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Dr. Walling's Specialties.

WANTED PRACTICES Advertised in this column for preferred. Address, DOCTOB, Catlettsburgh, Tenn. parties who are not agents for the practice, for THREE CENTS

e mbeeribers. For additional words or for subsequent in W practicioner in city can keep books, am stenographer pertions, three cents per word required. Advertisements of books, Instruments, preparations, etc., or regular business ad. and typewriter. Can aid greatly busy man. Address vertisements inserted in this column for six cents per word; DOCTOR, Eastham, Va. no free words. If answers are to be sent in care of our office, an extra fee of fifty cents for each insertion is changed. An advertisement intended for any particular issue must reach

$350. Bhootit oice furniture, a drugs, instruments, ou not later than the 12th of the month preceding. Cash practice in Central Illinois. Address, DOCTOR, Box 38, mliop nost accompany all orders. In estimating, the name and olis, Illinois. address must be counted, and every three igures, or fraction thereof, and every letter representing a word counts as a vand.

partners provided. 200 Practices for sale. Particulan


free. Address, THE MEDICAL ECHO, Lynn, Mass. FOR $

& Hospital. Address, DR. MRS. T. THATCHER. Lima, Ohio.

NOPPOSED:-practice of $3000 yearly, free to purchaser

of my property in a growing Nebraska town of 500 in. FOR

habitants. Address, Dr., Box T., Oak, Neb. 8450. One-half cash. Fine location for physician. Will mell separate. DR. B. BEUST, New Albany, Ind.

easy country practice. Fine climate. Medpost-paid fifty cents. Note heads ditto. WILLIAM icus. Care L. &. DARROW, 951 Fifth St., San Diego; Cal. IKAPROTH, printer, Talmage, Pa. TOR SALE;-Practice two thousand yearly; house eight

MEDICAL PRACTICE worth $2600 per year for sale; Fo rooms; wood house: ice house; granery barn 82x42 two

with or without real estate. Railroad town 800 inhabit story; all new. Fruit orchard. Wealthy farming community. ants. Address, DR. Cowles, Spartansburg, Crawford Co., Pam For terms address, P. HYNDMAN, M.D., Tompkins, Mich. BI EST country practice in New York, given away to pur. FOR lot; to all

railroad town. Will introduce purchaser. chaser of real estate. $2,000 cash required. Address, sition. Address, G. E. Huddle, M. D. Kempner, Lamparas Co., DR. X, Bingbamton N. Y.

Texas. W

ANTED;-A medical student who expects to graduate

in the Med. Dept. of the Univ. of Penna, in the spring, is & college graduate-and who passes all necessary creden. wels as to character and capability; desires a position as assistant to a physician in active practice-a specialist in synecology preferred. Address X. World Office.

An antiseptic, safe Folhance Tor right man. NOR SALE;-Good Practice and realty at $1800: Rare

and effective fluid Good town; rich country:

for the CURE railroad; free gravel roads. Eighteen miles from Indianapolis. hernia by the injection method. It stands at the head of the x cash. Address, Doctor, care SAM. ASHLY, Room 15 Wright

list as results have shown. Block, Indianapolis, Ind.

My Hernia Syringe, with a trocar and canula needle,

renders the operation absolutely safe. VOR SALE;-Good country practice and outfit.


Price of fluid per bottle, enough for six cases............$5.00
One-half bottle, enough for three cases......

2 50 PLENDID O°PORTUNITY:-Will sell practice of $2,500

Statement of ingredients and directions with each bottle. S and property-in Cumberland Valley; in railroad town.

Trocar and Canula Syringe, with plain extra needle $6.00

The Syringe and a full bottle of iuid $10.00. Pay sure, cheap to prompt purchaser. DR. HENRY, Carlisle, Pa.

Elixir of Manna, CURES CONSTIPATION. Is not ADY PHYSICIAN WANTED;-Young, ambitious, active,

a simple purgative. Is not adLA

vertised to the public. Formula and full directions, price per to invest for a half interest in a well established office and

bottle, 50 cents. ofty practice. with one of the leading lady, physicians of PERTUSSIS TABLETS ; Sugar coated :-A rare combina Portand, This is a rare opening for a young physician where tion of antispasmodics and germicides, for the abortion and practice and profit are both desired. Address, DAVID D. cure of Whooping Cough, based upon a concentration from LYNCH, Portland, Oregon.

Thymus Vulgaris, by an especial process from the green herb,

gathered at the time of its greatest activity. Sample sent. FOR worth Three Thousand Dollars. Physician retires. DR.

Price per box, sufficient for one or two cases...$1.00 BOULE, Roseburg, N. Y.

Solution of the Tri-bromide of Gold, and the Oxy-bromida POR A GOOD DOCTOR;-A fine village and country

of Arsenic :-Iovaluable in the treatment of all nervous dig FO location in lovely 8. W. Mo. For particulars, address,

orders, gout, rheumatism, consumption, etc. with stamp, Box 107, Lamar, Barton Co., Mo.

Solution of the Tri-bromide of Gold and the Oxy-bromide of Arsenic and Mercury :-A specific in the treatment of

syphilis. $3100 rugs, etc. Will sell all or part; Sacrificed


Price of these sol ons, in glass stoppered, dropping bot

tles, per ounce bottle, $1.00; two ounce bottle, $1.50, with for to quick buyer. Satisfactory reasons. References. Doctor, mula and directions. Box B , Kellettville, Pa.

These solutions of the tri-and oxy-bromides, are far superior

to the ordinary solutions or to the bromide salts.

. Any or all of these ine preparations, the product of my own MC NARY & Co., Plymouth, Iod. for circulars. They have something that you need and waut.

laboratory, will be sent postpaid, upon receipt of price. W

ANTED;-Partnership with regular Physician in good W. H, Walling, M, D., doctor. Am experienced and thoroughly capable. Address, DR. J. S., Chicago, Ill.

1606 Green St, Philadelphia, Pa.

Beware of Imitations

As we give a guarantee packed with each Thermometer.

It will pay to use a Thermometer made by a reliable firm. Our Thermometers are subjected to a process invented by us,

which effectually prevents all shrinkage in the glass and 00 sequently increased readings. This valuable improvement, in connection with our indestructible index, makes this a perfect Clinical Thermometer, Large Lens front with a certificate, H. R. Case, each $1.25

Plain with certificate, H. R. Case: $1.00. Minute thermometer with certificate, H. R. Case, $1.50. E. KESSLING..

FRANKENBERG & CO. 422 'E, 6th Street, N.Y. City.

Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedr. Bayer & Co.'s

Pharmaceutical Specialties

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Piperazine-Bayer = Europhen - Sulfonal-Bayer - Salophen - Lycetol

W. H. Schieffelin & Co., New York.

Passiflora Incarnata.

In the December number of the News, Dr. J. A. Homming tells what he has used Passiflora for (Bleeplessness). I have used it for the same disease for the last three years with tbe grandest success; also for convulsions of children due to any cause ; also for all complaints arising from teething; even to diarrhoea is benefitted as by magic. All nervous diseases of the bladder in adults, frequency of urinating, or coming away drop by drop, with burning or any spasmodic action of the bladder or rectum, where Bell or Nux should be indicated. I found one-half to one teaspoonful of Passiflora () given every thirty minutes, for a few doses, and then once in two hours or three times a day, acts like magic. It controls rostlessness of nervous people better than anything I ever used. Lesueur, Minn.


Passiflora in Deiirium Tremens, "In delirium tremens and in the insomnia follow. ing the excessive use of alcoholic stimulents it (Passitora) acts vike a charm. It should be given in full doses, say one teaspoonful every two hours, until the desired result is obtained. It is valuable in fretful, toothing children, use it both internally and as local application to the swollen gums. My colleague, Dr. Brewer, uses it in spasmodic incontinence of urine, especially in those cases where the patient is very nervous and complains of a burning sensation when the urine is voided. He also commends it very highly in the treatment of cerebro-spinal meningitis." - DR. H. M, HENNEL, in Ec. Medical Journal.

the thorax, pelvis and abduminal regions and gener ally quiets the excitement of the medulla oblongats.

“In insomnia it acts like a cbarm, without any unpleasant after-effects. It is valuable in neuroses, and reliable in tonic spasms which are present in . great number of cases of spinal meningitis, and it will prevent chronic spasms.

"In the nervous affections following congestion of the cord and ganglionic centers, it produces a quieting effect not produced by any other remedies, in the rapid, irregular respiration, due to irritation of the medulla. It is a specific in pains of the heart, when there is a great fear of immediate dissolution and constant fear of death, with an irregular pulse.

“In the irregular pains of pregnancy its action is sure.

“In dismenorrhoea its action is decisive and pleasing, tiding the patient over the menstrual period with comfort.

“In facial neuralgia and neuralgia of the fifth pair of nerves, it is very useful.

“In insomnia from over-indulgence in alcoholio beverages it acts like a charm, given in tall doses every hour until rest produced. It relieves inner. vation of the nerve centres-sympathetic innervetion, especially so in epilepsy, given at night when nightly attacks occur.

“In enlarged prostate, through its action apon the ganglia of the pelvis, it exerts a special action.

“Io spasms of children you will be more than pleased with this remedy.

"In the middle stages of typhoid fever, in the initial stages of scarlet fever, where the great rost lessness of the patient is so trying to the physician and friends.

“I have here presented quite a number of different manifestations in which the remedy is indicated, all depending in a greater or less degree upon the same conditions. They are only given as pointers, as it were, showing the large number of different manifestations, depending upon the same parts at fault in which it is admissible by its action pod these certain parts of the nervous system, by either not performing their functions or from an action."

Passiflora Incarnata in Insomnia-Spasms.

From a paper, read before the Chicago Academy of Medicine and published in the Medical Era of Docember, 1892, wo extract the following concerning Passiflora:

“It is a neurotic, anti-spasmodic, soporific, anodyne and sedative. It has special action on the gan. glionic cells of the gray matter of the cord.

“ It exerts a special influence over the ganglia of


Concentrated Tincture Passiflora Incarnata.
DR. F. G. WELCH, No. 77 W. 45th St.,

E. M. CARRELL, M.D., 675 Brazelton St.,
NEW YORK CITY, Jan. 1, 1894.

BOSTON, May 21, 1893. MB.JNO. B. DANIEL, Atlanta, Ga.

MR. DANIEL, Atlanta, Ga. Dear Sir: Enclosed find check for another dozen Dear Sir: Send me one dozen bottles of Conc. II. Oonc. Tr. Passiflora Incarnata. Ship at once and Passiflora Incarnata as soon as you can. Enclosed oblige.

F. G. WELCH, M.D. find check. Do as well as you can; I will be quite a

Very respectfully,
DR. S, BRUMBAUGH, 421 S. Jefferson St.,

DAYTON, O., Dec. 29, 1893.
KR. J. B. DANIEL, Atlanta, Ga.
Dear Sir: Passiflora received and fully tested, and

Office of DR. A. E. NEUMEISTER, my verdict is simply this: Passiflora has been given

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Jan. 10, 180s. # place on my office medicine shelf to stay. I care

MR. JNO. B. DANIEL, Atlanta, Ga. for nothing more effectual in all conditions indicating

Dear Sir: I used up the last bottle of the fiftoon its use. Yours gratefully,

bottles of Passiflora you shipped me in November, S. BRUMBAUGH, M.D.

'93. I am well pleased with the tincture. I find it to

be A No. 1 and the results from it are the same, when Ofice of J. H. KIME, M.D.,Physician and Surgeon.

the remedy is indicated. Please ship me three dozen BANDON, Coos Co., OREGON, Dec. 16, 1893.


Very truly yours, J. B. DANIEL, Atlanta, Ga.

A. E. NEUMEISTR, M.D. Dear Sir: Please send me by express five pounds Conc. Tr. Passiflora. The pound bottle received from

J. L. McNEELY & Co., Draggiate. you about a year and a half age was the best prepa

COVINGTON, TENN., Jan. 12, 1894. ration I have used from this plant. I have used the JNO. B. DANIEL, Atlanta, Ga. remedy which was prepared by other reliable drug Dear Sir: You will please send us per express houses, but the result was not satisfactory.

half dozen bottles Conc. Tr. Passiflora. Will make Respectfully yours,

larger order next time. Very truly yours, J. H. KIME, M.D.

J. L. MCNEELY & Oo, This Preparation is prepared and sold by JOHN B. DANIEL,

Wholesale Druggist, 34 Wall Street, Atlanta, Ga.




Worn Day and Night with Comfort. No Displacement.

Single Trusses Double Trus's

Adults Youths Childs Adul's Y'ths Childs

Sizes 28 to 42 22 to 28 12 60 21 281042 22102 12t021
A. Plain, each, $1.50 $1.25 $1.00 $2.50 $2.00 $1.50

B. Fine, 2.00 1.75 1.50 3.00 2.50 2,00
FIG. 14
C. Silk,

FIG. 16 DIRECTIONS FOR ORDERING.-Givo clrcumference of abdomen on line of rupture. State if for single or double, right or left

Goods sent by Mall upon receipt of price, or Express C. O. D., charge for returning added. Q. W. FLAVELL & BRO,, No. 1005 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA

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The Sthavara Company has appointed Mr John Hendrey, of 2615 North Eleventh st., Phila., Pa. sole agent for the sale of


Sthavara Fluid has won for itself a reputation for positive and permanent curative powers in all forms of reducible Hernia all over this country and Canada ; and the Sthavara Company has great pleası re in having Mr. Hendrey as their role avent, as he has long been the manager of the Company's business, and therefore expecially capable to conduct the agency in an active and reliable manner. He will supply the fluid and lustruments the same as has been done heretofore by the Com. pany. Small Bottle, (sufficient for cure of 2 to 3 ordinary cases,) $2.54 Large containing 3 times the quantity,

$5.00 Sthavara Instrument, (3 needles complete in case,)

$5.09 Trocar and canula Needle (extra)

$1.00 Literature forwarded on application. Orders promptly filled, (postage prepaid) on receipt of P. O. Order, or draft payable to the underrigned, or by Express C. O D. Mr. J. Hendrey, Sole Agent, 2615 N. IIth St., Phila.

The Improved Western Leader fitted with Captain Pat. Corners and latest Comstock one piece Silverplated Spring Bottle holders, covered with black, morocco grained, oil filled, solid, water proof leather (cowhide) hand stitched at edges, with sides, bottom and top, cut from one piece, making it dust and water proof.

Contains 24 1 oz., 24 3 drachm and 4 3 oz. heavy bottles Sundry space 5°x4x4], Size of Case 104x6x4}.

. . Aseptiable Obst, Bags, Leather Lined, Metal Spring Bottle Holder . . . This is a bag 5 inches in depth and 5 inches in width, made in various lengths, as shown below; steel covered frames, nickle spring, double basp lock, with key and nickle name plate. Made of the finest grained stock, lined with smooth leather, inside pocket on one side. On opposite side are springs containing 6 one and one-half ounce bottles held in a removable holder. 14 in. long, $3.25; 15 in. long. $3.50; 16 in. long, $3.75, 17 in. long, $4.00; 18 in. long, $4.50.

Without Six Bottles in removable Spring holder 50 cents less. If in addition to price of either Case or Bags, Seventy-five Cents additional is sent with Cash order will send express prepaid in full to any Express Office in U. S.

Will send with privilege of examination upon receipt of $1.50 to insure expressage, balance C. O. D.
Dealer in all kinds Surgical Instruments and Supplies.
Send for Catalogue of Surgical instruments and Buggy Cases, mailed free.
Fresh Vaccine Virus always on hand, 10 points, 75 cents.

WILLIS H, DAVIS, Keokuk, lowa.



W. P. England, M. D., White Pine, Pa., says: I have used Celerina and ans pleased to say that in all cases of nervous prostration, such as follows the use of alcohol, and for all cases of nervous debility, I find it without an equal. After the experience I have had with it I do not hesitate in recommending it to the profession as one of our best nerve tonice.

The action of Celerina on the brain and nervous system is that of an exhilarant and slight narcotic, relieving depressions and lessens irritable nerve conditions. In cases of organic and functional lesions of the heart, an increased steadiness of pulse-beat and diminution of pulse irritation is apparent.

A. J. Wesco, M. D., Seven Mile, O., says: I have tested Celerina and got good results. Man, aged sixty-five years, mechanic, habits very intemperate, will spree for weeks, came to me with nervous system in bad fix; could not eat or sleep. Gave him eight ounces Celerina, teaspoonful three times a day, which placed him on his feet again, and for that I think it par excellence.

Convulsions may frequently be cut short, like magic, by teaspoonful doses of Celerina repeated at short intervals. The nausea as an aftereffect of chloroform or other narcosis, may generally be controlled in the same manner,

T. J. Haile, M. D., Atlanta, Ga., says: Celerina has always acted finely in all cases where I have tried it, especially in those troublesome cases of hysteria, nervous depression and feebleness, and prostration resulting from alcoholic excess. Have found its effects very exhilarating and nourishing. In fact, it is my main dependence in all nervous diseases.

The psychological depressions and neuralgias, so common in the period following a debauch, are lessened or disappear altogether by the use of Celerina..

J. B. Johnson, M. D., 920 N St., Washington, D. C., says: I used Celerina not only as a nervine and tonic, but also found it most excellent, in two drachm doses, in sobering persons who were made drunk by alcoholic drink, and such patients informed me that they were greatly assisted in recovering from a spree by the use of Celerina.

After the removal of alcohol, Celerina, given in doses of from onehalf to one ounce every four hours, is speedily followed by the most characteristic symptoms of improvement.

Dr. Bramwell, Whitley, Northumberland, England, says: I have found Celerina valuable as a nerve stimulant and restorative in a patient suffering from the eflects of a severe drinking bout.



full size bottle of CELERINA will be sent FACE to any Parsician who wishes to test it if he will pay the espress charges.

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