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thee any thing belonging unto us; yet we scourge of small cords, he drove them all beseech thee in thy great goodness, gra- out of the temple, aod the sheep, and the ciously to accept the dedication of this oxen, and poured out the changers of mo. place to thy service, and to prosper this ney, and overthrew the tables, and said our undertaking; receive the prayers and unto them that sold doves, “Take these intercessions of all those thy servants, who things hence; make not my Father's house shall call upon thee in this house; and give an house of merchandize. And his disc!. them grace to prepare their hearts to serve ples remembered that it was written, The thee with reverence and godly fear; affect zeal of thine house hath eaten me up. them with an awful apprehension of thy T'hen shall be said or sung the iootb

Psalm. Divine Majesty, and a deep sense of their own unworthiness; that so approaching thy|1 Here shall follow the Sermon. sanctuary with lowliness and devotion, and coning before thee with clean thoughts The, Sermon being ended, the Bishar and pure hearts, with bedies undefiled, and shall proceed in the service for the Con minds sanctified, they may always perform

munion, if it is to be administered at that

lime. a service acceptable to thee, through Jesus 1 After the Communion, or if it is nol ada Christ our Lord. Amen.

ministered at that time, after the Sermon,

and immediately before the final blessing, The Epistle. 2Cor. vi. verse 14 to verse 17. E'ye not unequally yoked

together Beers that it hath pleased thee to have

the Bishop shall say the following Prayer. BE

with unbelievers; for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousnessthy habitation ainong ihe sons of men, and And what communiou hath light with dark- to dwell in the midst of the assembly of the ness? And what concord haih Christ with saints upon the earth; bless, we beseech beliai? Or what part hath he that believeth thee, the religious performance of this day, with an Infidel? And what agreement hath and grant that in ihis place now set apart the temple of God with Idols? For ye are to thy service, thy holy name may be wur: the temple of the Living God: as God shipped in truth and purity through all hath said, I will dwell in them and walk generations, through Jesus Christ our Lord in them, and I will be theiu God, and they Amen. shali be my people.

THE peace of God, which passeth all The Gospel. St. John ii. verse 13. understanding, keep your hearts and A

and Jesus went up to Jerusalem, and and of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord; and found in the temple those that sold oxen, the blessing of God Almighty, the Father, and sheep, and doves, and the changers of the Son, and the Holy Ghost, be amongst money sitting: And when he had made a lyou, and remain with you always. Amen


Prescribed b: the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America

established in General Convention of the Bishops, the Clergy, and Laity, 1801 ; and

set forth, with Alterations, in General Convention, 1808. I The Bishop having received due Notice of the Election of a Minister into a Parish or

Church, us prescribed by the Canon concerning the Election and Institution of Ministers," and being satisfied that the Person chosen is a qualified Minister of this Church," may transmit the following Letter of Institution, for ihe proposed Rector, Associated Rector, or Assistant Minister, to one of his Presbyters, whom he may apo point as the Institutor. eta any Stale or Dincese the concluding Paragraph in the Letter of Institution may be omitted, where it interferes with the Usages, Laws, or Churters of the Church in the sane.

To our well-beloved in Christ, A. B. Presbyter, Greeting

E do hy these Presents give anl grant unto you, in wh se Learning, Sigillum. W

Diligence, sound Doctrine, and Prudeace, we do fully coi fide, our

day of

Licence and Avthority, to perform the Office of a Priest iu the Parish for Signat. Church of £ And also hereby do institute you into said Parish (or Church),

possessed or full power to perform every Act of sacerdotal Function ainong

the People of the same ; you continuing in compuvion with us, and complying with the rubrics and canons of the Church, and with such lawful directions as you shall at any time receive from us.

And as a canonically instituted Priest into the Office of Rector (Associated Rector, or Assistant Minister, as the case may be of

Parish (or Church), you are faithfully to feed that portion of the flock of Christ which is now entrusted to you; not as a man-pleaser, but as continually bearing in mind, that you are accountable to us here, and to the Chief Bishop and Sovereigu Judge of all bereafter.

And as the Lord hath ordainer, that they who serve at the altar should live of the things belonging to the altar; so we authorise you to claim and enjoy all the accustomed temporalities appertaining to your cure, until some urgent reason or reasons occasion a wish in you, or in the congregation committed to your charge, to bring about a sepa. ration, and dissolution of all sacerdotal relation between you and them; of all which you will give us due notice: and in case of any difference between you and your congregation, as to a separation, and dissolution of all sacerdotal connexion between you and them, we, your Bishop, with the advice of our Presbyters, are to be the ultimate arbiter and judge. In witness whereof we have hereunto affixed our Episcopal seal and signature, at this A. D. and in the

year of our consecrationI In the case of a Minister to he instituted in a state or Diocese in which there is no

Bishop, the Clerical Members of the Standing Committee shall send the following Letter of Institution, for the proposed Minister, to the Presbyter whom they may appoint as Institutor.

To our well-beloved in Christ, A. B. Presbyter, Greeting. Sigillum. W dobrihese

Presents authorise and empower you to exercise the office of a Priest in the Parish (or Church of E. And by virtue of the power vested in us, do institute you into said Parish Cor Church), possessed

of full power to perform every Act of sacerdotal Function among the people of the same; you complying with the rutrics and canons of the Church.

And as a canonically instituted Priest into the office of Rector (Associated Rector, or Assistant Minister, as the case may be of Parish (or Church), you are to feed that portion of the flock of Christ which is now entrusted to you; rot as a manpleaser, but as continually bearing in mind that you are accountable to the ecclesiastical authority of the Church here, and to the Chief Bishop and Sovereign Judge of all hereafter.

And as the Lord hath ordained that they who serve at the altar should live of the things belonging to the altar ; so you have our authority to claim and enjoy all the accustomed temporalities appertaining to your cure, until some urgent reason or reasons occasion a wish in you, or in the congregation committed to your charge, to bring about a separation, and dissolution of all sacerdotal connexion between you and them; of all which you will give us due notice: and in case of any difference between you and your congregation, as to a separation and dissolution of all sacerdotal connexion between you and them, the ecclesiastical authority of the Church in this diocese (taking the advica and aid of a Bishop) shall be the ultimate arbiter and judge.

In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals, this day of

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in the year

& The day being appointed for the neto In without the rails; the senior Warden, (or

cumbent's Institution, at the usual hour The Member of the Vestry supplying his of Morning Prayer, the Institutor, attend place) holding the keys of the Church in ed by the new Incuirbent, and one or more his hand, in open view, the officiating Presbyters appointed by the Bishop, (or, Priest shall read Morning Prayer. where there is no Bishop, by the Clerical Members of the Standing Committee) for. Psalm cxxii. Psalm cxxxii. Psalm cxxxl.

Proper Psalms are, that purpose, shall enter the Church : Thon, all the Clergy present standing without the rails of the Altar, excep! the First. Ezek. Chap. xxxii. verse 1 to

Proper Lessons. officiating Priest,who shall go intothe desk; Thc Wardens, (or, in case of their neces

verse 10. sary absence, two Members of the Vestry) Second. St. John, Chap. 1. verse 1 to stonding on ihe right and left of the Altar,

verse 19

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Morning Prayer ended, the Priest who) rails of the Altar, and present him the acts us the Institutor, standing within Bible, Book of Common Prayer,anul Books the rails of the Altar, shall say,

of Canons of the General and State Corse EARLY beloved in the Lord, we have vention, saying as follows:

assembled for the purpose of institut- R ke the rule of thy conduct in dispening the Rev. A. B. into this Parish, [or Church) as Priest and Rector (or Associated sing the divine word, in leading the devoRector, or Assistant Minister) of the same; tions of the people, and in exercising the and we are possessed of your vote that he discipline of the Church; and be thou in has been so elected; as also of the pre- all things a pattern to the flock committed scribed Letter of Institution. But if any to thy care. of you can show just cause why he may not " Then shall be said or sung the following

be instituted, we proceed no further, he-

Laudate Nomen.
cause we would not that an unworthy per-
son should minister among you.


the Lord: praise it, o ye servants of 1 If any objection be offered, the Priest who

acls as the Institutor shal judge whether the Lord. Psalm cxxxv. verse 1.
il afford just cause to suspend the service. 2 Ye that stand in the house of the Lord;
No objection being offered, or the Priest in the courts of the house of our God.
who acts as the Institutor choosing to go Verse 2.
on with the service, he shall next read

3 0 praise the Lord, for the Lord is
the Letter of Institution; and then shali
the senior Warden, for the Member of the gracious: O sing praises unto his name, for
Vestry supplying his place) present the it is lovely. Verse 3.
keys of the Church to the new Incumbent, 4 The Lord is gracious and merciful,
N name and behalf of


long suffering and of great goodness. Psalm IN

cxlv. verse 8. [or Church), I do receive and ac

5 The Lord is loving unto every man; knowledge you, the Rev. 4. B. as Priest and his mercy is over all his works. Verse 9. and Rector (or Associated Rector, or Assistant Minister] of the same, and in token thy Saints give thanks unto thee. Verse 10.

6 All thy works praise thee, O Lord; and thereof, give into your hands the keys of

7 The Lord doth build up Jerusalem; this Church. 1 Then the new Incumbent shall say,

and gather together the outcasts of Israel. I,

4. B. receive these keys of the house Psalın cxivii. verse 2.
of God at your hands, as the pledges in heart ; and giveth medicine to heal their

8 He healeth those that are broken
recognition, and promise to be a faithful sickness. Verse 3.
Shepherd over you, in the name of the Fa-

9 The Lord's delight is in them that fear ther, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. him, and put their trust in his mercy. Here the Instituting Minister shall begin Verse 11. th: Office.

10 Praise the Lord, o Jerusalem; praise Min. The Lord be with you. thy God, o Zion. Verse 12. Ans. And with thy Spirit.

11 For he hath made fast the bars of thy Let us pray:

gates; and hath blessed thy children with , , in these Verse 3. with thy most gracious favour, and 12 He maketh peace in thy borders; and further us with thy continual help, that in Gilleth thee with the flour of wheat. Verse all our works begun, continued, and ended 14. in thee, we may glorify thy holy name, and 13 He is our God, even the God of whom finally by thy mercy obtain everlasting life, cometh salvation ; God is the Lord by whom through Jesus Christ our Lord; who hath we escape death. Psal Ixviii. verse 20. taught us to pray unto thee, o Almighty 14 0 God, wonderful art thou in thy holy Father, in his prevailing name and words, places, even the God of Israel; he will

Our Father, who art in Heaven, Hal give strength and power unto his people. lowed be thy Name; Thy Kingdom come; Blessed he God. Verse 35. Thy Will be done on Earth, as it is in Hea Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, ven; Give us this day our daily hread; And and to the Holy Ghost ; forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those As it was in the beginning, is now, and who trespass against us; And lead us not ever shall be, world without end. into temptation; But deliver us from evil: Min. The law was given by Moses. For thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, Peop. But grace and truth came by and the Glory, for ever and ever. Amen. Jesus Christ.

Then shail the Priest who acts as the m Min. & Peop. Who is God over all, stilulur receive the incrembent within the hlessed for evermore. Amenn


Let us pray

Be ever

shall say,

Let us pray

of my will centre in what thou hast can

of do good and perfect gills, who, of thy in promoting the salvation of the people wise providence hast appointed divers or now committed to my charge, grant'that I ders in thy Church; give thy grace, we may faithfully administer thy holy Sacrabeseech thee, to thy servant, to whom the ments, and by my life and doctrine set charge of this congregation is now commit- forth thy true and lively word. ted;

and so replenish hin with the truth of with me in the performance of all the duWhy doctrine, and endue him with innoceacy Lies of my, ministry; in prayer, lo quicken of life, that he may faithfully serve before my devotion; in praises, to heighten my thee, to the glory of thy great name, and love and gratitude; and' in preaching, to the benefit of thy holy Church, through give a readiness of thought and expressiou Jesus Clirist, our only Mediator and Resuitable to the clearness and excellency of deemer. Amen.

thy Holy Word. Gram this for the sake O

Holy Jesus, who hast purchased to of Jesus Christ thy Son our Saviour.

thyself an universal Church, and hast 1 The instituted Minister, standing up, promised to be with the Ministers of Apos. iclic Succession to the end of the world;

The Lord he with you. be graciously pleased to bless the ministry Ans. And with thy spirit. and service of him, who is now appointed to offer the sacrifices of to thee in this house, which is called by thy O Almighty God, who hast built thy

upon the foundation of the name. May the words of his mouth, and Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ himthe meditation of his heart be always ac- sell being the Chief Corner Stone; grant ceptable in thy sight, O Lord, our strength that, by the operation of the Holy Ghost

, and our Redeemer. Amen.

all Christians inay be so joined together is O

God, Holy Ghost, Sanctifier of the unity of spirit, and in the hond of peace,

Faithful, visit, we pray thee, this that ikey may be an Holy Temple accep!congregation with thy love and favour; able unto thee. And especially, to this enlighten their minds more and more with congregation present, give the abundance the light of the everlasting Gospel; graft of thy grace; that with one heart, they in their hearts a love of the truth; increase may desire the prosperity of thy holy Aposin them true religion ; nourish them with tolic Church, and with one "mouth, may all goodness ; and of thy great mercy keep prosess the faith once delivered to the them in the same, o blessed Spirit, wliom Saints. Defend them from the sins of with the Faiher and the Son together we heresy and schism; " let not the foot of worship and glorify as one God, world pride" come nigh to hurt them, nor the without end. Amen.

hand of the ungodly to cast them down." Benediction.

And grant that the course of this would VHE God of peace, who brought again may be so peaceably ordered hy thy Go

, the great Shepherd of the sheep, through serve thee in all godly quietness ; that so the blood of ihe tverlasting Covenant

, they may walk in the ways of truth and make you perfect in every good work to peace, and at last be numbered with thy do his will, working in you that which is Saints in glory everlasting, through thy well pleasing in his sight, through Jesus merits, o blessed Jesus, thou gracious Bi Christ; to whom be glory for ever and shop aud Shepherd of our souls, who art, ever. Amen

with the Father and the Holy Ghost, ove T Then shall the instituted Minister kneel Goil, world without end. Amen.

at the Altar to present his supplication for himself-in this form:

1 Then shall follore the Sermon: and after

that the instituted Minister shall proceed O

Lord my God! I am not worthy that to the Communion Service, and to aclmi

thou shouldest come under my roof; nister the holy Eucharist to his Congre yet thou hast honoured thy servant with gation : and ejier the Benedictivu, (which appointing hiin to stand in thy House, and

he shall always pronounce) the Wurdens, To thee

Vestry, and others shall salute and uch to serve at thy Holy Altar.

come him, bidding him God speed. and to thy service I devote myself, soul, I When the Pishop of the Diocese is pre body, and spirit-with all their powers

sent at the institution of a Minister, he and faculties. Fill my memory with the

shuil make to him the audress prescribed words of thy law; enlighten my under

in this Office in the form of a letter; anu standing with the illumination of the Holy signed the fustituting Minister as he may

muy performs such other duties herein asGbust; and may all the wishes aud desires





P = A L M S










IN THE YEARS OF OUR LORD 1789, 1808, AND 1826.

NEW-YORK: Published from the Stereotype Plates of the Auxiliary New-York Bible

and Common Prayer Book Society, and to be had at their Depository, Protestant Episcopal Press Buildings, No. 46 Lumber-Street, in rear of Trinity Church.


No 8 Rector-Street,


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