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the baseness and infamy of those transport should we not receive it! who, in their criminal correspond- what tears of gratitude would it not ence, and in their audacious libels, make us fhed what newest hopes have dared to paint Frenchmen as would it not revive in families rerobbers and ruffians. The consti- duced to desolation !-Well, we tution is their fortune; they have have it, we possess it, let us learn sealed it with their blood; they to preserve it. As to you, Frenchwill not suffer it to be attacked'; men, it is to your union, it is to Frenchmen have placed it between your confidence, that we are to royalty and anarchy, and they know look for encouragement. Returnhow to keep it in its place. ing presently to our ordinary la

Oh ye fathers, mothers, hur- bours, all our cares will be to close bands, children! whom the remem- the wounds which our enemies are brance of the misfortunes and the striving to enlarge.

The restoradisasters of the revolution have ir- tion of the finances, of commerce, ritated, consider with affright what of industry, of agriculture; the soa horrible revolution they have pre- lace of the indigent classes, of the pared for you anew; and may this hofpitals, of the national creditor; sentiment remove for ever from the debt of our immortal defenders, your hearts, those barbarous enmi- will demand our first regards. Peace ties, those murderous oppositions, also, that consoling peace which is which diffolve a nation, and involve acquired by victory, shall speedily it in a deluge of calamities!

come, and we have the solid hope “ Citizens, the mischief unmalk- of it, to consolidate all our tried will no doubt try to calumniate umphs, and to repair all our losses. us, and to arm you one against an- If, on the contrary, the enemy other. These calumnies we def- fhould be obstinate, to precipitate pise, but we cannot despise your their own destruction, may the uperil. We have told you the truth; nion of our good citizens, may their do you examine the interest of those attachment to the constitution and who shall speak to you in other lan- government of the third 1 year,

be guage. The legislative body con- at once their despair, and the pledge jures you to this--repel far from of their approaching ruin! you every perfidious insinuation ; Magiftrates, administrators, let not England and Austria tear functionaries, the voice of your from you the fruits of this last vic- 'country calls you

back to your tory, which closes at length the re- posts. Everywhere in a republic, volution. Let us gather round the that man is in the field of honour constitution; let us think and feel who conducts himself as a republi. that its spirit and its letter ought can. Men of letters, you whom never to be separated.

the despotism of calumny reduced Oh! if after twenty years of to silence, resume your pristine enthis civil war, that they wished to ergy; commence your republican infiiet upon us, and of the frightful instruction; make the coward apocatastrophes that would be its ne- logists of slavery to blush; aid alio cessary consequences, a beneficent the legislative body and the governgenius were to bring us this confti- ment; form the manners of the ution of the third year, with what nation.

X 3 “ Frenchmen,

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“ Frenchimen, unity of action is Those of our faithful subjects whom re-established between the two we have appointed to instruct you great powers, not that which results as to your true interests, will retrace from the dependence of one of in this paper the instructions they them, but that which produces the have received. Those whom the harmony of reciprocal wills. We purity of their zeal and the wisdom have exposed to you our conduct of their principles will entitle to and our principles; our life is allow our confidence in future, will here gether devoted to the maintenance read aforehand the instructions of the republic; we will not say which will be given to them. Fithat we are merely ready to lose nally, all the French who, Tharing our lives in combating the factions, our love for the country, wish to but we swear to you that we will concur towards saving it, will inovercome them,"

struct themselves in the rules they

ought to follow; and all France, ac. Tle folosing Proclamations have been quainted with the end to which putlined by the Directory,

every one should concur in concert,

On their and the means which ought to be Authenticity no great Reliance can employed, will form a judgment be placed. Thus much, however, for itself of the good which it ought muilt be said, that the Pretender has to expect from them, not thought fit to disavow them.

We have said to our agents,

(note, by the Directory, Dunan, XVIII. TO THE FRENCH. Brottier, and Lavilluernois), and we A PROFOUND grief penetrates repeat to them inceffantly, “ Bring our breast every time we fee French- back our people to the holy religion men groaning in captivity, through of their forefathers, and to the patheir attachment to the safety of ternal government which so long France. But will it satisfy your ty- constituted the glory and happiness ranis to have procured new victims.. of France. Explain to them that In this conspiracy which they im- the constitution of the state has been pute to thein, in the papers they calumniated, because it has been publif fo fastidiously, will they not misunderstood. Instruct them to seek pretexts to calumniate our in- distinguish it from the regime which tentions? Is it not to be dreaded, had been too long introduced. Shew finally, that, either by forging pa- then that it is alike opposite to anpers, or by throwing out subtle in- archy and despotism, the two fcourfinuations, they will attempt to ges which are as odious to us as they paint us to you in false colours?

are to them, but which have alternIt is our duty to admonish you ately afiliated France since she has · against a perfidy which the expe- no longer had a King. Consult rience of what is past authorizes us wise and enlightened men as to the to foresee; it is our duty to ma- new degrees of perfection, of which nikit to you the sentiments with that constitution may be susceptiwhich our heart is filied. The ty- ble, and make known to them the rants envelope themselves in the forms it has prescribed to effect its Lixades mystery; a father dreads own amelioration. Affirm that we not to be leen by his children. have adopted the most efficacious


measures to preserve it from the in, fented to you in which you should juries of time, and from the attacks not recognize these characters, reof authority itself. Guaranteę ject them as the production of liars; once more the oblivion of errors, they are not in conformity with our of injuries, and even of crimes. heart. Quench in every breast every the Given on the ļoth of March, smallest wish of private revenges, of the year of grace 1797, which we are resolved to repress and of our reign the second. with severity. Transınit to us the

(Signed) Louis. public will as to the regulations which are calculated to correct a. This was to have been published previous buses, the reform of which will be

to the Entry of the Pretender into Paris. the constant object of our solicitude. Apply all your attention to

LOUIS THE XVIII. TO ALL prevent the return of that regime

FRENCHMEN. of blood, which has cost us so mą- PROVIDENCE has permitted ny tears, and with which our wretch for the instruction of Kings, and ed subjects are still menaced. Di- for the punishment of nations, that rect the choice they are about to the monarchy of France should be make, towards men of worth, overturned by a handful of factious friends of order and peace, who are men, whose conduct has been stainat the same time incapable of be- ed by every species of guilt. traying the dignity of the French The clergy, the nobility, and name, and whose virtyes, intelli- all the personages of the highest gence, and courage, may help us to distinction and probity, have been restore happiness to our people. either persecuted, exiled, or malfaPromise rewards proportioned to cred.Our august Brother, and a their services, to the military of part of his family, have been the every rank, and to the members of victims of this cruel tyranny. the administrations whọ shall co- Frenchmen, your hearts are now operate towards the re-establish- opened and softened. They are ment of religion, laws, and the returned to those sentiments of legitimate authority.-But, in the love for their King which have re-establishment of them, avoid the ever distinguished them beyond all employment of the atrocious means other nations; they have recogniwhich were practised to overthrow zed our sacred right to govern them: them. Expect from the public o- they have recognized us, in the pinion a success which it alone can persuasion that we shall not suffer render solid and durable; or, if it the diadem on our brow to be disshould be necessary to have recourse honoured. to force of arms, do not at least Yes !- we take the Most High employ this cruel force until the 'to witness, that we shall forget the last extremity, and to give it a juft faults of our subjects who have and necessary support.

been misled by the feditious. Far Frenchmen! all the documents from marking our accession to the you may meet with in conformity throne by any terrible display of to these sentiments, we shall glory vengeance, I ihall shew myself like in avowing. If any should be pre- a tender father, who pardons the

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errors and wanderings of his chil- fhall be treated in every respect as dren. We shall pardon with as the most refpectable powers, and much pleasure as our tyrants have particularly so as to what relates to found 'in facrificing. The justice its ambassador or minister, its conof God does not resemble that of suls or vice-consuls. men; he alone can read our hearts, VI. The Pope shall renounce aband punish their hardness. solutely and entirely all the rights (Signed) Louis. which he may pretend to have in

the cities and territories of Avig

non, the Comtat Venaissin, and its Treaty of Peace corcluded between t'e dependencies; and shall transfer, Pope and the French Republic. give us, and abandon the said rights

to the French Republic. . HERE shall

VII. The Pope in like manner

Art. I. T 'frientechip, and good renounces for ever, and gives up

understanding between the French and transfers to the French RepubRepublic and Pape Pius the Sixth. lic, all his right to the territories

11. The Pope revokes all adhe. known by the title of the Legation fion, afistance, and concession, open of Bologna, Ferrara, and Romagna; or secret, given by him to the coa- and no attack shall be made on the lition armed against the French Re- Catholic religion in that quarter. public; and to every treaty of alli- VIII. The citadel and villages ance, offenfive and defensive, with forming the territory of the city of whatever power it may be. He Ancona, shall remain in the hands engages himself not to furnish, ei- of the Republic till a peace with ther for the present or any future the continent shall be concluded. war, to any power armed against IX. The Pope engages, for him. the French Republic, any succours self and his successors, not to transin men, ships, arms, warlike stores, fer to any one the tities of Seignio, provisions, or money, under any ries attached to the territory by him title or denomination whatever. ceded to the French Republic.

III. His Holiness shall disband, X. His Holiness engages to pay within five days after the ratification and deliver, at Foligno, to the treaof the present treaty, the troops of surer of the French army, before the new formation, retaining only the 5th of March, 1797, the sum of the regiments existing before the 15,000,000 of French livres Tourtreaty of armistice signed at Bo- nois, of which 10,000,000 shall be logna.

in specie, and 5,000,000 in diamonds IV. The ships of war or corsairs and other valuable effects; besides of the powers armed against the the sum of 1,600,000 remaining due French Republic, Mall not enter, according to the 9th article of the or at least shall not make any stay armistice signed at Bologna on the during the present war, in the ports 5th Messidor, in the fourth year of or roads of the ecclesiastical states. of the Republic, and ratified by his

V. The French Republic fhall Holiness on the 27th of June. continue to enjoy, as before the XI. In order to settle finally what war, all the rights and prerogatives shall reinain to be paid, in order to which France had at Rome, and the complete execution of the armiItice figned at Bologna, his Holiness XVII. The French Republic shall provide the army with 800 ca- cedes to the Pope all its right to valry horfes accoutred, and 800 the different religious foundations draught-horses, bulls, and buffaloes, in the city of Rome, and at Loretand other objects produced from to; and the Pope cedes entirely to the territory of the church. the French Republic all the allodial

XII. Besides the sum mentioned property belonging to the holy see in the preceding articles, the Pope in the three provinces of Bologna, Thall pay to the French Republic, Ferrara, and Romagna, and particuin fpecie, diamonds, and other va- larly the estate of Mesola, and its luables, the sum of 15,000,000, of dependencies; the Pope reserving French livres Tournois, of which to himself, however, in case they 10,000,000 livres shall be paid in shall be sold, a third of the sums the course of March, and five in arising from such sale, which shall the course of April next.

be remitted as part of his contribuXIII. The 8th article of the tion. treaty of armistice figned at Bo- XVIII. His Holiness shall disa. logna, concerning the manuscripts vow, by his minister at Paris, the and objects of art, shall be carried assassination of the Secretary of Leinto complete execution as fpeedily gation, Basseville; and, in the course as possible.

of the year, the sum of 300,000 liXIV. The French army shall vres shall be paid to and divided evacuate Umbria, Perugia, and Ca- among those who have suffered by merino, as soon as the 10th article this event. of the present treaty shall be exe- XIX. His Holiness shall set at cuted and accomplished.

liberty all persons in confinement XV. The French army shall eva- on account of their political opicuate the province of Macerata, ex

nions. cepting Ancona and Fano, and their XX. The Commander in Chief territories, as soon as the first five shall permit all the prisoners of war millions of the sum mentioned in from the troops of his Holiness to the 12th article of the present trea- return home, as soon as he shall have ty shall have been paid and deliver- received the full ratification of this ed.

treaty. XVI. The French shall evacuate XXI. Until a commercial treaty the territory of the city of Fano, shall be concluded between the and the duchy of Urbino, as foon French Republic and the Pope, the as the second five millions of the commerce of the Republic Phall be sum mentioned in the 12th article re-established, and treated by the of the present treaty shall have been states of his Holiness on the same delivered, and the 3d, 10th, 11th, footing as the nation most favoured and 12th shall have been executed. in its commerce. The last five millions, making up

XXII. Conformable to the 6th the whole of the sum ftipulated to article of the treaty concluded at be paid by the 11th article, shall be the Hague in April, in the third paid at farthest in the course of year, the peace concluded by the April next,

present treaty between the French


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