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By far my elder brother in the Muses,
With tears I pity thy unhappy fate!
Why is the bard unpitied by the world,
Yet has so keen a relish of its pleasures?


WHOSE is that noble, dauntless brow?
And whose that eye of fire?

And whose that generous princely mien
Even rooted foes admire ?

Stranger, to justly shew that brow,
And mark that eye of fire,

Would take His hand, whose vernal tints
His other works admire.

Bright as a cloudless summer sun,
With stately port he moves;
His guardian seraph eyes with awe
The noble ward he loves.

Among the illustrious Scottish sons
That chief thou may'st discern ;
Mark Scotia's fond returning eye,
It dwells upon Glencairn.



WHEN Guildford good our pilot stood,

And did our helm thraw, man,

Ae night, at tea, began a plea,
Within America, man:

Then up they gat the maskin'-pat,
And in the sea did jaw, man ;
And did nae less, in full Congréss,
Than quite refuse our law, man.





Then through the lakes Montgomery takes,
I wat he was na slaw, man;
Down Lowrie's Burn 2 he took a turn,

And Carleton did ca', man;
But yet, what-reck, he, at Quebec,
Montgomery-like3 did fa', man,
Wi' sword in hand, before his band,
Amang his en'mies a', man.


drive before him

what matters

1 General Richard Montgomery invaded Canada, autumn 1775, and took Montreal, the British commander, Sir Guy Carleton, retiring before him. In an attack on Quebec he was less fortunate, being killed by a storm of grape-shot in leading on his men at Cape Diamond.

2 Lowrie's Burn, a pseudonyme for the St. Lawrence.

3 A passing compliment to the Montgomeries of Coilsfield, the patrons of the poet.


Poor Tammy Gage, within a cage,
Was kept at Boston ha', man ;
Till Willie Howe took o'er the knowe
For Philadelphia,2 man.

Wi' sword and gun he thought a sin
Guid Christian blood to draw, man:
But at New York, wi' knife and fork,
Sir-loin he hacked sma', man.


Burgoyne gaed up, like spur and whip,
Till Fraser brave did fa', man;

Then lost his way, ae misty day,

In Saratoga shaw, man.

Cornwallis fought as lang's he dought,
And did the buckskins claw, man;

But Clinton's glaive frae rust to save,
He hung it to the wa', man.

Then Montague, and Guildford too,
Began to fear a fa', man;

And Sackville dour, wha stood the








1 General Gage, governor of Massachusetts, was cooped up in Boston by General Washington during the latter part of 1775 and early part of 1776. In consequence of his inefficiency, he was replaced in October of that year by General Howe.

2 General Howe removed his army from New York to Philadelphia in the summer of 1777.

3 Alluding to a razzia made by orders of Howe at Peekskill, March 1777, when a large quantity of cattle belonging to the Americans was destroyed.

The German Chief to thraw, man:
For Paddy Burke, like ony Turk,
Nae mercy had at a', man;
And Charlie Fox threw by the box,
And lowsed his tinkler jaw, man.



Then Rockingham took up the game,
Till death did on him ca', man;
When Shelburne meek held up his cheek,
Conform to gospel law, man.

Saint Stephen's boys, wi' jarring noise,
They did his measures thraw, man,
For North and Fox united stocks,

And bore him to the wa', man.1

Then clubs and hearts were Charlie's cartes,
He swept the stakes awa', man,
Till the diamond's ace, of Indian race,
Led him a sair faux pas,2 man.
The Saxon lads, wi' loud placads,

On Chatham's boy did ca', man;


1 Lord North's administration was succeeded by that of the Marquis of Rockingham, March, 1782. At the death of the latter in the succeeding July, Lord Shelburne became prime minister, and Mr. Fox resigned his secretaryship. Under his lordship, peace was restored, January, 1783. By the union of Lord North and Mr. Fox, Lord Shelburne was soon after forced to resign in favor of his rivals, the heads of the celebrated Coalition.

2 Fox's famous India Bill, by which his ministry was brought to destruction, December, 1783.

And Scotland drew her pipe, and blew, "Up, Willie, waur them a', man !


Behind the throne then Grenville's gone,

A secret word or twa, man;

While slee Dundas aroused the class,

Be-north the Roman Wa', man:


And Chatham's wraith, in heavenly graith, armor (Inspired bardies saw, man,)

Wi' kindling eyes cried: "Willie, rise!
Would I hae feared them a', man?"

But, word and blow, North, Fox, and Co.,
Gowff'd Willie like a ba', man,


Till Suthron raise, and coost their claise cast off

Behind him in a raw, man ;

And Caledon threw by the drone,

And did her whittle draw, man;

And swoor fu' rude, through dirt and blood,
To make it guid in law, man.1

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1 In the new parliament called by Mr. Pitt, after his accession to office, in the spring of 1784, amidst the many new members brought in for his support, and that of the king's prerogative, there was an exceeding proportion from Scotland.

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