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entirely out of danger. The servant, a black Tenbroeck in Mrs. Wells's name for the ne. fellow, has been committed for trial.

cessary articles. The villain related so many

April 14. circumstances with respect to the family, Law. Don Joseph Almeida waslatély arrest. which were known to be correct, and deed on a charge of piracy under the Spanish scribed their distress at the aftliction under treaty, in virtue of a warrant issued by a jus. ubich he stated them to be labouring, in tice of the peace for the state of Maryland, such strong and feeling terms, that the goods, under the act of congress of 1789. A babeas to the amount of about 150 dollars, were decorpus was granted by judge Bland, made livered to him without hesitation. In the returnable before Baltimore county court. course of t1'o or three hours, however, sus.

The case was argued before jndge Bland picions were accidentally excited that there and Hanson, and it was urged, among other had been iniquity practised, and upon in. objections on the part of the prisoner, that quiry it was found ibat a second trick of a congress had no power under the constitution similar character had been played at another of the United States to invest any judge or store ; upon which the police officers were justice of the peace with any judicial anthori. sent in pursuit, and in a short time the man, ly, which is confined by the constitution to with part of

s found, and short. the supreme court and such inferior tribunals ly after the remainder were discovered at as congress shall from time to time ordain. two different places, and the whole recoBoth the judges concurred in supporting this vered. The man was safely lodged in pri. objection, and gave separate and elaborate son 10 await the punishment justly due for opinions, discharging the prisoner, among bis dexterous villany. other reasons, for defect of authority in the

Richmond, April 14. magistrate on whose warrant the arrest was made.

Melancholy.-- We regret to hear that on By the above decision it is in effect declar. Saturday, as Mr. Daniel P. Organ, formerly ed that no state judge or justice of the peace of this city, and a most respectable man as has power to arrest or comunit any person for

for well as merchant, was sitting at the window a violation of the laws of the United States.

of a friend's house in Petersburg, a man in

the street was going hy with three muskels Married! Ai Baltimore, mr. Wm Grant, on bis shoulder; one of them went off', report to miss Mary Ann Burton. Mr. Israel P.

. says accidentally, a ball froin wbich perfoThompson, to miss Angelica Robinson. rated the window at which Mr. Organ was Mied. At Baltimore, Mrs. Margaret Mit :

sitting, and went through his head; he in: chell, aged. 61. Mr. Kennedy Owen, 43. slantly expired. A gentleman who was in Dir. William Johns, 45.

the same room, received at the same time a DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.

buck-shot in his shoulder, from the same disMarried.] Al Washington, Hon. Isham charge-the wound was not supposed to be a Talbot, senator of the United States, from dangerous one. This melancholy event must Kentucky, to miss Adelaide Thomason, inspire every feeling bosom with compasLloyd N. Rogers, Esq. to miss Eliza Law. sion -VIRGINIA.

“In the midst of life, we are indeed in Richmond, March 29. Married

Married.) Majr. Henry Lee, to miss Ann

Mair Henry Le Freshci.-The water of Jamnes' River began R. M.Caity. Lieut. I M. Maury, of the to rise a liule before sun.down, the evening Navy, to miss Eliza Maury. Near Richmond, before last Last evening, though not so high

so high major Gen Winfield Scott, to miss Maria D. by several feet as last autunn, the water com- Mayo. At Norfolk, Capt. Lewis Warrington, pletely covered Trent's bridge, carryilig away of the U. S. navy, to miss Martha Lane, of most of the railing, and, we believe, some Northampton. mr. Michael Anderson, of parts of the bridge.

New-York, to miss Louisa M.Pherson. Cape Last night the water began to subside. tain Ethan A. Allen, of the U.S. Artillery, io

Norfolk, April 2. miss Susan Johnson. New-fashioned swindling-On Thursday Died.) Mr. Robert Boggess, aged 68 At Jast, a inan by the name of Joseph Heale, Norfolk, Captain George Davis, of Portswho had several years since lived as a ser month, aged 32. At Richmond, Ebenezer vant in the family of Mr. Lemuel Wells, a Preble, Esq. of Boston, brother of the late merchant of this city, now residing at Pbil. Commodore Preble. lipsburgh, in West Chester county, came to the store of Mr. Henry Tenbroeck, in Wil.

NORTH-CAROLINA. lism-street, and stated that Mr. Wells's son

Raleigh, April 4. had died suddenly, Mr. W. being absent from The office of Robert H. Jones, Esq. of Warhome, and that Mrs. Wells had sent to town renton, containing a valuable library, &c. was to procure mourning for herself and the fa- lately consumed by fire. The loss supposed moily, and produced a forged order on Mr. to be about 3,000 dollars.


Fayetteville, April 10. self to imagination, and search for all that is On Sunday night last the northern mail base and infamous ;-language cannot speak stage was attacked between this lown and of him as he is. Averasboro, and two trunks belonging to governor Middleton, member of congress

IMPORTANT JUDICIAL DECISION. from South Carolina, and Dr. Christmas, were

At the late superior Court of Law, of Johncut from the back part of the stage. Two son county, one John S. Tarr was offered as men from the neighbourhood where the

Cihonhood where the witness and objected to, upon the ground of trunks were found, have been committed delect to religious principle. Witnesses were upon suspicion-but notbing definite of their called, who deposed, that on divers occasions guilt has yet been ascertained.

Tarr had declared that he did not believe Wilmington. April 6. there was either heaven or hell ! nor any fuA circumstance has happened in this town,

ture rewards or punishments! It was conwhich, we believe, cannot find a counterend

tended on the other side, that Tarr should be part in the civilized world. A man, calling sworn to declare whether he believed in a himself Ronald Francis Murray, came to

0 God, and in a future state of rewards and Wilmington about eight months since, under punishments. apparent pecuniary embarrassments, and was

The Judge, C.J. Taylor, said that, on the

11 received by the community with that open on

pen one hand, it would be incongruous to permit confidence and hospitality, so common and a man to be sworn, when the very question so natural amongst the citizens of the south. was, whether he was qualified to swear : and He was a man of much literary information, on the other, that he agreed with those who and by bis dialect, and by his own ac: held that a man should not be compelled to count, believed to be a Scotchman; although declare opinions which go to disgrace and he was capable of assuming almost any cba- degrade him : be could not theretore permit racter, as the event will show. He first es. a man to be exposed to such temptation to tablished himself in the good opinion of the suppress the truth. heads of one of the most respectable com Tarr was rejected as utterly incompetent mercial houses in this place, by his assiduity to

duity to give evidence, and as a person to whose and attention to business, and became, we oath the law gives no credit. understand, the first agent of the counting Died.) At Fayetteville, mr. Thomas room. Meantime a general approbation came M'Rackan. Wm. Littlejohn, Esq. from every quarter, of the excellent talents

SOUTH CAROLINA. of the sojourner, and all endeavoured to bring comfort to the * EXILE!" He became an

Charleston, March 28.

Mr. Caldwell received on his benefit night, inmate of a family, (the name of which deli

about 2,000 dollars; a greater sura tban was cacy forbids us to mention) of the first standing and of acknowledged piety and honour. ever before, were, received for a benefit. A confiding father gave a daughter to his Sugar, made in South Carolina, has been arms !- A daughter whose age did not exceed refined in this city. sixteen ; and on whom her anxious parents Died.) William H. Williamson, Esq. aged had bestowed an education commensurate sixty. to her rank in life, and which her natural innocence and virtue deserved. He bad


Augusta, Feb. 28. heen married about six weeks, When, alter A large and extensive merchant.mill. al. forcing the names of those who had brst given most new, together with a saw-mill and cot. him sustenance, and selling a false check to

ton-gin, situate on Savannah river, belong. the man who had given him his child, he

ing to Mr. Rambert, took fire, we understand, clandestinely departed, leaving despair and

on Monday night, the 17th inst, and the grief in the mansion where he bad met pospr. whole of the buildings were entirely contality and love; and astonishment and hatred

sumed. In the mill-house, we learn, there in circles where he found respect and friend.

were considerable quantities of four, corn, ship. The crimes of which he bas been

. and other articles; and in the gin-house, a guilty, as concerns the pecuniary affairs of an

quantity of cotton. The loss to the owner, individuals, are virtues when compared with qu

we have heard, is estimated at upwards of the deadly blow he has given to domestic

25,000 dollars. bappiness and social intercourse. He had 2

The Female Asylum of Savannah, receiv. extended the band of friendship, but friend

ed 1,540 dollars 25 cents, at a late annivership startles at the recollection of him. The blooming hopes of beauty will shrivel at the sary celebration of its foundation. mention of his name, and parental affection Died.] At Sayannah, Dr. George V. Proc. will be tortured with a jealousy that will keep tor. In Darien, Georgia, Lieut. William H. tbe virtuous and sincere asunder. To forin Brailsford, of the Vuited States' navy, aged a jost idea of Murray, reason must resign her. 25, lately of the Independence.

VOL. I. NO. 1.'


is now receiving ber cargo, and will sail in Extract of a letter from an officer of the army, all next week, wind and tide permitting, for datert Baton Rouge, Feb. 21.

Boston. " In passing through the country laying

INDIANA on the north side of the Tennessee river, and Extract of a Leder from a gentleman al Cory. recently acquired by treaty from the Indians,

don, Indiana. I discovered a more rapid influx of popula. " Since the last sales of public lands in this tion, than has, perhaps, ever taken place in state, land has risen in price, and population the western country. From every state increases, at a rate vastly over any period there are emigrants; among them some of heretoforc. the most abject and miserable creatures on " Our seat of government is established at earth, resolutely determined, like faithful this place for nine years; the permanent seat pioneers, to carry their object into effect. will, undoubtedly, be in that section of the Resolute they must be, for whites and In- state at this time belonging to the Delaware dians are frequently found in possession of Indians. There is no probability of a remo. the same uncomfortable wigwam."

val till that country is purchased and settled ; Neu-Orleans, March 7.

nor is there a probability that any money

reserved for the opening of great state roads A daring robbery has lately been commit.

sed will be appropriated previous to the year ted upon a pirogue belonging to mr. Menard,

1820. The state of Indiana possesses ample about 5 miles up the river. The plunderers

means to erect public schools and seminaries, appeared to be sailors.

March 18.

in regular gradation, from township schools A fracas took place this day at the Levee,

to a state university, with proper managebetween the captain and crew of an English

iment; but the fund will remain inactive till ship, on the one side, and some French sea.

" the year 1820-having determined to sell no

lands for these valuable ends until after that men on the other. The riot proceeded to

period. such an extremity as to require the interpo- per

- The state is well calculated for good roads. sition of the United States' militia, under Lieut. Ripley, to quell it. One of the Eng.

From Jeffersonville to Vincennes, part of the lish sailors was killed, and several wounded.

way is rather broken, but with some expenge

it can be made good. From Vincennes to KENTUCKY.

Kaskaskias the country is level, dry, and well The Kentucky papers estimate the damage calculated for good roads--the greater part done by the late freshet at half a million of of the way through praries or natural meadollars. The river had risen 50 feet.--At Lowe, the latest dates the water was falling. A Died.) At Vevay, mr. Smith Calewell. great number of hogsheads of tobacco had Near St. Louis, major Horace Stark, of the been carried down the current, chiefly from u. s. army, and four others, drowned in crossthe counties of Madison, Clark, and Jessa. ing the Mississippi. mine.


Captain Pierce, of the u. s. army, lately Zanesrille, Feb. 27. arrived at Albany from fort Michilimackinak, Another mail robbery -A letter was re• which is situated at the head of Lake Huron, ceived on Monday evening last, from Wheel and at the entrance of Lake Michigan. Ho ing, by the post-master at this place, staling, lelt the fort on the ilth of March, on foot, that on the night of the 21st inst. the mail with a soldier and an Indian cuide--and ar. was broken open and robbed, after being rived in 14 days at Detroit, a distance of 450 taken from the post office to the stage-house, miles, in the boisterous month of March, He whence it was to proceed next morning. undertook this bold and hazardous enterTwo persons, heretofore concerned in care prise, in contempt of the dangers and fatigues rying the mail, have been arrested.

attending it, in opposition to the advice of Cincinnuti, March 7. his brother officers. Capt. Pierce coasted Came to anchor off this place on Monday the south shore of Huron on the ice to Samorning last, the fine brig Cincinnalus, 170 gara bay, thence up the Sagara river 21 miles, tons burden, from the ship yard at Colum- thence steering a south east direction, taking bia, where she was built.

an Indian track, through the wilderness, This beautiful vessel, in the elegance of crossing the rivers Trent and Huron to Deher model and workmanship, probably sur. troit, thence to Bulfalo, also on foot. passes any vessel heretofore built on the Capt. Pierce represents the lands on the Ohio; she is pronounced by seafaring men Sagara, of an excellent quality, and most (of whom by the by we are not destitute, beautifully situated; the river bold and nari. although our port is situated some sisteen gable for 21 miles, with large praries from 4 hundred miles from the sea) a bandsome to 6 miles deep. From Sagara to Flint river, specimen of uie art of ship building. She 15 miles, a level country, lauds excelleut and

well limbered :-From thence to Flint river, oak, a very open country, and no undera waving country, not broken nor high hills: wood, interspersed with small beautiful lakes from thence to the river Huron, 30 miles abounding with fish of a superior quality; from Detroit, the face of the country and soil from Huron to Detroit, generally a low tiat very much resemble that of the county of country, susceptible of being drained and Cayuga, in this state, principally clothed with cultivated, the soil deep and rich.



The subject to which this publication DROPOSE, to publish by subscription, The relates, is of paramount importance io

I Life of Robert Fulton, by his friend Cadwallader D. Colden; read before the Lilerary the state of New York. The execution and Philosophical Society of the State of New- of this magnificent system of inland York, comprising some account of the Irention, Progress, and Establishment of Steam. navigation, will treble the value of lands Boals; of his Improvemenls in the Construc- in the interior, and will, in a few years tion and Navigation of Canals, and other objects of public utility. With a likeness of Mr. after its completion, render this city not Fulton. Svo. pp. 400. Price to subscribers only the greatest mart in America, but 2 dlls. 50 cts. Ou estra paper, with proof impressions of the portrait, 4 dlls. Those who one of the first commercial emporiums procure 8 subscribers, and will guarantee the in the world.

the in the world. The feasibility of the

The fossibility of the payment, shall be entitled to one copy gratis.

The author of this interesting biogra- plan is, to our apprehension, demonstraphy, with distinguished liberality, bas ted in these documents; which are acrelinquished the profits accruing from the companied by an accurate survey of publication of the work, to the society the contemplated routes. We congratuof which the deceased was a member. late our fellow-citizens on the flattering and before which this memoir was read; prospects which are opened to them, and the society, in the same commenda- by the legislative sanction to an enterble spirit of liberality, have resolved to prise, which in its progress or effects, appropriate the proceeds of it, to the will, directly or indirectly, benefit erection of a pedestrian Statue, in bo- every class of the community. pour of their late illustrious associate. W. B. Gilley, has just received, and will Thus, apart from the gratification to be put to press, “Six Weeks at Long's," a new

and popular novel, containing characters derived from perusing the volume, the from real life, in the higher classes of the public have a powerfui inducement to British metropolis.

O He has in press, A new revised and much patronize an undertaking connected enlarged narrative of the life of the Rev. Joseple

C. F. Frey, the celebrated converted Jew, to with so bonourable an object.

which is now added, an account of the Rise

and Progress of the London Society, with WILLIAM A. MERCEIN, proposes to publish much other interesting matter. hy subscription, an engraved likeness of the The Ornaments discovered, a tale for youth, Hos. De Witt CLINTON, from an original by the author of " Aunt Mary's Tales." painting by Jarvis. Price to subscribers, 'The Book of Common Prayer, handsome in black, 3 dlls. coloured, 4 dlls.

miniature edition. T. & W. MERCEIK, have now in press, and in the press at New-York, and shortly will will be published on Monday, May 4, 1817, be published, with additions, a new edition The Official Reports of the Canal Commissioners of Tyler's Elements of Ancient and Modern of the State of New York, and the Acts of the History. By F. NICHOLS. Legislature respecting Navigable Communicalions between the Great Western and Northern *** Booksellers who wish to bave publicaLakes and the Allantic Ocean; wilk perspicu- tions noticed in the monthly catalogue, will oils Maps and Profiles. Published at the re- please to layour the Editor with copies of quest of the board of Canal Commissioners, them.


PY A. T. GOODRICH & Co. The Pastor's we allude to, degrade the one, without

D Fire-Side, a novel by Miss Porter, author of Thaddeus of Warsaw, Scottish Chiefs, &c. 2 dignitying the other. This objection, vols. 12mo. Price $2 in extra boards. however, is equally applicable to all

The reputation of this lady as a Miss Porter's productions, and has not novelist, ranks high in the general esti- prevented their popularity. mation. Our avocations have not per Letter on Febrile Contagion, addressed lo mitled us to do more than look at this David Hosack, M. D. F. R. S. F. L. S. Profeswork. We believe it will be found in- sor of the Institutes of Medicine in the Univer.

sor, &c. &c. by John W. Francis, M. D. Profesteresting, though the attempt to excite sity of New York, &c. &c. Printed by Clay.

ton & Fanshaw. interest is strained. We disapprove of the introduction of real characters in W. B. GILLEY, has just published, The Pas

tor's Fire-Side, a novel by Miss JANE PORTER, works of this class. The provinces of author of Thaddeus of Warsaw, The Scotfiction and history should be kept as tish Chiefs, &c. 2 vols. 12mo. price 2 dlls.

Also a very handsome edition of Thomson's distinct as possible; or, at least, the pri- Seasons, and the Castle of Indolence, with 4 vilege of blending them should be con- elegant wood and 2 copperplate engravings,

from new designs, by WESTALL, of the Royal fined to epics. Connexions of the kind Academy. 1 dil.



FEBRIS intermittens
I Febris remittens
Febris continua
Cynancbe tonsillaris
- pharyngea

- trachealis
Pneumonia typhodes

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No. of cases. Enteritis

· 48 Cystitis

15 Hysteritis
67 Rheumatismus acutus
13 Hæmoptisis

1 Dysenteria
18 Cholera

6 Apoplexia
14 Urticaria
5 Rubeola
6 Erysipelas
2 Variola ..
3 Varicella

6 Vaccinia
171 Convulsio
15 Aborlus

1 Hydrocephalus acutus

47 Tetanus
21 Neuralgia
12 Epilepsia

5 Asthma
63 Colica
15 Colica pictonum
13 Nepbralgia




Asthenia Cephalæa Vertigo Paralysis Dyspepsia Gastrodynia Enterodynia Nymphomania

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