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nion -Iliu antoniah ment at the warlike appearance of the new parrison-- Arrival of Lolohea cow kicfoo from Iapai irrat storm of thunder and lightning', its eflects on the minds of the people ---Dreams of a number of women, predicting the death of Tooitonga-Illness of Tooitonga The fingers of several children cut off as sacrifices to the gods-Several children wirangled-looitonga's death

in burial. The king prepares himself to perform the usual ceremonies at his father's grave--Accident of Mr. Mariner's sneezing his quarrel with the king on this account: his after conduct their reconciliation.

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Chap. XV.-The king annihilates the divine chiefdom of

Tooitonga, and the ceremony of inachi.Mr. Mariner's

adopted mother departs for Hapai-The stratagem used

to prevent her female attendants from accompanying her

--Spirited speech of Talo on this occnsion- All commu-
nication with the Tlapai islands shut up-The king's ex-
traordinary attention to the cultivation and defence of
the country-Interesting anecdote respecting two chiefs,
Hála A'pi A'pi and Talo-Attempt from the people of
Hapai--Mr. Mariner discovers an European vessel whilst
on a fishing excursion : his men refusing to take him on
board, he wounds one mortully, and threatens the others,
upon which they paddle towards the ship-Anecdote of
the wounded man-Mr. Mariner's arrival on board, and
reception from the captain-The king visits him in the
ship: his behaviour on board : his earnest wish to go to


England--Mr. Mariner sends on whore for the journal of the Port au Prince, and procures the escape of one of his countrymen-He takes a final leave of the king ---The ship sails for the lapal islands--Five more Englishmen taken on board.---The ship sails for the Fiji Islands--ller departure for China,

Page 1 Char, XVI. ----Preliminary remark.--Aneeslote of the late

king-Character of the present king--Parallel between him and his father--llis humanity-llis understanding ---Anecdote of him respecting a gun-lock ---Respecting the pulse --Ilia love of astronomical knowledgellis observations upon European aequirements-Ilis remarks concerning the antipodes---Aneodlote of him respecting the mariner's compass---llis attention to the arts ---Cursory view of the character of Finow Fiji-Ilis early warlike propensities--Ilis peaceable disposition and wisdom Cursory character of Hala Api Apihis mischievous disposition--llin generosity, wisdom, heroie bravery, and occasional moderation---llis swiftness of foot-Arrival of the Favourite at the Tlapai islands -(ienerosity of Robert Brown-Anecdote of the gunner of the Port au Prince Three men of the Port au Prince received on board Anecdote of an Hapai warrior-Excuses and apologies of the Hapai people in regard to the capture of the Port au Prince - The Favourite departs for the Fiji islands-Remarks on the conduct of one of the Englishmen left behind-- An account of the intentions of the llapai people towards ('aptain Cook ---Anecdote respecting the death of this great man--- Arrival of the Favourite at the island of Pay-Some account of the natives, and of the white people thereo-Departure of the ship from the Fiji Islands,


and her arrival in Macao roads--Mr. Mariner's reception by Captain Ross and by Captain Welbank-His arrival in England--Concluding observations,

Page 38 CHAP, XVII.-Preliminary observations-Rank in society

--Tooitonga -Veachi ---Inspired priests --The kingNobles_Order of succession to rank-Matabooles Mooas-Toons-Professional classes of society, hereditary and otherwise-Table of the order of professions --Succession to property-Old age-Female sex -Wives of chiefs-Adopted mothers-Concubines of chiefy-Arts practised by women-Children.

79 Chav. XVIII.-Enumeration of the principal notions on

which the religion of Tonga is founded-Traditionary account of the island of Bolotov-Division of the gods into six classes Names and attributes of the principal original god_Souls of Chiefs_Souls of Matabooles-Other Hotooas or inhabitants of Bolotoo-Hotooa Pow, or mis. chievous gods-The god that supports the earth--Observations upon death --Origin of the habitable earth, or rather of the islands of Tonga Popular tradition respecting the original inhabitants of Tonga-Remarks--Another tradition respecting the same subject--Fiji story respecting an island of immortal women-Popular account of the origin of turtles-General notion of the earth, sky, and heavenly bodies--Notions respecting the human soul and animal life--Ideas concerning the liver -The soul's immortality-Notions of the Fiji people in regard to the soul.

103 CHAP. XIX --Farther particulars respecting the divine chiefs

Tooitonga and Veachi : respecting the prieste-General remarks on the moral notions and habits of the people

The first principles which in them constitute the foundlation of virtue--References to Toobo Neuha, Hala Api Api, and others.Farther habits of practical liberality The principle of respect and veneration to the god, chiefs, parents, and nged persons-Defence of hereditary rights, and love of country-Instances of the principle of honour: instances of the contrary: remarks: conclusions -Their liberal opinions of one another, and of European nations, with referenceslumanity--(icneral observations on the virtue of chastity--Investigation of the proportion of married women ('onduct of the married women('onduct of the unmarried women: of the married men: of the unmarried men-(toneral view of society, as far as their notions respecting chastity are concerned

Conclusions upon this subject-Remarks. l'age 140 Char. XX.- Preliminary observations -- Cara root: cere

mony of preparing the infusion, and order of serving it ous, either as a chief, a priest, or a god may presideThe ceremony of ina'chi; of Fuccala'hi; of Chrva fucca e'gi; of Toro-foto; of Varegåa, of Tooloonima ; of Boo'too and its minor ceremonies, viz. Falla, Tvoltoo, Laja, Toogi Fora, Ooloo, with a quotation from Leviticus; of Langi, and the very singular mode of showing respect to the remains of Tovilo'nga----of Taboo and the ceremo. nies of mo'r-mole and fola; of Toogou cora; of Lowo Omens-Charms.

IN2 (nar. XXI. Introductory observations on the state of the

healing art in these islands-Their surgical knowledge borrowed from the Fuji islands---Medical skill of a Sanda wich islander --The operation of cawso, with a case described; rogimch; precautions against tetanus-Two

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