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July 25th. Battersea-fields and Wandsworth-common. Malva rotundifolia Hydrocharis Morsus Galeopsis Tetrahit Hyoseris minima


Daucus Carota Agrostemna Githago Mercurialis annua Lithospermum arvense Peucedanuin Silaus Anagallis arvensis Chironja Centaurium Lemna trisulea

Polygonum Convolvulus Campanula rotundifolia minor

Chenopodiuin album Agrimopia Eupatoriuin Scute laria galericulata Sison Amomum

August 6th. Highgate Archway,
Carduus nutans
Poa cristata

Gnaphalium germani.
Erica vulgaris
Tamus communis

cum Anthemis Cotula Carduus acanthoides Ononis fructicosa Brassica Napus Lychnis dioica v. alba

Potentilla verna Hypericum perforatum

August 12th. Wimbledon-common. Trifolium filiforme Hypericum quadrangu-f Pedicularis sylvaticus Teucrium Scorodonium Jare

Leontodon auturnnale Peplis Portula

Galeopsis tetrahit Valeriana officinalis Juncus articulatus Scrophularia aquatica Fumaria claviculata Genista anglica

nodosa Chelidonium majus Radiola millegrana

Lythrum Salicaria Seir pus faitans Juncus uliginosus

Senecio sylvatica Ceratophyllum demer, Festuca decumbens Jasione montana

sum Rosa spinosissima Inula dysenterica

Poa rigida Rhamnus Catharticus pulicaria

Tiagopogon porrifolium Epilobium villosum Medicago lupulina Cynoglossum officinale

palustre Gnaphalium rectum Matricaria Parthenium Trifolium glomeratum

REPORT OF DISEASES. The autumn, though on the whole healthy, has been more sickly than for some years past. The diseases, however, have been mild, Dysenteries and diarrhæas, if not met, in their early stage, with antiphlogistic remedies, according to their severity, have proved extremely tedious, and, in a very few instances, fatal. The typhus fever, in its true form, has been chiefly confined to the poor Irish, and those who have associated with them. Fever, however, has been sporadic among all classes. In those whose mode of life has been more generous, the early symptoms have been severe, and not relieved without the lancet and other antiphlogistic remedies. If these have been omitted, the disease has proved fatal at an early period, or convalescence has proved extremely tedious. There has been less delirium than usually attends that form of fever, but the senses have been much impaired, and the conceptions greatly weakened.

A case of phthiriasis, or morbus pediculosus, has occurred in an elderly woman, the wife of a man in a decent employment. Though they sleep together, the husband has no difficulty in keeping himself clean; but it is the constant employment of the wife to destroy the vermin, yet they multiply faster than all her endeavours can prevent, They are the common body-louse; so that it is at least probable this disease is nothing more than a peculiar aptitude in the skin and juices of the subject to prove a nidus and food for this insect.



By Messrs. WILLIAM HARRIS and Co. 50, Holborn, London.

From the 20th August to the 19th September, inclusive.

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The quantity of rain fallen in the month of August is 1 inch and 94-100ths,


352 CATALOGUE OF MEDICAL BOOKS. Cases of Diseased Prepuce and Scrotum, illustrated by Etchings. By William Wadd, Esq. Surgeon Extraordinary to his Royal Higliness the Prince Regent.

Sketch of the History and Cure of Febrile Diseases, more particularly as they appear in the West ludies, among the Soldiers of the British Army By Robert Jachson, M.D.

History of the Practice of Vaccination. By John Moore, Di. rector of the National Vaccine Establishment, Surgeon of the 2d Reg. of Guards, and Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in London.

Chemical Amusement, comprising a Series of curious and instructive Experiments in Chemistry, which are easily performed, and unattended by danger. By Frederick Accuin, Operative Chemist. 7s.

The Naturalist's Pocket Book, or Tourist's Companion; being a brief Introduction to the different Branches of Natural History, with approved Methods for collecting and preserving Quadrupeds, Birds, Reptiles, Fishes, Insects, Shells, Corals, Seeds, Plants, Woods, Fossils, Minerals, &c. By George Graves, F.L.S. | vol. 8vo. with 8 plates; price 14s. plain, 21s. coloured.

No. 24 of the new edition of Curtis's Flora Londinensis.' By G. Graves, F.L.S. In royal folio, with 6 plates; price 10s. plain, or 16s, coloured.

A Catalogue of Medical Books now selling by Highley and Son, Medical Booksellers, 174, Fleet-street, containing the most modern and approved Works on Anatomy, Medicine, Surgery, Materia Medica, Chemistry, &c. &c. corrected to the present time: to which is added, a List of all the Lectures delivered in London, with the terms, hours of attendance, &c. &c.

A Catalogue and Appendix of Books in Anatomy, Medicine, Surgery, Midwifery, Chemistry, Botany, &c. new and second-hand, sold by Anderson and Chase, Medical Booksellers, 40, West Smithfield: to which is added, a complete List of the Lectures delivered in London, with their terms, hours of attendance, &c.

An Essay on the Chemical History and Medical Treatment of Urinary Calculi; with plates. By Alexander Marcet, M.D. F.R.S.

Observations on the Casual and Periodical Influence of the particular States of the Atmosphere on Human Health and Diseases, particularly Insanity; with a table of reference to authors. By Thomas Forster, F.L.S. &c.

NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS. The extract from the Moniteur (Public Utility) can only be admitted as an advertisement on the Cover.

We are much obliged to our correspondent for the favour concerning Nitrous Acid ; but, under the present mode of conducting the Journal, we cannot admit histories of venereal sores, without a more minute description of their appearance. We must therefore wait for his further communication.

PROPHYLAX, and several others, will appear, if possible, in our next.-Does our correspondent at Berwick wish his nume to be added to his favour?

We feel professionally for our Bristol correspondenl; but, as the cause is scarcely known, excepting in his own neighbourhood, we would advise him to print the affidavit, either in the Bristol papers, or to circulate it among those who are likely to interest themselves in the question.



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