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Saviour declared to be an Israelite employed in gathering the emperor's indeed, and a man in whom wasımo toll, or customs; an employınent of guile ; for Bartholonew is no more great reputation amongst the Rothan the son of Ptolemy: so then we mans, however vilified among the say, that this apostle was Nathaniel, Jews, and without doubt very profite the son of Ptolemy, of Cana in Gali. able, which he quitted to follow lee. He was introduced to Jesus by Christ in all his meanness. Though Philip, but we read very little of him his abode was in Capernaum, where in the gospels.

some think he was born, his office, as It is generally believed that he tra- a publican, was on the shore of the velled for the propagation of the gos- sea of Tiberius out of the town. The pel as far as India, on this side the gospel mentions that Jesus favoured Ganges, which bordered upon the hin with his company to partake Asian Ethiopia, and was called by of a feast with some of his friends, Jerom, the fortunate India, where that were also publicans, at his house, Pantenus, a famous Stoical philoso• hoping that by his conversation pher, and who had been converted to they also might be converted. The the faith, journeyed into those parts, gospel relates nothing more of him. where, a bundred years after, he But it is certain be continued with found the gospel of St. Matthew, the rest of the apostles, till our Sayi. written in Hebrew, and left by Bar. our's ascension ; and then for about tholomew. In this journey, the apos. eight years, preached up and down tle preached also in Arabia Felix, and in Judæa, and for several years after, part of Persia ; and having finished steering his course for the conver. his labours in the east, he returned to sion of the Gentiles, he travelled, it the most western and northern parts is thougbt, into Ethiopia, tho' some of Asia, and joined Philip in the mi- say he planted Christianity first in nistry at Hieropolis in Phrygia, where Parthia ; and in both places by his he narrowly escaped martyrdom ; preaching and miracles, he power. from thence he went to Lycaonia, fully triumphed over error and idola. where he preached with success. His try; convinced and converted multilast and fatal remove, and where le tudes; ordained spiritual guides and suffered martyrdom, was Albanople, rulers to confirm and build them up ; or Albana upon the Caspian sea, in brought others over to the faith, Armenia the Great: where Astyages and at last died, and was honourably the king of the country, ordered him buried at Hieropolis in Parthia : to be crucified, or as some say, Alayed though some pretend he died a mar. alive, for preaching the Christian faith, tyr at Naddabar in Ethiopia, but are and altering the established religion. unable to ascertain, either in what S. What say you of Matthew

manner, or at what place buried. T. Matthew, otherwise called Le. His gospel is said to have been vi, was a Galilean, and born of Jewish written at Jerusalem, at the intreaty parents ; the son of Alphetis, and Ma. of the Jewish converts, and as Epi. ry, kinswoman to Mary the mother of phanes adds, by the appointment of Jesus. - He was a publican, an officer the apostles, and a few years after our Saviour's death. We hare only with mild persuasives and calım isto the Greek translation thereof estant, structions converted to the knowand which is generally attributed to ledge of Christ. And at last he seal. St. Jolin, or St. James.

ed the doctrine of the gospel, which S. Who was the apostle Thomas ? he preached, by his death in the In

T. The scripture makes no men. dian city Calamine, by the moderne tion of his country nor of his kin- called Malabar, the metropolis of dred; but it is certain that he was Coromandel; where he was stoned a Jew, and is supposed to be a Gali. and pierced through with a lance by lean. This apostle is commonly called the Brachmans ; who perceiving Dirlymus, a Greek word importing a their craft and superstition in danger, twin, the same as Thomas signifies took an opportunity thus to murder in the Hebrew. He was called to him, as he one day retired, according the apostleship in the thirty-first year to his custom, to a private grotto, te of Christ, but we bear no more of pray. As this was not done by order luim till the raising of Lazarus froin of the prince, who, himself had been the dead; when, believing that Jesus converted by this apostle, his disci. went into Judæa at the risque of his ples were permitted to take up his life, he proposed to the other disci- body, and to bury it in a church, ples that they might all go and die which he had lately founded by perwith him. At the last sapper, he, mission of Sagino, prince of the by asking Jesus whither he was go. country, and which afterwards be. ing, drew from him that remarkable came a magnificent structure. answer, I am the way, &c. His Though by this means the Christislowness of belief, in the matter of ans lost their apostle, he had instructs our Saviour's resurrection, seems not ed and confirmed them so well in the go much an effect of an obstinate in- faith of Christ, that the Portuguese fidelity, as of the weakness of his upon their arrival in the 14th century faith, too much over-ruled by human in these parts, found a succession of reason, which was the cause of our bis disciples, to the amount of 15 or Saviour's not being angry with him, 16000 fainilies, that had continuedfrom but taking the more pains to convince this first plantation of Christianity, & by an ocular and manual demonstra- distingnished themselves bythe name tion; and afterwards of his declaring of Christians of St Thomas, where them to be blessed that have not they still remain ; a people very poor, seen, and yet have believed,

and under a patriarch, to whom all Different authors have assigned Christians of the east are subject, and divers parts of the earth to this apos. who hath his seat at Muzal. They tle's ministry. But the most proba. have neither images nor pictures in ble account of his preaching is that, their churches, which are very plain, which assigns him his province a. er other representations but that of monot the Parthians, Medes, Per. the cross; they baptise infants; com. serve Advent, Christmas, Easter,&c. Bentence on the case, after it had been permit their priests to marry once, fully discussed in his presence by and never think it lawful to dissolve Peter, Paul, and Barnabas : and, as the marriage knot. But you must his eminent parts, authority and dis. observe that these are different from cretion, enabled him to discharge the Christians of St. Thomas in Ma. that high office with great reputation labar ; who are the disciples of Mar- amongst his brethren; so they inThome, a Syrian lord, who by the Aamed proportionable the malice of assistance of some Nestorian priests, the adversaries of Christianity. carried the light of the gospel into This brought upon him the resent. those parts.

ment and persecution of the high. S. Who was James the less ? ' pricst and of the Sadducees, the most

T. He is the same person whoni cruel of all the Jewish sects; who, some have styled James the just, and not being able to effect their design St. Paul calis,-The Lord's Brothe:; against Paul, who had appealed to because he was the son of Joseph by Casar for judgment, resolved towreak a former wife named Escha, daugh- their vengeance on James. Thus, acter of Haggai, brother of Zacharias, cording to Eusebius, Ananus, the father of John the Baptist. We have high-priest, and the principal Pharino particular account of him, neither sees and Scribes, taking advantage of as to the time of his birth, his trade; - the time between the death of the or way of life : nor as to the time of Romana governor Festus, and the his being called to the apostleship coming of his successor Albinus, cone The Jews in their Talmud called him vened a council, and called the apos. a man of the town of Secania. · tle before them, and condemned him

After our Saviour's resurrection, ae an infringer of the law; but fear. this apostle was honoured by Jesus ing the people, thought not fit to prowith bis particular appearance ; who ceed to open violence against him ; is also said, when he was about to but using deceitful and specious pre. ascend, to have recommended the tences, told him, that as the people church of Jerusalem to his care. were led into an error concerning Je. . From which time be was considered sus Christ, whom they supposed to be as the bishop of that church; and the Messiah, it was in his power, and as Eusebits writes, he, in imitation became him, who was a just man, to of the jewish high priest, wore the 'convince them of their mistake. name of God engraved in a plate of Wherefore, this being the feast of the gold on his forehead, as a mark of Passover, they desired him to go up his episcopacy. St. Paul, at his first with them into one of the galleries coming up to Jerusalem, after his 'round the top of the temple, from conversion, found James possessed whence he might be seen & heard by of this authority and dignity. And the great concourse of people assem. undaunted voice, That same Jesus, faith was sufficient to salvation. ** the son of man, whom ye speak of, is gainst these loose doctrines, the apos. the Son of God, and sits on the right tle with strong reasoning enjoins puhand of the supreme majesty on high, rity, patience, charity, and all the from whence he will one day come in virtues of a good life: and, by undethe clouds of heaven. At wbich the niable arguments, proves that no faith multitude glorified God, and cried can justify us before God, nor entitle out, Hosanna to the son of David! us to eternal life, which does not shew But the Scribes and Pharisees being itself in acts of obedience to God's cut to the heart at their design being commandments, and in a holy life. thus frustrated, declared that the S. Who was Simon! man whom they had heretofore call. 7. He was surnamed the Canaaned Just, was now become an impuse ite, and was otherwise called Zelotes. tor, and threw him down headlong. From whence it is collected that he Some below perceiving him rise up- was not named Canaanite from the on his knees after the fall, loaded him town of Cana, which some have surwith a shower of stones ; and at last mised to be the place of his nativity ; one merciful in his cruelty, dashed but from the Hebrew root Kana, to bis brains out with a fuller's club, as be zealous; whence is derived Kani he poured out his soul in prayer to or Kanani ; because he was hot and Heaven ; being now in the 86th year sprightly, and very zealously 'em. of his age, and after he had been 24 braced the gospel of Jesus Christ s years bishop of that city. However, or else from a particular sect among all their maliee could not hinder the the Jews called Zealots. We have people's veneration for him, who bu. little mention of bim in the sacred ried his body on the spot where he records : but Nicephorus says, that suffered, and erected a monument to after the descent of the Holy Ghost, his memory. Nor did his persecu. on the dispersion of his brethren, he tors go unpunished; for some of the travelled through Egypt, Cyrene, and Jews complained of his murder to other parts of 'Africa, and thenco the new governor, and to Agrippa, through Mauritania and Libya ; and who made Ananus pay for bis injus. Jastly he came over into the western tice and cruelty with the loss of the islands, and in particular into the high-priesthood.

isle of Britain, where according to This apostle was the author of the Dorotheus, he was crucified, after general epistle of James, which is he had preached and endured many directed to the Jewish converts troubles and afflictions, and contirmscattered abro..d in he eastern coun. ed his doctrine with many mira. tries, to comfort them under their cles. sufferings, and to confirm them in S. What account is there of Jude? the faith, which was every where T. He was the brother of James spoken against, and began to be cor. the Just, who was the Lord's bro. rupted by the Gnostics and Nicolai. ther, and bishop of Jerusalem, of tans, who taught that good works whom I bave already informed you. were useless and unnecessary, and He is also called Judas, but particu. that a naked belief of the Christian larly mentioned with a negative, Not to be Iscariot. He was a mar. sister of Lazarus, for anointing the tied man, and had several children ; feet of Jesus with precious ointment. his wife's name was Mary. And at The next account of bim is bis agree. the last supper, he asked Jesus why ment with the priests to betray his he was to manifest bimself to his master for thirty pieces, or shekels apostles, and not to the world. of silver, which make four pounds

He is said to have preached the ten shillings, if we allow three shil. gospel in Judæa, Samaria, Idumxa, lings to a shekel. In consequence in the city Edessa, Mesopotamia, Sy- whereof he conducted the officers ria and Lybia ; but principally in Ar and a multitude of the Jews armed, menia and Persia, and at last to have to the place where Jesus had retired died in peace, and to be honourably after supper to pray; though Jesus buried : though others affirm that he had at his last supper with his disci. was put to a cruel death by the Ma. ples given him to understand, that gi, at Berytus in Persia, as he was he knew the treachery and wicked. freely and openly reproving their su- ness of his heart. Judas when he perstitious rites. He has left us a saw how far the enemies of our Sa. short epistle that bears his name, viour were carrying their revenge, written to the converted Jews, as he came to himself, and considering his brother James had done before ; the crime he had committed against and exhorts them to be aware of false him, was seized with horror and deteachers, who at that time were the spair ; and unable to bear the refiec. Gnostics, Nicolaitans and Simonians, tion, that he had been dealing for the and disturbed the peace of the blood of so excellent a master ; be church by their loosë doctrines and brought back to the Jews the thirty practices. And as he therein speaks pieces of money again, telling them, of the apostles, as dead, sometimes he had sinned in betraying innocent quotes Peter's 21 epistle, and alludes blood ; and having thrown the money to Paul's 2d epistle to Timothy, it into tlie temple, immediately went probably was not written till after the away and hanged himself on a high destruction of Jerusalem.

tree, as it is supposed, from whence, S. What particulars have you of the rope breaking, he fell and burst Judas Iscariot ?

asunder in the midst ; and all his T. The account given of this man

bowels gushed out. by the sacred writers is only this : Thus I have given you a faithful that he was of the number of those account of the apostles, wbom Jesus that were called by Jesus to the a. called to accompany him in his mi. postleship ; and was intrusted with nistry. the common purse, or appointed S. I thank you for this ample relapurser or purveyor to the apostolic tion of what conduces so much to the college, and therefore is by some knowledge of the sacred history. But thought to be called Iscariot, from a I am at a loss to know why these Syriac word of a similar sound which twelve were called apostles. signifies a qurse. He is never men. 7. Apostle is properly a deriva. tioned afterwards, but to his dig. tive from the Grečk word Apostolos, grace He murmurs at Mary, the and significs a messenger or envoy.

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