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comcil, and demanded him for cramina his excellency the Inquisidor Generale sion. “This is something extraordina- “ was there nothing else you did, fave " ry," quóth the tormentor, ** I should « fmiting your beaft?"

not have expeetei ir this twelvemonch “ I take faint Nicolas de Tolentino to “ tn rome.” Pedrosa's ferters were “ witness," replied he, “that I know ftruck off: fome brandy was applied to " of no other crime for which I can be ftaunch the bleeding of his cheeks; his “refponfible at this righteous tribunal, hands and face were walher, and a Thorts fave smiting my unruly beakt.”. jacket of coarse tiking thrown over him, “ Take notice, brethren,” exclaimed and the messenger with an affittant take the Inquifi 1or, " this vaholy wretch holde ing him each under an arm, led him into “ trampling over friars to be no crime." a spacious chamles, where, at the head : Pardon me, holy father," replica of a long table fat his.excellency the In- Nicolas, “ I hold it for the worst of

quifidor General with fix of his afteStors, “ crines, and therefore willingly furren. three on each side the chair of state. The “ der my refractory mule to be dealt alguazil mayor, a secretary and two no- " wich as you see fit, and if you impale taries with oiber officers of the holy cuun- “ her alive it will noribe more than the eil, were attending in their places. * deferves."

• The prifoner was placed behind a bar “ Your wits are too nimble, Nicolas," at the foot of the table between

the mer cried the judge ; have a care they do Senyers who brought him in, and having “ not run away with your discretion : remade his obeisance to the awful prefence « colleet the blafuhenics you uttered in in the most supplicating manner, he was “ ine hearing of those pious people.”. called upon, according to the usual form “ I hunuly pray your excellency," of questions, by one of the junior judges ansvered the prisoner, “40 recollect that to declare his name, parentage, profef- “ anger is a fost madness, and I hope fion, age, place of abode, and to anfwer" allowances will be made by your hor

various interrogatories of the like trifling · ly council for words spoke in harte te nature. His excellency, the Inquilidor“ a rébellious.mule: The prophet Balaan General now opened his reverend lipe, « was thrown-off his guard with a simple and in a folemn toneof voice, that pene: “ ass, and what is an ass compared to.. trated to the heart of the poor trembling “ mule? If your 'excellency had seen the prisoner, interrogated him as follows “ lovely creature that was screaming in

* Nicolas Pedrosa, we have listened 6 agony till.I.tarne to her relief, and bow * to the account you give of yourself, 6 fine a boy I ushered into the world, st your business and connections, now teil " which would have been loft bui for my " us for what offence, or offences, you 6 aslistance, I am sure I hould not be « are here ftanding a prisoner before us: “ condemned for a few hafty wyrde " Examine your own heart, and speak“ spoke in paffion." as the trurh from your confcience with- 5 Sirrah!" cried one of the puisny sont out prevarication or disguite." “ May judges, refped the decency of the 56. it please your excelleney,” replied Pe- « court."! drosa, “ with all due fubmillion to your “ Produce the contents of this fellow's 6. holiness and this reverend afler.bly, “ pockets .btfore the court,” said the * my not equitable judges, I conceive president, " lay thein on the table." « Atand here before you for no worse a 6 Monfter,' resumed the aforesaid “ crime, than that of cu Igelling a reiras. puisny judge taking up the forcepo, mi tory mule ; an animal fo rettive in jis is what is the use of this diabolical ma

nature, (under correction of your ho- " chine! 4 lineis be it fpoken) that though I were " Please your reverence," replied Perla mst bleft with the torbearance of holy Job, rosa, "astum eft ad extrabendos fetuse

“ for like him.too kam married, and my - Uanatural wretch," again excla in. ** patience hath been exercised by a wife,) .ct the juige, you have murdered the yet could I nne forbear to smite my

mother. “ beaft tor her obAinaoy, and the rather " The Mother of God forbid," ex“.because I was summoned in the way ,claimed Pedrota, “ I believe I have a 66 of my profession, as I have already “ proof in my pocket, that will acquit " made' known to your most merciful “ me of that charge;" and so faving, he “ ears, upon a certain crying occafion, tendered the letter we have before made -66 which would not admit of a moment's mention of: The secretary took it, and ** delay."

by command' of the court road as fal" Recollect yourself, Nicolas," said lows:


Nicolas Pedrofa a Tale." Senor Don Manuel de Herrera, " fuccessful; I have bandages and catap Wben this letter, which I jena by Nicolasms, with oils and conferves, that las Pedrosa, pall reach your bands, you " have no canfe to complain of; thes Joall know that I am safely delivered of a "will refute nature to its proper ftare lovely boy after a dangerous labeur, in " in all deceit tix.e."-" Thou talkseft confideration of which, I pra, you to pay

* like a föoi, friend Nicolas," faid the 10 the faid Nicolas Pedroja the sum of Inquilidor, interrupung him; “ W'ha twenty gold piftolés, which jum bís excel. "jelle it thou me of my twathings and lencs

“ fwadiings? quick work muft be wrought « Ho'd," cried the inquificor general, by quick me dicinti: Haft thou nons farting hastily from his feat, and matcha 6 such in thy bot:ca"? I'll'antzer for ing away the letter, "there is more in i thou hast not; thereiore look you, " this than meets the eye: break up the * firrah, here is a hitile vial compour ded " court; I muft take an examination of " by a famous chymiti ; fce that you «« this prisoner in private."

“ mix it in the nexi apczem you admi, As soon as the room was cleared, the " nister to Donna Leonora ; it is the inquifidor general beckoning to theprison. 6 moft capital sedative in nature; give erto follow him, retired into a private cle. “ her the wrole of it, and let her huf set, where throwing himseif carilefly 'band return wnen he will, depend upinto an arm.chair, ne curaed a gracious on it, he will make no důcoveries countenance upon the poor" from her.”“Humph!" quoth Nicoucheur, and bidding him fit down upon colas within himself, " Well faid, Inqui

low ftool by his side, thus accoited “ sidor!” He took the vial with all pos. him: “ Take 'heart, fenor Pedrosa, your fible respect, and was not wanting in pro & imprisonment is not likely to be very feffiens of the most inviolable fidelity and Il tedious, for I have a conimiflion yoù secrecy" Nomore words, friend Nico“ mufticxecute without loss of time : you " las,” quoth the Inquisidor, “ uporthat # have too ouch confideration for your " score; 1 do not believe thee one jot the te felf, to betray a trust, the violation of " more for all thy promises, my depende * which muft involve you in inevitable "ence is on thy fears, and not chy * ruin, and can in no dégree attaint my -« faith ; I fancy thou haft feed enough

character, which is far enough beyond « of this place 'not to be willing to retorn d the reach of malice' be attentive, is to it once for all."-Having so said, * therefore, to my orders ; execute them he rang a bell, and ordered Nicolas to ** pun&ually, and keep my secret as you be forthwith' liberated, bidding the melo

own lite: doft thou know fenger return his clothes initamtly to him the name and condition of the lady with all that belonged to him, and ha: & whom thou' haft delivered !”. Nico ving flipt a purse into bis hand well fillas assured him be did not, and his excela led with doubloons, he bade him be gone lency proceeded as follows:-" Then about his businels, and not fee his face * Itell thee, Nicolas, it is the illukrious ägain till he had executed bis commands. 6 Donna Leoliora de Casafonda; her bus- Nicolasbouited out of the porch without * band is the prefident of Quito, and taking leave of the altar, and never check* daily expected with the next arrivale ed us fpeed tilt he found himfelf fairly

from the Souths-Seas; now, though housed under frelter of his own beloved is measures have been taken for detain. Brasobafin "Aha!" quosh Nicolas, my « ing him at the port, wherever he shall « lord inquisidor, I lèe the king is not < land, till he shall receive further or- « likely to gain a fulyject more by your « ders, yet y u must be sensible Donna *** Leonora's fituation is somewhat deli

« intrigues: A pretiy jcb you have fet

“ me about; and so, when I have pat “ cate : it will be your business to take * the fpeedieft measures for her reco

" the poor lady to rest with your dam

s ned ledative, my tongue Dust be stopt * Very; but as it feems the has had a dangerous' and painful 'labour, this

“ next to prerent its blabbing : But tu

« fhew you I was not born in Andaluta be a' work of more time than for nothing.". Nicolas now opened'a could be wisherl, unless fome medicines fecret drawer, and took out a few pieces more efficacious than common are ad- of monev, which in fact was his whole " ministered : Art thou acquinted with ftock of eam in the world;' he loaded and " any such, friend Nicolas?” -“ So, p:ined his pistols, ar.d carefully joiged « please your Exceller cy" quoth Niher in the rulers of lia laddie, he colde, syný processes have beco tolerally buckled io luis fide his tiny spada, and

« tender your





hattened to caparison his mule. " Ahy ments he had experienced for a long time " thou inip of the old onc," quoth ie as past, and being a lively good-humoured

he entered the stabie, 5 not little fellow, and one that touched the

afhamed to look me in the face? But guitar, and fung fequidillas with a toler * comc, huffey, thinu owed me a good rable grace, he foon recommended him: şi turn methinks, faard by me this once, leif to his ship nates, and grew in favour

and be friends for ever! tirou art in with every body on board, from the cap “ good cale, and if thoŲ wilt put thy tain to the cook's mate. fi beft foot foremost, like a faithful beaft, When they were oul upon their cruize, $6 thou shalt not want for barley by the bovering on the Spanish coaft, it occurred

way." The bargain was soon Áruck to Nicolas that the Inquisidor Ge kral between Nicolasınd his mule, hemounted at Madrid had told him i ne 29cm her in the happy moment and pointing his ted arrival of the Prudent of Quid; pourle towards the bridge of Tuledo, and having imparted his to one or the which prou flyktrides with half a dozen lof- lieutenants, he re; so trd it in the capain, ty arches over a fream fearce three feet and, as the intHis nce feewed of iinporwide, he found himself as completely, tance, he availed himlili of it, hy hawl. in a defert in half a mile's risiing, as if ing into i netra k of the hone ward bound he had been dropt in the center of Ara- gialloons, and great was the joy, when at biz perræ:. 'As Nicolas's j urney' was the breitti ai toe morning, the man at the not a tour of curioily, he dii pot a- mall-iet un vunce ia spune ringed vefmuse hiinself with a peep at Toledo, fel in W The arriour of a vhac now or Talaver 1, or even Merida by the way; fer all hands to work, and a f.w hours for the same reason he took a circuerubon. broug:.t them near enough to divern bat dibres round the frontier town of ta- . ih- Was a Spanish frizace, serangly joz, and crossing a little brook r-fehet from a long voi age. Little Pedroii, at his mule with the 'latt draugi's of Spanish aler: as the ret, firip himvicif for his water, and inftantiy congratulateo himwork, and repaired to his post in the felf upon entering the territory at Poriu- cock-pii, willit the thundur of the guns gal. i Brava i

quoth he, patting the rolice! incefiantly on pharl': three chears neck of his mule, is thou that have a fron the whole crew 21 length announc“ fupper this night of the best fieve- 'ed the monent of victory, aur a free i mea: Etremadura ai fornila : We arc more minutes ascertained the good news! is now in a country where the scattered that the prize was a frig te richly laden -* flock of Jliacl fold thick and fare from tne South Seas witte the Grivernor ** well." He now began to chaunt the of Quito and his 4uite on boord." song of Solon in, and gently ambled on Pedrosa was now called upon deck, in the joy of bis heart.

and fent on board the prize as interpreWhen Nicolas at length reached the ter to the firit is utenant, who was to city of Lisbon, be hugged himself in his take pof-lion of her. He found every good fortune; Itill ile recollected that thing in confusion, a deck covered with the inquisition has long arms, and he the flain, and the whole crew in con terwas yet in a place of no per rect ferurity. natioa at an event they were in no dieOur adventurer had in eari: life acted as gree prepared for, not having received affitant surgeon in a Spanish frigate anv intimation of a war. He found the bound to Buenos Ayres, and being cap- officers in general, and the passengers tured by a British man of war and car without exception, under the 'mitt hor ried into Jamaica, had very quic ly paired ridipretions of the Englisn, and expecu some years in that place as ting to be plundered, and perhaps buichapothecary, in which time he had acquire ered, without mercy. Din Manuel de eda tolerable acquaintance with the Eog- Calafonda, the Governor, whose countelish language : no suoner then did hedir. nance b-spoke a constitution far gone in cover the British enlign hring on the a decline, had thrown himself on a fi pha poop of an Eaglith frigate then lying in in the laft ftare of despair, and given way the Tagns than he cagerly caught the op- to an effusion of tears ; when the lieute. portunity of payinga vilit-to the darjem, pant entered the caobin, he role tremb aud finding he was in want of or mate, of- ling from his couch, and with the most fered himlelf, and was enteres in that fupplicating action presented to him his capacity for a cruize against the French fword, and with it a casket, which he and Spaniards, with whom Great Britain carried in his or her hand. As he tonder. was then at war. In this secure alçiumi ed there Ipuils to his conqueror, whether Nicolas enjoyed the fir't happy ino- through weakness, or of his own will, he


Nicolas Pedrosa ; . Tato. made a motion of bending his knee: the with a person finely formed, and parte generous Briton, shocked at the unmaniy fectly engaging, could not fail to imprefa overture, cauzht him suddenly with both the prisoners with the most favourable hands, and turning to Persofa, said aloud, ideas, and as Don Manuel ipoke French

“ Convince this gentleman he has , Auently, he could converse with the fallen into the having of an honourable British captain without the help of an inenemy - Is it poflib e!" cried Din terpreter. As he expressed an impatient Manuel. and kfting up his streaming eyes desire of being admitted to his parole, to the counter an e of the Britith officer, that he might revisit friends and connec Saw Humanity, valour, and generous pity, tions, from which he had been long sepaso strongly charactered in his youthful rated, he was overjoyerl to hear that the features that the conviction was irresist. English Ship would carry her prize inte ible. Will he root acrept my fword." Lifbor; and that he wouid there be fet cried the Spaniari. “ He defires you to on fhors, and permitted to make the best wear it, till he has the honour of present of his way from thence to Madrid. He ing you to his.caplain.'io's Ah!then talked of his wife with all the ardour of he has a captain," exclaimed Manuel; the moft impaffioned lover, ond apolo* his fuperior will be of another way of gized for his teari by imputing them to thinking ; tell him, this casket coi tains the agony of his mind and the infirmity my jewels ; they are valuable; let him of his health, under the dread of being preient them as a lawful prize, which longer separated from an object so dear will enrich the captor ; his fuperior will to his heart, and co whom he doated not hesitate to take them from me." with the fondeft affection. The gener“ If they are your Excellency's private ous captor indulged him in these con

property," replietl Pedrosa, I am or. versations, and, being a husband himfell dered to affirre you, that it your fhip was know how to allow for all the tendernes doaded with jewels, no Britith officer in of his sensacions. * Ah, Sir," cried Dom the service of his king will take them at Manuel, « would to heaver it were in your hands; "the Thip and eff.cts of his my power to have the honour of present Catholic Maje siv are the only prize of the ing my beloved Leonora to you on our captors ; the personals of the passengers landing at Lifbon-Perhaps," added he, are inviolate." .. Generous nation!” turning to Pedrola, who at that moment exclaimed Don Manuel, “ how greatly entered the cabin, " this gentlemari, have I wronged thee! The boats of whom I take to be a Spaniard, may have the British frigate now came along-fide, heard the name of Donna Leonora de and part of the crew were shifted out of Catafonda : if he has been at Madrid, it the prize, taking their truriks and cloaths is poffible he may have seen her; fould along with then, in which they were that be the case, he can testify to her ex. very cordially affitted by their corquer ternalcharms; I alone can witness to the ors. The barge foon after came a-board, exquifite perfe&jon of her mind." wiin an officer in the stern-lheets, and the .. Senor Don Manuel," replied Pedrosa, crew in their white Mirts and velvet caps, • I have seen Donna Leonora, ard your to efrort the governor and the Mhip's cap. Excelleney is warranted in all you can tain on board the frighte, which lay with her praise; he is of incomparable her fails to the mast awaiting their are beauty." These words threw the uxosival:. the accommodation-ladder was riovs "Spaniard into raptures; his eyes Nurg over the fide, and manned for the sparkled with delight; the blood rushed pr foreru, who were received on the gang: into his emaciated checks, and every feaway by the fecond lieutenant, whilft ture glowed with unutrerable jog; ke perfect filence, and the Atricteft-discipline preffed Pedrofa with a variety of rapid reigned in the thip, where all were un. enquiries, all which he evaded by pleading der the decks, and no ivquifitive curious ignorance, saying, that he had only had eyes were foffered to wound the feelings a casual glance of her as the paffed along of the conquered even with a glance. In the Prado. The embarrassment, howe. 'the door of his cabbin fmod the capiain, ver, which accompanied these answers wwl.o received them with that modelt did not escape the English Captain, who complaif ner, which does not revolt the thortly after, drawing Pedrosa afide inta unforturiare by an overftrained politeness; the fun eon's cabin, was by him made he was a man of high birth and elegant acquainted with the melancholy fituarian annars, with a heart as benevolent as of that unfortunate lady, and every pare it was brave : Such an address, fet qff çiçularof the fory as before related ; nay,

he very vial was produced with its con- “where he may present himself"I tents, as put into the haods of Pedrosa by “ can well believe it," replied the capthe Inquilidor.

tain; “bis pitcous cafe will require fure, “ Can there be such vallainy in man?”. “ther deliberation; in the mean time let aried the British captain, when Pedrosa “ noihing transpire on your part and had concluded his detail ; : “ Alas: my “ keep yourself out of his fibi as care" heart bleeds for this unhappy husband: “fuily as you can.”—This said, the cap, " aftured y that monter has destroyed tain leic the cabin, and both parties ree “ Leonora ; as for thes, Pedrosa, whilft paired to their several occupations. * the British Nag flies over thy head, As soon as the frigate and her prize * neither Spain, nor Portugal, nor Ina cast anchor in the Taxus, Don Manuel “quisitors, nor devils, shall annoy thee de Calatonda impatiently reminded our “ under its protection : but if thou eves captain of his proiniled parole. Thepain“ veatureft over the fide of this ini, and ful moment was now come, when an ex. “ rafhly fetteit one foot upon Cacholic planation of some foxt becaine unavoid“ foil, when we arrive at Lisbon, thou able. The generous Englifnman, with

art a loft man.” " I were worse countenance expressive of the tenderet * than a nadman,' replied Nicolas, picy, took the Spaniard's hand in his, “ thould I attempt it." ass Keep clofe and seating hiin on a couch vela le him, " in this asylum, then," refuined the ordered the centinel to keep the cabin captain," and fear nothing ; had it been private, and delivered himself as fol

our face to have been captured by the lows. “ Spaniard, what would have become of “ Sinor Don Manuel, I must now imothee?" os In the worit of exirenje « parc to you an anxiety which I la“ ties," replied Nicolas, “ I Could have “ bour under on your account--I have “ applied to the Inquilidor's vial; but I “ trong realo is to luspect you have enc4 confefs I had no fcars of that fort ; a 6 mies in your own country, who are · ship so commanded, and so minned, is “ upon the watch to arrest you on your W in little danger of being carried into a “ landing ; when I have told you this, " Spanish porr.”

I hope not," said “ I expect you will repose fuch trust in the captain; ... and I promisc thee thou my honour and the fincerity of my re“ Thalt take thy chance in her, fu long as “ gard for you, as not to demand a “ she is afloat under my command; and “ further explanation of the particulars “ if we live to conduct her to England, « on which ny intelligence is foundeche''. " thou shalt, have thy proper dare ut “ Heaven and Earth!” cried she afto

prize-money, which, if the gall-on nifhed Spaniard, “ who can be those e. " breaks up according to her entries, “ nemies I have to fear, and what can " will be fomething towards enabling “ I have done to deferva thene:"-"S

thee to fift; and if thou art as uil “far I will open myself to you,” answer

gent in thy dury as I am persuaded ed the captain, “as to point out the so thou wilt be, whilm I live inou fult “ principal to you, the inquisidor ge.

“ never want a fcaman's friend.”. It 66 neral."-" The best friend I have in .chefe chearing words, little Nicolas throw “ Spain," exclaimed the governor; “my himself at the feet of his generous pre- Iworn protector, the patron of my fore ferver, and with Areaming cycs poured “ tune : He dy enemy ! impoffibic.". out his thanks from a heari aniinated “ Well, Sic,” replied the captain, " if with joy and gratitude. The captain, “ my advice does not mect belief, I raising him by the hand, forbade trim, as “ must so far exert my authority for he prized his friendship, ever to artdress “ your sake, as to inake this ship your him in chat polture any more; " Thank “ prison, till I have waited on our mini" me, if you will," added be, “but “ Iter at Litoon, and made the inquirice " thank me as one man should another ; “ neceffary for your fafety: suspend slet no knees bend in this thip but to your judgment upon the seeming harsh, w the name of God. But now," con- 6 neis of this measure till I return to tinued he, let us turn our thoughts to “ you again :" and at the same time " the situation of our unnappy Catafonda, rising from his seat, he gave orders for “ we are now drawing near to Lifbon, the barge, and leaving itrid inju..ctions « where he will look to be liberated on with the firit lieutenant not to allow of the « his parale.”— By no means let him governor's quitting the frigate, he put off “ venture into Spain," laid Pedrofa ; "I for the forc, and left the melancholy " am well affured there are orders to ar. Spaniard buricu iu profound and filent

rett him iu cvery port or icon.ier iowa, modulation.

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