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Pocket Series of English Classics-CONTINUED

Chaucer's Prologue to the Book of the Tales of Canter bury, the Knight's Tale, and the Nun's Priest's Tale. Edited by ANDREW INGRAHAM.

Church's The Story of the Iliad.

Church's The Story of the Odyssey.

Coleridge's The Ancient Mariner. Edited by T. F. HUNTINGTON, Leland Stanford Junior University.

Cooper's Last of the Mohicans. Edited by W. K. WICKES, Principal of the High School, Syracuse, N. Y.

Cooper's The Deerslayer.

Cooper's The Spy. Edited by SAMUEL THURBER, JR. Dana's Two Years before the Mast. Edited by HOMER E. KEYES, Dartmouth College.

Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. Abridged.


Edited by CLIFTON

Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. Part L Edited by CHARLES R.

GASTON. DeQuincey's Confessions of an English Opium-Bater. Edited by ARTHUR BEATTY, University of Wisconsin. DeQuincey's Joan of Arc and The English Mail-Coach.


Edited by CAROL M. NEWMAN, Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Dickens's A Christmas Carol and The Cricket on the Hearth. Edited by JAMES M. SAWIN and IDA M. THOMAS. Dickens's David Copperfield. Edited by Edwin Fairley. vols. Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities. Edited by H. G. BUEHLER, Hotchkiss School. Lakeville, Conn., and L. MASON. Dryden's Palamon and Arcite. Edited by PERCIVAL CHUBB, Early American Orations, 1760-1824. Edited by LOUIE R. HELLER. Instructor in English in the De Witt Clinton High School, New York City.

Edward's Sermons. Selections. Edited by H. N. GARDINER, Professor of Philosophy, Smith College.

Emerson's Earlier Poems. Edited by O. C. GALLAGHER. Emerson's Essays. Selected. Edited by EUGENE



Emerson's Representative Men. Edited by PHILO MELVYN
BUCK, JR., William McKinley High School, St. Louis,
English Narrative Poems. Edited by CLAUDE N. FUESS and

Epoch-making Papers in United States History. Edited by
M. S. BROWN, New York University.

Franklin's Autobiography.

Mrs. Gaskell's Cranford. Edited by Professor Martin W. SAMPSON, Indiana University.

George Eliot's Silas Marner.

Edited by E. L. GULICK,

Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, N. J. George Eliot's Mill on the Floss. Edited by IDA AUSHI


Goldsmith's The Deserted Village and The Traveller Edited by ROBERT N, WHITEFORD, High School, Peoria

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Pocket Series of English Classics-CONTINUED,

Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield. Edited by H. V. Born-
TON, Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.

Gray's Elegy and Cowper's John Gilpin. Edited by J. H.
Grimm's Fairy Tales. Edited by JAMES H. FASSETT, Super-
intendent of Schools, Nashua, N. H.

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Hale's The Man Without a Country. Edited by S. M.
Hawthorne's Grandfather's Chair. Edited by H. H. KINGS-
LEY, Superintendent of Schools, Evanston, Ill.
Hawthorne's The House of the Seven Gables. Edited by
Hawthorne's Mosses from an Old Manse. Edited by C. E.
Hawthorne's Tanglewood Tales. Edited by R. H. BEGGS.
Hawthorne's Twice-Told Tales. Edited by C. R. GASTON.
Hawthorne's The Wonder-Book. Edited by L. E. WOLFE,
Superintendent of Schools, San Antonio, Texas.
Holmes' Autocrat of the Breakfast Table.
Holmes' Poems (Selections). Edited by J. H. CASTLEMAN.
Homer's Iliad. Translated by LANG, LEAF and MYERS.
Homer's Odyssey. Translated by BUTCHER and LANG.
Hughes' Tom Brown's School Days. Edited by CHARLES

Huxley's Essays and Addresses. Selections. Edited by P.

Irving's Alhambra.


Public High School, Hartford, Conn. Irving's Knickerbocker's History of New York. Edited by Prof. E. A. GREENLAW, Adelphi College, New York City. Arving's Life of Goldsmith. Edited by GILBERT SYKES BLAKELY, Teacher of English in the Morris High School, New York City.

Irving's Sketch Book.

Irving's Tales of a Traveler. Edited by JENNIE CHASE. Keary's Heroes of Asgard. Edited by CHARLES H. MORSS. A Kempis' Imitation of Christ. Edited by BROTHER LEO. Kingsley's The Heroes: Greek Fairy Tales. Edited by CHARLES A. MCMURRY, Ph.D.

Lamb's Essays of Elia. Edited by HELEN J. ROBINS. Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare. Edited by A. AINGER. Lincoln's Addresses. Edited by PERCIVAL CHUBB. Lockhart's Life of Scott. Selections. Preparing. Longfellow's Courtship of Miles Standard. Edited by


Longfellow's Courtship of Miles Standish, and Minor Poems. Edited by W. D. HowE, Butler College, Indianapolis, Ind.

Longfellow's Evangelins.. Edited by LEWIS B. SEMPLE, Commercial High School, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Longfellow's The Song of Hiawatha. Edited by ELIZABETH J. FLEMING, Teachers' Training School, Baltimore, Ma

Pocket Series of English Classics-CONTINUED


Longfellow's Tales of a Wayside Inn. Eaited by J. H Lowell's Vision of Sir Launfal. Edited by HERBERT E. BATES, Manual Training High School, Brooklyn, N. Y. Macaulay's Essay on Addison. Edited by C. W. FRENCH, Principal of Hyde Park High School, Chicago, Ill. Macaulay's Essay on Clive. Edited by J. W. PEARCE, ASsistant Professor of English in Tulane University. Macaulay's Essay on Johnson. Edited by WILLIAM SCHUYLER, Assistant Principal of the St. Louis High School. Macaulay's Essay on Milton. Edited by C. W. FRENCH, Macaulay's Essay on Warren Hastings. Edited by Mrs. M. J. FRICK, Los Angeles, Cal.

Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome, and other Poems.
Edited by FRANKLIN T. BAKER, Teachers College,
Columbia University.

Malory's Morte d'Arthur (Selections). Edited by D. W.
Memorable Passages from the Bible (Authorized Version).
Selected and edited by FRED NEWTON SCOTT, Professor
of Rhetoric in the University of Michigan.

Milton's Comus, Lycidas, and other Poems. Edited by


Milton's Paradise Lost, Books I and II. Edited by W. I. CRANE.

Old English Ballads. Edited by WILLIAM D. ARMES, of the
University of California.

Old Testament Selections. Edited by F. N. SCOTT.
Oral English. Selections.


Out of the Northland. Edited by EMILIE KIP BAKER.
Palgrave's Golden Treasury of Songs and Lyrics.
Parkman's Oregon Trail. Edited by C. H. J. DOUGLAS.
Plutarch's Lives of Caesar, Brutus, and Antony. Edited
by MARTHA BRIER, Polytechnic High School, Oakland,
Poems, Narrative and Lyrical. Edited by ROBERT P. ST.

Poe's Poems.


Edited by CHARLES W. KENT, University of

Poe's Prose Tales. Selections. Pope's Homer's Iliad. Books I, VI, XXII, XXIV. Edited by ALBERT SMYTH, Head Professor of English Language and Literature. Central High School, Philadelphia, Pa. Pope's Homer's Iliad. Complete. Edited by C. E. RHODES. Pope's Homer's Odyssey. Edited by E. S. and WALDO SHUMWAY.

Pope's The Rape of the Lock. Edited by ELIZABETH M. KING.

Christina Rossetti's Poems.


Selections. Edited by

Buskin's Crown of Wild Olive and the Queen of the Air. Edited by W. F. MELTON,

Pocket Series of English Classics-CONTINUED

Buskin's Sesame and Lilies and The King of the Golden
River. Edited by HERBERT E. BATES.

Boott's Ivanhoe. Edited by ALFRED M. HITCHCOCK.
Scott's Kenilworth. Edited by J. H. CASTLEMAN.

Scott's Lady of the Lake. Edited by ELIZABETH A. PACK

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Edited by RALPH H.

Scott's Marmion. Edited by GEORGE B. AITON, State Inspector of High Schools for Minnesota.

Scott's Quentin Durward. Edited by ARTIIUR LLEWELLYN
ENO, Instructor in the University of Illinois.
Scott's The Talisman. Edited by FREDERICK
State Normal College, Ohio University.

Select Orations. Edited by A. M. HALL.


Selected Poems for Required Reading in Secondary Schools. Edited by H. N. BOYNTON.

Shakespeare's As You Like It. Edited by CHARLES ROBERT GASTON.

Shakespeare's Hamlet. Edited by L. A. SHERMAN, Professor of English Literature in the University of Nebraska. Shakespeare's Eenry V. Edited by RALPH HARTT BOWLES, Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, N. H.

Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Edited by GEORGE W. HuF-
FORD and LOIS G. HUFFORD, High School, Indianapolis,

Shakespeare's King Lear. Edited by PHILO M. BUCK.
Shakespeare's Macbeth. Edited by C. W. FRENCH.
Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. Edited by CHAL TTE
W. UNDERWOOD, Lewis Institute, Chicago, Ill.
Edited by E. C.
Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream.
Shakespeare's Richard II. Edited by JAMES HUGH MOF



Edited by S. C. NEWSON.
Edited bv EDWARD P.

Shakespeare's The Tempest.
Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.


Shelley and Keats Poems. Selections. Edited by S. C. NEWSON.

Sheridan's The Rivals, and The School for Scandal. Edited by W. D. HOWE.

Short Stories. A Collection. Edited by L. A. PITTEnger.
Southern Orators. Edited by J. H. MCCONNELL.
Southern Poets. Selections. Edited by W. L. WEBER.
Edited by GEORGE ARM-
Spenser's Faerie Queene, Book I.

STRONG WAUCHOPE, Professor of English in the South
Carolina College.
Stevenson's Kidnapped. Edited by JOHN THOMPSON BROWN.
Stevenson's Master of Ballantrae. Edited by H. A. WHITE.
Stevenson's Travels with a Donkey and an Inland Voyage.
Edited by W. L. CROSS.
Stevenson's Treasure Island.

Edited by H. A. VANCE,

Professor of English in the University of Nashville.

Pocket Scries of English Classics-CONTINUED

Swift's Gulliver's Travels. Edited by CLIFTON JOHNSON. Tennyson's Idylls of the King. Edited by CHARLES W.


Tennyson's In Memoriam. Edited by J. W. PEARCE. Tennyson's Shorter Poems. Edited by CHARLES READ NUTTER.

Tennyson's The Princess. Edited by WILSON FARRAND. Thackeray's Henry Esmond. Edited by JOHN BELL HENNEMAN, University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. Thackeray's English Humorists. Edited by J. C. CASTLE


Thoreau's Walden. Edited by BYRON RIES.
Levelyan's Life of Macaulay. Selections.
Virgil's Aeneid. Translated by CONINGTON.


Preparing. Edited by

Washington's Farewell Address, and Webster's First Bunker Fill Oration, Edited by WILLIAM T. PECK. Whittier's Snowbound and other Early Poems. Edited by A. L. BOUTON.

John Woolman's Journal.

Wordsworth's Shorter Poems. Edited by EDWARD FULTON

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