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the soul, will no longer rule over her. Separated from flesh and blood, there will remain in her none of those earthly affections which resulted from them. Transported into the regions of light, the human understanding will present no ideas to the will but those of the highest good. It will then have no other than lawful desires, and God will be their constant and ultimate end.'. It will love him from gratitude; will fear HIM from a principle of love; and will adore Him as the SUPREMELY AMIABLE BEING, and as the ETERNAL SOURCE of life, perfection, and happiness.

Christians, who believe this doctrine of life, can ye have any dread of death? Your iminortal spirits continually cleave to matter, and they are indissoluble ; being henceforth united to an unperishable and differently organized body, she looks upon death as a happy transformation, which, by disengaging the seed from its foldage, will give a new being to the plant.

" O death, where is then thy sling! Q grave, where is thy viétory!





Though impenetrable clouds and darkness conceal the irritable and sentient principles from our view, nevertheless soine philosophers of the present day have gone fo far, as to discover the condition of its existence.

They observe first, that every thing that increases the quantity of oxygen in organized bodies, increases at the fame time their irritability.

A considerable quantity of very pure oxygen air was injected into the jugular vein of a dog. Upon opening the thorax and the pericardium of the animal, the heart was found more irritable than ordinary, and its alternate contractions and dilatations continued upwards of an hour.

The right auricle of the heart was vermilion, and it contained, as well as the right ventricle, a great quantity of blood of a bright vermilion colour. The blood contained in the left auricle, in the left ventricle, the aorta, and the arteries, was of a bright rose colour, and mixed with bubbles of air.

All the muscles were more irritable than ordinary.

After the blood contained in the heart and arteries was discharged, the irritability of the heart and muscles was sensibly diminished.

This experiment proves, most decisively, that the vermilion colour which the blood assumes in paffing through the lungs is not owing to the loss of CHARCOAL and HYDROGEN; but that it proceeds from the combination of the blood with the oxYGEN AIR.

In the experiment I have jutt now described, the livid colour of the venous blood in the right auricle and ventricle of the heart was changed to that of vermilion, Nevertheless it could not have lost any CARBON or HyDROGEN: it therefore only acquired OXYGEN OG VITAL


This experiment is also a direct proof that OXYGEN favours the principle of irritability; for by surcharging the blood with oxygen, by hyper-oxygenating it, if I may use the expression, the irritability of the contractile fibre was, as we have seen, considerably increased.

The irritability also of persons made to breathe oxyGEN AIR is wonderfully increased, as is thewn by an universal increase of energy in the system. But what thews more clearly than all, says GIRTANNER, that


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the irritability is always in proportion to the quantity of oxygen in the system, are the phænomena attending the action of mercury and mercurial oxyds upon animals. As is this one of the most striking proofs of this theory, and as many persons, and amongst the rest, philosophers of the first rank, such as Dr. CRAWFORD, have been struck with the novelty and fimplicity of my mode of explaining these phænomena, I cannot forbear, says he, entering into some detail upon this subject.

It is a well known fact among physicians, that mero. cury, in its metallic fiate, has no effect upon the human body. I have known many people, who for many years have taken a daily portion of quicksilver, to the amount of one or two ounces, but who never perceived any effect whatever from this singular and ridiculous custom. It is proved also by the experiments of Dr. SAUNDERS, that the effects of mercurial ointinent are owing only to the small quantity of mercury that has been oxydated during a long trituration. It is necessary, therefore, that mercury should be oxydated, to have any effect on the human body. Besides, it is well known that in persons who have rubbed themselves with mercurial ointment, or who have taken the oxyd of mer8.


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