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At Peakirk, aged 57, John Foot; he put a At Downham, Mr. E. Sewell, clerk to period to his existence by hanging himself. Mr. Holman, attorney; he was found drown

ed in the river Ouze. Married.] At Newport Pagnell, William At Swafiham, Mrs. Elizabeth Oxborough, Powell, efq. of Vauxhall, to Miss A. Haw more than forty years cook at the Crown kins, of the former place.

Died.] At Hartwell, near Aylesbury, Sir At Lynn, Mrs. Bayfield, wife of Mr. T.
William Lee.

At Aylesbury, Mr. Read, of the Angel At Moultan, aged 77, Mr. Rayfox.

At Ormeiby, aged 10, Miss A. Symonds, At Wingrave, R. Kempster; he was ac daughter of J. Symonds, efq. cidentally killed by a fall from a loaded car At Cattow, Mr. G. Filt, nurseryman. riage.

At Westcott, in the parish of Waddesden, Mr. Samuel Ford; he was accidentally killed

Died.) At Bury, aged 78, Mr. J. Mason,

sen. auctioneer. Aged 53, John Cook, esq. by a fall from his horse.

At Newport Pagnell, Mrs. L. Collison, Aged 74. Mrs. Hunt, widow: wife of Mr. R. Collinfon, surgeon. John

At Ipswich, aged 68, Mrs. A. J. HinMeadows, bricklayer, fell from a scaffold, gefton, daughter of the Rev. R. Hingeston, 32 feet high, and died immediately.

A. M. formerly master of the grammar school. At Swanbourne, Mr. T. Yates, he died

Mrs. Howdell, wife of Mr. Howdell, staysuddenly, when reaping in a field.

maker. Aged $5, William Andrews, miller, . of Stoke Mills; he had lived 30 years in the

service of Mr. Savage's family. Married.] At Potton, the Rev G. Wasle, of Haselbury Bryan, Dorsetshire, to Miss E.

At Redgrave Hall, T. Holt, tefq. Franklyn, of the former place.

At Onehouse, Mr. Samuel Offord, jun.

At Waritesden Hall, aged 11, M. Morris, Died.] At Huntingdon, Mr. Lamb, hair- only son of William Morris, efq. dresler. Mrs. Wood, wife of Mr. Wood,

At 'Harteft, Mary Hafted; she was found nurseryman.

drowned in a pond. At Brampton, near Huntingdon, Mrs.

At Weybread, Mr. T. Safford. Mrs. E. Bantun.

Smitli, wife of Mr. R. C. Smith.

At Coolinge, Mr. Sampson, farmer.
Died.] At Cambridge, Master John Skin-

At Saxmundham, aged 75, Mr. Richard

Freeman. ner, a child only two years old; he drank some boiling water from the spout of a tea

At Hadleigh, aged 91, Mrs. A Downing, kettle, and died the following day. Mr. C. formerly of Tottenham, and litter to the Mann, a clerk in Mr. Gurney's bank. Mt.

Right Hon. Rev. Dr. Johnson, late Lord William Price, apothecary.

Bishop of Worcester. At Newmarket, Mr. William Day, many of Mr. John Sarr.

At Wangford, aged 18, Mrs. M. Sarr, fifter years master of the Half-Moon Public-house. At Ely, Mrs. Cullen, wife of Mr. Wm.

At Brandon, aged 70, after returning from Cullen, white-smith.

church in apparent good health, Mr. Thomas

Shinn. At Gamlingay, Mr. Joseph Wilson, fara

HERTFORDSHIRE, mer and wool-dealer. NORFOLK.'

Married.) At Chefhunt, G. B. Prescott, Married.] At Norwich, Mr. J. Geldart, efq. of Theobald's Park, to Miss Mill, jun. son of Mr. J. Geldart, wine merchant, daughter of the late Sir T. Mill. to Miss E. Aggs, daughter of Mr. Aggs, At Bithop Stortford, Mr. F. J. Nash, late, merchant.

veterenary surgeon of Cambridge, to Miis Mr. West, miller, of Heveringland, to Wondham, daughter of William Woodham, Mrs. North.

esq. of the same place. At Lakenham, Mr. T. Sudbury, dyer, of

At Hertford, P. Stowey, of Renbury, Norwich, to Mrs. Woods, of the former Devon, efq. to Miss Hickman, of the former place.

place. At Fincham, Mr. S. P. Baller, of Swaff Died.] At Watford, after a long illness, ham, to Miss Kirby, of the former place. Miss Sarah Neave, daughter of the late Ed

Died.] At Norwich, aged 71, Mrs. F. ward Neave, esg. and fifter to the lady of Clover, aged 32, Mrs. L. Playford of the Cornelius Denne, esq. Lock and Key. Mrs. Alrick, relict of J.

ESSEX. Alrick, efq aged 43. Mr. C. Hill, iron Married.] At Prittlewell, George Patermonger. Aged 78, Mrs. Baker, wife of son, efq. deputy accountant to the East India William, Baker, eiq. Aged 85, Mr. S. Company, to Miss Barlow, of Bifhopsgate Alexander. Mrs. Larter, wife of Mr. Larter, street, London. pawnbroker. i Mrs Knights.

At Braintree, Mr. Henry Percival, to Miss At Yarmouth, aged 65, Mrs. E. Warming- S. Bodkins. ton, wife of R. Warmington, efq.

At Much-Eifton, Capt. Forster, of the




Navy, to Miss Gooch, daughter of Mr. R. At Rainham, Mrs. Fowle, wife of Mr. Gooch.

Jolin Fowle, farmer. Died.] At Colchester, Mrs. Round, wife

At Margate, Mr. Charles Ridett, late of of J. Round, efq. Lady Williams, relict of Dridge. Sir B. Williams.

At Cheriton court, aged 82, Mrs. Taylor. At Great, Baddow, Miss F. Harrington, At Sittingborne, aged 61, after a severe daughter of the late Mr. Harrington. illness of seven months, the Rev. S. Evans,

At Little Baddow, Mr. Isaac Taylor, bro vicar of that place. ther to Mr. George Taylor.

Ac Boreline, in Tenderden, of a decline, At Dedham, aged 76, Mrs. Gould, relićt aged 21, Mr. James Munn, son of the late of the late Mr. Gould, of Hixney, Suflex. Mr. Munn of that place.

At Great-Bromley, Mr. Henry Gardiner. At Sandgate, John Thompson, esq. of
At Ilford, Mr. Isaac Mead, butcher. Canterbury.
At Kelvedon, aged 81, Mr. Samuel

At Brompton, Mrs. Phillips, widow of Harvey.

N. Phillips,' esq. late master shipwright, of A: Blackwater, near Coggeshall, Mr. Wil. Chatham Dock Yard. liam Lamperell.

At Folkestone, aged 43, Mr. Joseph At Rayleigh, Mr. Greatorex, farmer. Milton,

At Poole farm, Yeldham, Mrs. Hardy, At Kingsdown, Mrs. Homersham, late wife of Mr. Hardy.

of St. Dunitan's, near Canterbury. At Terling, Mrs. Cox.

At Northdown, near Margate, Mr. Samuel

Bloxham. Married.) At Canterbury, Mr. Spawforth, At Well Hall, near Eltham, Mr. John of the 28th Light Dragoons, to Miss Barnes, Arnold. As a mechanic, his abilities and of the Fleece Inn. The Rev. John Robin-' industry were eminent. He was the in. fon, of Chipstead, to Miss Richardson. Mr.

ventor of the expansion balance, of the present John Harey, jun. to Miss S. Callow, of St. detached escapement, and was the firit artist Stephens, near this place.

whoever applied the gold cylindrical spring to At Maiditone, Mr. Samuel Day, of, Frit- the balance of a time piece. tenden, to Miss M. Danes.

At Faversham, Mrs. Furmstone, wife of At Whitītaple, Mr. D. Badgin, to Mrs. Mr. S. C. Furmstone. M. Mercer, widow.

At Deal, Capt. B. Hulke, of the Royal At Chatham, Mr. William Proctor, bra- , Navy: zier, to Miss S. Clout, daughter of Mr. Clout, At Elham, aged 22, Mrs. Ayers, wife of rope-maker.

Mr. James Ayers. At Tenderden, Mr. James Sawyer, to Mrs. At Longport, near Canterbury, Mr. James Blakemore.

Gorley, of the Royal Oak public house. At Frinsbury, Mr. Edward Wilkins, thip At Rochester, aged 63, the Rev. H. Jones, wright, formerly of Chatham Dock Yard, Rector of Shorn. aged 74, to Mrs. R. Friland, aged 80, of the At Biddenden, aged 76, Mr. Richard Pulformer place.

len, grocer. Died.] At Canterbury, Edward Edwards, At Sandwich, Mr. John Williams, of the clerk of Stores to the Royal Artillery in that New Inn. department; he shot himself through the head. It appears, that acts of infanity had been ob

Married.] At Farnham, the Rev. Mr. served previous, to the desperate act: Rogers, of Child-Okeford, to Miss Edgan,

Miss Gregory, daughter of the Rev. F. Gre- of Hook's Wood, Dorsetshire. gory, Minor Canon of the Cathedral. Lieut.

Died.] At Epsom, J. Vernon, efq. for. William T. Bowen, of the 5th regiment of merly an eminent folicitor. foot. Mis. Payne, wife of. Mr. Thomas At Mortlaké, -aged 73, Henry Shaw, esq.

Mrs. Claring bold, relict of Mr. Claringbold, late of Rolling court.

Married.] At Hastings, J. H. Hastings, At Penhurst, P. S. Sidney, esq.; he was efq. of the North Gloucester Militia, to Miss amufing himself in a canoe which he brought E. c. Litchfield, daughter of V. Litchfield, with him from Nova Scotia, it suddenly over- efq. of the council-office, Whitehall. set in the large pond before the Castle ; al At Horsham, Mr. W. Cripps, limner and though three persons were on the spot, one coach painter, of Brighton, to Miss J. Steen, of whom was his brother, Mr. Sidney was fister of Mr. Steen, attorney of Horsham." fo entangled with the weeds, that he sunk, At Stonington, Major Clay, to Miss C. and the body was not found till nine hours Bishop, daughter of Colonel Bishop. after the accident had happened. Mr. Sidney Died.] At Brighton, suddenly, Mr. Wil. was only 22 years


liam Meason. At Maidstone, Miss Winter, a maiden lady, At Hastings, Mrs. Brisco, wife of William and sister to Mr. Joseph Winter. Aged 34, Brisco, esq. of Devonshire place, London.' Mrs. Selling, wifi of Mr. T. Selling, of the At Horiham, Miss Gatrord, a lady of Cherry Orchard.

considerable property, aged fifty-Seven. She At Wilmington, the Rev. Mr. Denne. was a most eccentric old maiden having

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left fifteen pounds per annum, to support cer At Gosport, Mrs. Jellicoe, the wife of Sątain animals, cats, dogs, parrots, Guinea pigs, muel Jellicoe, esq; she was one of the daughmonkeys, &c. whom he kept with her in her thers of the late Richard Lee, esq. of Highown apartment ; the left orders that her bury-terrace.--Amiable in her temper, becorpse was not to be buried for a month-that nevolent in her disposition and conduct, and fpirits of wine thould be used for its preserva- exemplary and affectionate in her family. tion, and accordingly between tbirty and forty pounds were expended in this manner. She was inclosed, agreeable to her requeft, in four

Married.) At Salisbury, Mr. H. Smith, coffins -- i thell, a lead, oaken, and stone cof- apothecary, to Miss Eve, of Milford. fin, which was ftri&tly observed. The Rev. At Bratton, the Rev. John Saffery, disMr. Evans, of Worship street, London, was senting minister of Salisbury, to Miss Anfent for down to inter her, and preach her fu- drews, daughter of Mr. J. Andrews, of Illeneral sermon at midnight; for it was her in- worth, Middlesex. junction, that her corpse should not be taken At Westbury, the Rev. John Ball, to from her house till ten o'clock at night ! She Miss S. Napier. was buried in a vauit in the General Baptist At Warminster, Mr. Davies, of the CastleMeeting at Horsham.

inn, to Miss Glass, daughter of Mr. Glass, BERKSHİRE.

of Orcheston, St. Mary. Married.] At Speen, D. M. O'Donog At Marlborough, Mr. Wells, organist, to here, efq. of the 22d light dragoons, to Miss Miss Alder. Edkins, of Speen hamland.

At Ogbourn St. George, Mr. Blackman, At Buscot, G. Daubeny, jun. esq. of Rede surgeon, of Ramsbury, to Miss Wooldridge, land, Gloucestershire, to Miss M. Matthews, of the former place. of the former place.

Died.] At Salisbury, Mrs. Coster, widow Died.] At Reading, Mrs. Jones, wife of of Mr. H. Coiter, cabinet-maker. Mr. GrifMr. Jones, sail-cloth manufacturer. After a

fiths, who expired immediately on his alightfew hours illness, Mrs. Whiting, wife of Mr. ing from the Exeter stage-coach, The Hon. Whiting, grocer.

Mrs. Arundell, relict of the late Hon. ThoAt Bradfi-ld Hall, Samuel Wilson, esq. mas Arundell, uncle to the present Lord. brother to Stephen Wilfon, of that place. Arundell, of Wardom. Mr. James Larcum, At Abingdon, Mrs. Eldridge.

carpenter. At Windsor, Mr. Thomas Jervais, an emi

At Fisherton-Anger, Mr. Edward Holdanent artist. At Wallingford, aged 62, J. Greenwood, esq. ferved the office of under-lheriff for this

way; formerly an attorney, and who once At Anvill's Farm, near Hungerford, Mrs.

county. M. Stevens, wife of Mr. W. Stevens.

At Liddington, Mr. Brind.

At Bradford, aged 83, the Rey. G. TamAt Winchester, Mr. William Knapp, to

lyn; he had been rector of that parish, and Mrs. Parker.

had resided constantly there, upwards of 58 At Southampton, Mr. John Barnaby, mer

years. chant of London, to Miss S. Greaves, daughter of Mr. Greaves, cornfactor, of the former place. William Willock, esq. to Miss P. P. Married.] At Poole, Mr. Munn, surgeon Wyke.

in the 2d regiment of Worcester Militia, to At Carisbrooke, in the Ille of Wight, Mr. Miss Wadham, of the former place. Legs, of Idlecombe, to Miss Cave of the At Buckland, near Weymouth, Mr. Barte. former place.

lett, malfter, of Langton, to Miss Kellaway, Died.] At Wir.chester, Mis. Finch, re

of the former place. lict of the late Mr. James Finch, supervisor

At Moreton, J. Frampton, esq. to Lady in the Excite. Mrs. Rentith, wife of Mr. Harriet Strang ways, third daughter of the Rentish, furgeon. Mrs Windsor, of the Earl of Ilchester. Marquis of Granby public house.

Died.] At Dorchester, Mr. T. Roberts, At Hook, at an advanced aged, General of the Wood and Stone-inn. Archer.

At Shaftesbury, Mr. Gatehouse, surgeon Ac Portsmouth, Master George Arnaud, and apothecary. son of E. B. Arnaud, esq. collector of the At Weymouth, B. Hotham, esq. Lieute.. Customs at that place.

nant-Colonel in the Coldstream Regiment of At Lymington, aged 100, Ann Vine, win Guards, and son of Sir B. Hotham, of the dow, who retained her renses to the last. Mr. Exchequer. David Edwards.

At Poole, aged 65, Mr. H. Endry. At Sheephouse Farm, parish of Mitchel At Bridport, Mr. Thomas Day; he dropdever, Mr. T. Dowden.

ped down whilst at work, and instantly exAt South Stoneham, S. Fuller, era,

pired. At Southampton, Miss Sueter, daughter At Durdham Down, Mrs. Noyes, wife of of Mr. Sueter, painter and glazier, Mrs. Mr. R. Noyes, merchant, of Bristol. Davis,




At Fordington, near Dorchester, Mr. Hunt, esq. of Portsmouth, to Miss Mackintosh. fellmonger.

Mr. Warren, attorney, to Miss Hobson. Mr. At Holness Lodge, Miss Davis, fister of M. B. S. Morgan, to Miss L. Davis, daughter of Davis,, ela.

Mr. Davis, mercer,

At Heavitree, T. Hutchinson, junior, esq.
Married.? At Bath, Joseph Large, efq. to Miss E. Hagan, late of Charles Town,
to Mrs. Bathe, widow of J. Bathe, esq. of
Puston-house, Wilts. Mr. Thorn, of Framp- of Lapford, to Miss B. Toffel.

At Chumleigh, Mr. J. Partridge, farmer, ton, Dorset, to Mrs. Lewis, after 23 years courtship. The Rev. J. Ball, of Westbury,

At-Plymouth, T. Bewes, esq. to Miss F, to Miss S. Napier. Major Barrington, of the Culme, of Tothill. 56th regiment, to Mrs. Winckley. Mr. Cul

At Barnstaple, Mr. Scott, merchant, of verhouse, baker, to Miss M. Holbrook.

Scotland, to Miss Mullins, daughter of Mr.

L At Frome, S. Skurray, efq. clother, of J, Mullins, of the former place. Beckington, to Miss Clements, of the former

Died.] At Exeter, Mr. J. Dale, china

and earthen-ware-man. place.

Mr. Adams, apotheAt Ilminster, Mr. S. H. Gardiner, to Mrs. cary. Mrs. Collins, mother of R. Collins, S. Spurway, widow of the late S. Spurway,

esq. merchant. esq.

At Clyft St. Mary, aged 80, T. Wright, At Langford Budville, the Rev. G. Nibbs,

esq. to Miss Clatworthy, eldest daughter of Mr.

At the Royal Hospital, Stonehouse, near T. Clatworthy.

Plymouth, Mr. M. jerrard, late Lieutenant At Wellington, Mr. James Totterdale, to

of his Majesty's ship, Tonnant. Miss H. Clatworthy, second daughter of Mr.

At Crediton, Mrs. B. Hart, relict of the T. Clatworthy, of Langford Budville.

late Rev. S. Hart, M. A. vicar of that place. At Walcot, Wm. 0. Bryan, esq. 'to Miss

At Plymouth, N. Hunt, efq. alderman, E. Trotter, of Bath.

and one of the commissioners for prizes at that Died.] At Bath, Mrs. Edwards, wife of

place. Mr. Edwards, surgeon, and daughter of Mr.

At the Dock, the Lady of Lieutenant E. V, Goodhall, attorney. Aged 82, G. Price, of the Wiltshire Artillery Company. Brackley, efq. The Rev. Wm. Thomas,

At North Tawton, Richard Hole, esq. M. A. rector of Tortworth, Glamorganshire,

At Axminster, suddenly, Mr. Whitty, and of Britten Ferry, and one of his grace the

senior, carpet-manufacturer. Duke of Beaufort's domestic Chaplains. Mr.

WALES. Brumby, the very ingenious mechanist and

Married.] At Wrexham, Denbeigh, Mr. carpenter of the theatre. Mr. Tuttle, livery- Barclay, linen-merchant, of Manchester, to of Cork. "Mrs. Welch, wife of C. Welch, Mr. Thomas Tallent, of Manchester, to Miss stable-keeper. John Moylan, esq. merchant, Mrs. Durden, of the former place.

At Holt, near Wrexham, Denbighshire, efq. of Evesham, Worcestershire.

At Taunton, E. Webster, esq. fon of the S. Dutton, of Chesterfield. late C. Webster, esq. of Hockworthy, Devon.

At Berrin, Montgomeryihire, Mr. John At Wincanton, Mr. Ellis, linen-draper.

Woud, methodist preacher, to Miss Ann HigAt East-Harptree, Mrs. Trevilyan.

gins, of that place. At the Rock-coal-works, James Praaten ; of 21 days, Mr. Chambers, artificial-flower

At Holywell, Flintshire, after a courtship he was killed by a stone falling on him.

At Milborne Wyke, Hannah Hayes; the maker, aged 35, to Miss L. Davies, aged 56. poisoned herself, by taking a large quantity niels, aged 82, to Mrs. A. Williams, aged

At Pentrevvylas, Denbeigh, John Danof arsenic.

At Wells, Mr. T. Harford, late of Bristol. 81; the bridegroom has had three wives before At Ilminster, Mr. Wm. Bryant, attorney.

the present, and the bride has been 39 years At Berkeley House, near Frome, aged 62,

a widow. Mrs. F. Sharp, fifter to W. Sharp, esq. of

At Llandrinist, the Rev. R. Wingfield, Fulham, Middlesex.

vicar of Llanllwchairn, in Montgomeryfhire, At Tintinhull, Mr. Winter.

to Miss Prhys, daughter of C. Prhys, esq. of

Llandrinio Hall.
At Cheddar, Mrs. Stagg, of Bristol.
At South-Petherton, aged 83, Mrs. Mabe.

At Brecon, Mr. John Taylor, of Ludlow, to Miss Griffiths, of the former place.

At Swansea, Mr. J. V. Perrott, ironAn affecting circumstance lately occurred monger, of Bristol, to Miss Pollard, of the at Honiton: a young lady, about 16 years former place. old, apprentice to a milliner, having been At Lanvare, Monmouthshire, Mr. John reprimanded for some misconduct in her busi- Lewis, late of Bristol, tobacconist, to Miss nefs, was so much affected, that ihe foon after Powell, daughter of Mr. T. Powell, of Aberleft the house, threw herself into'the river, gavenny, and was drowned.

Died.] On the 2d of August last, at PantMarried.] At Exeter, Mr. Pearce, mer- glas, in the county of Carmarthen, in the cer, to Miss Dingle. George White, jun. 44th year of his age, Richard Jones Llwyd,



esg, barrister at law, of Gray’s-inn, and well; whose remembrance and friendship will clerk of the peace for the county of Carmar be ever revered and respected. When the then. This gentleman poffefled high quali contests and bustle of life will be at an end, fications to render him useful and amiable he enjoys the pleasing hope of a renewal of in the world. Endowed with an ardent, in- friendship beyond the grave. quisitive, and powerful mind, bis legal kilow At the Palace of St. Asaph, Mrs. Bagot, ledge and opinions were folid, clear, and in wife to the Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, and difputable. Even those who envied his ge- daughter to the Hon. Edward Hay, Governor nius and talents, allowed him the justice due, of Barbadoes. to them. In his publit capacity, the county At Bangor, Carnarvonshire, Mr. Joha of Carmarthen has suffered a severe loss; Gibbs, stock-broker, of London. ever zealous, and awake to its interests, all At Welshpool, Montgomeryshire, Mr. his attention and efforts appeared directed to · John Nicholas, son of the late John Nicholas, its proiperity. He first planned the improve esq. ment in the county gaol, which is now an At Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Dr. excellent one. The act for paving and light- Macdonald. ing the town was also the offspring of his in At Swansea, the Rev. Mr. Thomas, telligent and industrious mind. The Azricultural Society of the county owe him much: he forwarded its defigns, and ever supported A Stamp-Office is about to be established it with activity and warinth. No trouble, in Scotland; in consequence of the great exno fatigue, were obstacles to his inceffant en pence and delay in purchasing ftamps from deavours for the public good. His agricul- London. The arrangements are nearly comtural improvements on his own estate were pleted; and leveral of the workmen, and many and valuable.

He attempted by his others employed at Somerset-house, have example to establish a rational and profitable been sent to Edinburgh to forward the estamode of farming among his neighbours ; by blishment. this means he employed a number of poor, Died.) At Edinburgh, Mrs. Mary Clerk. who, with their families, were comfertably Mrs. Alexander. Miss Catherine Campbell, maintained and supported by his bounty. In fifth daughter of John Campbell, elq. private life, no man appeared more anviable. At Dundee, Mr. Wm. Nielson. Steady and sincere in his friendship; kind and At Stirling, Lieutenant Marcus Marr, aged foothing to the distressed in their moments of 27; he was a young man of very promising dificulty and doubt; ever happy to serve, talents in his profession, and universally rethose friends he valued and esteemed; eager fpected as a man. to oblige, he anticipated the wishes of all: as At Dumfries, Mr. Robert Hannah. Miss a husband, tender, indulgent, and attentive. Aynes Grive, lister of Mr. Grive, mera This is written by a friend who knew him chant.


* Biographical Memoirs of Reinhold Forfier, Charles Borda, and Francis Callett, are deferred

till uext month.

MONTHLY COMMERCIAL REPORT. THE trade of this country with the principal part of Europe having of late been confined

almost wholly to one channel, the unusual flow of business it produced to those places through which it was carried on led many persons to extend their concerns in a degree to which their capital was inadequate, and encouraged a spirit of adventure and speculation, particularly in the chief articles of sugars and other West India produce, which at length has been carried too far. The consequence has been the failure of some considerable houses at Hamburgh and other places, which lias affected their connections in this country so far as to cause the stoppage of several houses which had hitherto maintained no small degree of commercial reputation.

The frock given to the commerce of Ireland by the late unhappy situation of that country, produced very obvious and general effects on its manufactures, from which they have not yet recovered; buí it was the LINEN manufacture, the great ftaple of that country, which most severely felt the evil influence of the commotions. Of that manufacture it is known that the principal seat is Ulfter, and although in that province there was less blood spilt and fewer enormities committed than in the southern parts of the island, yet the operations of induitry were very generally suspended, partly in consequence of the minds of the labouring people being diverted from their usual habits and occupied by the hopes of change and of'a new order of things, and partly because the very hazardous circumstances of tiie times deterred the purchasers of linen in that province, for many months, from investing their property in goods of any kind, or embarking in any commercial 1peculation. The manufacturing poor were thus forced into idleness, as well as inclined to it from the causes just mentioned, and the demand for linen from this country and other markets continuing equal to what it had usually been, the quantity on hand was of course foon greatly


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