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CHAP. III.-Separation of the Prince and Princess of

Wales.-Education of the Princess Charlotte.-Juvenile

Anecdotes.-Result of the Delicate Investigation.-

Education, Habits, Anecdotes, &c. of the Princess

Charlotte continued...
.....P. 70.

CHAP. IV.-Remarks on Constitutional Government.—

Eulogium on His present Majesty.-Regency Adminis-

tration.-Party at Carlton House.-Anecdotes.-Letter

of the Princess of Wales to the Prince Regent.-

Princess Charlotte's Residence at Windsor.-Musical

Anecdotes.-Birth-day observed on her coming of Age.

-Fête at Carlton House.-Resides at Warwick House.

-Further Anecdotes.-Removes to Cranbourn Lodge.

-Rejects the Prince of Orange.-Sudden Departure of

the Princess of Wales from England.-First Meeting

of the Princess Charlotte with Prince Leopold.--His

hasty Return to the Continent.-History of the House

of Saxe-Cobourg-Saalfeld.-Memoir of Prince Leo-

pold, &c......
.P. 118.

CHAP. V.-Indisposition of the Princess Charlotte.-Resides

at Weymouth.-Judicious Benevolence.-Visits the Isle

of Portland, and Abbotsbury Castle.-Marine Excur-

sions. Anecdote.-Returns to Cranbourn Lodge.-

Appears at the Queen's Drawing-room.-Visits her

Royal Father at Brighton.-Anecdote of the Prince

Regent.-Prince Leopold recalled.-Anecdote.-Par-

liamentary Provision.-Marriage Articles.-Account of

Claremont.-Preparation for the Nuptials.-The Wed-

ding Dresses.-Marriage Ceremony.-Addresses of Con-

gratulation.-Residence at Claremont.-The Nuptial

Drawing-room.-Visits the Places of Public Amuse-

ment.-Princess of Wales's Visit to Tunis.-The Prin-

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cess Charlotte's Indisposition.-Marriage of the Princess
Mary and the Duke of Gloucester.-Miscarriage of the
Princess Charlotte.-Further Account of Claremont.-
Religious Deportment and Domestic Felicity of the
Royal Pair.-Dame Bewley's Cottage.-Anedotes, &c.

List of the Establishment at Claremont.-Celebration

of the Princess Charlotte's Birth-day.-Festivities at

Claremont.-Queen's Birth-day.-Notices of the Princess

of Wales.-Princess Charlotte's Pregnancy, and Anni-

versary of her Marriage.-Flitch of Bacon Anecdote.-

Queen's Entertainment at Frogmore.-Anecdote of the

Princess Charlotte and Lady Albemarle.-Mrs. Griffiths,

the Nurse's, first Visit to Claremont.-Anecdote.-Her

Majesty leaves Town for Bath.-The Poem called the

"Quarrel of the Months."...
......P. 191.

CHAP. VI.-Accouchement of the Princess Charlotte.-The

Royal Infant still-born.-Attempts to restore it to

Animation.-Authentic Account of what passed before.

-Patient Resignation of the Princess.-Her Sudden

Illness and unexpected Death.-Indescribable Distress

of Prince Leopold, and of the Prince Regent.-Uni-

versal Public Alarm and Mourning.-The Embalmment.

-The Prince Regent's Visit of Condolence to Prince

Leopold, and Letter to Sir Richard Croft.-Real Cause

of the Princess Charlotte's Death-Country Accounts

of the deep Sorrow manifested on account of that

Calamity.-Preparations for the Funeral.-The_Royal

Sepulchre.-The Coffins, Urn, &c.-Funeral Proces-

sion.-Account of the Manner in which the Day of the

Funeral was observed throughout the Kingdom.-Appli-

cation and Improvement of the awful Event.-Fortitude

and Munificence of Prince Leopold.-Description of

the Interior of Claremont House.-Benevolence of the

Prince Regent.-The Princess of Wales receives the

Intelligence of her Daughter's Death.-Addresses of

Condolence.-Intended Monument to the Memory of

the Princess Charlotte.-Conclusion.-Present State of

the Succession to the Throne..
...P. 378.

APPENDIX.-Medical Reports.-Memoir of the late Sir

Richard Croft, with an Account of his Death.-Account

of the King's first Illness in 1788.-Of the Jubilee in

1809, &c.-Letter of Queen Charlotte to the late King

of Prussia.-Poetical Effusions.

...P. 535.

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History of the House of Brunswick, to the time of their connexion with the Stuart Family; with a brief Account of that Family, brought down to the Death of Queen Anne.

THE origin of the illustrious House of Brunswick, the Lunenburgh branch of which has now filled the British throne for more than a century with such unrivalled glory, is entirely lost in remote antiquity. The German genealogists suppose it to have descended through females from the Saxon family, so renowned in the early periods of our History, and up to which most of the royal families of Europe proudly trace their pedigrees; but they certainly have advanced little, except its probability, in behalf of that supposition. Most authors, however, concur in deriving the House of Brunswick from Albert Azo II. of Este; but from what ancestors he himself came, they have not been able to decide: some contending that he descended from Charlemagne; others, from Hugh king of Italy; and some again, deriving his origin from Hugh

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