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three varieties: Extra-cellular myxomatous degeneration. Intracellular myxomatous degeneration. 3. Purulent ethmoiditis, but thinks that practically we have not one primary morbid condition in the ethmoidal cells, which progressively and with more or less rapidity, develops into these three, or are successive stages of one and the same disease. Owing to the peculiar anatomical character of the membrane lining the ethmoidal cells, a chronic inflammation tends to develop a soft, jelly-like thickening of the tissue, which may be described as myxomatous. This may persist for a prolonged period of time, giving rise to distinction of the cells, with a characteristic train of symptoms, such as watery or muco purulent discharges, violent attacks of sneezing, headache, intra-orbital pressure, aprosexia, and if the sufferer be of neurotic habit, hay-fever and asthma; these symptoms being simply exaggerated on the occurrence of more or less frequently repeated attacks of acute inflammation. Treatment should be instituted early, and-before the suppurative process has ensued: in the acute stage the measures for treatment of acute rhinitis are indicated. He prefers douching the nasal cavities twice daily with one or two gallons of hot saline water, by means of Thudichum douche. When disease has become chronic without suppuration, other measures failing, surgical interference should be resorted to, as the trouble does not tend to undergo resolution. The object to be accomplished is to relieve the intra-cellular pressure, which is accomplished by uncapping the ethmoid ceils by means of the cold wire snare, removing the projecting turbinated body. After the formation of pus the small cells should be converted into a single cavity by means of the dental burr, and thorough drainage established. Of 97 cases occurring in his private practice, 61 were males and 32 females. As to age, three were in the second decade of life, fourteen in the third, twenty-three in the fourth, twenty-eight in the fifth, eighteen in the sixth, and seven in the seventh decade, Fifteen cases were intlammatory in character, without suppuration or polypoid degeneration; of these 9 were cured, 3 improved and 3 disappeared. Twenty-nine cases showed myxomatous degeneration without suppuration; of these 12 were cured, 10 improved, and 7 seen but once or twice and their progress not known. Twenty-two showed myxomatous degeneration, or fully developed polypi, together with pus discharge; of these 9 were cured, 10 improved and 3 disappeared. Twenty-seven cases were purely suppurative; of these 8 were cured, 12 improved both, as regards subjective symptoms and the amount of discharge, while 7 were seen but once or twice and not further noted. In nearly all these cases radical operative measures were instituted; in many of them the simple irrigating measures failed to give relief, either to subjective or objective symptoms, and the cells were opened either by the snare, or drill, and in many cases both were used.


Both Medal and Diploma
Awarded to Charles Marchand's Glycozone by World's Fair of Chicago, 1893, for its

Powerful Healing Properties.
This harmless remedy

prevents fermentation of food in the stomach and it cures : DYSPEPSIA, GASTRITIS, ULCER OF THE STOMACH, HEART-BURN, AND ALL INFECTIOUS DISEASES



IS THE STRONGEST ANTISEPTIC KNOWN. One ounce of this new Remedy is, for its Bactericide Power, equivalent to two ounces of Charles Marchand's Peroxide of Hydrogen (medicinal), which obtained the Highest Award at the World's Fair of Chicago, 1893, for

Stability, Strength, Purity and Excellency.

Send for free 152-page book giving full information with endorsements of leading physicians.

Physicians remitting express charges will receive free samples.
GLYCOZONE is pat' up only in 4-oz., 8-oz.
and 16-oz. bottles bearing a yellow label, PREPARED
white and black letters, red and blue border, ONLY BY
with signature.

HYDROZONE is put op only in small, medium and large size botiles, bearing a red label, white letters, gold and blue border.

Mention this publication. Chemist and Graduate of the Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures de Paris" (France). LEADING DRUGCISTS.

28 Prince St., New York.

Charles Marchand


Charles Marchand

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“Compound Talcum”

“Baby Powder"

"The Hygienic Dermal Powder"

Corginally investigated and its Therapeutic Properties discovered in the year

1868, by DR. FEHR, and introduced to the Medical and the

Pharmaceutical Professions in the year 1873. COMPOSITION Silicate of Mag- PROPERTIES: - Antiseptic, Anti meala with Carbolic and Salicylic Acids. zymotic and Disinfectant.

Useful as a GENERAL SPRINKLING POWDER, with Positivo Hygienic, Prophylactic and Therapeutic properties

Good in all Affections of the Skin.

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Sold by the Drug Trade, Wholesale Per box, plain, 25c.; perfumed, 50c. and Retail generally.

Dozen, $1.75;

JULIUS FEHR, M. D., Ancient Pharmacist,
Advertised only in Medical and Pharmaceutical publications.



Recommended as a restorative in all cases where the nervous system has been reduced below the normal standard, by overwork, as found in brain-workers, professional men, teachers, students, etc.; in debility from seminal losses, dyspepsia of nervous origin, insomnia where the nervous system suffers.

It is readily assimilated and promotes digestion.

Dr. Edwin F. Vose, Portland, Me., says: “I have prescribed it for many of the various forms of nervous debility and it has never failed to do good.”

Send for descriptive circular. Physicians who wish to test it will be furnished on application, with a sample by mail, or a full sized bottle, without expense, except express charges. Prepared according to the directions of Prof. E. N.HORSFORD, by the

RUMFORD CHEMICAL WORKS, Providence, R. I. Beware of Substitutes and Imitations.


This Elixir is prepared from the Chemically Pure Salts
Results can be looked for from its administration
that could not possibly be expected from

the Commercial Salts.

Each fluid drachm contains Arsenici lodidum -25 gr., Ferri A New and

Each fluid ounce represents 120 gra.

of Kola (Storculia Acuminata' whose Iodidum 17 grain Iotassit Iodidum one grain, Sodii Iodidum Valuable Tonic agrobable odor and characteristic taste one grain, with Aromatics.


(without its acrid bitterness) are im

parted to it in a marked degree. The greatest value of this combination is it relieves those KOLA owes its therapeutic value to Caffeine, Theo. obscure and chronic obstructions to gland action,—the kidnoy, livor, bromine and a principle peculiar to itself, called Kolanine. pancreas as well as the lymphatic system, which may exert só Its stimulating and sustaining effects on the nervous great an influence for evii on the economy. It enjoys the system are more prompt, powerful and of longer duraconfidence of the Medical profession, as its use is indica- tion than that of Caffeine alone. It is also superior to ted in a wide range of diseases, particularly so in pornicious Coca as a cerebro-spinal stimulant, with none of the anaemla, skin diseases both scaly and papular; has remarkable objections which so frequently follow the continued use curative effects in spooific diseases and other manifestations of the latter, hence this Cordial is recommended to those of systemic infection; chronic uterino and polvic diseases, and in whose work subjects them to excessive mental or physical complaints where an alterative and tonic is indicated. exhaustion.

This combination proves that the united action of romedies is Heretofore all preparations of Kola have been more often requisite when either, alone, is insufficient. Phy- or less objectionable on account of their unpalatability, sicians when prescribing will please write:

owing to a peculiar bitter acrid principle which it posElixir Six Iodides-WALKER-GREEN'S-One Bottle.

sesses, This Cordial combines all the valuable consti

tuents of Kola, without any of its objectionable features, Attention is also called to our Elixir Six Bromides and is inost delicious to the taste, and efficient in action. Elixir Six Hypophosphites and Elixir Six Aperiens

Samples and literature will be mailed on inquiry, and which are unexcelled for clinical efficiency and palatability. we will forward an orginal full-sized package to such

Wholesale price per doz. lodides, $8. Hypophos- physicians as are willing to assume the express charges. phites, $6; Bromides, $6: Aperien's, $1. SEND FOR We have published an Exhaustive Monograph DESCRIPTIVE CIRCULAR. These Elixirs are kept in stock on KOLA, profusely illustrated, containing most by Wholesale Druggists generally throughout the United valuable information relating to the drug.

A copy States.

will be mailed you on application.

FREDERICK STEARNS & CO., No. 180 W. Regent St., Glasgow, Scotland, and Kansas City, U. 8.

Samples of the four Elixirs will be sent to any physician, pre-

Windsor, Ont.

paid, on receipt of $1.00.

New York City.



HIRAM CHRISTOPHER, M. D., Editor. Associate Editors: JACOB Geiger, M.D., SURGERY; J. W. HEDDENS, M.D., PATHOLOGY

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Volume XIII
Number 11


Single Copies, 20 ats $2 a Year, in Advance


HEREDITY AND GERMS. As an etiological factor in the production of disease, heredity has been regarded as playing a very important and conspicuous part; but since germs have come to be regarded as the chief, if not the only, cause of disease, heredity has been discredited.

The germ theory of disease is an easy way of disposing of etiological difficulties; but its conclusions are too often reached by kangaroo methods. No one questions the fact that environment has much to do with the life and development of living organisms. If wheat be placed in sand destitute of organic matter, we know that it will not germinate. The same is true of some organic substances. If pure sugar be dissolved in pure alcohol or water, it will remain unchanged so long as no albuminous matter shall find its way into the solution. There sre thousands of germs in the solution, but they do not develop because no food on which they can feed is supplied to them. It is the law of development that the proper environment must exist before development can begin, and without which it could not continue if begun. Environment is supplied by agencies toreign to the living organism to be developed. Environment necessarily precedes development. This truth lies at the foundation of the living world, and finds illustrations all alorig the history of life on the earth. No living organism creates its environment, but it can and does destroy it to the extent that it


can not longer live in it. This fact is in accordance with another law of nature, which law lies at the foundation of clean or aseptic surgery, and this law is that the excretions of a living organism is poisonous to itself, but not necessarily to others. There are many illustrations of this fact. Now, a theory that comes into contravention with these facts cannot be true.

That living organisms in their developed state are found in morbid fluids is not denied and can not be denied. They are never found in normal fluids, because these are antiseptic or non-pabulous for micro-organisms. Were this not true, no living thing could exist, because germs are so numerous and so avidus of appetite as to make life impossible. But life is the great antiseptic of the body, and while its actions are normal its fluids will be normal, and hence septic proof.

These things being true, it is evident that the fluids of the body must first become abnormal before they can become a proper food or nidus for micro-organisms. They follow an abnormal condition of vital fluids; they do not and can not produce such condition. This condition is brought about by morbific agents from without, and by a diathetic or a hereditary condition derived from a parental source. These somatic and vital conditions constitute a state of susceptibility which renders the vital force of the organism less able to resist ordinary morbific agents which make no impression on a body not so weakened or so predisposed. The strumous diathesis impresses the body with a trend to certain morbid action.

In such an organism, vitality is comparatively weak, which shows itself in an unequally developed glandular structure; a structure indicative of a comparatively low form of life. Such a structure is an inheritance; but may, to some extent, be developed by certain physical and vital environment. Ordinary causes that exert but little influence on a body not of this diathesis; but on one that is, very profound impressions are made which show themselves in the inflammation and enlargement of structures of low vitality, as the lymphatic glands. When such is the case, the organisms found in the broken down giand, are there because of the abnormal condition of the gland structure. This diathesis shows itself in structure, and gives the body a trend to certain kinds of morbid action, not observed in one not so constructed.

Heredity lies at the foundation of the perpetuity of the species, the force that secures their immutability. Its characteristic power is seen in families in the perpetuation of family peculiarities of somatic structure and psychical characteristics. The improvement of varieties depends on the power of heredity. This is particularly conspicuous in the breeding of stock. If good qualities of individuals can be transmitted to offspring, there

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