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27. And be it enacted, that no husband and Separation wife shall be sold separately, if originally belonging and wife, to the same master, nor shall any children, under dren, to be sixteen, be sold separately from their parents, or one parent, if one be living.

28. And be it enacted, that if an husband and Concerning wife, which before their intermarriage belonged to different owners, shall be sold, they shall not be sold at such a distance as to prevent mutual help and cohabitation, and of this distance the Minister shall judge, and his certificate of the inconvenient distance, shall be valid, so as to make such sale unlawful, and to render the same null and void.

29. And be it enacted, that no Negro shall be Negroes not

compelled to work for his owner åt field-work, or afternoon or Pro

any service relative to a plantation, or to work at Sunday.
any handicraft trade, from eleven o'clock on Sa-
turday forenoon until the usual working hour on
Monday morning.

30. And whereas habits of industry and sobriety, of exemp-
and the means of acquiring and preserving property, labour.
are proper and reasonable preparatives to freedom,
and will secure against an abuse of the same; Be
it enacted, that every Negro man, who shall have
served ten years, and is thirty years of


and is' s married, and has had two children born of any

marriage, shall obtain the whole of Saturday for
himself and his wife, and for his own benefit; and
after thirty-seven years of age, the whole of Friday


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for himself and his wife; provided that in both cases the Minister of the district, and the Inspector of Negroes, shall certify that they know nothing against his peaceable, orderly, and industrious

behaviour. Hats and 31. And be it enacted, that the Master of every Land to be appro- plantation shall provide the materials of a good priated.

and substantial hut for each married field Negro; and if his plantation shall exceed ----- acres, he shall allot to the same a portion of land not less than ; and the said hut and land shall remain and stand annexed to the said Negro, for his natural life, or during his bondage ; but the same shall not be alienated without the consent of the

owners. Property of 32. And be it enacted, that it shall not be lawful Negroes secured. for the owner of any Negro, by himself or any

other, to take from him any land, house, cattle, goods or money, acquired by the said Negro, whether by purchase, donation or testament, whether the same has been derived from the owner of the said Negro, or any other.

33. And be it enacted, that if the said Negro shall die possessed of any lands, goods, or chattels, and dies without leaving a wife or issue, it shall be lawful for the said Negro to devise or bequeath the same by his last will; but in case the said Negro shall die intestate, and leave a wife and children, the same shall be distributed amongst


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mishrnent of

them, according to the usage under the Statute, IN

commonly called the Statute of Distributions.
But if the Negro shall die intestate without wife' or
children, then, and in that case his estate shall go
to the fund provided for the better execution of
this Act.

34. And be it enacted, that no Negro, who is ::

married, and hath resided upon any plantation for
twelve months, shall be sold either privately, or by
the decree of any Court, but along with the plan-
tation, on which he hath resided, unless he should
himself request to be separated thereírom.

35. And be it enacted, that no blows or stripes, of the pas It exceeding thirteen, shall be inflicted for one offence Negroes.

upon any Negro, without the order of one of His Majesty's Justices of Peace.

36. And it is enacted, that it shall be lawful of tho for the Protector of Negroes, as often as on complaint and hearing he shall be of opinion that any Negro hath been cruelly and inhumanly treated, or when it shall be made to appear to him that an Overseer hath any particular malice, to order, at the desire of the suffering party, the said Negro to be sold to another master.

37. And be it enacted, that, in all cases of injury to member or life, the offences against a Negro shall be deemed and taken to all intents and purposes as if the same were perpetrated against any of His Majesty's Subjects; and the Protector



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of Negroes, on complaint, or if he shall receive credible information thereof, shall cause an indictment to be presented for the same; and in case of suspicion of any murder of a Negro, an inquest by the Coroner, or Officer acting as such, shall, if

practicable, be held into the same. of the ma. 38. And in order to a gradual manumission of Doinission of Negroes. Slaves, as they shall seem fitted to fill the offices

of freemen, Be it enacted, that every Negro Slave, being thirty years of age and upwards, and who has had three children born to him in lawful matrimony, and who hath received a certificate from the Minister of his district, or any other Christian teacher, of his regularity in the duties of religion, and of his orderly and good behaviour, may purchase, at rates to be fixed by two Justices of Peace, the freedom of himself, or his wife or children, or of any of them separately, valuing the wife and children, if purchased into liberty by the father of the family, at half only of their marketable values; provided that the said father shall bind himself in a penalty of

for the good behaviour of his children.

39. And be it enacted, that it shall be lawful for the Protector of Negroes to purchase the freedom of any Negro, who shall appear to him to excel in any mechanical art, or other knowledge or practice deemed liberal, and the value shall be settled by a Jury.

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40. And be it enacted, that the Protector of Free NeNegroes shall be and is authorized and required to to be puract as a Magistrate, for the coercion of all idle, disobedient, or disorderly free Negroes, and he shall by office prosecute them for the offences of idleness, drunkenness, quarrelling, gaming, or vagrancy, in the Supreme Court, or cause them to be prosecuted before one Justice of Peace, as the case may require.

41. And be it enacted, that if any free Negro of the hath been twice convicted for any of the said misdemeanors, and is judged by the said Protector of Negroes, calling to his assistance two justices of the Peace, to be incorrigibly idle, dissolute and vicious, it shall be lawful, by the order of the said Protector and two justices of Peace, to sell the said free Negro into slavery: the purchase-money to be paid to the person so remanded into servitude, or kept in hand by the Protector and Governour for the benefit of his family.

42. And be it enacted, that the Governour in Governant each Colony shall be assistant to the execution of and transthis Act, and shall receive the reports of the Pro- Reports tector, and such other accounts, as he shall judge material, relative thereto, and shall transmit the same annually to one of His Majesty's Principa Secretaries of State.

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