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Almighty and everlasting God, who in thy holy Word hast set before us life and death, blessing and cursing; and in thine abundant mercy hast entreated us to choose life that our souls may live, and hast moreover held out every encouragement, and made promises of every needful grace and assistance to enable us to shun the evil and to obtain the good; grant us, O Lord, a deep and an abiding sense of the value of our immortal souls. In all the changes, and amidst all the duties and employments of this passing life, may we ever have eternity on our minds, and the glory of thy saints in view. May the terrors of the undying worm, and of that fire which never is quenched frequently recur to our thoughts. In all our hands find to do, let us do all as unto thee ; and in whatever place or employ we are found, may we seek first thy king

Oh that we may

dom and thy righteousness; may we never forget that after death comes the judgment, and that as the tree falls so it must for ever lie; may we ever bearin mind that a soul once blessed with thee in thy kingdom is blessed for ever, and that if it be once lost, once commanded to depart, it is lost for ever. continually be kept under the Saviour's wings; washed from our sins in his most precious blood, and sanctified by thy Spirit. May each of us be preserved in the watching and waiting state of those good servants who expect the coming of their Lord. Grant this, O heavenly Father, for Jesus Christ our Redeemer's sake, by whom we are instructed thus to pray, “ Our Father,” &c.


Almighty and eternal God, who hast appointed a day in which thou wilt judge the world in righteousness by thy beloved Son Jesus Christ; grant that we may

be found prepared for that awful event, by being found among those whose sins have been blotted out in the blood of the Lamb, and whose souls have been renewed and sanctified by the Holy Ghost. Keep us, O Lord, continually mindful, that as death leaves us judgment will find us, that there is no repentance in the grave. Come down at this time, O Lord, and speak in conviction and conversion to those in our assembly, who have hitherto lived in sin and willing ignorance of thee; and speak in peace and consolation to such as may feel the burden of their sins, and are groaning for pardon and deliverance. And finally speak in sweet consolation and assurance to such as are in some degree acquainted with Christ Jesus and his precious salvation. May we each and all depart from this service determined through grace to be found watching and waiting for thy coming, that so whenever we are called hence, we may be found as the wise virgins with our lamps trimmed and our lights burning, and thus through thine unmerited mercy be admitted into thine heavenly kingdom, there to live with, and love and serve thee for ever and for ever, for Jesus Christ's sake, by whom we are instructed thus to pray, “ Our Father,” &c.



J. Dennett, 121, Fleet Street.


21, BERNERS STREET. 1. The RETROSPECT; or, a Review of Providential Mercies, with Anecdotes of various Characters, and an Address to Naval Officers. By ALIQUIS, formerly a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, and now a Minister in the Established Church. Twentieth Edition, 12mo., 5s, cloth boards and lettered.

Also, by the same Author, 2. The OCEAN, Spiritually Reviewed, and compared to passing Scenes on the Land; with various Anecdotes and Reflections. Sixth edition, 12mo. 5s. cloth boards, and lettered.

3. MORNING MEDITATIONS, or a Series of Reflections on varions Passages of Holy Scripture and Scriptural Poetry, for every Day in the Year. Fifth edition, 12mo. greatly enlarged, 5s. cloth boards, and lettered.

Also, uniform with the above, and on the same plan, 4. EVENING MEDITATIONS. 12mo. 5s. cloth.

5. The VILLAGE OBSERVER, or an Attempt to prove that poor People may be happy. Tenth edition. Two vols. 18mo. in one, 2s. 6d. ueatly half-bound, and lettered.

6. The VILLAGE PASTOR. Second edition. Two vols. 18mo, in one, 28. 6d, neatly half-bound, and lettered.

7. THE VILLAGE CHURCH-YARD, or, Reflections on Death, Past Times, and a Future State. Fifth edition. Two vols. 18mo. in one, 28. 6d. neatly half-bound, and lettered.

8. PIOUS HARRIET; or the History of a Young and Devout Christian. Eleventh edition. 18mo. stiff covers, 8d.

9. The COTTAGE GIRL; an Interesting Account of Ann Edwards. Eighteenth edition. 18mo. stiff covers, 8d.

10. THE SAILOR'S MONITOR, or Harry Williams and his Shipmates. Sixth edition. 18mo. Sd. stiff covers.

11. The THATCHER'S WIFE, or an Account of MARY Camps. Twelfth edition. 18mo. 6d. stiff covers.

12. The DYING EXPERIENCE of MARY ANN. 18mo. Tenth edition. 4d.

13. LITTLE ANN, an interesting Narrative, in Three Letters to a friend. Thirteenth thousand. 18mo. 4d.

14. VICE, PENITENCE, and VIRTUE, exhibited in the Life and Conduct of Three Sunday School Girls. Sixth edition, 18mo. stitf covers, 4d.

15. FAMILIAR QUESTIONS, for the Junior Classes of Sunday Schools. Twenty-seventh thousand, corrected and enlarged. 18mo. 3d.

16. The DEVOTIONAL TESTAMENT; containing Reflections and Meditations on the different Paragraphs of the New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ; intended as a help for the Cluset and for Domestic Worship. Small 4to. price 16s, cloth boards.

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