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which are still pending with the em- innumerable battles, where victory pire; and, in fine, you must crown always rested on your side,

you are your exploits by the invasion of that called on to subdue the first, the inand where your ancestors carried most intractable, and the most cunslavery underWilliam the Con- ning of your enemies. queror, and carry thither again the The Executive Directory is defigenius of liberty, which will disem- rous of a general peace. It wilhes bark at the same time with the such a peace for you and for Europe. French.

It is now one year or more fince Citizens, be assured that govern- a faithless enemy, restless and buzment is desirous of accelerating that zing, has disturbed all the cabinets, happy moment when, in concert loudly proposing peace, and secret with the legislature, they can re- ly blowing up the embers of war. duce their armies to the footing They affeět to extinguish with one of a peace establishment, recom- hand the torch which they are repense those heroes who compose kindling with the other. They them, and, after having consecrated send out with pomp their pacificatheir valour by feasts and monu- tor, yet they stifle every overture ments worthy of their triumphs, which has any tendency towards spread through every canton that a pacification. This enemy your republican spirit with which the indignation can at once point out armies have been animated, by, and name; it is the cabinet of Tending to their homes those of St. James, the most corrupting and their defenders who have a right corrupted of the governments of to return.

Europe; it is the English governBut of this you shall judge your- ment. selves. The hour has not yet struck: It is not only against French lia few instants more, and the French berty that this government had diRepublic, triumphantly established, rected its conspiracy: it is against and everywhere acknowledged, will the whole world. This perfidious enjoy that repofe which it is to pro- government wishes to trouble, subcure to the world.

jugate, or desolate every part of the The Executive Directory decrees globe. Say, Americans, who were that the above proclamation shall directly or indirectly your real rulbe printed, and sent into all the de- ers? — Unfortunate Indians, speak partments and to the armies; and by what detestable arts this gothat the arret annexed to the de- vernment has founded its tyranny cree of the 4th Complementary amongst ye? - And you, ye EuDay shall continue to be executed ropeans, ftill more unfortunate, according to its form and tenor. innocent inhabitants of Franconia .

and of the Northern Alps ; ye Proclamation of the French Directory to

numerous victims of the scourge Frenchmen.

of war, say who have been the most

ardent inftigators of the scourge Frimaire, Nov. 21. of war, where immense treasures Citizens,

have been engulphed where THE interest of the republic calls more than a million of men have on you for a new triumph. After been lain and where the eye

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of peace now can view nothing but to oppress the secondary states or
general mourning, universal misery, the feebler powers. She punishes
and valt despair. It is under there without hatred, and, naturally ge-
circumstances that the cabinet of nerous, she does not even hate the
St. James has revealed to afflicted English nation. In France, no
Europe, that she alone has felt no- minister shall ever be deified for his
thing of these vast disasters. Hear hatred to the English nation. But
the discourse held “from the height the people of France are agreed on
of the throne.”
66 Our revenues,"

one point:- When they remember says the King of England, “ have Toulon, Dunkirk, Quiberon, and been meliorated; our national in- La Vendee, they must detest the dustry has even had a new increase; cruelly and perfidy, the bloody our commerce has passed its former Machiavelism of the British minit. limits."

try. They must deplore, at the If the King of England has told same time, the inconceivable blindthe truth, what a terrible lesson is ness by which the people of Engthis for you, ye other powers of land suffered themselves to become Europe!' of what description is the horror of the world, that power which is interested in The great nation will avenge your discords, who derives an in- the universe, and for this end, terest from your calamities, who Frenchmen, it offers you several prospers by your distress, and who means. The first and the most fattens on the tears, the blood, and rapid is a descent upon England. the spoils of other nations ? By your unheard-of exploits you

This cabinet may desire war, be- are difused from reckoning upon cause they are enriched by the war. obstacles. In such enterprizes the It is this government, however, who name of the army is the promise of has lately accused France of an triumph, and the justice of its cause “ insatiable avarice." It does not the guarantee of success. There is say that the English, the first devas- no longer a time to discuss the tators of our Island of St. Domingo, means, or to dwell on the probabihave also taken without a blow the lity of effecting a descent. Where colonies of Holland, at that time. Frenchmen are at the point, their their ally, and that they pretend to will is the victory. The army of retain these robberies under the England is about to dictate peace in name of conquests. – The King of London, and there, republicans, England, however, still speaks to you shall find your auxiliaries. You the powers of Europe of the am- will find there a number of men bition of France!

whom reason has not so far abanThe dispositions of the French doned, not to feel the odium which towards other nations are now un- their governors have caft upon

the derstood. They are not to be ob- English name. You will there find scured by vague allegations. If thousands of men who have long the French Republic can, by attain- ftruggled to promote parliamentary ing her natural limits, repair the reform. You will there find artifaults of her monarchy, the disdains zans without number who figh for the acquisition of foreign conquests peace, and whom the war reduces to for this purpofe. She wishes not wretchedness, and who weigh as


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light, in the balance of their dif- councils and of the Directory offer tress, the magnificent trumpery of only the interesting spectacle of royal harangues, the illusion of ma- complete union. No patriot can nifestos, and the chimæras of con- have a separate intereft, nor is there quest!-You will also find the Irish in the republic but one wish and nation, oppreffed for so many years, one opinion. A war against the and which has borne with so much cabinet of St. James is the unanipain the chain of a court which has mous cry of France. What glory been nourished by its sweat, fed by is promised to the army of Engits blood, and which now insults its land; it is only necessary to inspire despair!

them with enthufiafm; it is only Proceed under these auspices, necessary to remind them of what brave republicans! Second the ana- they had done. The walls of fornimous wishes of the nation. Con- tified towns fell before them; the ducted by the hero who has so long first generals of the age could not led you in the path of victory, you refift em. Bender was taken will be followed by the applaufe of prisoner at Luxemburg, and Wurmevery just and virtuous mind. Go ser at Mantua. The tri-coloured and re-establish the dominion of the standard now floated over the banks seas. Confine within its just limits of the Rhine and of the Ægean the disordered ambition of a govern- Sea. After so many victories, what ment, which has not only disturbed can add to the ardour of French its own state, but that of the uni- soldiers ? They hear the voice of verse. - The repose of the French their country, and they remember republic is identified with that of their own exploits. Europe. At this time the British The Executive Directory decrees government smiles with cold dif- that this proclamation shall be pubdain, or with a fierce regard, on all lished, printed, and sent to all the the operations on the continent. communes of the republic, and to It is for you to make them pay all the divisions of their armies by their share of the expences of the land and sea. The ministers of the war, of which she has eternized the army of the interior, of the marine, duration, and to which they can put and of the colonies, are to render an end, whenever they speak to the an account of its due publication. French republic a language which

(Signed) she may understand, and which she REVELLIERE LEPAUX, President. may deem sincere.

Citizens, you will recognize your Address of the two Councils to the Des own sentiments in those of the Di. rectory. The fame spirit animates

partments, and to the Armies, 21

Fru&tidor. your faithful representatives. It is in vain that the cabinet of London THE Council of Five Hundred, exhausts its efforts to fow amongst considering that in the extraordiyou discord and mistrust, or to per- nary and critical circumstances in suade you that their efforts have which the republic is placed, it is succeeded. The 18th Fructidor has the duty of the legislative body to annihilated English influence, and make known to the French people from that day the members of the the trammels that were prepared to Vol. XXXIX,




bind them down to slavery, and to with the agents of the pretender, overthrow the republican constitu- Louis XVII. The confessions of tion of the third year; to manifest one of these royal agents (Duverne to them the sentiments and the Dupresle) bear testimony to the fact. hopes of the legislature, and at the Their letters taken at Venice, their same time to guard against the ma- correspondence with the emigrants næuvres which the accomplices of and the principal rebels, prove it. the conspirators may attempt, in or- All the documents are made pubder to deceive them,

lic. Their means were,- ist. The Declare that there is ' urgency, extinction of all public national and adopt the following resolu- spirit. 2d. The assassination of tion:

every man whom they branded with Article 1. The legislative body the title Suspected of Patriotism, and makes to the departments and to the impunity granted to the assasthe armies the following address : sins by the tribunals sold to royal.

“ Frenchmen, we owe to you the ism. 3d. The extinction of the truth: we are about to tell you the financial resources of the state. truth.

4th. The vilifying of the govern“ A conspiracy, which has for its ment and the republican institutions. objeet to establish in France a 5th. Civil war to be kindled in difthrone, and with privileges and ferent points of the republic. 6th. vexations, a thousand times more Internal safety to be destroyed, and odious than those which were abo- all the roads intercepted. 7th. By lished by your will; a conspiracy the starving of the national credi. constantly unmasked, and yet never tor, the artisan, and the foldier. destroyed, had again brought the And finally, - 8th. By the active republic to the brink of an abyss. fabrication of all sorts of laws subThe government, by its wisdom versive of the constitution. and its firmness, difconcerted the 6. This end, and all these means, action at the moment when it was will not astonish you, as you will on the point of breaking out. One, learn by the authentic documents night more, and an eternal mourn-' found, that their nominations, oring would have covered our coun- dered beforehand, and regulated try! One night more, and an ar. by particular offices of counterbitrary defpotifm would have raised revolution in all the departments, her hideous bead, and sealed her were founded on a general plan, usurpation on the bodies of all those formed and organized under the who had more or less served the name of the Society of Legitimate Sans ; cause of liberty! Men, who had no a society, one of whose rules was other ambition of popular power the most absolute, the most blind than to exercise it against the peo- devotion of its meinbers to the orple; laboured for a long time in the ders that should be given them by execution of this execrable project; their unknown chiefs. It was by for the most part chiess of the in- these means, French citizens, that surgents of Vendemiaire, hardened you have feen spring out all at by impunity, refumed the thread of once, from the bofom of your pritheir intrigues; they still corref- mary and electoral assemblies, this ponded more audaciously than ever crowd of delegates, hitherto un


known in the revolution, or known and ashes ? · National credit had only by their incivism the most re- taken consistency ; 'the creditor was volting. It was by these means about to be paid; falaries were dilthat there was formed, in almost charged in currency; and in an inevery place, a majority of men, ftant, misery and penury returned seduced, bribed, or deluded, whose to burst upon France. The credispeaking constantly under special tor funk into despair ; the infcripmandate, and employing themselves tions; which were at forty, fell to only in the overthrow of the re- ten; the armies without pay, with, public, made us doubt whether their out clothing :--the armies that had constituents resided in France or at triumphed over Europe-oh shame! Blankenburgh. It was thus that oh griet! - were obliged to live eithe votes of the true citizens were ther upon requisition, or upon the of no avail in the elections; and product of their courage. And yet that, with the exception of a small a hideous laugh escaped from the number of assemblies where their lips of the artificers of counter-revo: voices were attended to, almost lution; each day they saw the emeverywhere the votes of crime and barrassments of government augof royal intrigue were triumphanti ment, each day they increased thein We may conceive how, establishing more and more; interpretations the themselves the judges of their own most forced, want of faith the most elections, they haftened to declare imprudent, everything was good them good or bad as it suited their in their eyes, provided they attain purpose: sometimes making an ar- ed the desired end. The labourers gument of the majority of voters, in fanaticism were recalled ; a scanto cover their violences, the denial dalous and public traffic for the of justice, and the unconstitutional erasure of emigrants was openly nature of these assemblies; and carried on. Citizens, alarmed by sometimes oppofing protests, ob- these appearances, assembled to conscure, and without character, to the fer together: the right of meeting formal wills of a republican majo- was interdi&ted ; they reclaimed rity. Certainly it is wonderful their rights; they were treated as that, with so many means of corrup- feditious, and as cut-throats: they tion, and of destructive influence, complained of miserable men being fome nominations-nay, that one affallinated; to which it was answersingle place Thould escape them; ed, that vengeance was kegitimate, as, after a vast conflagration, we and crime was erected into system. sometimes fee with astonishment A new revolutioni, a thousand times some buildings respected by the more bloody than the first, was iffi:filames.

ing from every pore of the body “ We will not recall to you, politic , but some indiscretions, citizens, what has been the deplor- fome figns of premature jov, beable success of these atrocious com- trayed the conspirators; they began binations. In Floreal, peace, ho- to take pride in the title of royalnourable and folid, smiled propiti. ifts; a separation, the avant-courier ous to our wishes : it is flown. of assassination, took place between Could it refide in a land in convul- the proscribers and the proscribedi. fon, ready to cover itself with blood They firft entitled themselves the



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