Billeder på siden

they be. And is it not the same with every kind of worldliness? The time must arrive, when the mind and the soul, even of the sinner, conscious of its own immortality, will look forward with painful anticipation to the future. His hopes are disappointed, his treasures are consumed, his comforters are fled. And where is the weary spirit to rest? Youth has been passed in frivolity; manhood wasted in vice; and age, if indeed age be granted, must be passed in pain, remorse, and sorrow. Degraded even in his own estimation; despised and rejected even of men; without enjoyment in this world; without hope in that which is to come; he sinks-but not to repose; he restsbut not in peace. Look again, at one who has walked, not after the flesh, but after the Spirit; one who, dedicated in childhood unto God by the instrumentality of others, has," when come to years,” consecrated himself anew; who, by faith, has chosen rather to suffer affliction, if need be, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season; who has offered

upon the altar of his God the earliest and the best of his years, and dedicated to him that made him the health and energies which He gave; who, upheld by the same faith, supported by the power of the Spirit in the inner man, encouraged by the hopes and promises of the Gospel, has gone on from strength to strength, continually increasing in purity, continually advancing in holiness. Look at him in age, if age be granted, and behold the eye brightening with hope, as eternity draws near; the mind more elevated by faith, as "the recompense of the reward" approaches; the heart more filled with peace and joy, as earthly attractions disappear. Think of him, as now expecting and waiting for that crown of glory, which the Lord the righteous Judge shall give, in the day of His full and perfect manifestation. Compare the two-place them together in the same chamber of death, and then say whether you do not prefer the reproach of Christ to all the treasures in Egypt. Think seriously and deeply upon these things;

and may God give you his grace, to make choice of that better part, which not even the power of the grave can wrest from you; to look stedfastly, and have respect continually, unto the great recompense of the reward.



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