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quate to the re-establishment of moment of bringing them into acpublic credit, and of proving that tion is arrived. France is fully capable of maintain, (Signed) CARNOT, President. ing order in the interior, and of

LAGARDE, Sec. Gen. combating her foreign enemies. But these resources, citizens repre- Message to the Council of Five Hundred, sentatives, are as if they never ex

and Elobers, dated Sept. 4, 1797. isted, since the laws which are necessary to render them productive

Citizens Representatives, are not enacted. Had those which THE Executive Directory hafregulate the direct contributions of tens to communicate to you the the 5th year been sooner passed, measures it has been forced to take ten millions would most probably for the safety of the country, and have been received, which remain the maintenance of the constitustill due, and the power of disposing tion. With this view it transmits of them, for the purpose of getting to you all the papers it has collectthe principal articles of expence, ed, as well as those it published bewould procure the means of obtain- fore you were assembled. If it had ing what may be neceffary for the withheld itself from action one day indispensable payment of pensions more, the Republic would has and salaries.

been delivered up to its enemies The Directory, after pressing the The halls themselves in which you necessity of the council's immedi- meet, were the points of union of ately taking into their confideration the confpirators; it was from thence proper measures for the restoration that they yesterday emitted their of public confidence and credit, cards and certificates for the delivery concludes in the following manner: of arins; it was from thence that

Our situation is such, citizens re- they corresponded with their acpresentatives, that the fmallest delay complices last night; and, finally, increases the danger to which the it is there, or in the environs, that nation is exposed. The Executive they still endeavour to make sediDirectory invites you to obtain an tious and clandestine assemblages, exact account of the state of the which the police is now employed finances; of the necessary wants of in dispersing. It would have been the public treasury; of the real, to commit the public security and and by no means exaggerated, pro- that of the faithful representatives, duct of the means which yet can be to have allowed them to be conmade use of, and of the resources founded with the other enemies of which can be employed. You will the country. You see, citizens refind in the result of your examina- presentatives, that the conduct of tion, proofs of the truths to which the Directory was marked out by the Directory has called your atten- the instant necessity of being betion in all its messages. The exift- forehand with these conspirators, ing means are insufficient; those who were destroying the governwhich new laws have it in their ment, who wished to deprive the power to produce will be adequate French of the fruit of their triumphs, to meet all our expences; and the and to make this magnanimous na


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tion bow at the feet of the king it measures which are to be taken, if has subdued. In affairs of state, you put off your decision for a moextreme measures can be estimated ment, all will be lost, both you and by circumftances alone: you will the Republic. The confpirators form a judgment of those which have been upon the watch. Your have determined the Executive Di- filence has given them courage and rectory, and which have produced audacity; they are intriguing afresh, the happiest consequences. The and are misleading public opinion 18th Fructidor (September 4) will by infamous libels. The journabe a celebrated day in the annals of lists of Blackenbourg and London France; it is the more memorable continue to disseminate their poibecause it enables you to fix for son. The conspirators do not atever the destinies of the Republic. tempt to conceal the fact, that their Lay hold of this occasion, Citizens plot extends to the legislative body Representatives; convert it into a itself. They already speak of pun. great epoch, reanimate patriotism, ifhing the republicans for the comrevive public spirit, and hasten to mencement of the triumph they close up the abyss in which the think they have obtained. Is it friends of kings had flattered them- possible to hesitate still as to the flyes they would bury even the re- measure of purging the soil of the membrance of our liberty.

very few known and avowed chiefs P. S. The Executive Directory of these royalist conspirators, who will transmit to you without delay wait for the convenient opportuniother papers, from which it results to destroy the Republic, and to dethat Iinbert Colomes, one of the vour you yourselves! You are at new third of the Council of Five the brink of the volcano; it is about Hundred, was the principal agent to swallow you up; you may close of the soi-disant Louis XVIII, at it; and can you hesitate ? ToLyons.

morrow it will be too late. The

least hesitation is the death of the Another Mcffage, dated Sept. 5, 1797. principles ; formalities will be re

Republic. You will be told of

forted to; excuses will be invented; Citizens Representatives, delays will be called for ; time will THE 18th Fructidor (Sept. 4) is be gained; and the constitution will deftined to be the salvation both of be aflaflinated, under pretext of the Republic and of yourselves. keeping within its limits. This The people expect this. You wit- commiseration, implored in favour neffed yesterday, their tranquillity of certain men, to what will it lead and their joy. This day is the you i to see these very men take 19th Fructidor (Sept. 5) and the out of your hands -the thread of people ask of you where the Re- their criminal conspiracies, and colpublic is; and what you have done lect in your bosom the horrible firefor its consolidation? The eye of brands of civil war, to set fire to the country, Citizen Representa- the country. What a misconceivtives, looks towards you. The ed pity! what a fatal sentiment ! moment is decisive; if you allow what limited views would, in that it to pass by, if you hesitate on the case, draw the attention of the



if you

gouncils towards a few men, be- ble. By this they have injured the tween whose fate and that of the public service, irritated the defendRepublic they would hesitate! The ers of their country, and drove the Executive Directory has applied it- public annuitants to despair. Toself to point out to you the means day your fhackles are broken, which of saving France, but it has to ex- will inspire those with confidence pect that you will avail yourselves whom circumstances have alarmed. of them. The Directory has felt a Will you restore peace at home, persuasion that you are sincerely and dictate it abroad? announce attached to liberty and the Repub- your intentions upon the finances. lic, and that the consequences of That is the object of the Directory's this first liberty ought not to terrify folicitude. They hope that, conyou.

It lays them before you, and vinced of the urgency of the occais obliged to tell you that you are fion, you will give them all the ne, placed in an unprecedented predi- cessary power, in order that the cament; and that ordinary rules public service may not be impeded. cannot apply to an extraordinary France can only be saved by the cafe, unless you are desirous to fur- legislative body's occupying itself render yourselves to your enemies. about the finances, it is neceffary If the friends of kings find friends for you immediately to make some among you; if slaves can meet with regulations in the direct taxes of the protectors in

wait an fifth year. One of the most certain instant, the safety of France must be means for hastening the receipt of despaired of; the constitution will the money arising from them, would cease to be in force; and the patri- be to receive from the receivers geots may be told, that the hour of neral an account of the payments royalty is proclaimed throughout they have to make. the Republic. But if, as the Exe, It will also be necessary to make cutive Directory is fully persuaded, regulations in the carriage of artithis terrible idea afflicts and strikes cles by land and water ; to suppress you, appreciate the value of the franking and free-letters; to remoment, and embrace it; be the establish the national lottery, and deliverers of your country, and lay the right of enregistering; and to the eternal foundations of its hap- establish a duty of one per cent. piness and glory.

upon pasteboard and paper; and to L.M. REVELLIERE LEPAUX, set the public debt afloat by creatPresident.

ing bons, by the aid of which the LAGARDE, Secretary. payment of national debts may be

made. Message from the Directory to the Council of Five Hundred, Sept. 5th, 1797.

Proclamation of the Executive Directory Citizens Legislators,

to the French People, 18th Fructidora THE embarrassment of the fi- (September 4) 1797. nạnces was the most inveterate wound of the state: the enemies of Citizens, of the Republic and the friends of THE Executive Directory subkings, sought to render it incura- mits to your view a few of the pa

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pers relative to the royalist confpi- displayed in the French camp; if racy. These papers, the authenti- the Rhine was not crossed by the city of which is incontestable, de- hostile army ; if your strong holds tail the plots, name the conspira- were not delivered up and taken tors, and develope the thread of poffeffion of, in the king's name, the treasons. These texts are too by imperial troops; if Pichegru positive and clear to need any com- did not march to Paris; if he did ments. It is sufficient that the Di- not come hither in the space of a rectory should retrace to you, in a fortnight,-citizens, it is dreadful to few words, the events to which have to state to you, that it was these papers refer. There are facts Condé who refused to put in exeso palpable, that no imposture can cution Pichegru's plan. This plan disguise them in the eyes of nations: would not, however, have succeedsuch was the conspiracy of Vende- ed: the brave soldiers whom the Gemiaire. It was in vain that tribu- neral dared to insult would not have nals, which in the first instance did permitted it to have been carried not deny its existence, declared af- into effect. They were calculated terwards that there was neither re- to obey the voice of patriotism volt nor sedition: royalilm itself alone; and would have repulsed blused at this lie. All the circum- and overcome the treason. stances of that event too clearly “ I shall leave nothing unfinishproclaimed its aim, nature, and cha- ed,” said Pichegru; " I do not wish racteristics; and the opinion of Eu- to be the new third volume of rope would have been invariably La Fayette and Dumourier.” He fixed on this head, provided even no was desirous to resemble them in discovery had been made by the perfidy: but he wished also to furcorrespondence of Lemaitre, by pass them in success, and in the the papers of the emigrant Gelin, completion of his guilt. Behold and by the palpable and convincing then the secret of that favour which proofs of the intercourse which the royalism constantly afterwardsgrantprincipal agitators, the plotters and ed to Pichegru. This is the reason the libellers of Vendemiaire, kept why he was the first to be chosen up with the exterior royalists. An president of the Council of Five important circumftance, however, Hundred, after the entry of the of that epoch was long concealed third. And this explains the cafrom us; and in laying it before lumnies which were heaped on the you we fulfil a painful duty, since Executive Directory, when it merewe have to denounce to you a ly, however, accepted of the resigtraitor in the person of a man, who nation of that General, whose insometimes led your defenders to fidelity it scarcely began to see victory. While the diffolution of through and fufpect. Subdued on the national convention was plot- the 13th Vendemiaire, royalism for ting in Paris, and the faccion en- a moment yielded to the storm : for deavouring to seize on the fupreme several months after, it displayed itauthority, Picheyru, stationed on self under the hideous features of the bank of the Rhine, received the terrorism alone, perfectly certain of propofitions of Conde, and replied profiting almoft equally either by to them by plans of invasion and the success or defeat of this new royalism. If the wisite flag was not kind of manquvre. ' Such, citizens,

is the danger of anarchy, that if it dence; by, in some measure, setting triumphs, it leads to royalty through up a counter-revolution in each de calamities and crimes, and can only partment and in each commune, it be fubdued by causing the public fought at once to pave the way for authorities to assume a carriage in- the elections, and to secure a milivariably more or less favourable to tary force which it might bring inthe partisans of despotism. This to action at its pleasure. Such, cilast maxim has been but too much tizens, from the month of Pluviose, verified during fifteen months past; was the power of royalism, that the and royalism, strengthened by the discovery of the conspiracy of Brotdefeat of a few brigands, whole rage tier, Dunan, and Villernois, merely it had itself organized, and whose augmented its audacity, and fortifiattempts it had directed, would, ed its means even by their manifessince the commencement of that tation. Never did conspirators, so period have made a progress if not fully convicted by their writings more exter ve, at least more rapid, and confessions, find more apoloprovided one of its orators had not giits, supporters, and protectors, been in too much hafte to point who did not hesitate to manifest the out the aim in view. This orator, lively interest they took in their named Lemerer, has been, as well cause. In serving them, it was as Mersan, acknowledged by Du- found to be more useful than danverne de Presle to be known and gerous to display the full extent of established intermediary agent be- the different resources of the party tween a part of the legislative body under which they acted. It canand the agents of the pretender. not be doubted, citizens, but that When, in the month of Fructidor, in the majority of the departments of the 4th year, Lemerer undertook, the elections were the work of this in one of the national tribunes, to party. In proof of this you have point out the constitution of 1791 only to refer to the debates of the as the object of the regret of his military tribunal; to the two declaparty; when he rashly insulted the rations which Duverne de Presle triumph which liberty obtained on has placed in our hands, and which the 10th of August, 1792, the eyes we publish this day; and, finally, to of all the faithful deputies were in the sentiments and conduct of the stantly opened, and from that time new deputies, whom corruption to the 1st of Prairial last, they con- and intrigue gave to the Republic. ftantly opposed to every counter- Emigrants inundating Paris and the revolutionary proposition, their zeal, departments more and more; retheir energies, and their votes. Ob- publicans either butchered or forcliged to adjourn on the 1st Prairial, ed to fly from their homes : superthe epoch of its legislative fway, ftition and fanaticism recalled by royalism. gave a new direction to those even who, under the monarits efforts. It encircled the seat of chy, contributed the most effectualgovernment more closely than ever; ly to proscribe them; the patriotic and by establishing agents, guards, institutions abandoned and insult. and emissaries on all sides; by or- 'ed; the symbols of royalism displayganizing their connections, their ed'audaciously; the licentiousness subordination, and their correspon- of the press carried to an unexam


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