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In every step in the manufacture of Mellin's Food there is constantly
in view the ultimate object of making a product of definite composition

to Accomplish a Definite Purpose.
This purpose is to furnish certain food elements which, when added to
cow's milk, make it a suitable food for an infant. The food elements in
Mellin's Food-carbohydrates (maltose and dextrins), proteins and salts

-when dissolved in water and added to cow's milk so change the balance
of nutrition in cow's milk that the resulting modification presents fat,
proteins, carbohydrates and salts in the proportion needed

for the Development of Infantile Life.
The success of Mellin's Food, therefore, depends not upon any one of
the food elements of which it is made


the definite composition
of “Mellin's Food as a whole" as a means to enable the physician to
modify cow's milk to meet the requirements of infant feeding

in a Scientific, Rational and Efficient Manner. MELLIN'S FOOD COMPANY,


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The Medical Herald

Incorporating the kansas City Medical Inder-Lancet

and vitality of the whole organism; every orgai shows an increase in functional efficiency which i permanent—not temporary and fleeting. As a cor sequence, physiological processes thruout the bod resume their normal activity, the defensive forces be come more effective and health is established, wit! its "sense of well being." There is no “reactionar depression" following the use of "Gray's." It is real tonic in every sense of the word.

Subscription, $1.00 a year, in advance, including postage to any part of the United States, Mexico and Canada. Postage to foreign countries in the Universal Postal Union, including Newfoundland, 50 cents a year additional.

Service Bureau of the Medical Herald—Write 'to or call on us if you are in need of anything you do not find advertised in our pages, we shall be pleased to procure for you any book, instrument or equipment. No charge for our services.

The Medical Herald aims to reflect the progress in the sciences of medicine and surgery, especially throughout the Missouri Valley and Southwest, the territory of its greatest distribution.

Concise and practical articles, news and reports of interesting cases invited, and should be type-written.

The privilege of rejecting any communication is reserved, and all papers accepted must be for exclusive publication in this magazine, unless otherwise arranged.

To contributors of original articles a liberal number of copies of the Herald will be given (or mailed free of expense if addresses are furnished) and the publishers will furnish reprints at printers' cost, application for same to be made when proof is returned.

The editors are not responsible for the utterances of contributors or correspondents.

Illustrations will be furnished at reasonable rates, if drawings or photos are furnished.

Address all remittances, correspondence, articles for publication, books for review and exchanges to the Managing Editor.

Subscribers changing their addresses will please notity, us promptly, as magazines cannot be forwarded without adding postage.

Advertising forms close on the 20th of each month. Time should be allowed for correction of proof.

Electrotypes and changes in advertising copy should be addressed to the Medical Herald, St. Joseph, Mo.

Advertising rates on application to the Managing Editor.

Poetic Reprints-Do not mutilate your Medical Herald by tearing out any piece of poetry that may strike your fancy. Write to the Managing Editor, and he will send you a reprint. Reprints are made of all verse appearing in this magazine.

Wanted-Salesmen and detail men who call on physicians, and would like to learn of a proposition to increase their income, may do so by addressing "Proposition," care Medical Herald.

To Our Subscribers-You will confer a favor on the publishers by remitting promptly on receipt of statement. The amount is very small to each one, but the expense of sending out duplicate bills is quite heavy. Kindly report change of address promptly, giving oià address as well as the new location.

CAUTION/Whenever the true merit of a preparation is authoritatively established, imitation is sure to make its pernicious appearance. To counteract the injurious results of another of these fraudulent pro ceedings—in this instance affecting firm name and reputation-Sander & Sons have been compelled to appeal to law, and in the action tried before the Supreme Court of Victoria, the testimony of a sworn witness revealed the fact that this witness suffered intense irritation from the application to an ulcer of the defendant's product, which was palmed off as "just as good as Sander's Eucalyptol.” Sander & Sons had the satisfaction to obtain a verdict with costs against this imitator, who is perpetually restrained from continuing his malpractice. Dr. Owen, in a report_to the Medical Society of Victoria, and Dr. J. Benjamin, in the Lancet, London, both denounced, as others did before, on the strength of negative results, the application of unspecified eucalyptus products.

This forms convincing proof that only an authoritatively sanctioned article can be relied on. SANDER & SONS' EUCALYPTOL

(Ecalypti Extract) 1. Has stood the test of Government investigation.

2. It was proved at the Supreme Court of Victoria by experts to be an absolutely pure and scientifically standardized preparation.

3. It is honored by royal patronage.

4. It always produces definite therapeutic results.

Therefore, to safegaurd the physicians' interest and to protect their patients, we earnestly request you to specify "Sander's Eucalyptol” when prescribing eucalyptus.

The Meyer Bros. Drug Co., St. Louis. Mo., agents, will forward one original package (1 oz.) on receipt on One Dollar.

(Entered at the St. Joseph P. O. as second class matter.)

A Real Tonic-According to recognized authority a tonic is "a remedy which restores enfeebled function and promotes vigor and a sense of well being." A stimulant, on the other hand, is "a remedy which produces temporary exhilaration and excitement of bodily forces, which is soon followed by a reactionary depression.” In the conditions of debility or malnutrition which accompany nervous diseases, wasting disorders and convalescence, the body always requires more than "temporary exhilaration." It needs support, a reenforcement of function, and a general restoration of tone to assure a return to normal conditions. In such cases medical men have found Gray's Glycerine Tonic Comp. a real tonic which can be depended upon to restore the strength

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Silvol in eye, ear, nose, throat and genito-urinary infections

An eye, ear, nose and throat specialist of wide experience sums up the advantages of SILVOL in these words:

1. Quick solubility in any dilution suitable for application to mucous membranes.

2. Less staining effect than with other proteid-silver preparations.

3. High percentage of silver content.

4. Minimum of irritation when applied to mucous surfaces.

5. Low percentage dilutions effective as compared with similar preparations.

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To Our Readers


You are everything that we want, all that we t to avoid.

You are an economic necessity, an expensive id ury.

You are as fickle as April, as constant as time.

You are as wrathful as Thor, as peaceful as Kan wang.

You desire protection, but scorn the protector.
You are an exclamation-point, never a period.
You are the angel of infancy, the pest of youth.
You are the annoyance of manhood, the sola


is the only magazine of its kind in the Great Missouri Valley and Southwest.

of age.


has cultivated this special field for upwards of 37 years and many of our present subscribers and advertisers have been on our list for more than 20 years.


is the only journal of its kind publishing a monthly list of new bona fide paid up subscribers. They hail from every State and territory in the Union, and Canada.


is positively and unqualifiedly Independent and fearless in its editorials; its only aim is to serve its readers honestly, keeping them abreast of the times in all things pertaining to the

progress of medicine in all its branches. THE MEDICAL HERALD

through its Original Department, reflects the sterling ability and progressiveness of our western writers, while quite frequent publishing some helpful paper from a member of its eastern staff of contributors.

You despise cowardice, but shudder at valor.

You are modest at home, but, on the beach-a men.

You are devotedly religious, impatient of socis restraint.

You dearly love freedom, but, adhere to com ventionalities.

You are the embodiment of love, the incarnatic of jealousy.

You sympathize with our pain, but, inflict us wil heartache.

You are infinitely self-sacrificing, intensely s fish.

You are the goddess, we worship; the demo we damn.

Your love is like cheese, mellowed and strengt ened by age; but, age breeds mold.

You are alpha and omega, the start and the finis of argument.

You are the bane of our existence, the joy of or life.

You are, inexplainable, indefinable, understan able.

You are the best thing on earth.
You are-must I say it?-Woman!

-E. S. Haswell in Clin. Med.


while striving to be conservatively scientific and safely fortified in its utterances, does not believe in taking life too seriously-nor at all for that matter-even in the practice of medicine; hence our readers will find in each issue a choice selection of refined sentimental morsels -as a diversion-"a sedative for the weary mind at eventide.”

A Smile Somewhere Never a day that is empty of all

That makes the heart wholesome and sweet With purpose and effort-respond to the call,

And laugh at the thought of defeat! Never a day that is not full to the brim

Of the goldenest chances that rise To leap into action, to toil with a vim,

And to smile and be glad of the skies;
To sing and to hope and to trust and look up,

With faith in it all to the end,
No matter how bitter the wine in the cup,

Nor how rugged the road we must wend.


Ampoules much in favor The convenience the ampoule commends itself to the medical profe sion and more and more of them are being use with entire satisfaction. As practitioners make u of sterile solutions in this form and become co vinced of the possibilities in ampoule medicati there is an ever increasing demand on the pharm ceutical houses to enlarge the extent of the formula Eli Lilly & Company report that the demand ft ampoule formulas has been increasing to such a extent that it was necessary to greatly enlarge i facilities and also to add to its already long list formulas. This house has, today, the reputation offering the most comprehensive line of ampould produced in this country and already is known, quit apart from its fine reputation as a pharmaceutic and biological concern, as the ampoule house.

welcomes contributions either of a scientific, jovial or novel character. Perhaps you have an unusual case to report; or a question to ask regarding diagnosis or treatment; or maybe you have written a verse or two which you do not consider "good enough to print;" or may have a "favorite prescription" which has been especially useful in certain conditions.

Write to us, and help improve our magazine, as well as to maintain its reputation for being "spicy and different.” as one of our old-time readers expressed it.


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