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John Williams, died. October Thursday Christian born.”

The annals of 1793 are of a most melancholy kind, recounting the massacre of Fletcher Christian, John Mills, William Brown, John Williams, Isaac Martin; and the death of all the Tahitian men, “part by jealousy among themselves, and others by the remaining Englishmen.”

In 1794 we read of “a great desire in many of the women to leave the island: and of a boat built on purpose to remove them, launched, and upset.” In August, the same year, “a grave was dug, and the bones of all the white men that had been murdered were buried." In November, “a conspiracy of the women to kill all the white men, when asleep in their beds, was discovered.

They were all seized, a disclosure ensued, and all were pardoned.” November 30, “the women attacked the white men, but no one was hurt. They were once more pardoned, and threatened the next time with death.”

“1795, May 6.-The first two canoes, for the purpose of catching fish, were made. Saw a vessel close in with the • island. Mutineers much alarmed. Vessel stood out to sea December 27.

“1797.-Endeavoured to procure a quantity of meat for salting, and to make syrup from the ti-plant and sugar-cane.

“1799.—Matthew Quintal having threatened to take the lives of Young and Adams, these two considered their lives in danger, and thought they were justified in taking away the life of Quintal, which they did with an axe.

“1800.-Edward Young, a mutineer, died of asthma.

“1817.—Arrived, ship Sultan, of Boston, Captain Reynolds; Jenny, a Tahitian woman, left here in the Sultan.

“1823.—Arrived, ship Cyrus, of London, Captain Hall; John Buffett came on shore, as school-master, and John Evans also came on shore.

“1825, December 5.--Arrived, H. M. S. Blossom, Captain F. W. Beechey.

“1826, December 19.-Jane Quintal left

the island in the Lovely, of London, Captain Blythe.

“1828, November 15.—George Nobbs came on shore to reside.

“1829, March 5.

John Adams died, aged 65.

“ 1830, March 15.--Arrived, H. M. S. Seringapatam, Captain Hon. W. Waldegrave, with a present of clothes and agricultural implements and tools from the British government.

“1831, February 28.—Arrived, H. M. Sloop Comet, Alexander A. Sandilands, and bark Lucy Anne, of Sydney, government vessel, J. Currey, master, for the purpose of removing the inhabitants of Pitcairn's Island to Tahiti.

66 March 6.-All the inhabitants embarked and sailed for Tahiti.

March 21.–Soon after our arrival at Tahiti, the Pitcairn people were taken sick.

“1831.—John Buffett and family, Robert Young, Joseph Christian, &c., sailed

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John Adams' Grave on Pitcairn's Island.-p. 309

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