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The present edition of Addison's Works was announ to contain in four volumes of “ Bohn's British Classics" t whole of what had been given in the six volumes edited Bishop Hurd. And this would have been strictly perform but it was found, unexpectedly, after the first volume b been issued, that so large a number of Addison's letters mained unpublished, as would render it advisable to tend the present edition, for the purpose of including the Bishop Hurd had not given any of Addison's letters, neit! had his precursor, Tickell, upon whom the duty, as Addiso literary executor, originally devolved. Miss Aikin, in 1 Memoir, had so far remedied this deficiency, by printi whatever letters she could meet with, (many of them fro draughts or copies in the possession of a descendant of Tickell,) that any further publication or research at fir seemed supererogatory; a diligent inquiry however, induc by circumstances, soon led to a different conclusion. Byt help of literary friends, and his own appliances, the publish has succeeded in obtaining such an amount of unpublish letters, (including the originals of some of those hitherprinted from copies,) that he feels it incumbent on him include the whole in an additional volume. The public w therefore, for the first time, after the lapse of nearly a ce tury and a half, have an edition of Addison's Works in a cordance, as it should seem, with the author's own intention

But notwithstanding what has been collected, it is mo than probable that there are still many unpublished lette in the possession of collectors : for the loan or for transcrip of any of these, the publisher would be very thankful. .

York Street, Covent Garden,

March 1st, 1855.

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