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pect before her is dark, and would be heart

crushing but for the thought that God reigns." In the parlour of an ancient and somewhat A knock was heard at the door. It was imposing country residence in Warwick, were opened by Alice. A tall, thin man stood before seated a father and mother, and their only | her. The darkness obscured his features, but daughter. An air of anxiety rested upon their his words of affectionate greeting revealed the features, as they gazed in silence upon the presence of one already famous throughout flickering embers, which the coolness of an England, and destined to become famous October evening rendered grateful.

throughout the world. The father had seen more than threescore “ Mr. Baxter !" said Alice, in a tone of winters. He had been a decided and fearless mingled surprise and welcome.

Mr. Elliston Puritan from his youth. As the younger son hastened to embrace his friend. Both wept, and of a wealthy baronet, he was a conspicuous for some moments no words were uttered, save mark for the shafts of persecution. Of fines brief and devout invocations of the divine and imprisonments he had large experience; blessing. but fines and imprisonments failed to convince “ You have come,” said Elliston, when they him that it was better to obey men than God. were seated by the fireside, “from the seat of He was a warm friend of the Parliament, and war, and can tell us the news—sad enough in cordially approved of the recourse to arms; any event.” though he was too old to become himself a The earnest looks of Alice seconded her soldier.

father's request. Mr. Baxter smiled sadly, It was two days after the battle of Edgehill. and remarked, “It is no pleasant story for a English blood had been shed on English soil, maiden's ear.” by the hands of Englishmen. No authentic Alice blushed. “ Hers is no idle curiosity,” report of the result of the conflict had reached said her father; “ she is familiar with the the retired family. In deep solicitude they principles of this contest, and with the interests were awaiting its arrival.

at stake." “Father," said Alice, with a voice such as “On the last Sabbath,” said Baxter, “I one loves to hear repeat the numbers of the preached for my reverend friend, Mr. Samuel noblest poet, “do you think there will be any Clark. In the midst of my sermon, the people further bloodshed ?

heard the cannon play, and perceived that the “I fear, my child," said Mr. Elliston, “ that armies were engaged. When the sermon was these are but the beginning of sorrows. God done in the afternoon, the report was more bath a controversy with England, because of audible, which made us all long to hear of the her persecutions of his chosen ones. The pros- success. About sunsetting, many troops filed VOL. VI.


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