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inn at Eaton, being bit by a mad dog, ferocity incident to its nature, and tore was chained up, under the vulgar notion, her in a manner too shocking to partithat if canine madness does not make cularize. The cries of the poor tinforits appearance in nine days, the animal tunale, and of the children, reached has not received the intestion ; and no Rogers and the bear ward, who almost fymptoms at the end of that time ap- at the same moment entered the house, pearing, he was let loose, and instantly and beheld a light fufficient to appall bit a poor lad of the name of Nagee, the molt callous mind; what then muft who was not only sent to the falt-water, have been the feelings of a husband? but took the Ornskirk medicine; yet, He flew to the animal, but was unable notwithstanding all the fe precautions, to wrench its jaws from the object of he died milerably in a few days. He its fury. The bear ward then struck was perfe&tly sensible to the last, and it on the head with a hammer, but the what' puzzles the medical gentlemen haft flying off, the blow was powerless; who attended him, actually drank a it however turned the bent of its rage quart of cold water a thort time before on him, and it pursued him until he he expired, although he had from the was nearly exhausted with fatigue, and time he was for at leized not been able to be inuft have fallen a victim had not endure the smallest drop of that ele. the neighbours, alarmed at the outcries, ment, and even expressed the most come up with him, and, at a second fhocking sensations on feeling the out. hot, laid it dead. The woman ex. ward air from the opening of the doors pired in dreadful agony two days after. or windows, or the coulness which The following melancholy accident happened from persons in the room lately happened at Reading : Mr. occationally passing between him and Barton, at Anvil Farm, near Basing. the fire.

stoke, sent a servant with a horse and

cart to fetch his children home from a ACCIDENTS.

day school in the neighbourhood, but Some workmen, on the 20th, digging when they were arrived within a few in the cellars of a cotton-work, the yards of their own house, by the carecorner of Hanover-street, Manchelter, lesness of the servant, the horse run too near the foundation, the building along a foot-bridge, and overthrew the gave way, and several people were cart into the river, by which accident buried in the ruins; many were dug Mr. Baiton's only son, about four out alive, and carried to the hospitals, years of age, was killed, and three of but their existence is despaired of. Two his daughters, with some other chil. men and two women were crushed to dren that were in the cart, very much death. Mr. Leach, a publican, to bruiled. Mrs. Barton was the firft whom the building belonged, had, person who heard the Orieks of the ftabling under it, and upwards of thirty poor children, to whose relief the imhorses in them; they were all except mediately flew ; and ran into river, four four dug out almolt unhurt. It hap. feet deep, and speedily ferched out the pened about eleven o'clock; and a girls ; but could not find the boy for most melancholy spectacle it was. The lone time, till at last the discovered building was fix stories high.

him under the cart, dead. The horse A circunstance not less dreadful in was drowned before he could be dilenits consequence than disgraceful to a tangled from the harness. civilized nation happened at High Green, The pıh, a molt melancholy accident a few miles from Sheffield, the begin. happered at Iron-gate Wharf. Twe ing of this month. A bear, kept there men working the crane, one of them for the amusement of the country peo on a trifling occasion left his comple ai their wakes, got loose, and en: panion to manage the engine, but his tered the dwelling of a person named itrength failing him in lorering dowa Rogers. The unfortunate wife of the above twelve hundred weight of copman was fitting with one child on her per, the wheel threw him with such lap, and another beside her, when the violence against the beam, that he was creature seized her with all the lavage instantly jammed to death.

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The 6th, as Mrs. Barker, wife of hension of a mortification in her extres Mr. Barker, of Asleburgh, farmer, mities, it is thought she cannot reu, and Mrs. Warren, of the same place, cover. were going to Norwich in a market

MURDER.' cart, they were met near the bridge in Very numerous have been the riots, Damgate-street, Wymondham, 'by a robberies, and depredations committed ftage-waggon, againit which, owing to ac Portimouth, since the thips have bethe darkness of the morning, they drove gun to be paid off ; but on the 6th, a the fafts of their cart, which was fpectacle of the most horrid nature pre thereby overfet, and the two women fented itself; the body of a man in lail. were thrown with such extreme violence or's cloaths was found just outside of against the waggon wheels, as to occa one of the ports near the Sally Port, on fion their inftant death.

the Beachi His skull was quite beat LONGEVITY.

in, apparently by a hammer, and many There is at present in the island of other marks of violence appeared about Jura, one of the Hebrides, a woman of him. He was most probably murdered the name of Catherine Lindsay, who

in one of those infamous houses at the has now attained to the surprising age of back of the Pķint, and the body thrust one hundred and fix. In all the course through the port-holes, with intent that of her long life she has enjoyed unin. taken to the work-house, and the co

the sea might wash it away. It was Ferrupted good health. She gained her harvelt fee last year; lhe can milk a

roner's inqueft brought in their verdict,

cow, murfe a child, and thinks nothing of Wilful Murder by persons unknown. walking five miles without shoes. Her It is, however, Itrongly supposed to have laeth are entire, and theftill enjoys the been committed by a woman with whom use of all her faculties. Her husband is

he had previously cohabited. living, who is upwards of ninety. In

A moft barbarous murder was, in the same illand of Jura, which does not

the night of the 17th, or early on the contain more than seven hundred inha. morning of the 18th, committed in the bitanış, there were found last year, hy

house of Mary Skotton, an old woman, an actual survey taken by the minister who lived in New Grapel-lane, Ratof the place, eighty people who were cliffe Highway. A German Sailor, wher fourscore

faid he had been discharged lajely from years

of and upwards.

the navy, had taken a lodging in this

woman's house the beginning of laft A poor girl was found, the beginning week. John Appleton, a mate of a of this month, in a barn in the neigh- coasting vessel, was likewise a lodger in bourhood of Hereford, in a mort de- the house. He had come home about plorable state. She gave the following feven o'clock the preceding evening. account-That Me is a pariArioner of The 'failor returned about nine, and Ross, and had been on a visit to some went to bed. in the night, the failor, relations near Ledbury; but on her re- it is fupposed, as he has since absconded, turn fainted, owing to the fatigre of her went into the room of Appleton, and journey. She was taken up by a per- cut his throat from ear to ear, and ion on the road, who conveyed her to the ein pried his pockers, besides taking away place in which the was discovered : the the cloaths he thought fit. Not conperfon there left her, -promifing to-re- rented with this favage cruelty,

' he then turn and render her that afstance the fo went into the room of the poor old much wanted ; but he inhuman ly neg.. woman who kept the house, and murlected to realize those hopes which the dered her likewise, and rifled her room semblance of benevolence had inspired. of money and articles of value to rite The poor girl added, That'the remained amount of fixteen pounds, and then ab. in a miserable face of incapacity, and fconded. In the course of the night, without sustenance, several days; and he was heard to strike a 'light. In the faw no person whatever till Mhe was ac- morning the milk wonjan not finding cidentally discovered. She was con the old woman answer her knock at the veyed to the Infirmary; but, fromý her door, fufpected mischief, and called for emaciated condition, and the - appre- aisiitance: Some neighbours entered VOL. II.




re .

the house, and found the two murdered FORCE OF READING ROMANCES, bodies weltering in their blood.

Sir K. Aindlie, who succeeded for

James Porter, as Britih minitter at the JUSTICE. Old Bailey, when judgment of death luctantly to his native country. It is The 13th, the feflions enited at the Porte, is, after more than fifteen years

residence there, about to return was palled upon thirteen convicts ; twenty received fentence of tranfo rutal of the Arabian Night's Entertain

no le ls fingular than true, that the pe. portalion for seven years, one to hard

ments first inspired him with a taste for Jabour on the River Thames for two

Eastern manners, and a trong and unyears, twelve to be imprisoned in Newgate, eight in Clerkenwell Bridesvell, abating defue to. vist Conftantinople.

patron, the earl of Rochford, as eleven to be publicly whipped, one fined one thilling, and thisteen were southern department, accordingly gra

that time secretary of State for the discharged by proclamation. On the morning of the same day, he now holds, and after procuring for

tified his curiosity by the appointmena Edward Welfh, for the wilful murder him the honour of knighthood, dismissed of Margaret Lane, was executed in the him on his embafly. On his arrival, Old Bailey, and his body afterwards for Robert, in his house, kis gardens, delivered to the surgeons for dissection, and his table, affumed the style and agreeably to his sentence.

fashion of a Mullulman of rank; in fine, At a court-martial held on the 16th he lived en Turc, and pleased the natives at Portfinopih, on board his majesty's Arip Royal William,,came on the trial fo much by this seeming policy, which

was no other than the gratification of his of John Underhill and Thomas Fox,

own inclinations, that he became more feamen, belonging to his majesty's flip popular than any of the Chriftian miniFormidable, for disobedience of orders, sers. He has, on several occasions, reand for striking a lieutenant, boatswain; ceived the most honourable marks of and maker's mate, belonging to the said

attention, not only from all the great hip, when on duty at the dock-yard. officers of the divan, but alfo from the The court, after examining several wit lait and the present sultan : his resignanefles, and confidering the several cir- tion will therefore be a ferious lois to cumstances, fentenced the former to be the English settled in the capital of the hanged, and the latter to receive one Turkish dominions, and to all fuch as, hundred lashes round the feet.

either from business or curiosity, may be

inclined to visit any part of that exten. The 8th, at night, a 'fire broke out five empire. at Cumberwell-house, near Bradford,

NEW SOUTH WALES. Wilts, the property of the Rev. Dr. Lieutenant King, of his majesty's Taunton, which consumed the same, navy, arrived from Harwich at lord with all the plate, furniture, books, &c. Grenville's office, and the Admiralty, on &c. It was with the greatest difficulty' the 20th, with dispatches from governor the family escaped with their lives ; Philips, dated at Sydney Cove, the 13th two of the servants jumped out of a of April last. We learn by this conveyo window, one of them broke her leg, and ance, that the new settlement was in as the other her back, a third Nid down flourishing a State as could reasonably the leaden pipe of the house, and for- be expected'; the soil is found to be untunately escaped the flames. The but- commonly fertile and luxuriant, and ler going into the house, in order to will in a sort time, it is hoped, yield a fave some valuable notes, writings, &c. sufficient nourishment for its new inha. belonging to his master, perished in the bitants. Government has received fam. attempt. The loss is estimated at up- ples of its produce of wheat, barley, and wards of five thoufand pounds, no part rice, all of which are of the fineft qua. of which, we hear, was infured. This lity, and very abundant in their growtha melancholy accident is supposed to have The harvest of last year already probeen occafioned by sone linen being put duced three hundred bushels of corn. to dry too near the fire in the laundry, A principal chief among the natives before the family went to bed, lives with governor Philips, in his house;



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and a native female lives as fervant to body was seldom without bearing the the chaplain. They are convinced of marks of his adversaries blows, as he the Superiority of the British govern. had himself acknowledged. mnent, and fhew no figns of resistance. Lately, at Cheltenham, Mr. David

The fettlement was in no great want Davies, a native of Landair, in Monta of provisions when lieutenant King left gomeryshire, where he gave directions it; a further fupply from Europe might to be interred, and had ordered fix-pence be expected to arrive at Botany Bay to be given to every perfon attending about six weeks after hieutenant King's his funeral, when no less than one thoudeparture, as the store fhips, which left sand and thirty perfons from off the England lafu November, had arrived at mountains assembled on the occalion the Cape and failed again.

and received lix-pence each. Great inconveniencies must naturally The 8th, Mr: Lewis Mendes, Atockarife in the formation of any new ela- broker, aged 74, of the ftone in his blishment, but these have been for the bladder. His property is left in the most part superceded. The allowance following mavner : "to his eldest son to each convict was two pounds of pork, five pounds; to his second fon fifty four pounds of flour, and feven pounds pounds; and the remainder, to the of rice per week, befides kth, which are amount of eleven thousand pounds, to caught in abundance. This portion of his housekeepers food is in every respect ample. There . Lately, at Crumlin, Ireland, Mrs.. evas plenty of cloathing.

« Mary Tench, aged ibo years ;. . her In addition to the supplies that might father, Mr. Garret Tench, lived to the be expected from. England, that seat by age of 104, her mother 96, and her lieutenant Riou from the Cape, would uncle, Mr. Andrew Tench, to the age likewise arrive soon after Mr. King left of 110: the has left two sisters living, Botany Bay.

whole age added make 170 years.

The 19th, in the soad year of her The latter end of this year is distin, age, Mrs. Cradock, relict of the revo guihed by the occurrence of several William Cradock, formerly rector of tremendous storms of thunder and Rickinghall Superior, in Suffolk. lightning, accompanied with a powerful Lately, at Aberdeen, Anne Ban wind, which, in many parts of this nerman, aged 703 years. ifande has done considerable damage The 18th, at his house near Stokt to buildings ;. many have fallen, many Newington, Mr. John Watson, aged more have been unroofed, and several 94., Mr. Watson is fupposed to be one lives loft on the melancholy occasion. of the latest survivors of the crew of the The shipping, also, has suffered con- Centurion, who accompanied lord Anfiderably.

Son in his voyage round the world; and DEATHS.

as a proof of his attachment to that ferALWinall, near Coventry, the be- vice, he has bequeathed his house and ginning of she month, aged 108, John garden to a person who failed with him, Plaves, more usually known by the for his use during life. At the decease appellation of Old Blue Skin.' He of this perfon, it is willed to any other lived as a servant in the Beauwater fa- (if such there may be) who can prove mily near fifty years, and afterwards that he went the came voyage as a combuilt himself a cottage in Winall, near mon Seaman. It is afterwards to go to the turnpike-road; and though he the relatives of the original proprietor. Tout not then be by any means a Mr. Wasfon by formerly keeping

a pubyoung man, he lived to see the trees lic-house, and acting as an agent for seahe planted round it become large tim- men, had acquired a competency; bero; Ho had feveral of his teeth when Ac his villa, pear Palota, Lowes he died, and detained his memory to Hungary, M. Drunnetzar, who had she latt. He obtained the name of Blue written very ingeniously on the methods Skin, from having very frequently, of finding and comparing the gravity. when a young man, been beaten black of bodies towards the planets. He and blue; for, being a hardy fellow, had annotated on the fublime' matheand having a good deal of spirit, bis matical researches of fut lsaac Nervión,

and prefixed some account of him from afterwards married, and had twelve the time that great English philofopher children by one wife, who dying several was a student at Trinity College, Cam- years ago, he never fuffered himself to bridge.

be thayed during that period. His Lately, at Maryport, in Cumber. principal attendant, for many years past, land, Joseph Peele, aged 107.-This was a maideh daughter, norv almok extraordinary person, who resigned his eighty years of age. He was chiefly breath in the same cottage he received it, fupported, of late, by the bounty, ofi was an apprentice to a rope-maker in fome families in his neighbourhood Whitehaven, in the reign of queen and retained his health to the latt, a Anne, from whence being impressed, he trifling defect in his fight and hearing Served in the wars during her reign ; he exçepted.



LTHOUGH we cannot at pre. The tonnage of the

shipsent ascertain the principles on ping of the port of Lonwhich the following calculations were don is computed 198,557) made ; yet, as they have been of late which may be estimated as years admitted by many of our best bout one fourth of the merpolitical writers, they are presumed to cantile shipping of the be tolerably correct. ::

whole island, which then They were drawn up some confi. amounts to 714,228 tons, derable time ago, and consequently which at ten pounds per may now be supposed capable of an ton, gives

7,1483 addition to most of the sums here fpe The merchandise and cified,

goods brought to us for :~ The annual yalue of the

our home and foreign lands, of G Britain is

trade, and our consumpgenerally estimated at

tion, may be computed at twenty millions. The va.

five times the value of the lue of the fee thereof, at

Mipping, which will be 35,711,400 twenty years purchase,

with. therefore is 400,000,000 out ordnance

5,000,00 The value of the ftock

The value of our home on the said lands may be


20,000,000 estimated at five times.

Our plate, jewels, and the yearly value, the stock

rich furniture

20,000,000 on land being commonly Jo estimated; 100,000,000

Total 5.617,853,68@ The cash of Grear Bri.


The royal navy,




Ad for the support of the dignity mutiny bill

of the fpeaker of the House of Com For regulating the marine forces mons, and for disabling him from while on Shore,

holding any other publio office for The corn indemnity Act.

the time being Kand-tax act,

For defraying the payand clothing Malt duty. act

the militia


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