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If only God, who liketh well Within the humble heart to dwell, Will set the chords aright,

That this poor broken instrument May sound a sweet accomp'niment Meet for the sons of light.



What God hath joined together, let not man put asunder."

Rejoice, ye nuptial twain,

Bound by a mystic chain,

Fair is the marriage love

Which God has sealed above.

Daughter, who now art wed
To this thy lord and head,
Let not the serpent's guile
Thy simple mind defile.

Son, in God's image made,
Love thou this holy maid,
And be the strength and guide
Of her, thy chosen bride.

Let no unseemly strife

Break out 'twixt man and wife,

Hallow the earthly tie

By heavenly harmony.

Observe the solemn troth
Here witnessed by you both-
One mind, one soul, one heart,
One faith, till death shall part.

God grant you rich increase!
God grant you joy and peace,
Health, length of years, and love,

• Eternal life above!


"That ye may attend upon the Lord without distraction."

Virgin daughter, who art led

To this altar to be wed,

Who thy heart and soul hast given

Freely to the God of Heaven,

Christ thy husband thou dost choose,
Christ thy love will not refuse;

Thou shalt be his holy bride,

He shall be thy Lord and Guide :

Clad in raiment white as snow,
None more beautiful than thou;
Faithfulness, and truth divine,
Spotless purity, are thine.

Hark! a thousand thousand times Sound the everlasting chimes;

Angels, unperceived by men,

Throng the glorious wedding train.

Virgin daughter, from this hour Know the Heavens are thy dower ; Earth has nothing to compare With the glories treasured there.

Lowly, lowly, lowly bow,

Ere thou take the solemn vow;
Then to earth for ever dead,

Then to Christ for ever wed.

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