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Vitamine Deficiency

The function of food in infancy is both developmental and nutritional, so that vitamine deficiency in an infant's food is even more serious than in the case of an adult. Without vitamines, normal, healthy growth is impossible, and there result scurvy, rickets and other nutritional disorders.

The vitamines are unstable to heat, especially if high or prolonged, and consequently they are deficient or absent in most dried or preserved foods. They are contained, however, in many fresh foods, including fresh milk; and fresh cow's milk, uncooked, should be the basis of all substitute infant food, so as to eliminate the danger of vitamine deficiency.

Eskay's Food is not a complete food, but a milk modifier added to fresh cow's milk. In its use, there is no loss of vitamines. The cow's milk is merely modified to suit the infant's digestive tract and "balanced" to ensure proper growth and development.

Send for samples and literature.

Arch Street-Philadelphia/


Vapo- resolene,

For Whooping Cough, Spasmodic Croup Bronchitis, Bronchopneumonia, Influenza, Cough, Asthma, Sore Throat Nasal Catarrh

and the bronchial complications incident to Scarlet Fever and Measles.

Used for the past forty years, the benefit derived from Vapo-Cresolene has been demonstrated beyond question. Easy and prolonged administration and the avoidance of internal medication assuring undisturbed repose, are points for favorable consideration.

The vapor is harmless to the youngest child.

"Used while you sleep"

Let us send you our descriptive and test booklet.


CRESOLENE CO. 62 Cortlandt St., NEW YORK Leeming-Miles Building Montreal, Canada

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When Weaning Is Necessary

Nestlé's Milk Food makes it possible to change from breast to bottle feeding with the least possible trouble or inconvenience.

When other substitutes for mother's milk cause digestive troubles and fail to nourish, the use of Nestlé's Food made from pure cows' milk in powdered form and properly modified-assures healthy, happy babies, with sturdy bodies showing a steady gain in weight.

Nestlé's Food has been successfully used by phy sicians for over sixty years. There is a wealth of significance in the fact that more babies are being fed to-day on Nestlé's than on any other infant food in the world.

112 Market Street San Francisco

May we send you liberal samples?

John Walker
Youngstown, Ohio
A Nestlé Baby

Nestlé Building
New York

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