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..State of Whitehall in the reign of Charles II..

Curious Dials.. Entertainment of the Morocco Am-
bassador..Death of Charles II.. Popish Chapel of
James II..Destruction of Whitehall by fire..Cock-
pit Gate.. Busts.

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Dr. Wallis's account of the origin of that Society..
Charter of Incorporation granted by Charles II...
Curious Letter from Sir Isaac Newton.




Provisions in Queen Elizabeth's Reign.


Prices of Provisions from an old Household account for

the years 1594 and 1595.

Walk of Robin Conscience through London


Analysis and Extracts from the satirical ballad of
"Robin Conscience, or Conscionable Robin," illus-
trating the habits of the Londoners.


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Chapel of Edward the Confessor-Edward's decease;

and offerings made at his tomb by William the

Norman..Coronation of William..Miracles and

Canonization of King Edward..Translation of his
remains by Archbishop Becket; and retranslation
into the New Shrine, erected by Henry III..The
Shrine described.. Inscriptions..Mistakes as to the
Italian artist Cavalini.. Reliques deposited in St.
Edward's chapel.. Veneration of his memory..
Particular observances on St. Edward's Day..
Mortal seizure of Henry IV..Offerings at St. Ed-
ward's shrine after the victory at Azincourt..Offer-
ings of Edward IV.. Oblations of Richard III.

Westminster Abbey, ancient Coronation Chair, and

Prophetic Stone

Coronation Chair..Prophetic or Fatal Stone.. Tradi-



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Derivation of the two Turnstiles.. Books published at

the Turning Stile in Holborn..Strype's account of

Great Turnstile.. New Turnstile.


Deanery at Westminster.-Jerusalem Chamber, and

Death of Henry IV... College Hall and Kitchen

Deanery, formerly the abode of the Abbots of West-

minster..built by Abbot Litlington..Pictures in the

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