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Specimen of Bishop Duppa's Preaching.

886 daughter from reading of the Canticles, I know not what it is. Next, there is a ne anima non intelligens vulneraretur, ubi, a place where, of this joy, though lest the soul that understood not the it be not here. Last of all, there is a spiritual sense, should perish in the query too, a why, a reason, a cause, of literal; or as those images, which the this joy, for one sinner that repenteth.Papists call, Idiotarum libros, the lay- But first, of that joy itself; for velut men's books, being misunderstood do solatium erit, saith Tertullian, disserere prove the fool's idolatry: so these de illo, quo frui non datur, sick men images (for parables are but the may talk of health, and why not I of images of things) did not so much joy? As in sorrow the heart is coninstruct, as abuse the eyes of them tracted and straitned, so in joy the that saw them, until our Saviour drew passages are enlarged, the cordial the curtain. They had heard of a spirits scattered, the heart itself runs sheep that had gone astray, of a piece out, 'tis so dilated; which makes of silver that was lost, that both again Aristotle say, that joy is, as it were, the were found, that friends were called letting of the heart out.

But if they to rejoice for both; but what this was that feel no joy, cannot define it; nor to them, what share they had in this they that feel it, keep it in their hearts ; joy or that recovery, they had not nor he that wants a heart, judge of it, heard, till he that made their ears who shall then resolve us what joy is? applied it to their hearts with an or where we shall find a thing to this Outw, asyw upãr, Likewise, I say unto name? For, examine first the joy of a you, I, that came to heal that which proud man; lieth it not in the breath of was wounded, to bind up that which others, a thin cabinet of air which was broken, to save that which was every man hath a key to, but himself. lost; I, that have left the ninety-nine Let but them above him agree not to in the desert, all the angels in heaven think him great, or wise, or noble; (for so the fathers interpret it) to find let but his fellow-worms forbear to out one wanderer; I say unto you, to honour him; he that holds the plough you sinners, that come near to hear shall not change joys with him. Or me; to you pharisees, that murmur, look on the joy of the voluptuous : because those sinners come so near

doth not sorrow often wait so close as me; to you that know not what the to tread upon the heels of it?

Have value of a soul is, what music is in you not heard the epicure cry, O his the groans, or what beauty is in the gout! even at that time, when he hath tears, of a sad convert, I say to you, been feeding his disease with riot ? there is joy in the presence of the angels Were not the Israelites struck with of God over one sinner that repenteth. meat between their teeth ? and was The authority of the speaker must win not Zimri slain in the embraces of his some credit to this argument; for so Cosby? Besides, to share in all the far distant is heaven from earth, so good that is under the sun is at the rare the commerce between them, that best but indolence, a privation of grief; unless God bring the intelligence him- it is not joy: or if we will needs strain self from thence, man will not believe. higher for a word for it, it is but an Let the Separatist boast of his private acquiescence, saith Scaliger, a kind of spirit that hath revealed it, or the wresting of the mind, it is not joy: he bishop of Rome cite his infallible chair; were a strange chymist, you would every one is not wax enough to take think, that, when a drop of wine were impression at this. But if our Saviour cast into the sea, durst undertake out set his divine seal on; if we once of that vast element to extract the find his ipse dico, I say unto you, spirits of that one drop of wine, and then let him that hath ears, hear; no say, here they are: nor shall I conceive oracle ever spake like this, truth, to him easier an artisan, that can out of the truth incarnate. Be not therefore the sea of his ordinary hourly discontroubled either with the contrariety of tents, extract this drop of joy, and passions in these words, that sorrow shew it to me. The truth is, we know should beget joy; or the disparity of the not what it is, because we seek not for persons, that angels should rejoice for it where we should. Copernicus, that sinners; or the inequality of the extent, thought the earth moved, and the many angels for one sinner: for Christ heavens stood still, was not yet so hath spoke it, and we are to believe mad as either to look for trees in heait. First, that there is joy, though we ven, or stars upon the ground; yet we,


in our search for joy, do as mad things bid his followers joy, in the fifth as this comes to : for what would you chapter of Matthew, waigele

, rejoice ; imagine, if you should see a man as if that had been too little, knock at a grave-stone for a compa- xai'ryarticole, be exceeding glad: true, nion, or go down into a charnel-house but it was in their reproaches: so to make merry: if you did not pro- saint Paul had his joy, but it was in nounce him directly frantic, you would his afflictions: the martyrs had their guess surely that he had mistook the joy, but it was in their bitter sufferings. place: and the like do I of you, saith "The few notes they heard of joy were St. Austin, Qui quæritis gaudium in but like the breakings of an echo, a loco non suo, who look for joy either in word or two they heard, but not a the honours or pleasures of this life, sentence; or like a ring of bells in a or whatever else is not the proper high wind, they heard some imperfect sphere of it.

sounds of it, but they could not hear But suppose there were such a thing the lesson.--Yet mistake me not, I on earth as joy; that the Philosophers' would not have you hang down your stone, the northwest passage, and that, heads at this, or, because the earth is were found out together; yet there not your heaven, therefore to make it remains another disquisition: for where

your hell: for as gold keeps the name shall we have a lodging for it? where in the leaf as well as in the wedge, in a breast capable to entertain it?-in the coin as in the bullion; or as he the heart of the sinful man? no, God that sees a beam or two shine through himself hath barrd that door against the crevice of a wall, may say he sees it: for, gaulere non est impiis, as we the sunshine, as well as he that walks find it denounced in the prophecy of abroad; so neither are we so destitute Esay, there is no peace, no joy to the of all comfort, but we may say, there wicked. They cannot rejoice ; they is a leaf of joy, the tinfoil of it here, may perchance drown their grief in there are some few glimpses that shine wine, or drive away their discontents in upon us: but for the full

, the solid, with company, they may reprieve the jubilating joy, look for it no longer their souls for a time from melancholy; in this valley of tears: there is joy, but the fits of a constant ague, or the but not here; true joy, but not yet: flowings of the tide, come not more

you that sow in tears be certain you duly, then it returns again: shifting shall reap in joy: but be as certain to the place will not serve the turn, unless tarry till the harvest; you must stay; we can shift ourselves; for post equitem no remedy till heaven be your

dwellsedet atra cura, like the rats that fol- ing, till the angels be your partners, lowed the German bishop, thy sad

incorruption your change, immortality thoughts will after thee. Draw the

your garment; for the earth is not the curtains of thy bed, yet they will lie place, dull flesh is not the subject of with thee; shut the door of thy closet, it. Find it we shall, yet not in the yet they will come in unto thec; for presence of men, but of the angels. the truth is, saith S. Bernard, Intus est quem fugis, every ill man hath his Thus having shewn you the negative, enerny within him: his own heart calls where joy is not; my next venture (if to him, as his did in the vision, Ego it prove not a desperate one) shall be tibi horum sum causa, I am the cause to show you where it is, ενωπιον των of all this trouble unto thee: thou hast árlenwy, in the presence of angels. made me ill, I will not leave thee quiet. He that comes out of a dark room

- No joy then to the wicked: but shall into the sunshine, shall be sure to find we knock at more innocent doors to his eyes dazzled: what then will be see if there it harbours ? were the pro- come of us, whose eyes (Aristotle could phets in the Old Testament acquainted say) were tanquam Noctuæ ad solem? with it? the apostles in the New? or how shall we look on this joy of anshall we enquire of innocence itself, gels? shall we think of the place we the Saviour of us all? But he will live in, or the company they enjoy, or enquire of us again, as he did in the the anthems which they sing when one first of the Lamentation, O all ye that seraphim echoes to another, or when pass by, not was there ever joy, but in a full quire they sound together was there ever sorrow like my sorrow? their everlasting Hallelujahs? or, if we

will say, perhaps, though he can lift up our thoughts so high, shall himself were the son of sorrow, yet he we think again, how they see the

But you

Specimen of Bishop Duppa's Preaching.

890 divine face of God? how they joy in to have overcome Lucifer in temptathat mirror? how they exult in that tion, that was once the chief of angels, beatifick vision? What fulness, what God would have given him Lucifer's torrents of pleasure in such a sight! seat in heaven. I confess were this such a sight, saith St. Austin, that if heavenly court, like the court of the damned spirits could but see a earthly princes, (where he that is glimpse of it, that very glimpse for beneath bites at the heel of him that is that time would infuse such joy into above him; and he that is above treads them as to take away the sense of all on the mouth that bites him,) this their pain: such a sight, that the might breed rather envy, or hate, or reflected rays of it, even in this any thing, but joy: but so far are life, gives us that which saint John those blessed spirits from envying us speaks of, that communion with God for this, that there shall be a time himself. What then can we conceive when, some men shall be higher than of those glorious creatures that see some angels, yet even for this there is not God either by a glimpse or by joy in presence of angels. But the reflection, but stand under the direct school hath well distinguished a doubeams, that have a full and eternal ble joy in angels, either essential, or sight, that see him, TTFOOWTON Trgòs accidental ; their essential joy consists TCOOW TOV, face to face, that hear him in the vision of the Deity; their accieven with ear to mouth, that are ac- dental, in the conversion of us sinquainted even with the very whispers ners: the one is always at full sea, it of the Trinity. But wither am I car- neither ebbs nor flows, but the other ried ? sooner shall a sparrow drink up

occasionally receives either increase, the sea, or a moale heave the whole or diminution: for as St. Hierome is earth out of the center, then the heart of the mind, that Angelus nomen est of man swell to that bigness, as to be officii, non natura, to be an angel is a able to comprehend his joy. Yet as

name of office, not of nature, (in esfathers use to acquaint their heirs with sence they are spirits, but in office their estates, before they mean they only angels,) so in that office they shall possess them; so, he not angry, accumulate their joy accordingly, as O my God, that we have look'd afar in our protection their success is off into those joys which with thy answerable to their care: it was well angels we one day shall inherit: for thought on therefore by the Church of though they be of the elder family, England to design a Collect in the and we like younger brothers, vear Liturgie, wherein we pray, that the about us a body of flesh, for a note of angels which always do God service in difference, yet this heraldry is not to heaven, may by his appointment defend last always; for thou hast told us, o

us on earth : not that we are to believe my Saviour, that even that difference their presence, as that Jesuit did, who shall be took away, that we shall be hath not blushed to print unto the icáyTeacs, equal to the angels, æquali- world, that at the Bohemian overthrow, tate gratiæ, though not naturæ, saith there was visibly seen a troop of angeis Aquinas, in an equality of

to fight on the emperor's part against

grace, though not of nature.

them :--but what angel joy'd, think

you, when that lie was made ? yet on Nor shall we offend to enlarge this the other side, we are not to deny meditation further, to conceive as them to be our guardians, whether one some of the fathers did, that as the to one, or more to one, since their acci. angels fell from several hierarchies, dental joy doth ordinarily arise from some from being seraphims, some thence, even from that employment.-cherubims, some thrones, some out of Well, but do the angels joy at the higher seats, some out of lower: so conversion of a sinner? therefore on that great day when God shall they know it, but must needs follow, distribute his glory amongst us, we (for the will moves not till the undermay shine at last, that into those standing sets it going,) uito. actus intelseveral hierarchies we shall be as- lectus primus est voluntatis. But that sumed: for, among the rest, Origen therefore by their evening knowledge, was confidently persuaded, Quod si or their morning, as the school distinearum virium esset ut vinceret Luci- guisheth, or that therefore in Verbo ferum, Luciferi solium in cælo obtineret, tanquam speculo, in the face of God as that had he been of strength enough in a glass, all angels necessarily know

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