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Correct Lift of New Publications.

313 The Confessions of the celebrated Counters

POLITICAL ECONOMY. Lichtenau, now confined as a State Prisoner, Three Essays, on the Taxation of Income,

Weft. on the National Debt, public Funds, and the A new Common-place Book, formed prin- consequences of the Sale of the Land Tax, cipally on the Principles recommended by and on the present state of Agriculture in Mr. "Locke, 8vo. 45. 6d. 4to. 7s. 6d.

Great Britain, 35. Cadell and Davies.

Walker. A letter to William Wilberforce, Esq. on Poems and Efays, by the late Miss Bowdler, the State of the public mind amongst the 2d. Edition. With a likeness of the Author; Lower Clafles; the State of Religion, the and an additional Effay, Published for the exclusion of the Poor from the Churches, Benefit of the General Hospital at Bath, the Conduct of the Clergy, the effect of Royal 4to. il. js.

Dilly. Alehoufes, &c. &c. By Arthur Young, Ejq. Original Sonnets and Odes paraphrased

Richardson. from Horace, By Ann Seward, 4tó. 6s. 6d. Supplement to the Encyclopædia Britan

Sael. nica, conducted by George Gleig, L. L. D. The Battle of the Nile, a Descriptive &c. editor of the last fix volumes of that Poem, By a Gentliman of the Navy, is. .d. work, (to be compleated in two vols.) vol. i.

Debrett. part 1, 125. 68. bds. Bonar, Edinburgh. Epic Poems on the cardinal Virtues and Reply (supposed) of L. N. M. Carnot, one Masonic Songs. Is. 6d.

Sael. of the Members of the French Directory, The Bees, a Poem, from the 14th Book &c. to the Report made on the Conspiracy of of Vaniere's Prædium Rufticum, By Arthur the 18th. Fru&tidor, 5th year, By 7. Ch. Murphy, Elg. 25. 6d. Rivingtons. Bailleul. 35. 6d.

Wright. The new Schedule, as corrected and alter- Report of the Committe of Secrecy of the ed by the amended A& for Taxing Income. House of Commons, to whom the Papers With an Abstract of the original Act, and referred to in the King's Message of the 22d Examples to fhew the Mode of estimating In-, January, were presented. 25. Wright. come, IS.

Bunney and Co. An Account of the present English ConKearsley's Annual Tax Tables, for the spiracy, taken from the the Report of the Year, 1799, iod.

Secret Committee of the Commons. 3d. Observations, &c. on the amended Act,

Hatchard, for Taxing Income ; witb the Act at large. 25.

Letters to a Noble Lord on the projected

Bunney and Co. Union with Ireland. By a Nobleman. 2s. Abstract of the Act for Taxing Income, 60,

Wright. Bunney and Co. Considerations on National Independence,

suggested by Mr. Pitt's speeches on the Irish The Orphan Heiress of Sir Gregory, an


Rickman. Historical Fragment of the last Century. 45.

The State of Politics. Is.

Egerton. sewed.


Considerations upon the State of Publie Men and Manners, by Francis Lathom, Affairs (Ireland) in the Year, 1799. 2s. 4 vol. 145. bds. Wright.

Rivingtons. Charite and Polydorus, A Romance, from

Oriental Drawings (with Explanations) the French of the Abbe Barthelemy. With an

of religious Votaries, Priests, Military; &c. Abridgement of the Life of the Author, by 'of the Gentoo and Mahomedan Persuasions, the late Duke of Nivernois, 25. Dilly. By Captain Charles Gold, of the Royal Artil.

The Libertines, 2. vol. 7s. Robinson. lery. 4to. No, 1. 105. 6d. Bunney and Co.

Reuben and Rachel. By Mrs. Rowson. 2 vol. 7s.

Lanc and Miller. A Sermon preached before the House of Llewellin, a Tale, 3. vol. 125. Cawthorn. Commons, February, 27, 1799. By Thomas Fedaretta, a plain envarnished Tale, Hey, D. D. is.

Walter, 2 vols. 75.

Crosby and Letterman.. History the Interpreter of Prophecy, or The Mysterious Seal, A Romance. By a View of Scriptural Prephecies, and their Cbarles Proby, 3. vol. 12mo. 1os. 6d. accomplishment. By Henry Kett, B. D. 3.

Westley. vol. 12no. 106. 6d. bds. Rivingtons. NATURAL PHILOSOPHY.

A fermon preached before the Judges, ar Experimental Enquiries, concerning the Hereford, March 2oth, 1799. By John Lodge. Principle of the lateral Communication of

B. A. Is.

Sael. Motion in Fluids, applied to the explanation A sermon on the excellence of British Juof various Hydraulic Phænomena. By Citizen risprudence, preached at Sarum, March 1799. 7. B. Venturi

. Profeffor of Natural Philo- before the Judges, By William Coxe, A. M. Tophy at Modena, translated from the French, &c. 25. 6.

Cadell and Davies, Taylor Sermons on practical subjects, by the late

Rev. Samuel Perrot. 8vo. 6s. Robinsons. A plain Introduction to the Hebrew Lan- On the difference between the Saints and guage, with Extracts from the best Hebrew the Righteous, and on Faith, containing Grammars, By the Rev. Richard Caddick. new Thoughts on chose points ; fubmitted to No. 1. IS. Rivingtons.





25. 6.


the Judgment of the Learned with a view to are prefixed Memoires of the Author's Life. conciliate Christian Professors to one another. By John Cooke, M. A. 4to. 21. 28. bds. gd. Vernor and Hood.

Cadell and Davies. Sermon before the University, at St. New FRENCH Books LATELY PUBLISHMary's, on February 27th, 1799. By Charles

ID AT PARIS. Sawkins, M. A. Student of Christ Church. Joyage à la Chine, A Voyage to China. 35. 60.

Rivington. By B C Huttner, translated from the German, Family Sermons, By the Rev. E. W. with a map of China, engraved by Tardieu, Whitaker, vol. 2d. 6s. bds. Rivington. and specimens of Chinese Music. 18mo:

A Sermon preached, June 24, 1798, by xvi and 295 p. (2 livres 25 centimes) Paris. the Rev. George Scobell, Curate of Shriven

Fuchs, Rue des Mathurins. ham, Berks. is.

Rivingtons. Clcrriont, &c. Clermont, a novel. By R. Sermons, by the late James Riddock. A.M. M. Roche, translated from the English, by one of the Ministers of St. Paul's, Aberdee!'. André Morellet, with plates, 3 vols. 12 mo. 3 vols. 8vo. 18s. bds. Rivingtons. Peris.

Denné jun. rue Vivienne. The advantages which result from Christia Richerches sur la Geographie, &c. Enquiries anity, and the Influence of Christian Prin- refpecting the systematic and practical Geociples on the mind and Conduct, by Janics graphy of the Ancients. By P. 7 Gossellip Crowe, A. M. 18. 6d.

Rivingtons. of the National Inititute, 2 vols. 4to. with 18 Sermons by the late Rev. George Berkeley. maps ( 36 livres) Paris.

Fuchs L. L. D. 1os. 6d. bds. Rivingtons. Choix de Costumes, &c. The Costumes civil

A sermon preached by particular desire at and military of the nations of Antiquity, Willand, 7th. Feb. 1799, at the Interment their musical Instruments, Furniture and of John Westcott, Yeoman, who died of a the internal decorations of their houses, enmelancholy Accident, by the Rev. James graved after ancient monuments; the text Dennis. The Profits on the Sale, to be applied to extracted from ancient authors. By N. X. the Relief of the Widow and 8 Orphans of Willemin, No. 3, Paris, the author, Rue des the Deccared. is.

Rivingtons. Petits. Auguftins, Fauxbourg Germain. Serious Confiderations on the signature of Melpoméne et Thalie, &c. Melpomene and Testimonials for Holy Orders. IS.

Thalia an Allegorical Poem, in two cantos.

Cadell and Davies. By Collin Harville, member of the National Sermons on various Subjects, by Richard Inititute, Paris. Defenne, Palais Egalité Graves, rector of Claverton, 8vo

5. Ophis. Ophis, a Tragedy in five acts. By

Rivingtons. C. Lemercier, (I livre 50 centimes) Paris. A Sermon preached at Fonthill-Gifford on La Vallée de Montmorency, &c. The Valley the Occasion of Lord Nelson's Victory, and of Montmorency, or Rousteau in his HerniPublished for the Benefit of the Widows and tage, a comic opera in three acts. By C. C. Orphans of our brave Countrymen, who Piis, Barré, Radet et Defontaines, (1 livre 59 fell in the Battle. is. 60.

White. centimes) Paris, Libraire du Theatre du Vai A Picture of Christian Philosophy, 2d. develle. Edition, with Corrediions, and considerable Des mes rapports avec, 7. 7. Rousseau, &c. Additions, by Robert Fellows, A. B. gs. bds. Dufaulx on his connection with Rousseau,

White. and their correspondence, 8vo. Paris, Horæ Biblicæ, being a Serics of Miscel

Didot the younger. Janeous Notes on the original Text, carly L'Ile de Wight, &c. The Isle of Wight versions and printed Editions of the old and or Charles and Angelina, a novel. By G. new 'Teftament. By Charles Butler. gs. bds. Walkenner, 1 vol. 12mo.

Paris, White. Voyage Pittoresque de l'Ifrie et de la Dalmatia, · Prospectus, with Specimens of an 8vo. &c. Picturesque Travels in Istria and DalmaPolyglott Bible. With a vindication of the tia. By C. Cafjas, edited by C. Jofeph Author from a misrepresentation in the British Lavallée, No. 7, Paris, Baret, rue Mêlée. Critic, Ry Iofiab Pratt, M. A. Is. Rivington. L'Inde en rapport avec L’Europe, &c. The

Connection between India and Europe. By VOYAGES, AND TOURS.

Anquetil Duperron, 2 vols. of xl. 348 and A Guide to the Beauties of Scotland, to 464 pp. 8vo. (6 livres) Paris, the Lakes in the North of England: and to

Moutardeer, quai des Augustins. the Curiosities of Craven, Yorkihiie. To Recherches historiques, &c. Historical, literary which is added a particular description of and critical Enquiries on the origin of PrintScotland, especially the Highlands, by the ing, embellished with portraits of the first Hon. Mr. Murray. 8vo. 75. 6d. bds. Nicol. Belgic Printers. By C. Lambinet, I vol. 500

Rambles through Ireland, by a French pp. 8vo. Brussels, Flon, and Paris, Fuchs. Emigrant, translated from the French of Correspondence entre Frederic II. Roi de Pruje, Mons. De Latoonaye, by an Irifhman, 2 vols. et le Marquis d'Argens, &c. The correspond12 mo. 7s.

Robinsons. ence between Frederic the 2d King of Pruffia, A Voyage performed by the late Earl of and the Marquis d'Argens, 2 vols. 8vo. (6 Sandwich, round the Mediterranean, in the livres) Paris, Fuchs, Keenisberg, Nicolovius. Years 1738 and 1739, written by himself. Culte Universelle, &c. Universal Worship, Embellished with Engravings. To which of the History of all Religions. By Citizen

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New Publications in Spain,

315 Depuis, abridged by the author, i vol. 8vo. su autor el P. Fr. Manuel del Rio, nueva

Paris, mente impreso, con 13 láminas que manifierLa Guerre des Dieux, &c. The War of the tan las herramientas necesarias para la conGods, ancient and mouern, a poem, in fix ' ftruccion de reloxes. cantos. By Evariste Parny, (i livre 80 cen- Hamlet: tragedia escrita an ingles por times) Paris, Didot the elder, Rue des orties. Guillermo Shakespeare, traducida é ilustrada

Euvres Completes de Fréret, &c. The Works con la vida del autor y notas criticas, por of Fréret complete, with several tracts never Icnarco Celenio P. A. before published, 20 volumes, 12mo (20 Elpejo de disciplina, 6 tratado de educacion livres)

Paris, Obré. para los Religiosos, compuesto en latin por S. Grammaire gériérale analytique, &c. A Gene- Buenaventura, y traducido nuevamente por el ral Analytical Grammar. By Urbain Do- P. F1. Vicente Martinez Colomer, de la regu. mergue, member of the National Inítitute, lar observancia de S. Francisco, de la prom and Profeffor of General Grammar at the vincia de valencia : un tomó en 8vo. central School of the four Nations, vol. I, Supplemento á la Coleccion de pragmáticas, 104 pp. 8vo. Paris, the author Guillaceme, células, provisiones, uiculares y otras provia Rue de l'Eperon

dencias del presente reynado, cuya observancia Wilbelmine, &c. Wilhelmina, or the Dangers corresponde a los tribunales y justicias ordina. of Inexperience, imitated from the German, rias del Reyno y à todos los vecinos en gence vols. 12mg, 600 pp. (4 livres) Paris, ral comprehende las respectivas à los anos de

Dzsenne, Palais Egalié. 1797 y 1798 con las quales se da principio at Correspondance de Voltaire, &c. The Correr- tomo 3 de eíta colleccion, y s de toda la obra pondence between Voltaire and the Cardinal segun la segunda edicion. of Bernis from 1761 to 1777, with notes. Arte de cantar y compendio de documentor By C. Bourgoing affociate of the National músicos del cantos: por D. Miguel Lopez Rem Institute, 310 pp. Paris, the Editor, Rue macha, músico cantor de la Real capilla de Neuve des Mathurius, No. 731.

S. M. Introduction à l'Algèbre, &c. An Introduc. Carita


Polidoro : novela de los tiempos mon to Algebra, containing, inter alia, the heroycos: por Bartelemy, autor del viage del Arithmetic of direct and positive quantities, joven Anachârlis à Grecia la da en espanol D. and of inverse and negative quantities. By Fernando Romero de Leis. Em. Develey, professor of Mathematics at Cafimiri Geomezü Ortezae, botanivi Pro. Lausanne, 8vo. (i livre 50 centimes) Paris, feísoris primarü, pharniacop, ét Medici Reg,

Fuchs. honorarü, &c. novarum et variarum plantaInstructions de Morale, &c. Moral Instructions rum horti Reg. botan. Inatrit. descriptionum for general use, but published particularly for decades, cum nonnullarum iconibus. Deca the benefit of the Helvetic youth. By Ć. $. feptima et octava.

Conftant, 8vo. 200 pp. (1 livre 5 déc) Liu- Erasto ó el amigo de la juventud, lecciones fanne, Fischer and Vincent Paris, Maradin, familiares en las que se dan à los jovenes de rue de cimitiere André des Arts.

àmbos sexôs ideas competentes sobre la mayor Bonaparte au Caire, &c. Bonaparte at Cairo, parte de los conocimientos hnmanos, y en paror Mémoirs of the Expedition to Egypt. ticular sobre la logica, ó arte de discurrir: la By a member of the Literary Department, doctrina moral: historia de la religion : la miParis,

Prault, rue Taranne. tologia: fisica general y particular astronomia: Adolphe et Clara, &c. Adolphus and Clara, historia natural: geografia; é historia de Efer the two prisoners, a musical comedy in one

pani, &c, act. By B. 7. Marsolier, first performed at

El viagero universal, ó noticia del mundo the Opora comique, the 22d Pluviôle, (1 livre) antiguo y nuevo : obra recopilada de los meParis, Cailleau.

jores viageros por D. Pedro Estela presbitero Histoire de Pierre III. &c. The History of Quaderno 63, conque concluye el tomo 21. y Peter the 3d Emperor of Russia, published contiene la conclusion de la descripcion del from a MS. found among the papers of Brazil, yel principio de la del Orinoco. Montmorin, &c. with important additions and El Héroe de la China: comedia heroyca en explanations. By the author of the life of Fre. tres actos, representada por la compania de deric the 2d King of Prusia, 3 vols. 8vo. Paris. Navarro. Elai sur l'histoire du royaume de Sardaigne &c.

El Triumfo de la amistad y el amor mas The Geographical, Political and Natural firme y tierno, por Sor. Fr. Fagnan traducido

у History of the Kingdom of Sardinia. By D. libremente por D. F. X. de L. y la V. A. Axuni, i vol. 8vo, (3 livres) Paris, Genealogia, que no se esperaba, de Gil Leroux,

Blas de Santillana : continuacion de la vida de

este famoso sugeto, por su hijo D. Alfons Gonzalo de Cordoba, ó la conquista de "Gra- Blas de Liria restituida à la lengua orignal en nada : novela de Florian, traducida por D. que se escribió por el Teniente Coronel D. Juan Lopez de Penalver.

Bernardo Maria de Calzada, Viage a los Banos de Arnedillo, conla ana

Historia de Sancho Panza, desde la mierte lisis de sus aguas, por D. Luis de Trespalacios, de D. Quixote: dos como en 8 à tó en paita ayuda de Camára del Rey nuestro Senor. ó 12. en pergamins. Arte de relozes de torro, saia y fatriquera у



REVIEW OF NEW MUSICAL PUBLICATIONS. LA Guida Della Mufica Inftrumentale, or tbe are to original, and fo well adapted to

Rudiments of the Piano-forte and Harpk- the subject of the words as to evince much sbord, exemplified in a clear and concise manner, judgment and command of imagination, with Exercises for forming the band. To which while the just combination of the parts, are subjoined Eight Progreffive Leffons conArušted on pleasing and familiar airs, and a science. The poetry, which forms one

bespeaks more than a common portion of Sonata for two performers. 6s.


of the happieft efforts of Mr. Dyer's This work was evidently written with Lyric Mule, is beautifully fanciful, and a particular attention to the immediate after leading the reader improvement of the young student, and

“ Lightly o'er the village green, does much credit to the didactic talents of

Where blue-eyed fairies sport upseen. the late ingenious author.

The order closes with a reflection highly honourable with which the first principles are laid

to the Masonic Society. down, renders every thing 10 clear and

Eight English Canzonets for a fingle voice, explanatory, that the learner sees his way

with an accompaniment for the piano-forto at a glance, and proceeds without em

barp, composed by T. Eřex. 75. 6d. barrassment. The exercises are well

Broderip and Wilkinfon. contructed; the fingering judiciously worked, and technical terms are explained speak of the merits of Mr. Effex as a com

We have frequently had occafion to as they occur, which appears to us a good poser; bút no former work of that gentlemethod of instilling their meaning into the mind of the pupil. The Duet, which for commendation, as we find in the pre

man has afforded us so ample a scope consists of three movements, is pleasingly

fent. The melodies of these canzonets imagined, and calculated to facilitate the

are, generally speaking, conceived with improvement of the finger,


much sweetness and simplicity; and disThree Sonatas for the piano-forte, with an ac- play an imagination which keeps pace

companiment for a violin ad libitum, composed with the judgment and science evinced in by D. Steibelt. 88.

the accompaniments and bass. The subLongman, Clementi, and Co.

jects of the several pieces are agreeably We have perused these elegant and diversified, and the expresfion given to the happily variegated fonatas with great words is, in several instances, peculiarly pleasure. Many of the ideas are truly happy and appropriate. original, and the paslages, which in gene- Apollonian Harmony, being a collection of feare ral are finely calculated for the exercise of and celebrated Glees, Carcbes, Madrigals, the finger, rise out of each other with the Canzonets, Rounds, and Canons, ancient and utmost case and propriety. Mr. Steibelt, modern, with some originals composed by Aldrich, in a prefatory page, informs the reader Arne, Battishill, Purcel, Boyce Brewer, that is wishing to make more variety on Eccles, Green, Giardiri, Hayes, Hook, and “ the piano-forte, he finds it neceffary other eminent masters. 35. 6d. Thompson " to make use of the pedals, by which The “ Apollonian Harmony « alone the tones can be united.” But prises fix neat pocket volumes, the conat the same time we agree with him that tents of which are various, and well « ic requires to use them with the utmost selected. The lovers of glee-music will

care: without which, in paffing from find in them a rich repait. Convivial “ one chord to another, discord and con- harmony, combined with delicacy of

fufion would inevitably result.” Too sentiment and expression, cannot but com. regulate the use of the pedals, the author mand general notice, and procure chat employs three figns, the first of which patronage to which every Telection, lo denotes the pedal that raises the dampers, judicioully and so fcrupulously forined, the second the piano pedal, and the third, must be allowed to merit, that the foot is to be taken off the pedal Nanny of tbe Tweed" written by Mr. Andere that was used before.

son, ibe music composed by T. Thompson, " Iaightly o'er the Village Green." A Masonic

Organist, Newcastle upon Tyne. Is. Goulding. Glee fór three voices, composed and inscribed to Mr. Thompson has made a pleasing, easy the Ř. W. M. Officers ard Brethren of the little air of “Nanny of the Tweed. The Somerset House-Lodge, by Reginald Spofforth. bass is not always the best that might have The words by G. Dyer. B. A

been chosen, nor do the (ymphonies conLongman, Clementi, and Co. tribute to the merit of the song ; yet the The melody of this glee is, in general general effect is fomewhat bevond the natural and pleasant : fome of the passages common efforts of this kind.

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Is. 6d.

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1799.) Review of New Musical Publications.

317 Rosa and Henry," a favourite Song, intro- this department of our Magazine, to

duced by Mrs. Hordan, in the new Comedy of notice works in manuscript ; but Mr. the Secret. Set to music by a lady of fashion. Busby's late scientific enterprize was at Longman, Clementi, and Co.

once so novel, and of such extraordinary The melody of “Rosa and Henry,” merit and magnitude, that we cannot rethough somewhat irregular in its metre, litt tbe impulse to gratify our musical and monotonous in the termination of its readers with a few reinarks on the above two first lines, is, on the whole, pleasingly productions. and affectingly conceived. The lady of Understanding that the composer had fahiun, though not a lady of profound dared to strike out a style for himself, science, has given evidence of a fancy, combining the grandeur of the greatelt which, if duly cultivated, might become ancients, with the sweetness of the most both elegant and prolific.

adınired moderns, we attended the perThe Musical Prologue to the nero comedy of Five formance with high-wrought expecta

Thousand a Year. Written by T. Dibdin, tions; and the curtain had not long been Spoken and sung by Mr. Munden, at the up, before they were still increased by the Theatr, Royal Covent Garden.

powerful effect of a fugue in the overture Longman, Clementi, and Co. The melody selected as a vehicle for which instantly arrested our attention, and

to the Prophecy, the beautiful subject of the subject of these lines, is that of

was answered by the bass in a manner English Roast Beef” The humour

which astonished the whole audience, and being broad, the choice of this popular extorted a fudden and universal burit of air is judicious, and bespeaks much judgment of effect in the compiler.

applause. Six original German Wilizcs for the piano-forte, chaite and elegant in themselves, but re

The airs were not only uncommonly with an accompaniment for a triangle and lady's tamburino, dedicated to the Princess of markably rich in their accompaniments ; Wales, by James Sanderson. gs. Thompson. and the chorusses displayed that sublimity,

Mr. Sanderson has tired his hand at expression, and corredness of counterpoint, this fashionable species of composition which no other composer o: the present with confiderabie fuccess. Much fpirit day appears to have attempted. The and originality of fancy pervade the style of the ode was also truly noble. The several pieces, and recommend them to

overture and chorusles were of a cast bethe ear, while the paffages are in general tween Handel and Boyce, and the airs to turned, as to render the work improving poffeffed all the mellifluency of Arne, to the singer.

blended with a dignity not to be found in Mocari's Grand Quartetto for the piano-forte, the works of that charming author. with accompaniments for a violin, tenor, and

Miss Poole, Maiter Elliot, Mr. Nield, violoncello. 45.

Preston. and the other principal vocal performers, This elegant and elaborate compolition acquitted themselves to the highest satisis in E flat, major, and comprizes three faction of their auditors; and Mr. movements; the first of which is in com- Cramer, whose anxious attention throughmon-time, allegro, the second in three out the performance was evident to the quavers, adagio, and the third in common whole houle, led the band in his very

best time, aliegretto. Every bar bears the style. stamp of Mozart's peculiar genius, and ex- We cannot but congratulate Mr. Bushibits an exuberancy of fancy and accu- 'by, and all his cotemporaries of talent, racy of arrangement, to which but few on this his welcome entrance into the compositions, ancient or modern, can Lyceum of the Mutical Claflico. He has justly pretend. We could point out proved that the genius of the old ?chool is many beautiful passages, tut the merit of not extinct ; and that the lovers of the this great musician is of luch notoriety as sublimer species of composition will no to preclude the necessity of entering into longer be under the neceility of conparticulars ; it is, therefore, fulficient to tinually recurring to the reiterated trains add, that the present work is in every of Purcel, Handel, Correlli and Geminirespect worthy its great author.

ani. The harmonic energies have again The Prophecy, a sacred Oratorio in two parts, and been awakened, and we entertain the hope

Ocean, an ode in one part. Performed Much that this brilliant effort will encourage 2916, 1799, at the Theatre Royal Hay-market. other professors of genius and science to The only one compojed in this country nearly these exertions equally honourable to themIt is not perfectly within the pale of felves, and as gratifying to the public.



birty years.

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