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quired. Whosoever obtains them all, will not languish long from a wounded lung, or need fear for his life. Any of the following herbs may be added thereto, butcher's broom, agrimony, tutsan, dwarf elder, amphibious persicaria, centaury, round birth wort, field scabious, pepper mint, daisy, knap weed, roots of the red nettle, crake berry, St. John's wort, privet, wood betony, the roots of the yellow goat's beard, heath, water avens, woodruff, leaves of the earth nut, agrimony, wormwood, the bastard balm, small burdock, and the orpine.



13. For intermittent fevers. Take dandelion and fumatory, infused in water, the first thing in the morning. Then about noon take wormwood infused in water likewise, drinking it as often as ten times, the draught being rendered tepid. Let bread made with pounded wheat be also taken, or oaten cakes, goat's whey, the flesh of a young fowl, husky porridge in water, milk being abstained from, and indeed every kind of milk diet. If the ague does not then terminate, the patient must be put in a bath, when the paroxysm comes on, and an emetic given him whilst in the bath, as it will then act more powerfully.

COOLING DRINKS. $ 14. The three best cooling drinks are apple water, goat's whey, and spring water.


$ 15. Another treatment for an intermittent fever. Take the mugwort, dwarf elder, tutsan, amphibious persicaria, pimpernel, butcher's broom, elder bark, and the mallow, and boiling them together as well as possible in a pot, or cauldron. Then take the water and herbs, and add them to


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the bath. The following is a good medicine for this class of

. diseases : take moss, ground ivy, or elder, if obtainable, (if not obtainable, caraway,) and boil these two vegetable substances well together. Then take the mallow, fennel, pimpernel, butcher's broom, borage, and the young leaves of the earth nut, and bruise them as well as possible, putting them on the fire with the two herbs before mentioned, and boiling them well. This being done, let elder bark be taken from that portion of the tree which is in the ground, let it be scraped and washed thoroughly, and bruised well in a mortar. Then take the liquor prepared from the forementioned herbs, and mix the said bark therein assiduously between both hands, and set it to drain into a vessel to acidify, fermenting it with goat's whey, or cow's whey. Let a good cupful thereof be drank every morning as long as it lasts, a portion of raw honey, apple or wood sorrel, being taken subsequently in order to remove the taste from the mouth, after the draught. This liquor is beneficial to every man who requires to purge his body.

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$ 16. There are two kinds of hemorrhoids, humoral hemorrhoids and inflamed hemorrhoids, the latter produced by summer heat, the former by summer moisture, when either condition prevails. It is in this manner that it comes. Four veins proceed from the liver to the anus ; therefore, thus it may be cured. Secure three of these by means of a ligature, and let the fourth be left free. The cautery also should be applied to the ancles, and about the knees and hams. Thus the blood will be habitually diverted to the lower extremities, when the cauteries shall have discharged all the humor from the vein.

The second plan of treatment is as follows. Take the mallow, and boil it in wheat ale, or in spring water. Then take that which grows in the earth of the elder (bark,) bruise well in a mortar, and mix it, crude as it is, with the above mentioned decoction, and administer it quickly to the patient, so as to act upon his bowels. Let him afterwards be forbidden beef, cheese, leeks, large fish, salmon, eels, ducks, garlic, and all kinds of milk diet, except whey made with warm milk (from the cow.)




§ 17. There are four kinds of abdominal complaints. ascites, peritonitis, abdominal tumor, and tympanitis. Ascites cannot be cured. Tympanitis also is a disease from which there is no escape, though it is not soon fatal. Peritonitis is treated by means of an emetic, the blue confection and a medicine. These are the herbs required (for the medicine ;) the sweet gale, bay leaves, pimpernel, male speedwell, river startip, borage, moss, liverwort, the young leaves of the earth nut, and the mallow. The before-mentioned emetic should be thus prepared. Take the stinking hellebore (dug fresh) from the ground, from the root, washing it well, slicing it thin, then bruising it in a mortar, as well as can be done, the refuse being thrown away (after the juice is expressed.) The juice should then be put in a pan on the fire (and boiled) whilst there is any ebullition (till nearly solid,) keeping it by you as long as you wish, making small pills thereof when you administer it to the sick. Abdominal tumor is cured by means of cauteries, issues, a cordial, and an emetic.


§ 18. Certain warts will often form about the anus. The best way to remove them, is to dig them out with cold iron, afterwards cauterizing their seat, and anointing the same with honey.



§ 19. There are three kinds of painful urinary disorders. Strangury. It is cured by means of an emetic, a cordial, cauteries, and a dry (hot air) bath. A hard vesical calculus is thus extracted by operation. Take a staff and place it in the bend of the knee; then fix both arms within the knees, doubling them up over the staff, and securing both wrists with a fillet, over the nape of the neck, the patient (being placed on the back,) his stomach up, with some support under both thighs, and the calculus cut for on the left side of the urethra. Let him be subsequently put in a water bath that same day, also the day following early, and after this he should be put in the kyffeith. Then he should be removed to his bed, and laid there on his back, his wound being cleaned, and dressed with flax and salt butter. He should be kept in the same temperature, until it be known whether he shall escape (the effects of the operation.) He should be kept without food or drink for a day and a night previous to the operation, and should have a bath.

If the disease be gravel, make a medicine of the following herbs, mascerated in strong clear wheat ale, viz. water pimpernel, tutsan, meadow sweet, St. John's wort, ground ivy, agrimony, milfoil, birch, common burnet, columbine, motherwort, laurel, gromwel, betony, borage, dandelion, little field madder, amphibious persicaria, liverwort.

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STERILITY.-TREATMENT. $ 20. A sterile woman may have a potion prepared for her by means of the following herbs, viz :-St. John's wort, yew, agrimony, amphibious persicaria, creeping cinque foil, mountain club moss, orpine and pimpernel, taking an emetic in addition,

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$ 21. A woman who is subject to profuse menstruation, should take the reddish bastard balm, small burdock, orpine, stinking goose foot, pimpernel, water avens, with the ashes of a hart's horns, that has been killed with his antlers on, boiling them, as well as possible in red wine, straining the liquor carefully, and drinking it daily, till it is finished, abstaining (the while) from stimulating food. Being restrained by the above means, the blood will be habitually diverted to the thighs and ancles.

QUINSEY. $ 22. The roots of the corn bell flower, will break the quinsey, being digested in cold water, drank and retained in the mouth.


$ 23. Dandelion digested in cold water, and drank, will promote the exfoliation of the skull in aged men.


§ 24. Viper's garlic, and shepherd's needle. The juice of the roots will form an issue, that of the leaves a seaton.

ISSUES AND WORMS. $ 25. The roots of the mugwort boiled in wine, will form an issue also; the leaves treated in like manner will destroy


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