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Sensation of constriction of the heart, as if an iron band† prevented its normal movement,".-I inhaled the odor of recently prepared tincture, and immediately thereafter rode to see a patient. When I had ridden a mile I had an uneasy sensation in my stomach like food difficult of digestion, but soon after entering the sick-room thought no more of my stomach. Thirty minutes later found it difficult to cross the sidewalk to enter my carriage. After ten minutes more the vertigo had increased, there was stricture about the chest and stomach, pain in the heart and head. Arrived home and threw myself on the sofa. Now there was violent vertigo, causing me to stagger and reel; violent pain in the head, chest, and stomach; head felt full as if there were congestion. Pressing pain in the head, like a great weight on the vertex, pressing in the temples, pulsating in the temples, ears, and eyes, as if they would burst outwards. Weakness of sight, objects were not seen clearly; intolerance of light and sound. Tongue dry and coated, slime in the nares and throat, very thirsty, satisfied with small quantity of water at one time. Profound nausea, lay for hours with my bowl near me, retching many times, with copious discharge of mucus. Terrible pain in the stomach, with pressure from without in; constriction of the scrobiculus, extending to the hypochondria, and as high up the chest as the fifth rib, as if encircled by a hot iron cincture, having involuted edges of an inch in size, pressing more and more, from hour to hour, till respiration was most difficult and distressing. Some cough with much mucous expectoration, which greatly aggravated my sufferings. Attacks of difficult respiration, amounting almost to suffocation, with increasing hard and painful beating of the heart. The heart felt as if compressed violently, and as violently struggled to burst its bands. Pulse very irreg ular; could not suppress a groan, so great was my distress. At the same time severe pain in the spine, worse in the lumbar region, pressing down the glutei muscles to the inferior extremities. Tearing pains in the shoulders and arms; worse at first in the joints; after twenty-four hours worse in long bones. These symptoms increased for about twelve hours. Ipecac. was used for the nausea and the pain in the head; after several hours found no relief. Verat. vir. was taken with like nil results. Camphor was used in drop doses once in fifteen minutes for several hours, nil. A most miserable night was passed, not a symptom disappeared; but the nausea was less distressing, and the iron band was less distressingly close around me. The heart struggled less violently; the tongue was coated thickly, whitish; thirst considerable; the pains in the extremities remained unchanged. Three mushy motions from the bowels during the forenoon, with pain. During the second day I took Bryonia for the pain in the head with some relief. Night found me still in bed, unable to raise my head for vertigo; not a symptom had left its quarters, only a little less violent. During the second night I had a few hours of disturbed sleep, scared with dreams; awakened on the third morning somewhat refreshed, and was able to leave my bed for a few hours. All my remedies having failed to relieve the bone pains in my extremities, I now took Eupatorium perf., and was soon so far relieved that sleep came, to my great comfort. The fourth morning found me relieved of all severe suffering, but well in no part which had been the seat of suffering. In about ten days the symp

Lippe in his Materia Medica and translation of Rubini, makes this word read "hand," while in Allen's Encyclopedia, and Hale's New Remedies, it is written "band."

toms disappeared, and I look back upon the horrors of those days of anguish as one escaped from the greatest danger. I remained weak for several weeks, with frequent attacks of palpitation,".


Cadmium bromide, CdBr,.

Authorities. 1, G. A. Wheeler, M.D., Bost. Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. xcvii, 1876, p. 434, Mrs. N. put less than a teaspoonful into two-thirds of a tumbler of water, gave her mother, Mrs. R., half of it, and took the rest herself; 2, Dr. W. took what would adhere to his wet finger.

Found both ladies vomiting severely, and complaining of extreme pain and burning sensation in the stomach. Mrs. R. was also purging freely, though her daughter was not. The vomiting and purging lasted fully five hours, and during a part of the time the pulse was imperceptible in either patient. After this period the symptoms ameliorated, and they both fell asleep. For several days they were both confined to their beds, and were obliged to be extremely careful as to what they took into their stomachs. Mrs. R. has since suffered with some cerebral symptoms which betoken a tendency to apoplexy,'.-A severe burning sensation in the mouth, œsophagus, and stomach, which lasted perhaps an hour,.


Authorities. 2, W. Cattell, Brit. Journ. of Hom., vol. xi, 1853, p. 169; 3, a proving submitted to the Faculty of Hahn. Med. College, by George Robins Parsons, M.D., of Kankakee, Ill., February, 1874.

During the summer of 1869 I made the following proving: Took 7 drops on a lump of sugar at 9 A.M., 10 drops on sugar at 2.30 P.M. (first day); 20 drops on sugar at 9 A.M., 22 drops in 3 ounces of water at 2.30 P.M. (second day); 25 drops in 3 ounces of water at 9 A.M., 35 drops in 4 ounces of water at 3 P.M. (third day); 40 drops in 3 ounces of water at 8.30 A.M., 50 drops in water at 3 P.M. (fourth day); 60 drops at 9 A.M., and got no particular symptoms; 70 drops at 2.30 P.M. (fifth day); stopped taking the drug, as I was afraid my throat would get so bad that I would choke to death (sixth day).

Mind. I do not want any one to speak to me; nevertheless I like to be where I can see persons and hear their talk. Can't bear to look inside the books I usually study; can think of a thousand things in a minute (one hour after first dose, second day),3.—[60.] Want to walk in a slow and very dignified manner, and prefer to walk alone (one hour after second dose, second day),3.—Can't think of anything; ideas come slow; can't bear to do any kind of work or study (one hour after second dose, second day),.-Can't think of study (eighth day),3.—Felt stupefied and completely intoxicated all the afternoon (after second dose, fifth day),3.

Head.-Feel dizzy when I walk, feel as if intoxicated, can hardly walk straight, feel as if I should stumble over my own legs (three hours after first dose, fourth day),.-Sensation and feeling as if the head was as large as a half a bushel (soon after first dose, fourth day),.-Full and dull heavy feeling all through the head (one hour after second dose); this feeling all settled in the occipital region (two hours after second dose), and

then gradually wore away (first day),.-Head feels very dull (two hours after second dose, second day),.-On rising in the morning a dull heavy feeling through the head, which got better after moving around (third day),-Head feels dull and heavy (twelfth to twentieth day),3.—[70.] Severe headache all over the head, with neuralgic pains in the maiar bones and a stiff dry feeling in the jaws, on waking at 5 A.M. (sixth day),.Severe headache and prosopalgia, on rising at 5 A.M., which lasted until I was eating my breakfast, when all the pains went away suddenly (seventh day),.-The most severe pain in the head and face that I had experienced at all came on at sundown, and lasted all night, after riding twenty-five miles in the afternoon and evening (eighth day),.-Head and faceache almost every day and every other night; the pains are of a neuralgic character, and always go off suddenly on eating (twelfth to twentieth day),3.

Eye.-Eyes look very dull (ten minutes after second dose, third day),". -Pungent pain in eyes; discharge of tears (from its being rubbed on temples), Slight burning sensation in the inner corner of the left eye (almost immediately after first dose, fourth day),.-Heavy feeling of the eyes, but do not feel sleepy (ten minutes after second dose, third day),3.—The upper lids feel as heavy and thick as common shoe leather (ten minutes after second dose, third day),3.

Ear. The lobules of the ears are red, and the upper portion remains natural (half an hour after first dose, fourth day),3.

Nose.-[80.] During the day the alæ of nose would suddenly turn red, clearly defined, and then suddenly go away (this symptom was especially noticed by Drs. Moore and Ruden), (sixth day),3.

Face.-Face has a yellow appearance (one hour after second dose, second day),.-My face feels all puffed up (one hour after second dose, second day),.-Can't hurt the skin of the face by pinching it (ten minutes after second dose, third day),3.-Rough feeling of the face (ten minutes after second dose, third day),3.-Stiff dry feeling in the jaws, with neuralgic pains in the malar bones, and severe headache all over the head, on waking at 5 A.M. (sixth day),.-Neuralgic pains in the malar bones, with a stiff dry feeling in the jaws, and severe headache all over the head, on waking at 5 A.M. (sixth day),3.-Prosopalgia, with the severe headache (seventh morning),.-The most severe pain in the face that I had experienced at all, with the pain in the head (eighth day),3.

Mouth.-Aching in unsound bicuspids when biting anything (seventh morning),[90.] Tongue feels as if it filled my mouth all up (three hours after first dose, fourth day),3.-Cool and not unpleasant sensation in the mouth and pharynx, immediately (after second dose, first day),.Profuse flow of saliva lasting for twenty minutes (immediately after first dose, second day); lasting some minutes (immediately after second dose, second day),.- Constant inclination to spit and hawk up large quantities of tough white mucus, which I could feel drawn through the nares (after first dose, second day),.- Taste in the mouth as if there was lye in it (two hours after first dose, first day),".- Acrid taste in the pharynx and oesophagus for a few minutes (after first dose, first day),3.— Salty taste in the mouth, after most intense thirst (six hours after second dose, fifth day),.-Speech thick and slow (three hours after first dose, fourth day),.

Throat. It was with much difficulty that the drug could be swallowed, as the oesophagus seemed to close up and leave no place for it to go

down (after first dose, second day),.-[100.] When eating breakfast, and on taking any kind of solid food, it would seem to go part way down the œsophagus, and lodge there until forced down by more food; the esophagus seemed to be entirely paralyzed; a very disagreeable and painful sensation continued in the oesophagus after breakfast; the sensation was as if a portion of the esophagus was swollen and very much constricted, and that there was something trying to be forced through it; I stopped taking the drug to-day, as I was afraid my throat would get so bad that I should choke to death; after dinner and supper my throat felt worse than ever, and especially on attempting to swallow solid food (sixth day),3.—A feeling in the esophagus as if I had swallowed some lye from wood ashes, and it was making the mucous membrane peel off (two hours after first dose, first day,.-Burning in the lower part of the pharynx (after first dose, second day),3.—Burning in the oesophagus, as if there was lye in it (after first dose, second day),.—Can hardly swallow at all; the oesophagus feels sore all the way down; even to think about eating makes the oesophagus pain worse than ever (seventh morning),3.-Throat and oesophagus still feel very sore and closed up (eighth day),.-The throat (which had got well on the eleventh day) commenced getting sore again on the seventeenth day, and by the twentieth day was almost as bad as when I was proving,3.

Stomach.-Have a good appetite, can eat anything, but don't feel natural when eating; the eating all seems to be performed mechanically (third day),.-Most intense thirst, which lasted about an hour (five hours after second dose); followed by a salty taste in the mouth (fifth day),3.— On rising from a seat, sensation as though I should vomit (after first dose, second day),".

Rectum and Stool.-[110.] Felt very much like passing stool at the usual time, but the rectum felt so paralyzed that no movement could be effected at all, in the morning (fifth day),.-My bowels have always been very regular, and but one stool a day; to-day I had three stools, apparently natural; they were of a very bright-yellow color (fourth day),".Natural stool to-day, the first for forty-eight hours (sixth day),3.—Had a very small stool on rising, in the morning (seventh day),3.

Urinary Sexual Organs.-Urine clear and very much diminished (fourth day),.—The urine is so clear that it sparkles and is very much diminished in quantity; in the morning, on rising (fourth day),.----Urine still diminished in quantity, and has a milky appearance, and smells like that of cats (sixth day),.—Urine still light-colored, and smells badly (seventh morning),-Had erections all night (sixth night), and for a long time after rising, but without the least sexual desire, Penis soon became all shrivelled up, and was not half its usual size (seventh day),.-Sexual desire seems to be completely gone (twelfth to twentieth day),.

Respiratory Organs.-[120.] Constant feeling of slight warmth clear down the trachea into the lungs (two hours after first dose, second day),.-Voice hoarse, as if I had taken cold (two hours after first dose, second day),.-Excessive coughing and strangulation (immediately after first dose, second day),.-Coughing almost makes me vomit (after first dose, second day),3.

Chest. Sharp steady pain through the superior and internal portions of the right lung; this pain was confined to a small spot, but seemed to go clear through the lung from before backwards (soon after first dose, second day),.-Occasional sharp pains through both lungs (one hour after

second dose, second day),.-Sharp pain through the superior portion of both lungs (almost immediately after second dose, third day),.

Pulse.-Pulse 86 (normal 76), (one hour after first dose, second day),3. -Pulse 73 and very weak, after breakfast (third day),3.—Pulse 85, full and strong (ten minutes after second dose, third day),.-[130.] Pulse 78 at 8.30 A.M. (fourth day),.-Pulse 74 and very weak (half an hour after first dose, fourth day),.-Pulse 72 at 2.30 P.M. (just before taking second dose); 80 (ten minutes after second dose, fifth day),3.

Neck and Back.-All the muscles of the neck are very sensitive to external pressure (twelfth to twentieth day),.-Pain in the dorsal surface of the left scapula (soon after first dose, fourth day),.--Stitching pains through right lumbar region when stooping forward (two hours after first dose, third day),3.

Extremities.-Almost complete loss of sensibility of the outer side of the thighs and dorsal surfaces of the forearms and hands; the inside of the thighs and palmar surface of the hands are exceedingly sensitive to pinching (ten minutes after second dose, third day),3.

Superior Extremities.-When I raise my arms up for anything they feel as if they would just drop right down in spite of me (two hours after second dose, second day)..-Sensation as if my arms were tied close to my body; it takes all the will-power I have to raise them, or even move them; the left one is particularly numb; they feel as if they would tremble if I would let them (two hours after first dose, third day),.-Arms feel like soaked wood hanging to me; they feel so heavy and useless that it takes all the will I have to raise them; after breakfast (third day),3.— [140.] Arms feel tired and heavy, in the morning on rising (fourth day).. -Excessive weakness and lame feeling in the elbow-joints (three hours after first dose, fourth day),.-Laming sensation in the carpal bones of the left wrist (two hours after second dose, second day),3.

Inferior Extremities.-While walking to supper and back, knees felt so weak that it seemed as if I should certainly have to stop and lie down and rest (four hours after second dose, third day),.-Kuees ached with pain, which continued nearly all night (four hours after second dose, third day),.

Generalities.-After supper felt better and more like myself (second day),.-Went out into the country ten miles, and felt first rate in the evening (fifth day),.-Feel unusually well to-day (eighth day),.-Was out in the country hunting, and had wet feet all day, and felt first rate at night (uinth day); still hunting and wading in the water all day, feel unusually well at night (tenth day),.-For two hours there was a sensation as if I was just a little larger all over (a few minutes after first dose, first day),.—[150.] A sort of trembling all over, together with a sensation as if I was a good deal larger all over (one hour after second dose, second day),.-Sensation as if I was larger all over (ten minutes after second dose, third day),".-General numb feeling, especially in the face (soon after first dose, third day),.-Feel and walk as if I had taken too much lager beer; can walk straight, but feel so very unsteady (two hours after first dose, second day),.-Heavy dull feeling all over, after going to bed (third night),.-Feel dull and stupid, no energy to do anything, at 8.50 A.M. (fourth day),.-When I get up to move around I just want to drop right down and lie there (three hours after first dose, fourth day),".-Felt very weak, very much as if I were just recovering from a severe attack of sickness, in the morning (fifth day),.-Did not hunt much to-day, but feel

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