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THOUGА peace may have her vic- bounds of possibility. But who shall tories not less renowned than war, count the bloody fields to be fought yet it fares ill with that people among and the remorseless tyrannies to be whom the soldier and his services are crushed before this beneficent end not duly esteemed and suitably ac- is achieved, and one magnanimous knowledged. The

darkest days were preponderating power shall be strong approaching for France when her enough to bind over the rest of manwits ridiculed her soldiery, and Vol- kind to keep the peace ! taire said his countrymen built ships So far as it is given to us to read which the English immediately took the destinies of Providence in the off their hands and commended as past histories and in the present being well built. It is the pride of our action of the world, there is one vast wealth-our inexhaustible re- nation--and that our own-moving sources-our many elements of power ·on step by step to this great destiny. and eminence—that we can afford In its progress towards an duly to honour and reward our war- whelming preponderance our power riors without forgetting the claims or has never yet been checked ; nor can sacrificing the interests of any class we anywhere discover in its form and of men without diminishing the substance the elements of decay. We rewards and honours of peaceful pur- shall find that the great Empires suits—at little cost to our wealth, which have heretofore risen and at none whatever to our civil liberty. fallen, have owed their ruin to one If the dreams about universal peace or both of two destructive elements are ever in any future century to be caused by their own unfaithfulness realised, it will not be through the to their true duty. Either they have means by which the Quaker school fallen before hostile combinations of seek to accomplish them. As the the nations who have suffered from world exists, and is likely to exist their oppression and rapacity, or, for as many thousands of years on- indolently reposing on the

wealth and wards, as we know its history back- greatness which their forefathers have wards, peace among the nations shall achieved, they have tempted poorer only be secured by the existence of and hardier races to seize on the rich one predominant authority too power- possessions they have lost the courage ful to render resistance within the to defend. In the fall of Rome the

Report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the Regulations affecting the Sanitary condition of the Army.



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