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Anecdote.-Commercial Retrospect.



together, no man had a right to sepaSome time ago, a minister residing in rate,” and thereby instilling into their Demerara, married several slaves, minds principles of insubordination. among whom was a good-looking Mu- To this heavy charge he was compelled latto woman, who now became the to plead “guilty.” On making further wife of a Black man. These belonged inquiries he however soon discovered, to different masters, who were pro- that the master was interested in the prietors of neighbouring plantations. complaint he made; as the woman reAbout six weeks after they were mar- fused to continue in that deviation ried, the minister received a most in- from the paths of virtue, to which she solent letter from the master of the had been seduced. This circumstance woman, charging him with imposing proves, that under the meridian of Deupon the slaves thus married; hy teach- merara, Churches and Parsons are seing them that “ whom God had joined rious evils !

ERRATA.- In the Memoir of the Life of Mr. T. Exley, M. A. inserted in No. 6, col. 578, line 22, for Gowd read Gowdall. Col. 581, for gradation read quadrature.


but trifliog.

COMMERCIAL RETROSPECT, SEPTEMBER 22d, 1819. Tue occurrences of the past month have been devoid of much interest; and a great languor has pervaded most of the departments of commerce - It is true, that we are not to expect any great fluctuations in a time of profound peace: yet we should like to perceive the indications of a healthy and vigorous trade. It would not be improper to ascribe something of our present dulness to the unsettled state of the manufacturing neighbourhood, which has been much agituted of late. Notwithstanding this stagnation, which we trust is temporary, there has been no material decline in any of the leading articles.-From this firmness inanifested by the Holders, we may conjecture that most articles are at such rates, that further depreciation cannot be expected.

In comparison with last year, the stocks of British Plantation Sugars are abundant ; and although the import duty has been reduced to 27s. per cwt. prices have receded 2s. 10 3s. per

The prices are now lower than they have been during the last twenty years, and this almost indispensable luxury is attainable at very reduced rates.

Coffee has experienced a depression of 43. to 5s. per cwt.; and, the shipping season drawing to a close, no amelioration can be expected before the ensuing spring.

Dyewoods are in very limited demand,-the stocks are plentiful, yet holders are very firm. Cottons have maintained their currency, notwithstanding the absence of a fair demand ; the sales during the month have not exceeded 20,960 Bags. The prices may be estimated at about 4 d. per lb. lower; this remark applies particularly to American and Brazil Cottony.

East India Cottons, on the contrary, are rather enhanced in value, and are become a favourite object for the speculator. It is reported, that the quantity to come forward from India will be

American Produce.--Pot Ashes of each description are in fair request; our supplies of late have been very scanty.

Raw Turpentine is rather looking up. Carolina Rice is in tolerable demand.

Quercitron Barks are only saleable in small quantities, at the low prices last quoted ; and there appears little prospect of amendment, judging from the heavy stocks on hand.

The imports of Tobacco are considerable, and there appears an increased disposition on the part of Proprietors, to effect sales at the present rates.

Mediterranean Produce, generally remains without any material alteration in demand or currency: Miscellaneous,

-Tallow has rather improved. Fish Oils have given way. A cargo of Palm Oil, consisting of 250 tuns, has been disposed of at 40s. 6d. to 42s. per cwt. Spirits of Turpentine, heavy of sale at 62s. per cwt.

The imports of Hides from South America are very considerable, yet the demand is fully equal to the supply. On the 17th instant, 10,000 Hides were brought forward by auction, and sold at 61. to 6 d. per lb. for light, and 7žit. to 9 per Ib. for heavy.

Corv MARKET.-The almost complete termination of the harvest throughout the whole of the kingdom, under the inost favourable circumstances, has rather produced a dulriess in our market. The season has also been very propitious for the gathering in of the Hops, and the prices are extremely moderate.

The frist: Provision Market remains steady. Butters have rather given way. There is, nevertheless, a regular town and country demand, though not fully equal to the supplies.

The high rates of Exchanges, which are now altogether in favonr of this country, combined with the circumstance of the Ports being closed to the importers of Foreign Corn, tend very much to prevent the transmission of orders from the Continent for Colonia: Pruduce, and mary articles of British Manufacture.

Rales of Insurance. L. pool.. Londo
To West Indies cent. 258 Od 258 305

U. States of America 40 - 25 30
British America .... 40 - 30

30 30 35 East Indies .......

63 63 Coast of Africa...... 42 40 Gibraltar

20 20 Mediterranean. 30 25 55 France and Holland 25 158 90 Baltic

40 15 9 London

15 9 Ireland West Coast 15 9 15 9

East Coast.. 15 9 15 9

Average Prices of | Number of Bank.

Sugar. Gazette. rupts in Gazette. Aug. 25 .. 40$.5 d. Aug.17.......... 8 Sep. 1 ..39 6

21..........14 8..39 94

24. -15 ..38 4



Sep. 4. ..17
Pricts of Coal - 7, 4.--11, 9

Ton of 224016. 14, 4.-18, 10
Wigan .... 15s.6d.
Country ..10 0

Total.. 10

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£. $.


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WHOLESALE.-L. pool, Sep. 21, 1819. TALLOW, pulb. $. d. 4. d.

Russia Y. Candle 62 0 a 63 0 SUGAR, pcwt.

S. 8.

Brazil.... .66 0 67 0
Muscovado, dry brown 54 a 58
middling 59 71

OILS, #tun, Olive.... £77 0 a 82 0
Seal 38 0 39

74 81

Cod ......37 0 38 0
fine .......
86 89

Greenland Whale....36 0 38 0
Refined, Dble.Loavs. 6.a 7th. 125 135

Palm.... 40 0 41 0
Single do. 10-141b. 100 105
Lar.Lmps. 46-501b. 94 100

Linseed, y gall... 38. 6d. a 3s. 8d.

3 9 Rape ....

4 2 Canary do.44-281b. 96 105

Turpentiue, cwt.600 MOLASSES, British 32

LEATHER, Ib. 8. d. s. d. RUM, gallon, 16 0. P. 38. 3d. a 38.6d.

Butts, 40 lb

.1 10 a Leewards, common 3 2 4

Dressing, 20 a 2110....19 1 10 BRANDY, Cognac.... 4 2 4 3

Calf, pdoz. 10 a 10b..2 7 2 9 GENEVA... 3 0 3 3

Do. 30 a 35 ..2 2 2 4 COFFEE, cwt.

Horse, lb.

...16 1 7 West India, ordinary.. 102 a 105

middling ..114 118

fine.... ...127 136 Prices of Sundries at following places. MAHOGANY, V foot, 8. d. 8. d.

New York, 10th Avgust. Honduras

10 a 1 3 FLOUR, superf. brl, dol. 6 12 0 6 37 St. Domingo

16 19 corTON, Upland, y lb. cts. 145 a 17 Cuba 13 16

Charleston, 2d August. 2 5 3 6 good to fine

COTTON, Sea Island + lb. cts. 371 a 40 ordinary to middling 9 2 3


....... 14 19 Bowed, Georgia....

1 1 13 FLOUR, brl. ............dol. 8 8
New Orleans
1 1 16

Savannah, 19th August.
Pernambucco 16 18

15 16 COTTON, Sea Island, none at market.
1 2 1 3

Upland........cts. 14 a 164 West Indies ...... 1 0 11 RICE, cwt. ..........dol. 34 4 Surat

7 1 1 Bengal

07 094

SUNDRIES.- Liverpool, 21st Sep. DYE WOODS, y ton, £. 8.

HAY, old, 201b. ......08.1ld. a Os.od Barwood, Angola 8 0 a 90



09 Gaboon .... 6 0 7 0 STRAW, Wheat, 2011.0 3 0 4 Fustic, Cuba...

90 10 10

POTATOES, new, 210.0 5 06
Porto Rico.... 6 0 7 0

OATMEAL,fsack 24011.36 0 42 0
Jamaica .. 7 0 6 0

FLOUR, best, sk.2401b.500 55 0
Logwood, Campeachy 6 15 7 5

seconds........ 46 0 50
Jamaica.... 6 0 6 10
FRESH BUTTER, V 1602......

Honduras,.. 6 10 6 15
Nicaragua Wood,

24 0 26 0
Prices of Bullion,


12 0 14 0 Foreign Gold, in Bars ......£3 17 104 TOBACCO, jb. $. d. s. d. Portugal Gold, in Coin.. ...3 17 102 James River 0 31 a 0 8 New Doubloons

..3 14 0

08 New Dollars...

..0 5 0 Rappahanock ...0 34 05 Silver, in Bars, Standard......0 5 2

stemmed... 0 35 0 6 Kentucky

0 3 0 5 ASHES, cut.

8. d. S. d.

Liverpool Exports of British Manufac1st, Pot, fresh, U.S. 400 a 41 0 tures, from 220 August to 21st Sep. Montreal

..34 0 36 0 Cotton Stuffs 284272 pcs. & 1187801 yds. American, Ist, Pearl 39 0 40 0

Woollen do... 25874

96413 TAR, #barrl. Stockholm 17 0 17 6 Worsted do... 10987

16539 Archangel 17 0 18 0


250926 American 16 0 18 0 Linen Cloth.. 1115

Kerseyinere.. 2153

358. a 44s.



39068 East India ..

14 18 Blanketing 212 pairs, 72706 HIDES, V 1b. Buenos Ayres 60. a 9d.


15721 dozen pairs. West India 5 6 Hardware, 7978.--Nails, 2186 cwts. BRIMSTONE, Y ton, £. s. £. s.

Copper, 291.-Glass, 2562 cwts--155 crts
.23 10 a 24 10

Bar and Bolt Iron, &c....... 1107 tons.
SHUMAC, #cwt. 8. d.

s. d.

Lead, 517.-Lead Ore, 20 tons.
200 a 22 0

..1045 bxs. HEMP, ton,

£. $. £. 8.

Earthenware ..........4009 crates, &c.
Petersburg clean 47

Refined Sugar

.2432 cwts Riga Rhine ......48 0 490

White Salt to Foreign Parts 17553 tons.

Ireland... 353 FLAX, ton,

£. s. £. s.

Rock Salt to Foreign Parts 3121 St. Petersburg 12-head 600 a 62 0


4261 HOPS, in bgs. Kent, new 3 0 3 10

Coals to Foreign Parts ....

2002 chal.
4 10
Sussex .. 30


In pockets, Kent.. 3 10 4 0

Sussex 3 3 4 0
Worcester 3 10 4 0

Liverpool Imports, from the 22d Aug.
PINE TIMBER, cub ft. s. d. 8. d.

to the 21st Sept.
American ........ 17 al 9 Sugar, B. P. 4906 hhds.-575 tces.--230

25 2 6 brls.-E. India, 8643 bags.--15 bxs. SALT PETRE, U cwt. 300 34 0

Foreign, 76 cases.--86 boxes. GRAIN,

8. d. s. d. Coffee, B. P. 89 casks.--423 bags.Barley, Engl | 601h. 4 0 a 5 0 Foreign, 462 casks.-1965 bags.

Irish & Foreign 4 0 4 6 Cocoa, 38 bars.
Beans, Engl. pqr...44 0 48 0 Cotton, West India, 467 bales.

Foreign ....32 0 38 0 American, 960 bags.--8248 bales.-
Flour, ¥ barrel,

Brazils, 7551 bars.--1744 bales, American, sweet 400 42 0 East India, 4685 bales. sour..300 33 0

Corn, Wheat, 9472.--Barley, 386.Qats, Engl. ¥ 451b. 3 2 3 5 Oats, 8744.-Beans, 81.-Malt, .... 3 10 4 0

Peas, 7 qrs.
Irish & Foreign 2 8 3 0 Rum, 950 punch.-15 hhds----Wine,
Wheat, Engl. y 701b.10 6 11 0 264 hhds.--319į pipes.--8 casks.

Irish........ 90 10 2 40 butts.-laum.

Dantzig ....10 6 10 9 Tobacco, 2102 hhds. PROVISIONS.

s. d. $. d Rice, 52 casks.-12369 bags. Beet new, P tierce 95 02 110 0 Flour, 3112 bris.

barrel 65 0 70 0 Butter, 32549 firkins.--155 kegs, &c. Butter, cwt.

Fustic, 209 tons. Logwood, 87 tons,

0 88 0 Cork dry 3rds. new

Turpentine, 1761 brls. pickled new ends. 88 0 90 0 Tallow, 1417 casks.-435 serons. Belfast dry new...... 97 9

98 0 Ashes, 2058 bris. Newry do....... 95 0 97 0

Hides, 47150.--12 bundles. Pork, Irish, brl. 900 98 0 Iron Bars, 3277.

Flannel .....

Prices of Stock, London, 18th Sep. Bank Stock 3 Cent Reduced ........ 3 V Cent Consols.. 694 4 Cent Consols... 5 Cent Navy Annuities ..1034 Bank long Annuities. Omnium

.P. 25
Consols for Acct....

IRISH FUNDS.-Sept. 16.
Bank Stock
Government Debentures,34 V cent,84 4

5 pcent, Government Stock, 3 cent....

5 cent...... 100g Grand Canal, 4 Pcent..

6 Ycent. AMERICAN FUNDS.-- Sept. 18. 3 Cents

.62 New 6 v Cents

..100 1014 (The above with Div. from 1st July.) U.S. Bank Shares

..£21 7 6 LIVERPOOL DOCKS. £93 5 for 100, Aug. 4, at 5 #cent, inter. payable in Lond. or L. pool half yearly, Cotton TWIST. - Manchester, Sept. 21, Mule, 1st quality, No.40. 28. 4d. a Os. Od 2d quality, No. 40. 1 10


RICE, ¥ cwindypaia,";}

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Madrid, 351. effect. Cadiz, 36.
Ports closed against all kinds of Grain for home consumption.
Amsterdam, 12 : 1 C.F. Ditto at sight, 11 : 18. Antwerp,

Course of Exchange, in London, September 18.
12: 5. Ex. M. Hamburg, 36 : 6 : 2 U. Altona, 36 :7: 20.
effect. Barcelona, 35. Gibraltar, 30. Leghorn, 48. Genoa, 44.
Venice, Italian Liv. 27. 20. Malta, 46. Naples, 39. Palermo,
117. Lisbon, 53. Oporto, 54. Rio' Janeiro, 68.' Dublin, 121.
Paris, 3 days' sight, 25 35.
fort on the Main, 152. Ex: M,


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Imperial Magazine;


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tages, or rather in their covering, which
I had no where else observed. The

straw, instead of being regularly laid
(Continued from col. 598.)

on as a thatch, is spread loosely over Thursday, July 14th.–Stornaway is the roof; and as there is no aperture situated at the head of an extensive reserved for the exit of the smoke, it loch, or harbour, whose entrance is of course diffuses itself throughout the narrowed by two flat points of land, whole, exhibiting the appearance of a which jut out like artificial piers. The huge smoking dunghill.

The straw, inclosed basin is extremely capacious; rotten with the rain, and combined and an inner harbour is formed by a and impregnated with the soot and sudden turn round a low peninsula, on smoke of their peat fires, must doubt which the town is situated.

less form excellent manure; but conThis place may be considered as sidered as a covering to defend thema the chief town of the Hebrides; some from the “ pelting of the pitiless of the houses are well built, and a fine storm,” must be miserable indeed. beach extends before it. Across the The same line of conduct if pursued, inner harbour, Lord Seaforth has a must in process of time change the seat, plain and neat in its appearance, appearance of this dreary scene ; but but wholly destitute of wood, a defect improvement must be slow, where for which no other advantage can com- greater difficulties are to be encounpensate.

tered than those which arise from barLewis, with Harris, North Uist, Ben- ren heaths and deep morasses. А becula, South Uist, and Barra, form, people long accustomed to the hardall together, what is generally termed ships of indigence, become so famithe Long Island; the divisions between liarized to them, as scarcely to have a each being only by strands, or shallow wish to better or change their state; channels.

and to promote industry, even for their Of the first of these, the northern own benefit, is a difficulty not easily part appears low, brown with heath, overcome. Habituated, under their and barren, excepting the district im- former feudal state, to a life of indomediately surrounding the town; lence, which was only interrupted by which, by the prudent and liberal mode sudden excursions and petty broils, of farming it out, adopted by Seaforth, they looked up to the chieftain whom who is the proprietor of the whole, is they followed, for support; and were in as high a state of cultivation as any content to endure the effects of hunger which we had seen in the Hebrides. and want occasionally, rather than His method is, to parcel his land out exert themselves in the cultivation of in small quantities, and to grant leases their lands.

Nature had, indeed, in of seven years to his tenants, rent-free. this respect offered them few temptaAt the expiration of the term, these tions,—a rocky mountain, or a marshy small patches are consolidated into plain, a cold, tempestuous, and wet proper-sized inclosures; fresh por- climate, appeared as insurmountable tions of the uncultivated heath are barriers, which they felt more inclined then allotted to each, on the same to endure than to attempt to overcome. terms; and the tenant feels no diffi- A pastoral life, however, was yet open culty in removing his fragile habita- to them, and this, as in most other tion to his new lands. This process countries where an unsettled governof improvement is certainly slow, but ment exists, became with war their it is, however, liberal and effectual; only occupation; hence that careless and must, in the end, yield consider- improvidence, which in some parts is able advantage to the proprietor.

still too evident. Habits of indolence There is a peculiarity in these cot- descending by example from father to No. 8.-Vol. I.

2 Y

son, with their worst consequences / night's station, which however yield a apparent, yet despised, are difficult to variety of harbours and safe anchorbe overcome; and it will be long, with ing places; and here we remained for out great exertions of the proprietors, the night. ere they can be totally eradicated.

Monday, 18th. With a fair though Emigration became a natural conse- strong wind, we stood across for Loch quence of the change of their ancient Broom, in Ross-shire, and about ten system; they listened with avidity to made the entrance, near which lies a the artful tales of interested persons, confused group of rocky isles, called and breaking through the strongest the Summer Isles, probably, in the partiality to their native land, flew to earlier state of navigation, from their a distant clime, where the necessity of difficulty of access, except in that toil, they were taught to believe, would season. be entirely superseded by the exube- The mountains, which on the prerance of spontaneous fertility.

ceding day had given us so much Lewis, with all its apparent barren- pleasure in a distant view, had on our ness, breeds a considerable quantity nearer approach greatly changed their of black cattle. Of this, we had a aspect; they were now black and specimen; it being now fair time, and gloomy from the shade of impending the beach crowded with droves that were clouds, or faintly seen through the meabout to be shipped off for the main dium of a misty rain, which magnified land. The state of improvement in their rugged forms to a degree of imwhich this place has been of late years, posing grandeur. After standing up may be seen in the statistical account the lower part of the loch, we came of Scotland. Having remained here to an anchor at the back of Isle Marthree days, and experienced the great- tin, in a beautiful and safe basin, est kindness and attention from some screened and surrounded on every of the inhabitants, we weighed anchor side by lofty hills and towering rocks; about ten o'clock in the morning. whose perpendicular and shattered

Sunday, 17th. When we had clear- cliffs seemed wholly inaccessible. ed the entrance to the harbour, the Here, after breakfast, we landed, distant hills of Ross-shire and Suther- and with some difficulty proceeded on land, formed a pleasing prospect; their foot to Ulapool, over a mountainous high summits being variously broken and rugged road. and combined, and tinted with the fine This town, which has likewise beeb aërial blue. On our right appeared lately established by the Highland Sothe rugged coast of Lewis, sweeping ciety, is well situated on a natural into rocky and barren inlets, or shoot- high bank, with a fine beach in its ing out into bold headlands.

front, and commands a very pleasing The fine breeze which carried us out, view up the loch. The mountains og soon died away to a perfect calm, and either side are steep and grand, and left us to the mercy of the swell of the some of them are well wooded. sea, which drove us pretty rapidly to- This place is well situated for the wards the rocky coast, that now from fishing trade, and will probably, in the its great height appeared but at a small course of years, become of consedistance under our lee. With some quence: the first steps to improvement difficulty, by the assistance of our are slow and gradual, and seldom inboat, we found means to keep clear of deed are we to look for rapidity in the the shore; and after being twice com- outset of schemes, however beneficial pelled to come to an anchor, we at they may be to the community. In length got a steady breeze, with which the present instance, about forty we immediately put to sea. It had houses have been erected on a regular been our first intention to proceed to plan, and convenient construction, in the southward, which, with the conti- about eight years; besides a consinually veering wind, had been changed derable number of cottages, which are to Loch Broom, an opening on the op- a kind of non-conformists to the geneposite shore ; but the evening now ap- ral design. So many advantages inpearing wet and wild, it was deemed deed combine in this place, that it may most proper to come to an anchor appear strange to an inhabitant of the among the Birken Isles. These are southern part of this island, that its an assemblage of rocks, about ten progress has not been more acceleratmiles to the southward of our last | ed; but a great variety of causes are

The re

693 Journal of a Voyage to the Hebrides, &c.

694 continually operating against the most are circumstances so impressive on salutary measures, and perhaps an- the mind, so calculated to give a proother generation must pass away, ere per bias to reflection, that not to feel the generality of the natives of the it must be apathy, not to dwell on the Highlands will perceive and follow remembrance of it, a want of that their true interests.

power of the mind, which can harmoAmong the local advantages of this nize the heart with the recollection of place, we may reckon cheapness of past emotions. provisions, mountains well stored with Wednesday, 20th.-Left Ulapool in game, and a bay abounding with fish the morning, and came-to, in a fine of almost every description. Nor is bay in Tournaray, one of the Summer there, perhaps, a situation better Isles, were we remained for the day. adapted for a summer retreat, to those Mr. Macdonald, who resides here, acwho are fond of the rural amusements companied us to the top of the highest of fishing or shooting.

eminence in the island, from whence We dined with Mr. Melvil of this we had an extensive view of the loch place, who, in a small specimen of the and surrounding country. productions of the country, gave us a maining isles, which compose

this treat that the most luxurious might group, were scattered on every side ; have enjoyed.

and from this station we could count In the evening we were rowed down seventeen, in general of the most rugthe loch, and met our vessel about ged and barren appearance ; some of two miles below the town; where, not them composed of pointed rocks, having wind sufficient to carry her on, which afforded shelter to nothing but we were compelled to remain for the seals, some of which we could observe night.

among them. Tuesday, 19th.

It had been our in- The island on which we were, aptention this morning, to have made an peared evidently the best; yet the excursion into the interior of the coun- yearly rent, excepting about 12 acres, try, but our design was frustrated by was only eight pounds, notwithstandthe wetness of the weather, which con- ing the extent might be a mile and a fined us aboard for the greater part of half in length, and half a mile in the day. Towards the evening, how- breadth: the comparative value of ever, it cleared up, and we were en- the generality of the others, must of abled to take a walk to an eminence course be little indeed. which commands a view of the whole On the side of Coygach, a district loch.

of Roth-shire, we had a view of BenThe upper reach, wound among hills more, with some other mountains of of pleasing forms, whose bases were considerable elevation and abrupt fringed with a border of cultivation, forms, their sides appearing nearly and a fine valley extended above the perpendicular, and sinking all around head of the lake.

them in comparison to mere hillocks. In the contrary view, the town seem- Thursday, 21st.-We left Tournaray ed situated on a comparatively low by seven in the morning, with a fine spot of land, which shot out nearly breeze, and soon completed our cirhalf across the loch, and formed the cumnavigation of the Summer Isles, harbour, where several vessels lay at which appeared opening successively anchor; beyond this the Summer Isles in the most wild and rugged forms. Á appeared, and closed the distance, fine group of hills overtopped these, finely enlightened by the setting sun; and extended with the most pleasing while on the bosom of the lake, which variety from Asynt point to the Ru appeared tranquil, calm, and still, a Rea, their summits towering to the number of boats were pleasingly clouds, and their steep sides overgrouped in various parts, commencing spread with the blue haze of morning. their evening's employment of fishing Being now at but an inconsiderable with lines and nets. Perhaps no sen- distance from Cape Wrath, the northsations are more pleasing than those ern extremity of Scotland, we turned which are excited by scenes like this. our course to the southward, and soon The tranquillity of nature, the gran- opened the entrance of the lesser Loch deur of surrounding scenes, with the Broom, which appeared to wind in a stillness of solitude, scarcely inter- pleasing manner among the hills. rupted by distant voices on the lake, Next succeeded Lock Ewe, adorn

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