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deaths resulted from the same cause, or more than double the number of the first ten years. A splendid illustration of how small-pox can be stamped out by vaccination!

"There could not be the slightest doubt," said Dr. Lyon Playfair, M. P., (on July 6th, 1870,) "that compulsory laws, where properly applied as in Scotland and Ireland, were perfectly equal to stamp out small-pox in a country." Yet we find in Scotland and Ireland deaths from variola recorded as follows:











32 665




"In Sweden, quoted as the best-vaccinated country in the world, there died from small-pox in 1874-5, 6,082 out of a population of 4,000,000; while in Bavaria, famous for compulsion, of 30,742 cases of small-pox officially recorded in 1871, 29,429 were supplied by the vaccinated."

"But," says one, "there was an epidemic in Scotland and Ireland in 1872, hence the high rate of mortality." Admitted, but so much the worse for vaccination if it fails to prevent an epidemic; and if during that period, twenty-nine out of every thirty who died from small-pox have been vaccinated, it is evident that vaccination neither protects against nor modifies the virulence of variola; the proportion of the number of deaths of vaccinated persons to the whole number of deaths from small-pox being equal to the proportion of vaccinated persons to the whole population. We must conclude from reasons already given and those we shall now give, that instead of being a blessing vaccination has been a curse to the human race.

Prior to the introduction of vaccination by Mr. Edward Jenner, Dr. Jurin, quoted by Dr. Duvillard, reported in 1723, 18,066 cases; vaccinated, none; deaths, 2,986; percentage of deaths, 16.53. From 1746 to 1763 the London Small-pox Hospital reported 6,456 cases; vaccinated, none; deaths, 1,634; percentage of deaths, 25.30. In 1763 Lambert, quoted by Duvillard, reported 72 cases; vaccinated none; deaths, 15;

per cent., 20.8. And Rees' Cyclopædia, in 1779, 400 cases; vaccinated, none; deaths, 72; percentage, 18.0. Here we have a total number of 24,994 cases of small-pox prior to vaccination, with 4,707 deaths, giving an average percentage of 18.83; while Dr. Marson, Hospital Report, 1836–51, gives 5,652 cases, of whom 3,094 were vaccinated; with 1,129 deaths, and a percentage of 19.97; while the Metropolitan Hospital gives, 1870-72, 14,808 cases; 11,174 of whom were vaccinated; 2,764 of whom died; or a death-rate of 18.66 per cent. In 1876 they reported 1,470 cases; 338 deaths; or a death-rate of 23.0 per cent. In 1871-77 the Hamerton Hospital (Dr. Gayton) reported 5,479 cases; 4,236 of whom were vaccinated; of whom 1,065 died; or a death-rate of 19.43 per cent. In 1876-80 the Dublin Hospital (Dr. Grimshaw) reported 2,404 cases; 1,956 of whom were vaccinated; with 523 deaths; or a death-rate of 21.7; while in 1876-80, the Metropolitan Hospital (Dr. Jebb) reported 15,171 cases; of whom 11,412 were vaccinated; with 2,677 deaths; or a death-rate of 17.6 per Here we have a total of 44,984 cases; of whom 31,872 were vaccinated; with 8,496 deaths; or a death-rate of 18.8 per cent.


These figures show conclusively: Ist., that before the introduction of vaccinations the percentage of deaths from smallpox was no higher than it is at present. Inasmuch as the deaths in the second division include a large majority of vaccinated persons, demonstration is afforded that vaccination has had no effect in diminishing the mortality.

2d. That small-pox as treated now, and small-pox as treated by the medical men of the eighteenth century, is the same unmodified disease. It exacts the same ratio of victims to cases, runs the same course, and is as fatal now as then; and any division by marks, of patients suffering from an eruptive fever, which yields results disapproved by the general result, is unscientific, misleading and erroneous.

These figures also show that the lowest percentage of deaths was reported by Dr. Jurin, prior to vaccination, in 1723, being 16.53 per cent., while it will be noticed that the death-rate after vaccination was introduced is not reported

lower than 17.6 per cent., the average death-rate during fiftysix years prior to vaccination being a fraction of one per cent. greater, however, than for forty-four years after, namely: from 1836 to 1880." Where, we ask, are we to find the protection ? Echo answers: Where, except in the imagination of the pro-vaccinationist ?"

But still another question claims our attention. It is this: What are the attendant dangers arising from vaccination? We find the average yearly deaths per 1,000,000 births in England to be as follows:

Voluntary vaccination 1847 to 1853.

Obligatory) vaccination 1853 to 1867.


vaccination 1867 to 1878.

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Syphilis. Erysipelas. Skin-Diseases. Pyemia. Scrofula. Mesenteric










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That is to say that while the death-rate of infants, from all causes, is declining, the death-rate from inoculable and therefore vaccinal diseases is increasing.

The following is a list of authenticated cases of transmission of vaccino-syphilis published by Lancereaux :


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"At Rivalta.

"In Algiers.

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Dr. P. A. Desjardin gives full details in La Science Libre, No. 21, (including the names) of fifty-eight young men of the 4th Regiment of Zouaves seriously infected with syphilis from

vaccinations performed by the military surgeons at Algiers, December 30th, 1880, according to the French Regulations.

These tables, backed as they are by the opinions of many physicians and scientists both in this country and in Europe, should be sufficient to make physicians stop before they insert into the body of their patients the health-devouring, life-destroying poison known as vaccine virus, whether humanised or bovine.

Dr. Henry May, M. R. C. S., says: "In certificates given by us voluntarily, and to which the public have access, it is scarcely to be expected that a medical man will give opinions which may tell against or reflect upon himself in any way, or which are likely to cause annoyance or injury to the survivors; in such cases he will most likely tell the truth, but not the whole truth, and assign some prominent symptom of the disease as the cause of death.

"As instances of cases which may tell against the medical man himself, I will mention erysipelas from vaccination, and puerperal fever. A death occurred from the first cause not long ago in my practice, and although I had not vaccinated the child, yet in my desire to preserve vaccination from reproach I omitted all mention of it from certificate of death."(Birmingham Medical Review, Jan. 1874.)

Dr. Spinzig, of St. Louis, says: "Vaccination is tantamount to inoculation and constitutes septic poisoning, a criminal offense to health and life, and is statistically proved to afford no protection or mitigating power over small-pox, and scientifically in the nature of the case, it cannot possess any."

Prof. German, M. D., of the University of Leipsig, said in a petition to the German Diet, 1878: "Above all the dire fatality which lately occurred at Lebus, a suburb of Frankfort-onthe-Oder, would alone warrant the abolition of the vaccination laws. Eighteen school-girls averaging twelve years of age. were revaccinated, and thereby syphilised, and some of them died. Yet the lymph, the syphilitic lymph, used in this case was obtained from the Official Royal Establishment for the new 'regenerated' or 'animalised' vaccine-lymph so warmly recommended for the revaccination of schools."

Dr. Heim, Public Vaccinator, Wurtemburg, says that the most expert diagnostician will not be able to detect dyscrasy in children of the vaccination-age, and that he himself has transplanted syphilis from a child which seemed to be perfectly healthy.-(Horrors of Vaccination, p. 26.)

And still with all this evidence and thousands of other cases that might be adduced, we have multitudes of physicians who advocate it, and who advocate compulsory vaccination. In fact, we almost have compulsory vaccination already, for in many places children are not allowed to attend school unless vaccinated. Emigrants coming to this country, some of whom have left the land of their birth because of the tyranny and oppression, and for the purpose of avoiding the evils attending vaccination, are compelled to submit their dear little ones, as well as themselves, to the poisonous lancet and still more poisonous virus of the vaccinator before they are allowed to put their feet on the soil of this boasted land of freedom.

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