

2 60 Pres. Ch., (Rev. Dr. Stud


368 70 diford's,) to constitute


362 08 John A.' Anderson, Esq.,


449° 58 a Life Member....

30 00 Bound Ist R.

Aggregate ............. 1,182 96 D. Ch., $75 70, to consti

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JAN 4 - 1916

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