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which I have given, will prove satis- / stances, to step forward to the help of factory to “A Constant Reader,” by the Lord against the mighty ; that, by whom the questions have been pro- circulating copies of the Holy Scripposed. Trusting that this will be the tures, distributing religious tracts, and case, - I remain, Sir, yours, respect- instructing the children of the Poor, by fully,

A CORRESPONDENT. means of Sabbath Schools, in the Hereford, July 10th, 1819.

principles of religion and virtue, he may endeavour to check the widening

course of this mighty torrent of vice On Sunday Newspapers.

and infidelity, which threatens to inundate our hitherto highly-favoured country.-I remain, Sir, yours, respectfully,

J. F. The vast increase of Sunday News- June 28th, 1819; Lambeth, Surry. pápers, within the last few years, has furnished an occasion of real regret to every serious reflecting person, who [We insert the following lines, because

they evince both humour and origiwishes well to his country; and it is

nality. Their having been overlooked, greatly to be feared, that they will ultimately prove a source of incalcu

is the only reason why they have not lable evil among the middle and work

appeared sooner.] ing classes of the community.

TO THE EDITOR OF THE IMPERIAL The publicity given to those papers, especially in the Metropolis, and the

Sir, I am one of those old queers, facility with which they may be pro

Who has not, for a length of years,

Read what's deem'd periodical, cured, are such strong inducements to

Scarce news or magazines at all : their being purchased, as but too few

Though in times past, for one so poor, have virtue enough to resist. It is truly

Perhaps but few who read them more. lamentable to see, with what eager

But party spirit got so high, ness and avidity those which are vehi- I could not well the truth descry cles of sedition, immorality, and barba- In politics; and, more prodigious, rism, are sought after: and considering Those who stood high on points religious, the contents and tendency of several Instead of candour and forbearance, of these papers, the friends of order Seem'd stren’ous to be at variance: and virtue may well be alarmed, So much, I knew not which to go to, at the injury already done, and now

But bluntly left them all in toto; doing, to the morals of society, by this

And took the neutral part, until widely-spreading evil.

Something came forth to fit my will.

Thus odd I stand and single go, The open and daring violation of

Am frequent call'd Will Will-be-so. law and decency, by the sale of those

What! though not many will abide me, papers on the Sabbath-day, is not the

My comfort is, but few deride me; only evil of which we complain. The For, long as I'm in this persuasion, time necessarily consumed in perusing My aim is to give "none occasion.” them, and the bad impressions made Going by Smith's* window, what was seen, upon the mind by the infidel senti- But your “ Imperial Magazine !" ments which some contain, are but too Thinking I had a mind to try it, evident, in the manifest neglect of the

But loth to run the risk to buy it; services of the sanctuary, and the avow

Yet full as loth to pass with none on't, ed disregard of all classes to the decent

So ask'd indulgence with the loan on't.

Now this was on Saturday eve; observance of the Lord's day. If, Sir, the Legislature refuse, be

Well, Sir, if you dare me believe,

By lamp-light took some dips into it, cause of the revenue this traffic pro

Set to next day, and read quite through it. duces, to step forward and arrest the

I scorn the least contempt or sneer, progress of the evil; if magistrates, But tell you, if you persevere, from motives best known to them- And do your best henceforth to mend, selves, sleep at their post, instead of Depend upon it, I'm your FRIEND. putting the existing laws in force You have my leave, if you're inclin'd, against those who so wantonly and un

To let the Public know


mind. necessarily violate them, the guilt lieth

Both prose and verse have my regard : at their door. But the real Christian

Sir, your's, to serve, of every party is unequivocally and

The AQUATIC BARD. loudly called upon, by present circum

Lynn, Ferry-street.

* The Publisher in Lynn, Norfolk.



that he has no more claim to the comBY J. D., LIVERPOOL.

position, than has, Sir, yours, respectWhen the Sun is fast declining,

Hush'd the sylvan concert fails;

P. M. junr.
Nymphs, their flow'ry chaplets twining, No. 1, Lambert-street, Liverpool,
Wait the zephyr's balmy gales.

12th July, 1819.
In his golden chariot resting,
Ling’ring sits the orb of day;

Dr. Horne, late Bishop of Norwich,
Clouds, with beauteous tints investing,
Mingle in his parting ray.

in his Collection of Anecdotes, records

the following: Twilight next, her mantle spreading,

“ There were at one time, in one Shews the plains in sable drest; Fleeting shadows, lightly treading,

College at Oxford, six Physicians. Leave the world to peace and rest.

Of two, the feet and breath were offenPlacid sleep, the soul beguiling,

sive: one was remarkably lean: two Steals the wretcli's cares away;

were quarrelsome and turbulent: and Hope presents her hand, and, smiling,

one very ignorant in his profession.Points him to a brighter day.

They were called Plague, Pestilence, Thousand gems the skies adorning,

and Famine; Battle, Murder, and Kindly fill the azure space,

Sudden Death."
Wait the glorious king of morning,
Rising to assume his place.

The following Table exhibits all the
Transits of Venus, from the year 1631

to 2360, inclusive, with the interval of On the Birch of O’Callaghan. years between each two, that the regu

larity and order in which they return

may be the better observed.TO THE EDITOR OF THE IMPERIAL

An. Dom.

Interval of years, MAGAZINE,




8 Your correspondent A. D. has been 1761


122 very much deceived respecting the 1769


8 author of “ The Birch,” inserted in 1874

December, 105 your Magazine, p. 351. Those lines 1882


8 sprang from the

of the late learned 2004


122 and respected Rev. Thomas Wilson, 2012


8 for many years Master of the Free 2117

December. 105 Grammar School of Clithero. I do 2125


8 not know that they were ever printed; 2247


122 but they, together with several other 2255


8 effusions of his playful fancy, obtain- 2360

December. 105 ed an extensive circulation in manuscript through most of the respectable families of Clithero and its vicinity.

TO THE EDITOR OF THE IMPERIAL A member of one of these families lent

MAGAZINE. me, when a boy at Clithero school, a SIR, Bristol, 7th July, 1819. manuscript, containing several pieces In what is denominated the Apostles' of Mr. Wilson's composition: The Creed, as well as that of St. AthanaBirch” formed one of the collection. sius, introduced into the Liturgy made The two first lines of the poem, as use of in the public worship of our given in the Imperial Magazine, do Established Church, (of which I have not belong to the original; and several the honour to be a member,) it is said others have been altered to suit the

our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, name of O’Callaghan. I notice par- after bowing his head on the Cross, ticularly the last lines, which, in the descended into hell. Now, as I canoriginal, run thus:

not reconcile myself to declare, in the “Then, such be its virtues, we'll bow to the tree, immediate presence of an all-wise And the birch, like the laurel, immortal shall be.” God, that I believe what I do not

I know not why the Rev. Henry really believe, I make a point of omitHayden, A. M. should presume to call ting this part of the Creed. I acknowhimself the author of the poem in ques- ledge, Sir, I may be committing an tion; but of this I am fully certain, error in rejecting this doctrine; there

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fore, if you think it an inquiry worth | any more on that day.” It was not a place in your Magazine, I shall feel long, before he found that the horse on obliged to any of your learned corres- which he intended to bet had been pondents for a satisfactory explanation distanced: he consoled himself with of this important question not only for the reflection, that the loss of his pocmy own good, but for the good of ket-book was only a temporary evil; many that may be doubtful on the since, had not this misfortune befallen same subject.

him, he should have paid much more to I am, yours, obediently, the worthies of the Turf. The race had A SEARCHER. not long ended, before a veteran half

pay officer presented his Royal Highness with his pocket-book, containing

all the property, saying, that he had Some years since, a Duke of Cumber- found it near the stand, but had not an land attending the races, missed his opportunity of presenting it sooner. pocket-book, containing property to a The Duke, on hearing this, generously large amount. Before the horses start- replied, “I am glad it has fallen into ed, several gentlemen came about him, such good hands. Keep it: had it not and proposed various bets. The Duke been for this accident, it would by this replied, that “ he had lost his money time have been distributed among the already, and could not afford to risk | blacklegs and thieves of Newmarket.”



COMMERCIAL RETROSPECT FOR JULY. In closing our last Report, we noticed the symptoms of an incipient improvement in the prospects for commerce; and we should have been happy to have congratulated our readers on the realization of our hopes.

Althongh some leading articles have experienced an increased demand, yet a great languor still pervades most of the departments of commerce. Our stocks of sugar are one-fifth less than in the preceding year, and prices ruling 10s. per cwt. lower; yet the consumption has sensibly diminished. In the manufacturing districts, so much distress prevails, that the demands for this article have been very small, notwithstanding this season is very favourable for its consumption. Many of the Refiners have declined working for the present; as neither the calls of the home trade, nor of export, could prevent a great accumulation of stocks.

Coffee has advanced materially in consequence of a foreign demand : it seems, however, gradually to be retrograding, and the export vent is at present very trivial.

The demand for Cottons has been very extensive, and the sales, during the last four weeks, have amounted to 36,300 bags. There is scarcely any perceptible advance in the value. rican Cuttons have been in the most request, and East Indias are not so easily obtainable at the former quoted prices.

Dyeing Woods are in abundance; yet their present low currency induces holders to be more firm, and no farther depreciation is expected.

Baltic articles are generally at very moderate rates, and no decline anticipated.

Graiu lias advanced considerably since our last; and, judging from present appearances, the labours of the harvest can scarcely commence in less than ihree or four weeks from this period. Wheats are represented to be small and thin-eared; other kinds of Grain are reported to be more promising. The crops of Hay are unusually strong, and throughout the kingdom the harvest has been abundant.

The importations of Timber from the British Colonies in America have commenced, and are selling very low. A cargo of 600 logs of St. Domingo Mahogany was yesterday sold at the average price of 20d. per foot.

As yet, there have been no accounts from the Greenland Fisheries. They have been looked Sor with son e anxiety since the commencement of the month. This delay is rather an unfavourable augury, and holders of parcels now on hand demand an advance of £3 per tun.

All the foreign exchanges are now in favour of this country, and the prices of Gold and Silver have again declined.

The tide of Emigration, from the port of Liverpool, seems to flow in an uninterrupted channel; and, from the subjoined official returns, appears to be annually on the increase.

Individuals, married & single. 1816... ......163 composing 620.

.1295 United States of America. 1915 55. ..250.

364 British North America. 614 1817. 405.

.3605 U. S. A.

5586 222. 333 B. N. A.

555 1818. .954.

.6025 U.S. A.

579 B. N. A.








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TALLOW, yub. 8. d. $. d.

Russia Y. Candle 67 0 a 68

..68 0

70 0 OILS, tun, Olive.... £800 a 82

Seal ....

.32 0 36 o Cod ......36 0 38 Greenland Whale....35 0 36

Palm ....45 0 46
Linseed, y gall... 38. 6d. a 38. 8d.
Rape ...

Turpentine, cwt.63 0 64 0

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Prices of Sundries at the following

places. New York, 23d June. FLOUR, Wheat, superf. v brl, dol. 63

Archangel, 12th June. TALLOW, 150 rub. with dut,

and charges on bd. ton, }£53 17 o HEMP, 90 rubles

.32 o LINSEED, 30 rubles..........46 6 0

St. Petersburg, 22d June. TALLOW, Y.C... ..rubles 168 White

158 HEMP, clean...

90 FLAX, 12 head

165 IRON, Old Sable

55 a 6 WHEAT.

26 28 Exchange on London......rub. 10 d

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WHOLESALE.-L. pool, July 21, 1819.
SUGAR, Vcwt.

Muscovado, dry brown 56 & 64

middling 65 72

80 85 fine ........ 86 90 Refined,Dble.Loavs 6.a 7t. 130 140

Single do. 10-141b. 100 110
Lar.Lmps. 46-501b. 90 96

Canary do. 24-281b. 108 114
MOLASSES, British 33
RUM, gallon, 16 O. P. 38. 3d. a 38. 6d.

Leewards, common 3 24 BRANDY, Cognac.... 4 6 4 10. GENEVA...

3 4 3 6 COFFEE, y cwt.

West India

100 110

115 118 fine

130 135 MAHOGANY, y foot, s. d. $. d. Honduras


4 a 1 6 St. Domingo

1 5 2 2 Cuba

1 5 1 9

2 3 30 good to fine ...... ordinary to middling i 9 2 2 Bowed, Georgia. 0 11 1 1 New Orleans

011 1 4 Pernambucco

1 4 1 6 Maranham

1 34

1 4 Bahia ......

1 3 1 4 Domingo

0 11 1 1 Barbadoes

1 1 1 2 West Indies

1 0 1 14 Surat

0 6 0 10 Bengal

0 6 08 DYE WOODS, ton, £. $. £. s. Barwood, Angola .... 70 a 80

Gaboon .... 6 0 7 0 Fustic, Cuba.... 90 100

Porto Rico.... 7 0 90

Jamaica ...... 60 70 Logwood, Campeachy 7 0 7 10

Jamaica.... 6 5 6 10

Honduras,.. 6 5 6 10 Nicaragua Wood,

27 0 small

16 0 20 0 TOBACCO, W tb. $. d. s. d. James River

0 34 a 0 8 stemmed.

05 0 8 Rappahanock

...0 31

0 6 stemmed.. 06 07 Kentucky ...

.... 03 06 ASHES, y cwt.

8. d.

s. d. ist, Pot, fresh, U. S. 39 0 a 40 0 Montreal

.. 36 0 390 American, 1st, Pearl 43 0 45 0 TAR, barri. Stockholin 16 0 17 0

Archangel 17 0 18 0
American 150 16 0

SUNDRIES.- Liverpool, 21st July. HAY, old, V 20lb. ......08.10d.a 18.2d new

07 O 10 STRAW, Wheat, 2015.09 0 11 POTATOES, new, y 21b.14 16 OATMEAL,sack 2401b.36 0 36 FLOUR, best, Psk. 240|b.52 0 55 seconds........44

48 FRESH BUTTER, 1602... 15d. a od.

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Cleared for sea.


List of Vessels Arrived. From West India and Bri

tish Settlements in 60

North America
East India and Africa 1

17 United States ........40 Ireland

..133 Coastways Europe and all

other Parts ..

large solid... }..260

3 8 28 94 0

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22dJune to 21stJuly,Total 304 Total Tonnage ........53054

RICE, ¥ cwt. American, } 40s. a 43s.


East India

12 20 HIDES, Ib. Buenos Ayres 6d. a 8d.

West India 5 6 BRIMSTONE, 4 ton, £. s.

£. $. rough

.24 a 25 0 SHUMAC, pcwt. s. d. s. d.

..200 a 22 0 HEMP, 4 ton,

£. s.

£. s. Petersburg clean 450 a

Riga Rhine . 490 FLAX, ton,

£. $. £. s. St. Petersburg 12-head 75 0 a HOPS, in bys. Kent, new 6 0 6 10

Sussex .. 5 0 6 0 In pockets, Kent.. 5 15 7 0

Sussex 5 5 6 15 PINE TIMBER,Y cub ft. s. d. $. d. American

19 al 11 Baitic

2 4 2 6 SALT PETRE, y cwt. 30 0

34 0 GRAIN,

s. d. s. d. Barley, Engl y 601b. 4 6 a 6 0

Irish & Foreign 4 0 5 3 Beans, Engl. Y qr...44 0 45 0

foreign ....400 50 0 Flour, ¥ barrel, American, sweet 38 0 400

sour..32 0 36 0 Oats, Engl. ¥ 451b.

3 6
Irish & Foreign 3 2 3 9
Wheat, Engl. 7016.10 9 11 9

10 4 10 8 Dantzig ....10 6 11 0 PROVISIONS.

s. d. s. d. Beef new, y tierce 90 oa 105

barrel 60 65 0 Butter, cwt.

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.... 25

Rates of Insurance. L.pool..Lond.
To West Indies y cent. 258 Od | 258 od

U. States of America 25 -
British America

East Indies

63 Coast of Africa...... 42 Gibraltar

20 Mediterranean..... 30 30 France and Holland 15 9 786d15

20 15 9 London

15 9 Ireland West Coast 15 9 15 9

East Coast.. 15 9 15 9

Baltic ...


Average Prices of | Number of Bank

Sugar. Gazette. rupts in Gazette. 23d June 378.5 d. June 22..........15 30th 39 31

.24 6th July 43 34


9 13th 42 53 July 3... 19 20th


.29 Prices of Coal 13.

14 Ton of 224010

17..........16 Wigan.... 158. 6d. Country ..10 0

Total.. 138


Prices of Bullion. Lond... L.pool.
Foreign Gold, in Bars..-$ od 788 ud
Portugal Gold, in Coin 78 0 78 0
New Doubloons

76 6 New Dollars...

5 0 50 Silver, in Bars, Standard 5 2 5 2

Prices of Stock, London, 200 h July. Bank Stock....

2221 a 14 34 Cent Reduced ........ 70 70 3 y Cent Consols..

694 70 4 Cent Consols..

S8 691 58 Cent Navy Annuities ..1047

105 Bank Long Annuities .... 167 Omnium

..P.2 484 Consols for Acct.......... 69 Lt

IRISH FUNDS.-June 16. Bank Stock

.228 Government Debentures, 34 v cent, 834

5 cent, 964 Government Stock, 31 V cent.... 82

5 cent......961) Grand Canal, 4 pcent. 6 cent...

76 AMERICAN FUNDS.-July 19. 3'4 Cents

60 New 6 # Cents

.96 98 (The above with Div. from 1st July.) U.S. Bank Shares....

LIVERPOOL DOCKS. 103 for 100, July 4, at 5 #cent, interest, payable in Lond. Or L. pool half yearly.



Liverpool Exports of British Manufac

tures, from 22d June to 21st July. Cotton Stuffs 226289 pcs.& 656663 yards. Woollen do... 55178

13692 Worsted do... 20980

532 Flannel ......

751 103 Linen Cloth.. 358

144506 Kerseymere.. 2655


Blanketing.. 1005 pairs, 238767
Hose........19928 dozen pairs.
Hardware, 11218.-Nails, 1140 cwts.
Copper, 1739.-Glass, 2428 cwts.
Bar and Bolt Iron, &ć.......1060 tons.
Lead, 233.-Lead Ore, 31 tons.

779 bxs.

..3653 crates Refined Sugar

958 cwts White Salt to Foreign Parts 17059 tons. Ireland

Rock Salt to Foreign Parts 2140

Coals to Foreign Parts .... 989 chal.

Ireland .......... 2104

COTTON TWIST.-Manchester,

July 20.
Mule, 1st quality, No. 40. 28. 4d. a os. od

2d quality, No. 40. 1 10 20

0 Cork dry 3rds. new

pickled new 2nds. 98 Belfast dry new......104 Newry do.... 104

Pork, Irish, brl. 80 0 90

Liverpool Imports, from the 22d June

to the 21st July.
Sugar, B. P. 7075 hhds.--1281 tces.-

462 bris.-192 boxes.-Foreign, 952

boxes.-494 cases.-71 brls.-13 cks. Coffee, B.P.553 cks.-121 tces.--70 bris. -3022 bags.--Foreign,781 hhds.--187

csks.-264 tces.-178 bris.--9095 ba s.
Cotton, W. India, 39 bags.-256 bales.

-American, 1966 bags.--22755 bales.
-- Brazils, 6215 bags.--460 bales.-

411 serons.
Corn, Wheat, 10441.-Barley, 1006.-

Oats, 8621.--Beans, 1477.-Rye, 24.

-Malt, 5078 qrs.
Rum, 913 punch.-81 hhds.

287 hhds.-173 pipes.--46 cks.-97bts.
Tobacco, 863 hhds.--33 bales.
Rice, 57 casks,-696 tces.-115 brls.
Flour, 4600 bris.-Butter, 12751 firkins,

282 kegs, &c.- Fustic, 295 tons.
Logwood, 334 tons.-Tar, 4208 brls.

50 8 48 1


47 9
Beans. Peas.
498 3d 498 5d
47 11
49 10

49 1

Ditto at sight, 11 : 14. Antwerp,

25 8
27 5

25 9
Average Prices of Grain for the 12 Districts.

37 0
39 5

. Ex. M. Madrid, 3 4. effect. Cadiz, 37.
Ports closed for Wheat, Rye, and Beans

Rye. barley.
Course of Exchange, in London, July 20.

68811d46s id 368100
12 : 0. Ex: M. Hamburg, 35 : 9 : 2 U. Altona, 35 : 10 : 2 0.
Paris, 3 da s’ sight, 25 : 0 Bourdeaux, 25 l 30.
45. Venice, Italian Liv. 26., Malta, 50. Naples, 40: Palermo,
118. Lisbon, 53. Oporto, 54. Rio Janeiro, bh. Dublin, 16.

44 10
43 2

47 11
69 5

70 11
Amsterdam, 11 : 17 C. F.

73 0
the M
19th June
3d July..


on Barcelona,





Imperial Magazine;



dreds, once took shelter from the atJOURNAL OF A VOYAGE TO THE

tack of a M‘Leod, of Skye ; who had HEBRIDES.

invaded the island in revenge for some [Continued from col. 407.]

insult offered to his men. So well was Tuesday, July 5th. - Early in the their retreat concealed, that the chiefmorning we left Tober Morey, with tain, after remaining in search for a little wind, and a misty rain, which considerable time, was about to quit entirely concealed the neighbouring the island, when unfortunately one of lands. At eight, however, it began to the party, leaving his asylum, ascendclear up, and gave us a view of the ed the hill to watch the motions of the rocky extremity of Ardnamurchan, (or enemy. He was perceived from the the height of the boisterous sea,) finely boats, and traced to the cave by the varied, broken, and indented. A cas- snow which had recently fallen. The cade poured down the opposite side of inhuman barbarian immediately causthe Mull, while the entrance of the ed a fire to be made at its mouth, and sound we had left was obscured by by this means stifled the whole party. mists and clouds; amongst which might Their skeletons, we were informed, are be faintly traced the outlines of the yet to be seen, lying in the positions nearer mountains. The effect was which they had taken to elude the grand; it gave the idea of an unknown noxious fumes. unexplored region, and left the imagi- The island of Rum is extremely nation at full liberty to indulge itself mountainous, and apparently barren; in romantic speculation on the objects its coast bold and craggy, and affordwhich lay concealed in the gloom. ing only a single harbour on the eastern Two vessels, just emerging, consider- side. It had, however, variety sufably tended to heighten the effect. ficient to make it in some degree an

Before us, stretched the low island interesting object. of Col; and, on our right, soon ap- Towards evening the wind increased peared the flat-topped Canna, the steep to a gale, and became still more concoasts of the islands of Rum and Egg, trary; the night was spent in fruitless the small island of Muck, and, beyond efforts to beat against it and the heavy all, the mountains of Skye, magnifi- swell of the Western Ocean. The latcently arrayed in clouds.

ter had tossed us during the whole day, We had intended to sail for Icolm- long before the gale arrived; a circumkill

, but the wind being unfavourable, stance, it seems, not infrequent. we stood away for Canna: it soon, At two o'clock of the morning of the however, changed to the northward, 6th, we were compelled to bear away and compelled us to beat against it for before it, under a double-reefed mainthe remainder of the day.

sail; and about four, we once more The island of Egg, which, from our came to anchor in Tober Morey bay, numerous tacks, we had sufficient op- having spent near twenty-four hours in portunity of observing, has a singular our successless attempt. appearance: the summit is crowned Here many of the vessels which had with a range of upright rocks, which, sailed at the same time, again joined us, at a distance, give it the effect of an The weather continued wet and temimmense fortification. This extends pestuous during the day: we, however, the whole length of the island, and at went on shore, and, from one of the the south end appears to overhang its hills, obtained a view of part of the base.

interior of the island, which in general On this island is a cave, large with displayed only a mixture of heath and in, but the entrance so small, as scarcely pasture, that afforded no pleasing vato admit a person on his hands and riety; where the cottages were thinly knees; in which the inhabitants of this scattered, and where everything island, to the amount of some hun- seemed to express that degree No. 6.-VOL. I.

2 K

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