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Proclamation, by Lord Cavan


Proteft of Lord Bellamont on the Subject of Gen. Lake's Proclamation, ibid.
Proclamation, by the Lord-Lieutenant, May 17 °

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Speech of the Lord-Lieutenant, on closing the Seffion, July 3
Extract from the Register of the Executive Directory
Reply of the Canton of Berne, Oa. 11

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Note of Mr. Wickham, to the Helvetic Body, on his recall, Nov. 22 267
Anfwer of the Helvetic Body thereto, Dec. 26


Treaty of Navigation and Commerce between England and Ruffia, Feb. 21, 268
Meffage from Gen. Washington to the House of Reprefentatives, Jan. 19, 276
Speech of the Prefident of the United States of America on meeting Congress,
May 16


Aufwer of the Prefident to the Addrefs, June 3

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Meffage from the Prefident to the House of Reprefentatives, June 12
Meffage from the Prefident to Congress, July 3

Report of a Committee of the Senate on Mr. Blunt's Letter
Meffage to the Senate from the House of Reprefentatives, July 7
Note from Mr. Lifton, the British Minifler, to the American

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Note from the Secretary of State to Mr. Lifton, July 1

Reply of Mr. Lifton, July 2

Speech of the President on meeting Congress, Nov. 23




Message from the Directory of the French Republic to the Council of Five

Hundred, July 24


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The like, Aug. 1



The like, Aug. 9


The like, Aug. 10


Report to the Council of Five Hundred, by Thibaudean, Aug. 21



Meffage from the Executive Directory, to the Council of Five Hundred,

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Proclamation of the Executive Directory to the French People, Sept. 4, ibid.

The Executive Directory to the Citizens of Paris, Sept. 4
Arret of the Executive Directory

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Proclamation of the Executive Directory to all Frenchmen, Nov. 21
Addrefs of the two Councils to the Departments and to the Armies
Two Proclamations faid to have been intended to be issued by Louis XVIII.
and addreffed to the French in March 1797

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Treaty of Peace between the Pope and the French Republic, Feb. 19
Convention between Gen. Buonaparte and the Republic of Genoa, June 6, 330
Treaty of Peace (not ratified) between France and Portugal, Aug. 10,
Convention between Gen. Buonaparte and the Grand Duke of Tuscany,
Declaration of the general Adminiftration of Lombardy

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Declaration made by the Emperor to the Diet of Ratisbon, Feb. 14
Addrefs of Gen. Buonaparte to the People of Carinthia, April 1


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Proclamation relative to the Disturbances in the Venetian Territory 337
Manifefto of Gen. Buonaparte against Venice, May 13
Proclamation of Gen. Buonaparte on establishing the Cifalpine Republic, 339
Ordinance published at Verona, Aug. 8

Letter from Gen. Buonaparte to the Chief of the Maniotes, July 30
From the Vienna Court Gazette, April 5

Declaration of the Emperor at Vienna, April 15

The like, June 21




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Treaty concluded at Campo Formio, between the French Republic and the Emperor, Oct. 17


Refcript addreffed by the Emperor to the Directorial Minifler of Auftria, at Ratisbon, Feb. 7

The like

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Anfwer of the Bishop of Wurtzburg to the Imperial Refcript
Note delivered by the Ruffian Chargé d'Affaires to the Electoral Circle,
Jan. 11

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Letter of Convocation, addressed to the Envoys of the associated States of Germany, by the Pruffian Minifter


The Adminiftrators of the Cantons of Cleves and Xanten to the Inhabitants of the faid Cantons, Jan. 3

Declaration iffued by the Pruffian Government at Wessel, Jan. 6

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Provifory Regulations for the Pruffian Provinces fituate on the left Bank

of the Rhine, March 12

Edict iffued at Berlin, June 14

Proclamation published at Nuremburg, July 4

Letter from the Elector of Saxony, to the King of Prussia
Proclamation of the King of Spain, March 1

Abstract of a Proclamation, iffued by the Court of Spain

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Two Imperial Ukafa's, issued at Petersburg, respecting the Importation of French and Dutch Merchandizes, Jan. 22


The Laft Will and Teftament of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke,
Fires at Conftantinople, and Conduct of the Turks at them

£ 360



Of the Trade of Conftantinople, the Coffee-Houfes, and Method of taking

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On the Nature of the Diamond

On the Action of Nitre upon Gold and Platina



Obfervations and Experiments made to determine the poisonous Qualities of


Proceedings of the African Affociation


Lift of Patents granted during the Year 1797, for various Inventions
Receipt for preventing Smut-Balls or Bunts among ft Wheat
First Report of the Committee on Wafie Lands, &c.


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Order of the House of Commons, made in the Year 1641, for rating every

Man according to his Eftate for the King's Ufe

Account of London-Bridge

Account of the Pyramid of Caius Ceflius at Rome
Roman Method of computing Time






Effay on the Means of confining Heat, and directing its Operations
On the Danger of using Veffels of Lead, Copper, or Brass, in Daries
On the ancient and modern Navigation of India
Difquifition on the Phrafe," The Enlightened Public."
Count Alfieri's Dedication of his Tragedy of Junius Brutus to General





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The like of Agis to Charles the First, King of England

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Ode for the New Year, 1797
Ode for the King's Birth-Day
Sonnet by the late Lord Orford
The Pilgrim, a Sonnet

Alonzo the Brave, and Fair Imogene
A Ballad, by Burns

Modern Novels, by Geo. Coleman
Lodgings for Single Gentlemen

On the Love of our Country
Wallace's Address to his Army

Sonnets attempted in the Manner of Contemporary Writers

Account of Books for 1797.

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Memoirs of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, by Charles M⭑Cormick, L. L. B.


456 An authentic Account of the Embassy from the King of Great Britain, to the Emperor of China, by Sir Geo. Staunton, Bart. 2 vol. 4to. An Account of the Roman Antiquities, difcovered at Woodchefter, in Glowcefterfhire, by Samuel Lyfons, F. R. S. and A. S. folio

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The State of the Poor; or, A Hiftory of the Labouring Classes in England, from the Conqueft to the prefent Period, &c. by Sir Frederick Morton Eden, Bart. 3 vol. 4to.



Thoughts on the Structure of the Globe, &c. by P. Howard, Efq. 4to. The Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Knt. late Prefident of the Royal Academy. with an Account of his Life, by Edmund Malone, Efq. 3 vol. 8vo. 490 Differtations and Mifcellaneous Pieces relating to the Hiftory, Antiquities, the Arts, Sciences, and Literature of Afia, by the late Sir William Jones and others


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