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Form of Government-Character of Mohammed Ali-Former State

of the Country-Difficulties to overcome in Effecting Improve-

ments-Unwarrantable Abuse of Foreigners Parallel of Mo-

hammed Ali and Napoleon-System of Administration - Ameliora-

tions Effected-Council of State-Faulty Position of the Viceroy

of Egypt in his Intercourse with the Diplomatic Agents of the

European Powers -Errors in his Foreign Policy - The Advantage

of his Ceding Canada to Great Britain - Policy of England towards

Mohammed Ali-Views of Russia-Necessity of Increasing the

Power of Egypt to counteract them-Feebleness of Persia-

Policy of Recognising the Independence of Egypt, and of Guar-

ranteeing the Succession of Ibrahim Pasha to the Throne . 100

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First Attempt of Mohammed Ali to Organize the Army of Egypt on

the European Model — Revolt of the Troops—War with the Wa-

habees — Expedition to Senaar - Formation of the Nizam, and

Dispersion of the Janizaries and Albanians— Renewal of Hostili-

ties with the Wahabees-Excellent Conduct of the new Levies-

War in the Morea — Uninterrupted Success of the Arab Army-

Affair of Mylos - Siege of Missolonghi—War in Syria-Strength

and Composition of the Present Egyptian Army-Pay - Rations

-Conscription — Good Qualities of the Fellah — Dress of the

Troops — Remarks on the Efficiency of the Army, &c.—Sulieman


. 195

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