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LONDON. PROPOSALS have been issued for publishing with leading Questions and Hints, designed by subscription, in three volumes 12mo, as an easy Manuduction to the Practice of Historical and Literary Botany, containing English Composition ; 3. Poetic Reading the qualities, anecdotes, and superstitions made Easy, by means of Metrical Notes to relative to those Trees, Plants, and Flowers, each Line: 4. An Appendix of Select Prose ; which are mentioned in Sacred and Profane by John Carey, LL.D. History; the particulars of some rare and Sir John Sinclair announces his long procurious Plants which bear the names of ce- mised Code of Agriculture, founded on all lebrated persons; and also those which are the publications of the Board, and intended used in the religious worship and civil ce- to comprise a summary of their results. remonies of divers nations ; together with The following are the outlines of his plan : the devices, proverbs, &c. which derive their —. Tó consider those “ Preliminary origin from these vegetables ; concluding Points” to which a farnier ought to attend, with a Romantic Story, entitled, “ Flowers, otherwise he can never expect to carry on, from the French of Madame de Genlis, with in a useful manner, any system of hus. Explanatory Notes," &c. ; by Eliza J. bandry. These particulars are, climateReid.

soil-subsoil-elevation--aspect--situation Dr Blake of Weymouth is preparing for tenure, whether in property or on lease the press, in several volumes imperial 4to, rent-burdens on, and size of the farm. a Splendid and Authentic Peerage of the 2. To inquire into the nature of “ Those United Kingdom, from the Earliest Records means of cultivation which are essential to to the Present Day, in which will be given ensure its success :" these are, capital-regu. a genealogical and tabular view of the per- lar accounts arrangement of agricultural sonal descent, original creation, and colla labour-farm servants labourers in husteral branches of every title, whether living bandry-live stock-implements_agriculor extinct; forming at once a clear and com- tural buildings command of .water-diviprehensive history of every family on which sions of fields, and farm roads. 3. To point any distinction had been conferred by the “ The various modes of improving Sovereigns of these kingdoms. It is intende land,” by cultivating wastes enclosing ed, in this Elementary Work, to supersede draining-manuring-paring and burning the cross-reading and numerous parentheses, -fallowing weeding-irrigation-flooding , which render the present pedigrees of our warping-embanking, and planting. 4. nobility so unintelligible.

To explain “ The various modes of occupyA General History of the Quadrupeds of ing land,” in arable culture-grass-woods America, illustrated by coloured plates en -gardens, and orchards. And, 5. To ofgraved from original drawings, is preparing fer some general remarks on “ The means for publication. It will correspond in form of improving a country,” by diffusing inforwith the late Alexander Wilson's splendid mation-by removing obstacles to improveillustrations of American Ornithology. ment, and by positive encouragement.

Mr Overton of Crayford, Kent, has in a The work is intended to form a large volume state of great forwardness, a work in two în octavo, and it will be published early, in volumes 8vo, entitled, The Genealogy of August. Christ, elucidated by Sacred History ; with A work on Biblical Criticism on the Books a New System of Sacred Chronology ; in of the Old Testament, and Translations of which the Addition made by the Seventy Sacred Songs, with notes, critical and exTranslators to the Hebrew, is considered to planatory, by Samuel Horsley, LL.D. refer to the period of the Son of Man before F.R.S. F.A.S. late Lord Bishop of St A. the Fall ; by which the Truth of Scripture saph, is preparing for publication, is demonstrated by its Chronology ; serving The continuation, in octavo, with enas an Antidote to the venomous pen of Vol gravings, is printing, of Travels in South ney.

America, by Messrs Humboldt and Bon. Memoirs, with a Selection from the Cor. pland ; translated from the French, under respondence and other unpublished Writings the superintendence of M. Humboldt, by of the late Mrs Elizabeth Hamilton, are Helen Maria Williams. printing in two crown 8vo volumes.

The Remains of James Dysautoy, late of The first volume of the Transactions of Emanuel College, Cambridge, are in the the Literary Society of Bombay is printing press. in 4to.

Mr Armiger is engaged in researches, Early in July will appear an Introduc. and in the collection of materials for an tion to English Composition and Elocution, English work on Physiology, intended to in four parts, viz.-1. Æsop modernised and supply an acknowledged deficiency in the moralised, in a series of amusing and in- elementary medical books of this country,structive Tales, calculated as Reading Les- to exhibit the present state of that importsons for Youth ; 2. Skeletons of those Tales, ant science, and the extent to which it is indebted to the investigation of British phy. The Rev. J. Joyce's Elements of History siologists.

and Geography, ancient and modern, exMr Curtis is about to publish a Treatise emplified and illustrated by the principles of on the Physiology and Diseases of the Ear, chronology, will soon appear in two octavo containing a comparative view of its structure volumes, with several maps. and functions, and of its various diseases. Speedily will be published, in one volume

A volume of Transactions of the Philoso- octavo, An Essay on Capacity and Genius, phical Society of London is in the press. endeavouring to prove that there is no ori

Mr Bernay's Introduction to the Know- ginal mental superiority between the most ledge of the German Language is preparing illiterate and the most learned of mankind ; for publication.

and that no genius, whether individual or In the press, and to be published this national, is innate, but solely produced by, month, a new Edition of a very choice Col- and dependent on, circumstances. Also, an lection of Moral Apothegms, which first ap- Inquiry into the nature of Ghosts, and other peared in the year 1711, under the title of Appearances supposed to be supernatural, The Club, in a Dialogue between Father [In the Essay on Capacity and Genius, the and Son ; by James Puckle. Embellished System of Messrs Gall and Spurzheim will with a Portrait, and a Sketch of the Au- meet with due consideration.] thor's Life.

EDINBURGH. THE Word of God not Bound, a Sermon, ings on the Relevancy of the Indictments of Preached in St George's Church, Edinburgh, William Edgar and John M.Kinlay. on July 6, 1817, for the Benefit of the Na- Speedily will be published, the Life and val and Military Bible Society ; by Andrew Power of True Godliness, described in a seThomson, A. M. Minister of St George's, ries of discourses ; by Alex. M.Leod, D.D. Edinburgh.-Published at the request of Pastor of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, the Kirk Session of St George's.

New York, one volume 8vo.. A full Report, by Mr Dow, of the Plead



EDUCATION. ANNAL$ of the Coinage of Great Britain Five Hundred Questions on the Old Tes: and its Dependencies, from the earliest pe- tament; by the Rev. Samuel Barrow. ls. ried to the 50th year of George III. ; by the Fairy Tales, collected from all authors; Rev. Rogers Ruding, B.D. 3 vols 4to. £14. by B. Tabart, with engravings. 4s. 6d.

The Elgin Marbles, with an abridged The Italian Word-Book ; by the Abbé
Historical and Topographical Account of Bossut. Is.
Athens, Vol. I. ; by the Rev. E. J. Burrow, Memoranda ; intended to aid the English
Svo, with 40 plates. £1.

Student in the acquirement of the niceties

of the French Grammar; by William Hodg. Memoirs of J. C. Lettsom, M. D. and son, 12mo. 12s. James Neild, Esq. with Brief Notices of Elizabeth, or the Exiles of Siberia, by many other philanthropists, with portraits, Madame Cottin ; to which is added, at the &c. 58.

bottom of each page, Difficult Words, PhraAthenæ Oxonienses ; by Anthony A. ses, and idiomatical Expressions, to assist in Wood; augmented by Philip Bliss, Fellow a correct translation of the text ; followed by of St John's College, Vol. III. royal 4to. an Appendix, consisting of Notes Geogra

The Life of Thomas Paine ; by James phical and Topographical, illustrative of the Cheetham, 8vo. 7s.

Journey of the Heroine, of the Habits and

Manners of the Tartars, and of the Natural Don Giovani, or a Spectre on Horseback, Phenomena of the North, for the Use of an Extravaganza, in two acts, as performing Schools, and calculated to facilitate the atat the Surrey Theatre; by Thomas Dibdin. tainment of the French Language ; by J. 1s. 6d.

Cherpilloud, author of the Book of Versions, The Libertine, an Opera, in two acts, &c. ` 4s. bound. as performing at Covent-Garden Theatre.

FINE ARTS. 2s.6d.

A Set of Seventeen Engravings to illus. ENTOMOLOGY.

trate Shakspeare, from Pictures by eminent An Introduction to Entomology, or Ele. British Artists ; engraved by Messrs Sharp, ments of the Natural History of Insects, with Hall, Bromley, Rhodes, Fitler, and Stow. plates; by William Kirby, M.A.F.L.S. Proofs, £6, 6s.—Common Prints, £4, 45. and William Spence, Esq. F.L. S. yol. 2, The Costume of the Original Inhabitants Svo. 185.

of the British Islands ; to which is added,


that of the Inhabitants of the Baltic, Ances. Continent in Medicine, Surgery, and Phartors of the Danes, and Anglo-Saxons ; by macy; conducted by E. Von Embden, R. Meyrick, LL. D. and C. H. Smith, Esq. assisted by other Gentlemen of the Faculty. imperial, and Atlas, 4to.

No I. (to be continued quarterly). 3s. 6d. GEOGRAPHY.

An Essay on the Shaking Palsy; by A View of the Agriculture, Commerce, James Parkinson, Member of the Royal and Financial Interests of Ceylon ; with an College of Surgeons. 3s. Appendix, containing some of the principal Pharmacopeia Collegii Regalis Medicolaws and usages of the Candians ; by An- rum Londinensis, M.DCCC.IX. Editio Al. thony Bertolacci, Esq. late comptroller-ge- tera, 18mo. 45., neral of the customs in that colony ; with a

The First Annual Oration delivered to Map of the Island, 8vo. 18s.

the London Medical Institution ; by J. U. HISTORY

Smith. Is. 6d. The History of Norway, from the earliest

MISCELLANIES. times to the present; by Messrs Baden, Statement respecting the Earl of Selkirk's Holberg, and Anderson, 8vo. 7$.

Settlement upon the Red River, in North Mémoires du Marquis de Dangeau, 3 America, its Destruction in 1815 and 1816, vols 8vo. £1, 16$.

and the Massacre of Governor Semple and A full and Correct Account of the Chief his Party ; with Observations upon a recent Naval Occurrences of the late War between Publication, entitled “ A Narrative of OcGreat Britain and the United States of Ame- currences in the Indian Countries,” &c. rica ; by William James, 8vo. 20s. 8vo. 7s. 6d. HORTICULTURE.

The Official Navy List for July, 12mo. Remarks on the Construction of Hot- ls. 6d. houses, pointing out the most advantageous Characters of Shakspeare's Plays ; by Forms, Materials, and Contrivances to be William Hazlitt, 8vo. 10s. 6d. used in their Construction ; with a Review Comforts of Old Age, with Biographical of the various Methods of building them in Illustrations ; by Sir Thomas Bernard, BaForeign Countries as well as in England ; ronet, third edition. 7s. by J. C. Loudon, F. L. S. royal 4to. 158. A Second Part of Armata ; exhibiting a LAW.

View of the Manners and Institutions of the The Thirty-fifth volume of Hansard's Metropolis, 8vo. 8s. 6d. Parliamentary Debates, being the first of the Journal of Science and the Arts. Edited present Session £1,1ls. 6d. in boards, or

at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, £1,155. half-bound, Russia.

No 6. 7s. 6d. The Trial at Bar of James Watson, Sur. Corrected Report of the Speech of the geon, for High Treason, on the 9th of Right Honourable George Canning, in the June, and seven following days; taken in House of Commons, on Thursday, May 6, short-hand by Mr Frazer ; with portraits of on Mr Lambton's motion for a Censure on the four accused, 8vo. 78.

Mr Canning's Embassy to Lisbon, 8vo. Another Report of the same Trials, 4to. 1s. The Colonies, and the Present American

On the Bankrupt Laws; by J. Whit- Revolutions; by M. de Pradt. Translated marsh, royal 8vo. £1, 1s.

from the French, 8vo. 12s. Belt's Supplement to Vesey's Reports, A Catalogue of Books on Theology and royal 8vo. £1, 10s.

Miscellaneous Literature, in various LanA Treatise on Parties to Actions ; by guages, now selling by Ogles, Duncan, and Anthony Hammond, Esq. 8vo. 12s.

Cochran, Holborn. 4s. 6d. Reports of Cases argued and determined An Historical Account of the Rise and in the Court of Exchequer, Easter Term, Progress of Stenographic Writing, with an 1816; by George Price, Esq. barrister. Impartial and Critical Examination of all Vol. II. p. 3. royal 8vo. ` 5s.

the Systems which have been published in MEDICINE, SURGERY, &c.

Europe, from its Invention down to the Remarks on Arsenic considered as a Poi. present time. 21s. son and a Medicine. To which are added, Le Journal des Dames ; published weekFive Cases of Recovery from the poisonous ly, at 20s. per quarter. effects of Arsenic; together with the Tests Morte d'Arthur. The Byrth, Lyf, and successfully employed for detecting the Actes of Kynge Arthur; of his Noble White Metallic Oxide ; by John Marshall, Knyghts of the Rounde Table, theyr mer8vo. 7s.

veyllous Enquestes and Adventures, thachAccount of the Means by which Admiral yeuyng of the Sanc Greal ; and in the end Henry has cured the Rheumatism, a Ten- Le Morte d'Arthur, with the dolorous Deth dency to Gout, the Tic Doloureux, the and Departyng out of this Worlde of them Cramp, and other Disorders, 8vo. Is. 6d. all ; with an Introduction and Notes, by

Surgical Observations ; being a Quarterly Robert Southey, Esq.; reprinted fron CacReport of Cases in Surgery ; by Charleston's edition, 1485, 2 vols 4to. £8, 8s. Bell, Surgeon of the Middlesex Hospital, Memorials of Early Promise, 18mo. Part IV. 8vo. 6s.

3s. 6d. The Continental Medical Repository ; Oriental Chess, or Specimens of Hindos. exhibiting a concise View of the latest Dis- tanee Excellence in that celebrated Game ; coveries and Improvements made on the by W. Lewis, 2 vols. 10s. Od.



Observations on the Ruins of Babylon, as 1817, in the House of Peers, on the Roman recently Visited and Described by Claudius Catholic Claims. ls. 6d. James Rich, Esq. Resident for the East The Patriot's Portfolio. 2s. India Company at Bagdad, with illustrative A Word in Season to my Beloved Counengravings ; by the Rev. Thomas Maurice, try, 8vo. Is. A. M. Assistant Librarian in the British

THEOLOGY. Museum, 8vo. 16s.

Moral Culture, attempted in a Series of An Address to the Right Hon. Lord By- Lectures delivered to the Pupils and Teach

with an Opinion on some of his Writ- ers of the Old and New Meeting Sunday ings ; by F. H. B.

Schools in Birmingham, interspersed with a

variety of Illustrative Anecdotes ; to which Harrington, a Tale, and Ormond, a Tale, is added, a concise Narrative of the Origin, in three volumes ; by Maria Edgeworth, Progress, and Permanent Success of the Inauthor of Comic Dramas, Tales of Fashion- stitution, and the Laws and Regulations by able Life, &c. 3 vols 12mo. £1, Is. which it is at present governed ; by James

The Good Grandmother and herOffspring, Luccock, 12mo. 5. 6d. a Tale ; by Mrs Hofland, author of the Son An Appeal to Equity, shewing the 'unof a Genius, 12mo. 3s. 6d.

reasonableness and injustice of obliging Leap Year, or a Woman's Privilege ; by Dissenters to contribute toward the support Selina Davenport, 5 vols 12mo. £i, 5s. of the Church of England, with some Re

The Imperial Captive ; by J. Gwilliams, marks on Tythes ; by Phileleutherus, 8vo. 2 vols 8vo. £1, 1s.

ls. 6d. The Welsh Mountaineers; by Miss Hut- Vice Triumphant, the Remedy proposed ton, author of the Miser Married, 3 vols. easy and effectual; by Samuel Spurrel. 18s.

26. 6d. l'he Hero, or Adventures of a Night, 2 History of Mahommedanism, comprising vols 12mo. 8s.

the Life and Character of the Arabian ProHoward Castle, or the Romance from the phet, and Succinct Accounts of the Empires Mountains ; by a North Briton, 5 vols founded by the Mahommedan Arms; by 12mo. £1,7s. 6d.

Charles Mills, Esq. 8vo. 12s.

Inquiry into the Effect of Baptism ; by Prospectus and Specimen of an intended the Rev. John Scott, M. A. 8vo. 6s. National Poem ; by Robert and William Remarks on Tomlin's Calvinism ; by the Whistlecraft, saddlers and collar-makers, Rev. Thomas Scott, M. A. 8vo. 14s. Stowmarket, Suffolk. 5s. 6d.

Stackhouse's History of the Bible, corA Poetical Epistle to the King of Hayti, rected and improved ; by the Right Rev. in five cantos. 3s. 6d.

George Gleig, LL. D. F. R. S. E. F.S.S. A, A Poetical Epistle from Delia, addressed 3 vols 4to. £4, 14s. 6d. - Large paper, to Lord Byron, dated Lauzanne, October £6, 6s. 1816. ls. 6d.

Sermons ; by J. Balguy, 8vo. 9s. The Schoolboy, and other Poems ; by The Evil of Separation from the Church Thomas Cromwell, small 8vo. 58.

of England, Svo. 5s. Lalla Rookh, an Oriental Romance; by Letters on Nonconformity, 12mo. 3s. 6d. Thomas Moore, Esq. second edition, 4to. On the Principles of the Christian Reli£2, 2s.

gion, addressed to her Daughter; and on POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. Theology; by Mrs Lucy Hutchinson, 8vo.

All Classes productive of National Wealth, 10s. 6d. or the Theories of M. Du Quesnai, Dr The Domestic Altar, a Six Weeks' Course Adam Smith, and Mr Gray, concerning of Morning and Evening Prayers, for the the various Classes of Men, as to the Pro- Use of Families ; to which are added, a few duction of Wealth to the Community, Ana- on particular Occasions ; by the Rev. Willysed and Examined; by George Purves, liam Smith, A. M. author of " A System of LL. D. 8vo. 9s.

Práyer.” 8s. A New System of Practical Political Eco

TOPOGRAPHY. nomy, adapted to the peculiar Circumstances Picturesque Delineations of the Southern of the present Times. 3s.

Coast of England. Engraved by W. B. & A Letter to D. Ricardo, Esq. containing G. Cook from Original Drawings. No an Analysis of his Pamphlet on the Depre. VIII. imp. 4to (proofs), 18s.-royal 4to. ciation of Bank Notes ; by the Rey. Alex. 12s. 6d. Crombie, LL. D. 4s.

Walks through London, including WestThe Coalition and France, 8vo. 7s. minster and Southwark ; by David Hugh

Modern Policies, taken from Machiavel, son, LL. D. 2 vols foolscap 8vo. £1, 10s. Borgia, and other choice Authors; by an -demy 8vo, £2, 8s. Eye-witness (Archbishop Sancroft). 2s. 6d. English Topography, or a Series of His

Speech of John Leslie Foster, Esq. in the torical and Statistical Descriptions of the House of Commons, on Mr Grattan's Mo- Counties of England and Wales ; with a tion on the Petition of the Roman Catholics correct Map of each County, from original of Ireland, May 9, 1817. 2s.

Surveys, royal 4to. £3, 10.-imp. 4to, Speech of the Bishop of Ossory, May 9, 25, 5s.

A Topographical History of Staffordshire; samond, containing some Account of the by W. Pitt, 8vo. £1, 5s.- large paper, North-eastern Coast of America, and the £1, 158.

Tribes inhabiting it; by Lieut. Col. Edward Loidis and Elmete, or an Account of the Chappell, 8vo. 12s. lower Portions of Arcdale, Wharfdale, and Voyage to the North Pole ; by J. Bragg, the Vale of Calder; by T. D. Whitaker, 12mo. 38. LL.D. folio.

The Traveller's Guide to France and the

Netherlands; by John Sugden, Foreign Voyage to Hudson's Bay in H. M. S. Ro- Agent, and Agent for Packets, 18mo. 45.


EDINBURGH. Catalogue of the Library of the late Wil. Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe, Esq. Illustraliam Stewart, Esq. of Spoutwells, to be sold ted with engravings, portraits, &c. One by Auction in the Council Room, Perth, by volume, 4to. £1, 16s. David Morrison, jun. bookseller. 3s. 6d. An Abridgement of the Annals of Glas

Trial of the Rev. Neil Douglas for Sedi. gow, comprising an Account of the Rise and tion, with portrait. 2s.

Progress of the City, its Charters, ConstituReport of the Case of Campbell versus tion, Revenues, Antiquities, Public BuildBlack. 2s.

ings, Charities, Institutions, and its Civil, The Secret and True History of the and Ecclesiastical History, from its FounChurch of Scotland, from the Restoration to dation till 1817 ; by James Cleland. 10s. 6d. the year 1678 ; by the Rev. Mr James Kirk- boards. Glasgow. ton; to which is added, An Account of the The Post Roads in France for 1817, being Murder of Archbishop. Sharpe ; by James a Translation of the “ Etat Général des Russell, an actor therein ; with Notes, and Postes," with a large map. 8s. bound. a Biographical Memoir of the Author ; by

NEW FRENCH PUBLICATIONS. Mémoire sur la valeur des monnaies de · des environs de Damiette. Troisième vocompte, chez le peuple de l'antiquité; par lume, 8vo. M. le Comte Germain Garnier, 4to.

Recueil des monumens antiques, la pluTableau Politique du royaume des Pays- part inédits et découverts dans l'ancienne Bas ; par M. Benjamin de Constant. Gaule, 2 vols 4to.

Grammaire Russe ; par G. Hamonière, Philosophie de la Technie Algorithmiquez Svo.

seconde section, contenant les loix des séries Essai sur la loi, sur la souvraineté, et sur comme préparation à la réforme des mathéla liberté de manifester ses pensées, ou sur matiques ; par Hoëné Wronski, 4to. la liberté de la presse ; par M. Bergasse,

Mémoires du Muséum d'Histoire Natu. Syo.

relle ; Sesonde Année, 4to. L'Angleterre et les Anglais, ou petit por- Les Capucins, les Libéraux et les Cam trait d'une grande famille ; par deux té- nards, 8vo. moins oculaires, 2 vols 8vo.

Les Prisonniers de Newgate, drame en Instruction Pastorale de Mgr. l'évèque de cinq actes et en vers ; par M. X, V. Arnaud, Mont-Réal, aux Curés de son diocèse sur la Svo. Coeffure des femmes, 12mo.

Zuma, ou la découverte du Quinquina ; Histoire de l'Empire Ottoman, depuis sa suivi de la belle Paule, de Zeneide des Ro. fondation jusqu'à la paix d'Yassy en 1792, seaux du Tibre; par Madame la Comtesse avec des Pièces justificatives, et une Carte de de Genlis. l'Empire Ottoman; par M. Salaberry, Meme Voyage de M. M. Alexandre de Humbre de la Chambre des Députés,-Seconde boldt et Aimé Bonpland. Sixième partie ; Edition, 4 vols 8vo.

botanique, plantes équinoxiales. XVII. et Petite Dissertation sur un monument ty- dernière livraison, folio. pographique, qui ferait remonter l'origine de Lettre critique de M. C. G. S. à un ami la découverte de l'imprimerie à 1414 ; avec en Angleterre sur la Zodiacomanie d'un des observations qui prouveraient, qu'elle est journaliste Anglais, avec la traduction de même antérieure à cette époque.

l'article de ce même journaliste, inséré dans Mémoires de Physique et de Chimie de le British Reviez de fevrier 1817, sur la la Société d'Arcueil. Tome troisième.- sphère Caucasienne de C. G. S. 8vo. * * Ce Volume contient un mémoire de Le Comte de Paoli Chegny, Histoire de la M. de Humboldt, Des lignes isolhermes, et Politique des Puissances de l'Europe, jusde la distribution de la chaleur sur la globe, qu'au Congrès de Vienne. 4 vols 8vo. qui est publié pour la première fois.

Mémoires de la Société Royale des AntiHistoire des Croisades. Troisième partie, quaires de France, tome ler. contenant l'histoire des 4e, 5e, 6e, Croisades; Londres, la Cour et les Provinces d'An. par M. Michaud de l'Académie Française, gleterre, d'Ecosse, et d'Irlande, 2 vols 8vo. avec un plan de Constantinople, et une Carte

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