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Several remarks were made on tbis [As Messrs. Smithson and Rendell subject by other friends, including our were appointed, along with the prerespected pastor, Mr. Gladwell, who, in sident (which escaped us), to draw up the course of his instructive address, the address, we naturally, in reporting touched on the advantages of open-air that the work had been done, spoke of preaching, as a means of spreading the them as having done it. Had we known knowledge of doctrines. The meeting the facts of the case, we would have was, at suitable intervals, enlivened by saved our friend the pain of having to selections of vocal music.

put in his claim for the honour which It was resolved that the next meeting we should gladly have rendered him as be held in Paisley, on the first Friday his due.-Ed.] in September, 1863.

T. J.


My dear Sir, Edward Cartmell was Dear Sir,—In your account of the the founder, and for several years the Meeting of the General Conference'- leader, of the Carlisle society of the New which is on the whole a very correct Church, which duty, together with that one-there occurs a mistake in refer- of colporteur, he fulfilled until illness ence to the “ Address of Condolence to and the infirmities of age prevented him; the Queen," the preparation of which is but even whilst he did so, the society was attributed to Messrs. Smithson and unable to afford him any material aid, Rendell. As I feel a deep interest in and it was imperative that relief should this matter, I have no doubt that those be had from the “Board of Guardians," friends would desire the correction. I a matter of great pain to a worthy and take leave to state the facts.

sensitive man. But the loss of his I had the pleasure of proposing that daughter was the loss also of this pitsuch an address should be sent to her tance, for it was by her exertions and Majesty from the General Conference. domestic aid that he could have a home On my proposition being adopted, the of his own. The Lord called her hence two ministers you name, together with in youth, leaving the old man quite the president, were made a committee unable to live alone. He had a married to draw it up. But Mr. Smithson hav. daughter, however, whose husband is a ing to return home, requested Mr. bricklayer, with a family of three chilWoodman to take his place; and Mr. dren; they have kindly taken their aged Rendell being engaged on another father for the remainder of his days, committee, and considering that as I though in winter work is very uncertain, had moved the address, I had paid and such an arrangement may prove some attention to the subject, asked hard upon them all. A more worthy, me to give the committee an outline of well-read, and intelligent New Church. what I thought it should be. I there- man-and withal a poorer one-than fore sketched the address, which was Edward Cartmell you may not easily placed in Mr. Woodman's hands, who meet with. As he is not able to do any with the president, made some valuable kind of work, I venture on his behalf alterations and additions. It was sub- to make this appeal, and shall be glad sequently laid before the Conference, to receive postage stamps or any other when it was further considered and form of assistance for him, which any adopted. Thus it happened that those friend, whom the Lord hath blessed who you inadvertently say prepared the with “the will and the way, may kindly address had no hand in its production. forward. He is well known to the Revs.

I take this opportunity of suggesting Bayley, Rendell, and Woodman.--I am, that it would be a good rule—which I sir, faithfully yours, think all will admit-for the Conference

ROBERT CATCHESIDE. to require the mover of any proposition to be a member of the committee for A SUGGESTION TO DEACONS AND carrying it out. In this instance it did

CHURCHWARDENS. not occur to me at the time-nor appa- To the Editor. rently to any one else--that I ouhgt to Dear Sir,-Early in June the follow. have been on that committee.- Very ing copy of a circular was issued to faithfully yours,

the members and congregation of our Sept. 11th, 1862. H. BUTTER. church. The result has been most

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satisfactory. By this new and simple ducing the plan to others, and all will at plan the contributions towards the sup- least have the opportunity of subscribing port of public worship have been more towards the ministerial and other exthan doubled. I ask your insertion of penses attendant on worship, if even this for the benefit of other churches, only to the extent of the widow's mite.' feeling assured that they have only to It was also unanimously resolved that adopt it to be convinced of its successful the proceeds of the quarterly collections operation. We find numbers now give (first Sundays in July, October, January, a trifle weekly, who, on the old plan and April) shall, in future, be devoted to could not afford a monthly or quarterly the maintenance of the Sunday-school subscription; and those who previously in connection with the church. It is subscribed liberally have doubled their not intended to make any other collecamounts, without apparently feeling the tions whatever, and at the anniversary difference. I am, dear Sir, yours very services the collections would only apply truly,

THOMAS STEVENSON. to entire strangers; the members and New Christian Church, Hedderly- friends putting their offertory envelope street, Nottingham.- At the monthly on the plate, it being perfectly optional church meeting, held on Monday even

whether the contents were increased or ing, June 2nd, when upwards of forty not on that occasion.—Applications for members were present, it was unani- envelopes may be made to the deacons mously resolved, that seat rents and at the close of each service, or at any the monthly subscription plan should be other time to Mr. Stevenson, or through immediately abolished, and weekly offer- the minister, the Rev. William Ray, 14, ings substituted forthwith.'-For the Esplanade. information of members, probationary

- John BAYLEY, members, and friends who were unable “ THOMAS STEVENSON, Deacons." to attend the meeting, the following " D. W. HEATH. explanation is given. Each person will P.S.-It has been thought prudent, be supplied every quarter with thirteen in consequence of the universal interest envelopes (being one for each Sunday manifested by all classes to visit the in the quarter); each envelope will be International Exhibition, and the state numbered according to the membership of local trade here, to postpone the proor other number, as entered in the book. posed bazaar until the coming spring, Into this envelope the holder puts a more especially as it is considered that penny, twopence, threepence, fourpence, many of the kind friends at a distance, sixpence, shilling, or any other sum, who had promised to aid us, will have a according to his or her ability. It is better opportunity of carrying out their then sealed up, and put into the box intentions during the winter months. placed at the door for the purpose, either We hope to be able to fix upon the exact coming in or going out at morning or time early in the coming year. evening service, as the case may be. The amount contained in such envelope

COLONIAL. is afterwards entered in the book opposite

CANADA. to the number attached to the name, The readers of the Repository will be the number only appearing on the pleased with the fact recorded in the envelope, so that the greatest privacy extract below, from a Montreal paper of is secured. The numbers, with their the 6th of August. amounts, will be announced every “ At four o'clock yesterday afternoon church meeting, so that any one will the ceremony took place of laying the have the opportunity of ascertaining corner stone of the New Jerusalem whether his or her amount is correctly church, corner of Dorchester and Hanostated, and if not, the same may be ver streets, opposite the Primary School, mentioned openly at the meeting, or McGill College. The ceremonies were privately to the Deacons. A few extra conducted by Mr. Edwin Gould, licenenvelopes, marked with the letter F, and tiate of the New Jerusalem church. In bearing the same number, will be given an air-tight glass jar the following docuto each person, to indicate (for instance) ments were enclosed, when the jar was that envelope No. 42 F is the 'free-will deposited in the cavity:-A sketch of the offering' of any friend whom No. 42 might History of the Society; a copy of the occasionally bring to the service. Thus Constitution of the Association of the every one will have the means of intro- New Church in Canada, with the Minutes

of its first Meeting; the Montreal Daily other day. The bears are so numerous Witness of August 5th, 1862; the New that the children of the Mill Brook, in Jerusalem Messenger for July 26th, 1862; going to school, have to be guarded by coins of Britain, Canada, and the United men. Such is the physical aspect of the States, of recent dates, &c. Mr. Gould country here. There has been a succes. then repeated the Lord's prayer, and sion of failures of crops, and the people read appropriate selections from the are consequently poor, in fact there is Old and New Testaments, the responses scarcely any money in circulation; whatbeing made by the audience. An address ever trade is carried on is done in the was then read, together with the sketch way of barter. To procure a few necesof the history of the New Jerusalem saries for me, in setting up house, our Church, the ceremonies closing with the people had to pay in spruce deals, which Lord's prayer and the Benediction." they carried to the merchants. My

salary is paid in wood, butter, meal, &c. Nova Scotia.

No money: the fact is, I cannot depend Mr. Gunton has kindly forwarded a on my profession for a living, but have letter he has received from the Rev. A. to put my hands to work. To-day I Mc.Arthur, from which we select for have been out chopping wood-fire publication such parts as are of general wood, -50 that I am literally eating my interest.

bread by the sweat of my brow. But I “ Tatamagouche, Colchester County, really enjoy the wild freedom of the

Nova Scotia, July 7th, 1862. back woods, with its rough work, bard “Dear Sir and Brother,—Unpleasant fare, and hard labour. The idea of circumstances occurring in connection being the first and only minister in this with my labours with the Paisley society province to publish the glorious truths induced me to resign my office of min- of the New Dispensation, impresses me ister to the society; I had also been with a sense of responsibility, while it strongly urged by my friends here to fills me with delight. It is a post of return, and resume my labours among trial to be sure, but it is also one of them. Here I am, therefore, in Nova honour. So I hope I shall learn to Scotia,—the only minister of the New labour and to wait, with a heart for any Church in the lower provinces of British fate. North America. I have organised & “I have been two sabbaths in the society known as the New Church society country, and I have already preached in of Mill Brook, New Annan, Nova Scotia. three different settlements. Next sabMy field of labour embraces a circuit of bath I am advertised to preach in & 20 miles. All the “receivers' within fourth. There are few churches in the this circle have been introduced to the county; we worship in school-houses, heavenly doctrines through my which are open to me. There is & labours; you may be sure, therefore, general willingness on the part of the that I am very dear to them as a minister, people to hear the new doctrines, and and that they gave me a very hearty good attendance, and great interest and welcome on my return. It would appear attention at the preachings. that, in the Lord's providence, I was “ Perhaps our friends in England, directed to the mother country to learn when made aware of what we are atthe way of the Lord more perfectly, that tempting, will aid us in carrying on the I might be better fitted to give instruc- work. Perhaps they may be willing to re. tion to hungry and thirsty souls here. cognize me as the missionary of the New

“ The district of country in which my Church in this country. We have two lot is cast is entirely new, most of the lots of Swedenborg's writings amongst farms having been redeemed from the We would like a few volumes of forest within the last twenty years. The 'Noble's Appeal,' Clowes' Gospels, greater part of the county is still in the ‘Bayley's Sermons,' a lot of hymn books wildness of nature, covered with spruce and tracts, &c. Will some kind friend and pine, waving in their vast magnifi. send me the "Intellectual Repository?' cence. Bears and mouse abound. The As to sending money for these books, it is mouse is the elk of this country—an entirely out of our power: we positively immense animal, larger than an have no money at all amongst us. There One of these large creatures looked

in is, however, this year tke prospect of at the window of one of our people, who good crops, and the people will be able, has his house in the wilderness, the I hope, to redeem their circumstances,




and give material aid in facilitating the them for the valued gifts they have descent of the New Jerusalem in this presented to her; and I beg you to northern land.

convey it to them, with the renewed “You are at liberty to make such use assurance that these gifts to my dear of this hurriedly written note as you may wife have produced in me the sweetest see fit.

joy I have ever felt.

I gladly seize this opportunity to FOREIGN

express to you all my sympathy, and FRANCE AND GERMANY.

to thank you for the kind welcome I Acknowledgment of Mesdames Le Boys received from you and all your family,

des Guays, Harlé, and Tafel, for the on which I pray the Lord to shower Gifts presented to them by the Ladies His blessings. Your friend and brother of the New Church in England. in our Lord, The idea so happily conceived by one

LE BOYS DES GUAYS. of our countrywomen, herself an orna. Mr. Thos. Watson, ment to the church and to her sex, and 19, Highbury-crescent, London. so warmly taken up by the rest, to present the wives of our three illustrious “ Aux Dames de la Nouvelle Eglise visitors from France and Germany with

d'Angleterre. some mark of their sisterly esteem for “ Chères Dames et bien-aimées Seurs them as fellow-workers with their hus.. en notre Seigneur Jésus Christ,-Perbands, by love, in their labours of wisdom, mettez-moi de vous exprimer ma prohaving been successfully carried out, as fonde reconnaissance pour le don que je reported last montb ;-we have now the reçois de votre bonté envers mon cher pleasure of recording the acknowledg- mari et envers moi. J'ai été émue en ments of these ladies to their sisters in voyant la belle Sainte Bible, et chaque England for this tribute of affection. fois que je la lirai, je penserai aux For the sake of some of our readers, bonnes et aimables sœurs qui me l'ont we give a translation of the French and offerte d'une manière si gracieuse. La German letters. Madame Harlé's, with très jolie bague m'a fait un plaisir its accompanying note, are written in extrême et sera aussi conservée par English. These letters have been kindly moi bien précieusement. forwarded to us by Mr. Watson, to whom “ Mon mari m'a raconté l'accueil they were addressed.

cordial et sympathique qu'il avait reçu

de ses amis de la Nouvelle Eglise en “ Saint-Amand (Cher), Angleterre; merci, chères sœurs, mon

“31 Août, 1862. cour en est profondément touché, car " Cher Monsieur et Ami, - Je vous nous ne faisons qu'un. adresse ci-inclus une lettre de ma “Nous priont le Seigneur qu'il répande femme aux dames de la Nouvelle Eglise sur vous, chères amies, ses plus abond'Angleterre, en remercîments des dons dantes bénédictions, et qu'il nous accorde précieux qu'elles lui ont offerts, et je le bonheur d'être toutes réunies un jour vous prie de la leur remettre, en leur dans la Jérusalem céleste. exprimant de nouveau que les dons faits “ Veuillez agréer, chères Dames et à ma chère épouse ont produit en moi bonnes Seurs, l'assurance de ma sincère la plus douce joie que j'aie jamais affection Chrétienne. éprouvée.

“CLOTILDE LE BOYS DES GUAYS." “Je saisis vivement cette occasion

[Translation.] pour vous exprimer toute ma sympathie, To the Ladies of the New Church in et vous remercier de l'accueil bienveillant

England. que j'ai reçu de vous et de toute votre Dear Ladies and beloved Sisters in famille, sur laquelle je prie le Seigneur our Lord Jesus Christ,-Permit me to de répandre ses

bénédictions.—Votre ami express to you my deep gratitude for the et frère en Notre Seigneur,

gift bestowed upon me by your kindress “LE BOYS DES Guays.” towards my dear husband and myself. [Translation.)

I was moved on seeing the beautiful Saint-Amand (Cher), copy of the Holy Bible, and every time

31st August, 1862. I read it I shall think of the good and Dear Sir and Friend,-Enclosed is kind sisters who have in so graceful a a letter from my wife to the ladies of manner presented it to me. the New Church in England, thanking elegant ring has given me extreme

The very

pleasure, and it also will be carefully Freundlichkeit, womit Sie auch der treasured by me. My husband has given abwesenden Frauen gedachten, und für me an account of the cordial and sympa- die schönen, in einem Ring und in einer thetic welcome he received from his Englishen Bibel bestehenden Gaben, friends of the New Church in England. die Herr Tafel auch für mich als Ueber. Thanks, dear sisters! my heart is deeply raschung von der Englischen Reise mit touched by this, for we make but one. zurückbrachte. Die Gastfreudschaft und We pray the Lord to shed upon you, vielfachen Beweise von Liebe und Theil. dear friends, His richest blessings, and nahme, deren mein Mann unter seinen to grant us all the felicity of meeting Neukirchlichen Freunden in England together one day in the heavenly Jeru- sich zu erfreuen hatte, werden gewiss salem. Please to accept, dear ladies and dankbar in seiner Erinnerung fortleben, good sisters, the assurance of my sincere und haben wohl viel dazu beigetragen, Christian affection.

dass er erfrischt und zu neuer Arbeit CLOTILDE LE BOYS DES GUAYS. gestärkt, von dieser schönen Reise wieder

heim gehehrt ist. Für all dieses Wohl. “Champlan, par Longjumeau (Seine wollen noch besonders warmen herzet Oise), 31st Aug., 1862.

lichen Dank und Gruss von “Dear Sir,-I send you, and beg you

“ WILHELMINE transmit to the New Church ladies

[Translation.) in England, the thanks of my wife, to Not being sufficiently familiar with which I iteratively join mine, for their the English language to express myself kind and beautiful gift, and also to you, in it with correctness, I take the liberty sir, and to our other dear friends, for all of using my native German to return your kindness to us.—Believe me to be, my heartfelt thanks to the ladies of the with brotherly affection, truly yours, New Church in England, for their kind

“ AUG. HARLE. and friendly remembrance of the absent " To Mr. Thos. Watson."

wives of their foreign friends, and for “Please to accept, as a testimony of the beautiful but unexpected gifts of a the two authors' affection, a copy of our ring and English Bible, which Mr. Tafel French New Testament, which I address presented to me on his return from his to you by this same courier."

English journey. The hospitality and

numerous proofs of love and sympathy To the Ladies of the New Church in which my husband received from his England.

New Church friends in England will “Dear Ladies,— With a deep sense of assuredly continue to live gratefully in your kiņdness to my husband and my: his memory; and they have materially self, I receive your gift of a fine ring and contributed to his returning home from a beautiful holy Bible. I have been his delightful journey refreshed and delighted with all that M. Harlé has strengthened for renewed labour. For related to me of the cordial reception all this kindnes accept once more my he has met with from his New Church warmest and most cordial thanks and friends in England. In the spirit of kindest regards. WILHELMINA TAFEL. conjugal union with him, I pray the Lord, our Father and Saviour, to bestow

Marriage upon you His precious blessings, and to On Tuesday, July 29th, at the Upper lead us all, by the practice of His divine Chapel, Sheffield (kindly granted for the commandments, to eternal happiness in occasion), by the Rev. R. Storry, Mr. His heavenly kingdom.- In this com- George Wilkinson to Miss Sarah Ann mon hope, believe me to be, dear ladies, Wynn, second daughter of Mr. Alfred your affectionate

" HÉLÈNE HARLÉ. Wynn, leader of the society at Sheffield. Champlan, 31st August, 1862.” This was the first occasion on which our

marriage service had been used in this From Madame Tafel.

large town. “ Tübingen, den 9ten Sept., 1862. “Der Englischen Sprache zu wenig

Obituary. mächtig, um mich richtig darin aus- Departed this life, August 8th, 1862, drücken zu können, erlaube ich mir, at Derby, in his 72nd year, Mr. George in der deutschen Muttersprache den Sunter, highly respected for his vigorous Damen der Neuen Kirche in England good sense and independent liberality of herzlich zu danken für die Güte und judgment. He was born and educated


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